How to Remove Ads From Youtube On Phone

Recently, YouTube has become extremely popular. This can be explained by the simplicity and convenience of using hosting. Today you can not only view numerouss on this resource, but also upload your own, earn and do what you love. Here are just a lot of users interested in how to remove ads on YouTube.

How to Remove Ads From Youtube On Phone

Almost every has an unnecessary insertion that annoys and annoys many people. over, often advertisements appear not only at the beginning of playback, but during viewing annoying windows pop up with an offer of subscription and purchase.

Naturally, such offers cannot be completely abandoned; nevertheless, advertising is considered an engine of progress, and besides, we learn a lot of interesting and useful information from it. But if you don’t have time for this or if you don’t want to be distracted, it’s worth using methods to turn off suchs.

Can I skip the ads on Youtube?

Among users of computer equipment and modern gadgets, there are a huge number of newcomers who are most often afraid and cannot install specialized software on their own or make some complex settings for the block of all that is unnecessary. Thes on the YouTube site do not start immediately, usually it all starts with a commercial. But even if you look at it all the way to the end, there is no 100% guarantee that during further viewing obsessive offers will not appear again.

When you activate the, you can see the stopwatch, it shows how much time is left until the end of viewing the advertisement. After some time has passed, an inscription pops up with a sentence skip ads, if you click on it, then you will automatically continue your viewing.

Blocks with pop-up offers that cover part of the can be easily removed by clicking on the small cross. It is located at the top of the corner of the block on the right side. Naturally, such recommendations will not help to permanently remove annoying content, but at the same time you can spend less time on it.

We use specialized software

For those who do not want to constantly click on the crosses or wait for the block to appear with continued viewing, there is a more suitable option. You don’t need to have any knowledge abilities or to be an advanced user in the world of computer technology in order to learn how to remove ads on YouTube. You only need to know the programs that will help you do this, they are usually called add-ons, those that I will discuss below are common options.

Adguard Program

This is a specialized product that helps to remove intrusive commercials and blocks. It must be downloaded from the official developer resource, then installed.

The main advantages of the utility:

  • it is easy to disable various types of advertising, including at the end of the;
  • Helps further protect your computer from the likelihood of infection from malicious and phishing pages on the network;
  • after installation on the equipment, you can immediately turn on any from YouTube;
  • reliably blocks unnecessary information.

The author recommends:

Adblock extension

Another great way is to install a universal add-on in a browser from Google or any other. It is also best to download the application from the manufacturer’s website, there you will find a link for direct download. The resource automatically learns from which browser you entered, so you do not need to fill out additional questionnaires, prescribe parameters. The service will simply display a button suggesting the installation of an important add-on.

You click on the button and the Adblock itself is loaded in the Yandex browser or any other, will make the necessary adjustments to the parameters. After that, it will be possible to run the on YouTube in a mellow. by this time the program can already remove everything.

Addon Installation

First of all, you will need to decide on the product that you want to use. You should not use several blocking programs at once, very often they conflict programmatically with each other, so page loading slows down, banners are deleted incorrectly, incorrect errors occur and much more.

  • in Google Chrome: “Menu”, Further “Settings”choose “Extensions” and ” extensions”;
  • for Firefox: you need to go to the resource.;
  • at the Opera: in “Menu” choose “Extensions” and “Download Extensions”.

We use a script

Not everyone knows that Google experts can experimentally offer anyone who wants to use a special script to remove ads on hosting. I note right away that you can use this product only in some cases. For example, if you need to open only one in your browser. In any case, consider a step-by-step instruction that will help you use this code:

Open the developers menu in the browser on the viewing page using the key combination:

  • Ctrl Shift J. for Google and Opera;
  • Ctrl Shift K. used on Firefox;
  • F12. Internet Explorer.

Paste this code in the console window that appears and click “Enter”:

On the open page of the site, existing banners will be deleted.

Useful content:

How to remove ads from Android devices

In order to get rid of unnecessary banners ands on YouTube on your mobile gadget, you must first enable httpS filtering in the settings of the Adguard program (as you understand, it can help us). Thanks to this step, we will be able to decrypt the data that comes to hosting from advertising servers.

Here is the instruction:

Users with devices based on Android 7.0 and higher are not so lucky, the filtering capabilities are reduced here, so in the latest versions of YouTube, filtering will not work. In this case, it will be possible to download previous versions of the resource, but you should immediately put a ban on updates in the Google Play settings.

The second step will be to clear all the information on the YouTube service. To do this, go to the settings of your OS and look for “Application Manager”, then click on the desired software to open detailed information and clear the data.

The Adguard utility is able to remove commercials if Youtube has “cleared” data. The next time you log in or restart Youtube, you will switch to another working algorithm, where some of the unnecessary “garbage” can still appear. So it turns out that you have to clean the data during each program launch to views on the network.

Users with root rights can make this process automatic. To do this, go to the settings and select advanced, then low-level settings and near the sub-item check the box. If all this is done, every time the device starts, the Adguard program will clear the YouTube data.

There is another option, it is not so popular, so almost one uses it. This is a special subscription that allows you to views on a hosting site without ads. “YouTube Red”. I will say right away. it is paid, but it can offer extensive functionality:

  • watchings offline, you can save and watch later;
  • everything you need is played in the background;
  • You get free access to the Google Play Music service.

This “pleasure” costs about twelve dollars, but if you’re so tired of advertising, it’s worth a try.

How to remove ads on YouTube? As you can see, there are several ways. If one does not work out, use the other. I hope the article was useful to you.