How to remove ads in Xiaomi music

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How to completely remove ads on Xiaomi smartphones

You can put up with emerging commercial content. And you can disable ads. The problem is that there is no single button for this. In different places you need to disable ads separately.

System Advertising Service

Xiaomi smartphones have a MIUI System Ads (MSA) process. It is directly related to advertising. The problem is that this process is constantly running in the background. To deactivate it, you need to follow this path: “Settings” “Passwords and security” “Access to personal data”. A list of processes will appear with sliders to the right of their names. disable msa.

Despite the fact that next to the name of the process there is an image of a green android robot. it seems that it is better not to touch it, do not worry, you will only disable the system’s advertising service.

Advertising in “Safety”

Find the “Security” app, launch it. There will be a gear icon in the top right corner. Click on it. In the list, find “Get recommendations” and move the slider to the left.

Advertising in “Downloads”

Open the Downloads app. Click on the menu in the upper right corner. three vertical dots. Select: “Settings”. Deactivate “Get Recommendations”.

Advertising in Explorer

Launch the File Explorer app. It has a menu at the top left. Open it. The bottom item is “Settings”. It is tedious to select: “Information”. Further, as in the previous case, disable “Get recommendations”.

Advertising in folders

Here, unnecessary content is removed like this:

Open any folder. If there is none, then create a folder by dragging one shortcut on the desktop to another.

Enter the folder, click on its name and disable “Recommendations”.

Advertising in “Music”

Sign in to the Music app. Open the settings list. Next, select “Advanced Settings”. Move the slider to the left in the item “Show ads”.

Ads in APK

Those users who download applications not only in official stores may see ads in the APK. To turn it off, during the installation of the file, click on the gear icon in the upper right corner and deactivate the item “Get recommendations”.

After completing all these actions, there will be no advertising on your smartphone. The instructions may seem too long. But everything turns off in 5 minutes.

Xiaomi embeds ads in regular MIUI applications (Guide to disable it in the article)

Xiaomi smartphones are famous for their low cost, however, due to the fact that the hardware component does not bring even 5% of net profit, the company embeds promotional offers directly into its own MIUI shell.


Not so long ago, Xiaomi built ads inside applications such as clock, music, contacts, and even the settings menu into their own. budgetary smartphones. This is explained by the fact that the company sells devices at ultra-low prices, and in a similar way compensates for the costs.

It is worth noting that in smartphones released under the Android One program, namely: Mi A1, Mi A2 and Mi A2 Lite, no built-in advertising will appear.


Representatives of Xiaomi gave an interview to the well-known portal The Verge. The company said in a statement:

Advertising has been and will continue to be an integral part of Xiaomi’s online services, as well as a key component of the company’s business model. At the same time, we will support the user experience by offering options to turn it off and continually improving our approach to promotional offers. Our philosophy is that ads should be unobtrusive, and users should always have a choice in getting up-to-date recommendations.

Ironically, in China, Xiaomi is offering its own “VIP subscription” to users, which gives them access to some minor features, cloud storage, and disables all ads in the MIUI shell. The monthly cost of this subscription is 9.9 yuan (

Remove Ads & Bloatware From Any Xiaomi Phone!


As a bonus, we will help disable annoying ads in some regular applications for Xiaomi owners.

Security: In the “Security” application, go to “Settings”, at the very bottom of the list, uncheck the box “Receive recommendations”

Folders on the desktop: when renaming a folder, the “Recommendations” item will appear just below. turn it off.


File explorer: in the application “Explorer” open additional. menu (ellipsis in the corner), go to “Settings”, turn off the “Get recommendations” function.

Similar actions doing with the applications “Downloads” and “Music”.

How to disable ads in Xiaomi phones

Embedded advertising on phones appears in Xiaomi models with the MIUI shell. The model with this software is attractively priced, but banners, videos and other types of ads will distract you quite often. You can disable annoying ads using a proven algorithm.

steps to disable ads in Xiaomi phones

MSA (MIUI System Ads) is responsible for displaying banners in the phone’s operating system. By making a few clicks in several applications, you will turn off all impressions. So let’s start.

Disable in MIUI settings. Go to “Settings”. “Advanced settings”. “Access to personal data”. In the list of services, deactivate the switch opposite MSA and in the pop-up window select “withdraw”. Some phones cannot disable the service the first time. Therefore, it may be necessary to repeat the steps to get the result.

Blocking in the utility “Cleaning Xiaomi”. You need to run the application and after cleaning click the icon “Broom” on the top right of the screen. Now open “Settings”, by clicking on the gear and deactivate “Get recommendations”.

Removing ads from folders. To disable banners in the selected folder, you need to open it on the desktop. Go to the edit menu (by clicking on it) and deactivate the item “Recommendations”.

Advertising in “Music”. Also turn off “Get recommendations” v “Advanced settings” from the menu “Settings”. To do this, in the upper left corner, click the three stripes to open the sliding tab.

Utility “Safety”. There may be the most advertisements in this application. In order to disable it, click on the gear on the screen at the top right. Deactivate “Get recommendations”.

Appendix “Downloads”. When you open it, you see offers to download some programs. Perhaps they will come in handy at some point. But you should not install unnecessary software yet. So you lose free space on your phone and load the OS more. A few simple, already known actions. and all ads that appear here will disappear. Click the three dots at the top right. In chapter “Settings” turn off the familiar “Getting recommendations”.

cleaning “Explorer”. Open the system file manager and there are three bars in the upper right corner of the screen. In chapter “Settings” find the item “Information” and also deactivate “Getting recommendations”.

Removing unnecessary programs

You can also remove ads in Xiaomi by removing Analytics, Mab and Msa programs. They search the Internet for ads that match your search history and region of residence. Root rights are required for correct removal. If there are no rights, the option to hide ads will be to install any blocker from Google Play.

If you do not want to understand all the intricacies of the settings. bring your phone to Cellophone masters. At the service center, at the same time, they will test your favorite device for speed and viruses, install the latest updates and tell you how to speed up your work.

To disable ads, you need to open the “Security” application and click on the “gear” in the upper right corner. Then we scroll the list of settings to the very bottom and uncheck the box “Get recommendations”.

We go to the settings menu of the smartphone. There we find the tab “Access to personal data”. In MIUI 10, it is found in “Advanced Settings”, and in MIUI 11 it is hidden under “Passwords and Security”. Now uncheck the box next to MSA (the same MIUI advertisements).

  • So what needs to be done?
  • Select “Screen Lock”.
  • Click on “Wallpaper Carousel”.
  • Feature enabled.
  • Turn it off by clicking on the switch above.
  • Ads should now disappear from the lock screen.
  • Click All Apps.
  • Tap on the three dots in the right corner.

To turn off ads in the Music app:

  • open the “Music” application and click on the three bars in the upper left corner;
  • select “Settings”, then. “Advanced settings”;
  • scroll to the bottom of the list and uncheck the box “Get recommendations”.

How to disable ads on Xiaomi smartphones?

How to get rid of ads on Xiaomi smartphones and MIUI firmware?

Xiaomi smartphones are in great demand: they offer dozens of models in different price categories. But gadgets have one significant drawback. this is built-in advertising, which is embedded in the firmware. Of course, not all users know how to get rid of it. We will look at 3 ways to help disable ads on Xiaomi smartphones in different sections and applications.

Changing the region on a Xiaomi smartphone

There is another easy way to disable ads in Xiaomi phones. To do this, you need to set the UK region in the device settings. After that, all ads embedded in MIUI will be disabled on the smartphone. It has to do with the internal politics of this country.

Disabling ads in settings

Open the gadget settings and go to the “Applications”. “All applications” section. Next, click on the icon of three dots in the upper right corner and turn off the “Get recommendations” slider. After completing these steps, promotional materials will disappear from standard Xiaomi applications.

Now let’s turn off the ads that appear on the desktop. To do this, open the gadget settings again and go to the “Desktop” tab. At the very bottom of the menu there is an option “Show apps/show recommendations”. It is enabled by default. Disable this feature.

The next step is to go to settings and open the “Passwords and Security” section and open the “Privacy” tab. There is an item “Advertising services”, where you need to disable the slider with personal ads.

Also in the “Passwords and security” section, you need to go to the “Access to personal data” tab. Here is the MSA process. you need to disable it.

Disable ads in the Music app and File Explorer

Now let’s disable ads in the music playback app and file explorer.

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Launch the Music app on your smartphone. Click on the icon of three parallel stripes in the upper left corner. In the menu that opens, go to the “Settings”. “Advanced settings” section. Find the option “Get recommendations” in the list and disable this feature.

Open the file explorer and click on the three stripes icon in the top left corner. Next, go to the “Settings”. “Information” section. There is an option to “Get recommendations”. turn it off to get rid of annoying promotional offers.

Removing advertisements from the desktop

In the list of desktop settings, marketing of pure water sometimes slips (as well as on the desktop itself). This is pretty annoying.

Disabling ads on the desktop of a Xiaomi smartphone is quite simple:

  • Long tap on an empty space on the desktop and then select “Settings”.
  • Then select “”.
  • Turn off the slider on the item “Show suggestions”.

You can get to the desktop settings in the classic way: “Settings” → “Desktop” and then follow the instructions. This method will be easier for some users.

After that, no ads will appear on the desktop.

Disable ads on the lock screen

Wallpaper carousel changes wallpaper on your desktop and lock screen automatically. If the carousel is enabled, unnecessary ads may appear on the lock screen of the smartphone, since they are active in the application itself.

How to remove ads from Xiaomi lock screen:

  • Open your smartphone settings and go to the “Screen lock” category.
  • In the “Lock screen” block, select “Glance for Mi”.
  • In the next step select “Privacy Policy”.
  • Switch the slider on the “Get recommendations” item to the “Off” position.

If the phone settings are set to the Russian region or some other CIS country, you will not be able to activate the wallpaper carousel in the standard way. It is only available for China and India, but the wallpaper carousel can be forced on Xiaomi.

To get rid of ads on your desktop and lock screen, don’t forget to turn them off in the wallpaper carousel!

Get rid of ads in apps

We are talking about the system programs “Security”, “Cleaning”, “Gallery”, “Music”, “Downloads”, “Explorer”, “Themes”, “Mi Browser”, “Widget Feed”, “App Scanner”. The principle of shutdown is the same everywhere, the main thing is to find the required parameters, since they are located in different places of applications.


Advertising in Explorer appears right on the main screen of the phone, making it difficult to work with files normally. After navigating to a folder, it also appears.

How to disable ads in Xiaomi File Explorer:

  • Open the explorer and click on the button with three stripes.
  • Select “Settings”.
  • Tap on “Information”.
  • Disable “Get Recommendations”.

Security app

Unwanted content in this application does not close any vital settings. However, seeing recommendations to buy anything is just unpleasant.

The algorithm for disabling ads in this case is simple:

Themes app

In the application Themes of advertising is the most. Recommendations make it difficult to choose the right topic and confusing. Without such content, the Themes app will be transformed for the better.

Algorithm for disabling ads in the Themes app:

  • Launch “Themes” and tap on the icon with the image of a person.
  • Select “Settings”.
  • Disable “Show ads” and “Personal recommendations”.

Application Cleanup

Of course, the recommendations do not really interfere here, but they have no place in the application for cleaning Xiaomi smartphones from unnecessary garbage. And it turns out somehow too ironic.

Shutdown occurs according to the following algorithm:

These are the main standard applications from Xiaomi. In all other programs, disabling ads follows the same scenario: just get to the application settings and move the corresponding switch. After that, there will be almost no marketing offers in MIUI.

If you have any problems with turning off ads in the standard application, write about it in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев and I will definitely help you. Do not forget to specify the MIUI version and smartphone model.

Advertisements when installing an APK

During the installation of self-downloaded APK files, the operating system checks installed applications for malicious files. After this check, as a rule, ads appear, which you can also get rid of.

How to get rid of ads when installing APK:

  • Run the downloaded file and click on the “Install” button.
  • Wait for the installation and verification to complete, and then click on the gear icon in the upper corner.
  • Disable “Get Recommendations”.

Now, after checking the installed APK files, ads will not appear. After completing all the above steps, there will be so little advertising content in the entire MIUI that it will be difficult to notice it.

How to disable ads on Xiaomi phone

There are a lot of ads in MIUI firmware for Xiaomi smartphones. This annoys many users as it appears at the most inopportune moment.

Today I’ll tell you how to disable ads on Xiaomi (the settings are well hidden in the MIUI interface) and explain why it was built into MIUI at all. This step-by-step instruction is simple and suitable for all Xiaomi smartphones: Mi, Redmi, POCO.

Disabling ads in MIUI

The complete disabling of advertising in MIUI is carried out in several stages: turning off MSA, turning off personalization and turning off the corresponding switch in the “All applications” item. Perform all actions in order.

Turn off personalization

Personalization is an option that shows content to the user according to their search engine queries and location. To do this, the system collects data. In order to keep the data intact, it is recommended to disable this option.

  • Launch Settings, go to “Passwords and Security”.
  • Next select “Privacy”.
  • Go to “Advertising Services”.
  • On the “Personalized ads” item, move the slider to the “Off” position.

After that, the promotional offers issued by the MIUI firmware will not be related to the interests of the user and will become random. However, this is only the first step, and the action was taken in order to secure your data and increase the level of confidentiality of your data.

In MIUI 12.5, user data security has been taken a step further. It is worth updating to MIUI 12.5 if the firmware is released for your Xiaomi smartphone. Or track the release of updates with us.

Shutdown MSA

MSA is another way to collect data for displaying contextual advertising. This component of the operating system analyzes requests in the browser and, based on them, loads the “necessary” content. In addition to being unsafe, this service also wastes traffic by downloading information that the user does not need. Therefore, it is recommended to disable it.

  • Open settings, go to “Passwords and Security”.
  • Select “Private Data Access”.
  • Move the slider on the MSA item to the “Off” position.
  • Click on the “Revoke” button in the window that appears.

Most likely, after installing the OTA update, the MSA service will be activated again. It is better to check the status of the service immediately after updating the firmware and disable it again using the instructions above. Also, this can happen after a banal component update. That is, this service will have to be monitored constantly.

All Apps Menu

In this menu, advertising content may appear when working with standard Xiaomi applications (manually clearing the cache, uninstalling programs, etc.). Ads not only prevent you from seeing all the necessary information without scrolling the screen, but they are also very annoying.

How to remove Xiaomi ads in apps:

  • Go to settings and tap on “Apps”.
  • Next select “All Apps”.
  • Click on the button with three dots in the upper right corner and select “Settings”.
  • On the “Get recommendations” item, move the slider to the “Off” position.

The above steps will turn off almost all marketing content in the MIUI shell. However, there is still a desktop, a wallpaper carousel and some applications. You also need to delve into their settings in order for the blockade to become complete.

Complete solution from Adguard

A well-known developer of applications and extensions for blocking advertising content, Adguard, offers its own option for disabling offers in Xiaomi: using an alternative DNS (in this case, from Adguard).

How to get rid of ads on Xiaomi phone at once:

  • Launch Settings and from the list select “Connection and Sharing”.
  • Next, tap on “Private DNS Server”.
  • Select “DNS provider hostname”.
  • Enter and click “Save”.

This action will completely disable all advertising, as the connection will go through a private DNS provided by the DNS company. Therefore, MIUI simply will not be able to download ads and show them.

Why advertising in Xiaomi smartphones

For a long time, Xiaomi has been integrating advertising into its proprietary MIUI shell. The fact is that it is from this, and from the processing of user data, that the brand receives income. This allows Xiaomi to sell smartphones and gadgets at low prices.

Advertising content is integrated into Xiaomi branded applications, settings list, lock screen, desktop settings. There are even ads in the built-in player and explorer.

Examples of advertisements in the Xiaomi operating system interface:

You can remove ads from your Xiaomi phone in the MIUI settings. But there is content integrated into the operating system, which is difficult to remove on your own. But if you disable MSA, then you can minimize non-disabled ads. And if you register a third-party DNS, then it disappears altogether. But first things first.

How to remove ads on Xiaomi

First of all, we need to deactivate advertising services, for this we open the settings menu and write “Advertising” in the search bar, go to the appropriate tab and turn off the “Personal ads” toggle switch.

Next, go to “Advanced settings” “Access to personal data” and turn off the toggle switch in the msa line. To deactivate this service, you need access to the Internet, a successful deactivation will be reported by the inscription “Permission successfully revoked”.

To get rid of ads in folders where MIUI offers to install a bunch of unnecessary applications, just click on the folder name and turn off the “Recommendations” slider (for each folder separately).

It remains to get rid of ads in applications, this is done for each system program separately. We go into the settings of the “Security” application and turn off the toggle switch “Get recommendations”.

In the same application, disable the recommendations in the tabs “Acceleration” and “Cleaning”

Go to the Music app settings and do the same (disable recommendations).

Similar actions remain to be done in the Clock, Downloads, Themes applications and the standard MIUI browser, if you use it.

That’s all, disabling ads is complete. It remains to restart the smartphone and the ads built into Xiaomi will no longer bother you.

Surely, many users of Xiaomi smartphones know that many MIUI factory applications have built-in ads, which are very annoying. We tell you how to remove built-in ads in MIUI Xiaomi in a couple of clicks!

How to disable ads on Xiaomi phone

How to disable ads on Xiaomi phone:

Tired of seeing ads in “Security”, “Music”, “Explorer” and many other factory apps in MIUI firmware? Here’s what you need for this:

Recently, Xiaomi has started showing ads in the phone settings, to disable it, do this:

Go to “Settings”. “Advanced settings”. “Confidentiality”. “advertising services”

Turn off the “Personal ID” option

Go back to “Advanced settings” and go to the “Access to personal data” section

Disable “MSA” option and restart your Xiaomi phone

Launch the Security app. click on the “gear” and at the end, the section “Recommendations”

Turn off the option “Get recommendations” and “Download over Wi-FI”

In the same place, in the settings, go to “Cleaning” and turn off the option “Get recommendations” and “Download via Wi-FI”

We launch the application “Explorer”. open the side menu, select “settings”. “information”

Disable “Get Recommendations”

Launch the Music app. open the side menu, select “settings”. “Advanced settings”

Scroll down the page and turn off the “Get recommendations” option

Launch the Downloads application. click three dots and then “Settings”

Disable “Get Recommendations”

Open any folder on your desktop and click on the folder name

Disable “Recommendations”

Xiaomi is known to produce smartphones that are “top for the money”. But for this she has to make various compromises. For example, Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun previously stated that the company’s net profit for all hardware products does not exceed the 5% mark. As a result, you have to earn money in other ways. One of these is the presence of embedded advertising in the proprietary MIUI shell. But, fortunately, disabling ads on Xiaomi smartphones is not difficult and does not require root rights.

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This article uses a smartphone with MIUI 11, in previous versions of the shell, menu items may be called a little differently, but the general principle is similar.

General settings

First of all, go to the settings of the smartphone and look for the item “Access to personal data”. In MIUI 10, it is located in the “Advanced Settings” menu, in MIUI 11. “Passwords and Security”. In the list of applications, deactivate the checkmark opposite the MSA service (MIUI System Ads), it is responsible for advertising in the operating system.

System Applications

But the whole procedure does not end at the first point. To get rid of banners in system applications, you need to disable recommendations in the settings of these utilities.

In the “Music” application, for this, go to the settings and uncheck the “Get recommendations” item.

We perform a similar operation in the applications “Explorer”, “Downloads”, “Security”, “Cleaning”. In all programs, you must deactivate the item “Get recommendations”.


Folders on desktops can be another habitat for ads. To remove it from there, you need to open the folder and tap on the name, after which the well-known “Recommendations” option will appear, which you need to disable.

The steps in the article should save your Xiaomi smartphone from advertising banners. If ads still appear in individual applications, try clearing their data (Settings. Applications. All applications, select the required utility and click “Clear”), then turn off the recommendations again in the program settings.

The manufacturer of smartphones and tablets Xiaomi places a lot of advertising information on the device, which is shown to the user by default. Pop-up notifications can distract from the current tasks, so many people are wondering how to turn off ads on Xiaomi and stop receiving unnecessary messages with commercial offers. This can be done in several ways, and you do not need to have programming skills to disable the options.

Shutdown methods

In Xiaomi smartphones, ads can be hidden in several applications. To do this, you need to go to their settings.

In MIUI settings

On Xiaomi Mi8 and 9 smartphones, notifications are disabled in the same way. Any pop-up alerts in the system are generated by the MSA service. MIUI System Ads.

To disable the option, you need to open “Settings”, and then. “Advanced settings”. Then you should go to the section called “Access to personal data” and find the name MSA in the list, after which you need to turn the slider located on this line into an inactive state.

Disabling recommendations can save you from ubiquitous ads. A window will appear on the screen asking you to confirm the action. you must click the “Revoke” button. By the same principle, it is necessary to make the background connection of the option inactive.

Deleting ads in folders

You can also block access to personal data.

Advertisements often end up in folders that store the user’s personal files (music, photos, text documents, etc.). For convenience, it is recommended to remove unnecessary from this section. You can open any folder by typing its name on the main screen of the device, and then clicking on this designation. In the folder menu, you should block the permission to receive recommendations. There will be no notification after this.

In the Cleanup app

The Cleaner app may also accumulate unwanted ad junk. You can delete alerts by going through the “Settings” menu to the section with the appropriate name. In the “Cleaning” tab, click on the brush image in the upper right corner of the screen, and on the next page. on the gear icon in the same place. After that, you need to move the slider next to the “Get recommendations” item to the left. this way the option will become inactive.

Deactivation of banners in “Music”

First you need to open the “Music” application on your smartphone and go from general settings to advanced. Here you should also deactivate the option called “Receive notifications”.

In “Security”

Despite the fact that this program cleans the phone of system junk, various pop-up banners with advertisements regularly appear in it. Their source is Xiaomi, and the user can easily turn them off. to do this, click on the gear icon in the upper corner of the screen, and then move the slider to the left next to the “Receive notifications” button.

Cleaning the conductor

If you erase the data in the explorer, it will not be able to distribute ads.

To clean the file manager, you need to open the program and go to the “Information” item in its settings. In order to prevent advertising messages from the explorer from appearing on the screen anymore, you need to turn off “Recommendations”. In addition, you need to clear the cache by clicking on the “Erase data” or “Clear” button.

In “Downloads”

First, open the Downloads folder. Here you need to click on 3 horizontal dots at the top of the screen, enter “Settings” and set a ban on receiving recommendations. To confirm the action, click on the “OK” button in the pop-up window.

Open Settings Advanced settings

The MSA component is responsible for displaying advertisements on your Xiaomi. and you need to disable it. After clicking on the switch to deactivate the component, you will need to wait a few seconds and then click OK.

Now we need to disable the background connection for the MSA. Open the Security app, scroll down the screen and tap Traffic

Finding MSA System Applications

After these manipulations, all advertising from your Xiaomi will not completely disappear, since it can be not only in system, but also in third-party applications, where it is not always possible to turn it off. For more clarity, you can see this

We hope this article was useful to you. If you know more ways to limit ads, describe them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

How to disable ads on Xiaomi? This question worries many new Xiaomi owners who buy a phone and are surprised to find pop-up ads in pre-installed applications. Indeed, the Chinese do not hesitate to make money by embedding advertisements into the interface of the operating system. But you shouldn’t blame them for this: the company sells its products almost at cost, and it’s quite easy to turn off ads in MIUI.

The manufacturer promises that with the release of the new MIUI 11, this can be done literally in one click. In MIUI 10 and older versions of the proprietary shell, this is done with small crutches, in each system application separately, but even in this case, blocking takes no more than 5 minutes. We will show how to disable ads in MIUI on the example of Redmi Note 7, but the sequence of actions will be similar on other smartphones of the company.

Open the “Security” application and click on the gear icon (Settings menu) in the upper right corner.

At the bottom of the settings menu, turn off Get recommendations

Taking this opportunity, we will remove ads from the Cleanup application. In the same security settings we find the corresponding item:

Reasons for ads appearing on the phone

Intrusive ads can haunt the user not only in applications.

There are two types of pop-up ads on smartphones:

  • useful. implemented by the manufacturer and containing a proposal to use new options;
  • malicious. hindering the operation of the device and threatening the security of the user’s personal data.

Such notifications can pop up both on the desktop and in the top pop-up part of the menu. If the advertisement contains some links to third-party sites, then if you accidentally switch to the phone, a virus may get into it. There are also relatively safe advertisements, but annoying to the user due to the frequency of occurrence.

Special program Adblock Plus

This application will clear your mobile device of all unnecessary. A special version of the program is available for the Android operating system and can be downloaded from Google Play. After the first launch of the utility, you need to register a proxy server, following the prompts of the system, and then you need to set filtering, prohibiting the display of ads that appear in windows. The software allows you to block ads in various applications and games.

In addition, you can install the plug-in in the browser that is used on the smartphone. The application functions normally on all Xiaomi mobile devices, including Redmi Note 4.

Open the Security app and click on the gear icon (Settings menu) in the upper right corner.

At the bottom of the settings menu, turn off Get recommendations

Taking this opportunity, we will remove ads from the Cleanup application. In the same security settings we find the corresponding item:

Open Settings Advanced settings

The MSA component is responsible for displaying advertisements on your Xiaomi and must be disabled. After clicking on the switch to deactivate the component, you will need to wait a few seconds and then click OK.

Now we need to disable the background connection for the MSA. Open the Security app, scroll down the screen and tap Traffic

Finding MSA System Applications

After these manipulations, all advertising from your Xiaomi will not completely disappear, since it can be not only in system, but also in third-party applications, where it is not always possible to turn it off. For more clarity, you can see this

We hope this article was useful to you. If you know more ways to limit ads, please describe them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

How to remove ads and tips on your Xiaomi mobile

To keep abreast of the sheer amount of ads a brand puts into their apps, just watch a video made on the subject by a YouTuber. Can you live with such popularity? Well, definitely yes, but using a mobile phone will be much more convenient if all these ads disappear from our field of vision.

If you are using a Xiaomi terminal and no longer support ads, the best solution is to remove them. To do this, it is enough to go through several procedures that are unlikely to steal a few seconds. First of all, you need to make sure that your MIUI mobile phone is connected to the Internet, as this connection is required to remove ads and recommendations.

How to Remove Those Annoying Ads on Your Xiaomi Phone: Disable MIUI Ads on Redmi Note 8, Others

Next, you need to go to “Settings” and select “Advanced Settings”. This last menu has several sections to manage privacy or accessibility, although the “Authorization and Revocation” option is required to remove ads.

Once inside this section, you should search for “msa” (MIUI System Ads) with an icon that looks like the Android robot icon. You will see that it appears as activated, which means that it collects data to personalize ads. The next step is to move the blue button to the left, thereby revoking permission from the application to save all your personal information.

It is possible that the system will repeatedly refuse to revoke these permissions, claiming that it is impossible. Try several times until the “msa” option is disabled, then stop collecting data and delete it from the servers.

After completing this step, you need to return to “Advanced Settings”, this time going to “Privacy”. When you are in this menu, you will see the option “Advertising services and personalized recommendations”, which you will need to disable in order to remove ads on Xiaomi.

How to remove ads on Xiaomi

How to remove ads on Xiaomi phone. Xiaomi has managed to establish itself in the market with powerful technology but at a lower price than the competition. This juicy offer should bring some inconvenience to the user of the Chinese company, who also suffers from the presence of ads in the settings application of your mobile phone.

The wide publicity of the manufacturer’s terminals has already caused controversy several times, as a result, Xiaomi promises changes in its advertising policy. At the moment, these changes have not been made, so it is advisable to know how to get rid of ads on Xiaomi phones.

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How to remove ads in some Xiaomi apps

The process above has generally eliminated the ads on your Xiaomi mobile, but you can also only remove them on certain apps that you need. As in the previous case, the actions are simple and take only a few seconds.

Remove ads from my videos

To get rid of ads in the Xiaomi video app, you need to go to the following address: My Videos Accounts Settings Online Recommendations. Once you find this last section, you just need to disable it to remove the ads on your Xiaomi phone. If you want to do the same with push notifications, you can do so by disabling this feature in your settings.

Remove ads from my music

As with the previous option, removing ads from the Xiaomi music app is not difficult. Go to My Music Settings and disable online recommendations. In this application, the removal of ads in other applications such as Explorer, Cleaner or File Manager can be done directly by disabling online recommendations in the settings.

Privacy section

You can access it through Settings. Click on Advanced settings and go to the Privacy section. We go down to the very bottom of the window that opens to the line Advertising services.

Here you can disable ad personalization. Then your activity will not be analyzed to show the most relevant ad options.


Go to your phone settings and go to desktop. In the window that opens, go down to the very bottom. We find the option Show suggestions (for some it is displayed as Show recommendations). Usually it is active by default, if so, then turn it off.

Open Settings and find the line All applications. In the window that opens, click on the icon in the upper right corner to open the menu.

In it, select the Settings item and move the slider Get recommendations. These actions will allow you to remove ads in standard applications.


We open the Music application, usually it is located in the Other folder or placed separately on the desktop.

Open the settings by clicking on the icon in the upper left corner.

Next, go to Advanced Settings and scroll down the list. There we move the slider on the line Show ads and disable the ability to receive recommendations with the slider.


The Others folder also contains the File Explorer icon. When opening, we press the already familiar menu button in the upper left corner and go to the settings.

Next, you need to go to the Information section and move the slider allowing Get recommendations.

How to remove ads on Xiaomi phone

After buying a Xiaomi smartphone, many users notice that the system is simply crammed with advertising inserts.

Thus, the Chinese giant makes additional profit for its devices, which are sold almost at cost.

If necessary, you can easily remove ads from your phone, the developers do not prohibit this.

However, this is not done in one fell swoop, but in stages, changing the settings in various sections and applications.

Below I will give a detailed, step-by-step instruction in which I will explain what and how to do to get rid of ads on Xiaomi.

How to disable ads on Xiaomi phone

Under Passwords and Security

Click on the gear icon.

Go to the Passwords and security section.

Open the section Privacy.

Click on Advertising Services.

Deactivate Personalized Ads.

Attention in this section, it is also necessary to revoke permissions from two applications that select ads according to our interests.

Again, go to Passwords and Security.

Access to personal data.

Deactivate msa and Miui Daemon.

In the Desktop section

Click on the gear.

Go to desktop.

Deactivate the bottom item.

In the Applications section

Go to Settings.

Further to the Applications section.

All applications.

Click on the button Three vertical dots in the upper right corner.

In the drop-down menu, select the bottom item.

Deactivate recommendations.

In Themes

Click on the gear icon.


Next, you need to click on the icon in the form of a man.

Opening the settings.

We find the corresponding item, and turn it off.

On the lock screen

I covered this point in a separate article, you can read it here.

In App Security

Opening the Security app.

Click on the gear icon.

We find the item Receive recommendations and deactivate it.

In Music app

Opening music.

Click on the icon in the upper left corner.

Next, go to settings.

Open advanced settings.

Deactivate Show Ads.

In the Play Store

We go to the Play Store, install any application or game.

At the end, a banner will appear in front of us, click on the gear.

Deactivate the item Receive recommendations.

You can also turn off the check, since the Play Store carefully checks all applications and games, additional scanning will only take your time.

In Explorer

Go to Tools folder.

Open File Explorer.

Click on the Menu button.

Opening the settings.

Next, go to the Information section.

Disable Get Recommendations.

In Downloads

Opening the tools folder.

Next, go to Downloads.

Click on the button Three vertical dots.

In the menu that opens, select the bottom item.

Deactivate recommendations.

Advertising on Xiaomi why is it present at all? When ordering a device on Aliexpress, or purchasing it in a Russian store, the user will definitely face the problem of the appearance of offers from partners. They are displayed as banners on the start screen and in installed applications.

The company’s devices, especially from the Redmi line, are cheap. Sometimes buyers are surprised looking at the low price tag of Xiaomi gadgets. Are the developers going down the drain? No, because advertising on Xiaomi smartphones allows the Chinese manufacturer to keep the cost relatively low.

But the catch is that even Xiaomi’s expensive flagships are not without built-in ads. The presence of offers from partners looks more or less appropriate in cheap devices, but not in the segment of premium devices.

However, any buyer can disable ads on a Xiaomi phone. There are several ways to do this, from using standard applications to turning to third-party software.

How to remove ads through standard applications

Affiliate recommendations that are found in programs from Google Play are easy to explain. This is the only way their developers can make money. But in pre-installed applications, their appearance is a unique case that only Xiaomi owners face. But, fortunately, you can get rid of ads.

In the Security app

This program is designed to troubleshoot the OS, clean memory and eliminate the effects of viruses. No one will want to see ads in such an application. So you have to think about how to get rid of it.

There is nothing difficult in disabling partner notifications in “Safety”.

  • Open application.
  • Go to its settings by clicking on the gear icon.
  • Find the “Get recommendations” item and move the slider to the inactive position.

There are also built-in ads in additional Security modules, such as:

To disable promotional offers, you need to go to the settings of each designated module and move the slider opposite the item with recommendations to the inactive position.

In “Conductor”

Someone may be surprised, but ads are found even in a program that is designed to store files. When searching for the desired video or APK, the user will see affiliate recommendations, whether he has Mi5 or a more modern Note 8 Pro.

  • Open File Explorer.
  • Click on the icon with three stripes, which is located in the upper left corner.
  • Click “Settings”.
  • Go to the “Information” section.
  • Move the slider opposite the “Recommendations” item to the left.

So ads in the file manager will be disabled, but there will be a few more applications where the recommendations have not yet disappeared.

In music”

This program is used to listen to music. In order not to accidentally click on an advertising banner instead of the track you need, you will have to disable the recommendations:

  • Open program.
  • Click on the icon with three stripes.
  • Click “Settings” and then “Advanced”.
  • Deactivate promotional offers option.

Now, while listening to music, the recommendations of partners will not disturb the user.

In “Downloads”

The application is used to download files from the Internet. There is no desire to see ads here, which means you need to disable it:

  • Open program.
  • Click on the icon with three dots or stripes.
  • Go to app settings.
  • Opt out of receiving recommendations.

After disabling ads in Downloads, there will be no standard application where affiliate banners could disturb the user.

But from the start screen, the offers will not disappear anywhere. Therefore, to completely get rid of advertising, you will have to look for another method.

Disable all ads at once

It takes quite a long time to deactivate affiliate recommendations in each application separately. But there is a way to get rid of all the ads that can pop up on the Xiaomi Note 6 phone or any other at once.

The msa background process is responsible for displaying offers from partners. The layman may not even pay attention to him, but his role in this process is extremely high. So it is reasonable to immediately proceed to its deactivation:

After performing the above steps, the OS will not be able to select personal recommendations for the owner, but the ads will not disappear anywhere.

  • Launch the Security program.
  • Select “Traffic”.
  • Go to “Traffic Consumption”.
  • Click on “System Applications”.
  • Click on “msa” and disable its background connection.

Now the process responsible for displaying ads will not be able to receive offers from partners via the Internet. This means that advertising should completely disappear from the browser, “Music”, “Explorer” and other standard programs.

MIUI 12 Remove Ads: How to Get Rid of Spam on Redmi Note 9 Pro, Other Xiaomi Phones

But you need to understand that in the applications that the user will download, advertising will not go anywhere. Of course, in some programs it is not provided at all, but in most cases there are partnership offers. So completely eliminate the banners on the phone will not work.

How to remove ads using third-party applications

Affiliate offers in standard Xiaomi programs are a very annoying thing. But most of all, the smartphone owner will be interested in how to disable ads completely. That is, in other programs like the official Megafon or Svyaznoy application. To do this, you need to install third-party software.

The programs below are provided free of charge. They have minor drawbacks, but even applications that are accessed after making a payment have them. It is not necessary to select the software below. There are many other useful programs on Google Play, but not all of them have been verified by a large number of users.

Adblock Plus

A popular program available through Google Play. The average score of the application is not very high (only 3.6), but it is chosen by a huge number of users.

The salient features of the software include the following:

  • Simple control.
  • Ad blocking.
  • Ability to set “allowable offers” that do not need to be hidden.
  • Safe browsing that protects your phone from viruses.
  • High level of privacy.

To use the application, the Xiaomi owner must have Internet access. This requirement is quite understandable and understandable, since advertising appears only if a person goes online. In other cases, it does not annoy the user.


Another interesting application that can turn off ads on Xiaomi. The program is not very popular, but, unlike competitors, it has practically no drawbacks.

But AdCleaner has a plus, and more than one:

  • Block affiliate banners while browsing the web.
  • Battery saving.
  • Faster File Downloads.
  • Virus Protection.

Thus, the program performs many functions at once that may be useful to the user. The owner of Xiaomi does not have to download additional programs to save battery power or protect against viruses. All this will be done by AdCleaner. In addition, the application is provided free of charge, which means that you definitely do not have to delete it.

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