How to Remove Ads from Xiaomi Redmi Note 7

A complete tutorial for owners of Xiaomi smartphones.

Xiaomi smartphones stand out by the quality ratio of functional parameters and cost. At the end of 2017, Hugo Barra noted that Xiaomi does not get anything on sales. And the owner of the company Xiaomi said that the income from the sale of devices will not exceed the limit of 5% after payment of all available taxes. That is, Xiaomi is a success.

But how does the brand manage to advance so quickly, constantly gaining additional industries? The answer lies in the palm of your hand: the company’s profit depends not only and not so much on the physical sales of devices, but on the distribution of digital projects. This includes advertising.

The standard MIUI firmware holds a huge amount of advertising displayed even in the most sophisticated areas. Most recently, users found advertising publications, even in the parameters of the operating system. The most important thing is that this incident can be removed. And superuser rights are not required.

Why advertising in applications is required and why it is displayed.

But viral advertising is an obstacle to the adequate operation of the device. It can be displayed as follows: as soon as a user logs into a web resource, he is immediately shown all kinds of news with flashy headlines, and they are displayed directly on the display or in the top menu. If you click on the link, a virus program will immediately get to the device.

There are safe, but annoying advertising publications. One way or another, but you should get rid of it. How to do it correctly and without incident is described below.

How to remove ads in Xiaomi applications

Xiaomi devices are designed so that in any application. file manager, browser, player. personalized advertising is built in. Disable it by pressing a single key will not work.

Therefore, you will need to work with each application separately and remove unnecessary intrusive information from there.

Ad blocking on MIUI under “Security”

  • You should open the “Options”;
  • Go to the “Privacy” tab;
  • Find the “Advertising” section;
  • Change the position of the “Use of advertising identifier” toggle switch to the deactivation position.

How to Remove Ads from Xiaomi Redmi Note 7

There is another method of blocking ads (depending on the device model and firmware version):

  • You need to open the “Options”;
  • Go to the item “Security”;
  • Click on the gear located at the top;
  • Next, move the toggle switch near the inscription: “Receive recommendations”;
  • The next step is to find the item “Cleaning”;
  • Now you need to scroll down the list and turn off the toggle switch near the “Receive recommendations”.

One of the two suggested ways to turn off annoying ads will definitely help.

Removing Ads on Xiaomi Using Explorer

  • You need to open the “Explorer” tab, then click on the menu button “3 stripes” at the top;
  • Select the sub-item “Parameters;
  • Deactivate the toggle switch with the name “Receive recommendations”.

There is also advertising in the explorer. this way it will be disabled.

We deactivate advertising publications in “Music”

Many users began to notice useless ads in the Music application. It does not interfere with listening to your favorite compositions, but its presence is very annoying. Getting rid of the advertising materials in this section is also quite simple.

  • Just click on the “Menu” button in the upper left to activate the visiting tab;
  • Now you need to select “Options” and go to the advanced options section;
  • Here you should select the “Receive recommendations” item and deactivate it.

Now the pictures will not bother.

Deactivating ad content in the Xiaomi Downloads app

  • You need to open the “Downloads” on the Xiaomi device;
  • Click on the “Menu” button (ellipsis in the upper right “;
  • Go to the “Parameters” item;
  • Remove the item with recommendations.

Disabling ad content in folders on a Xiaomi device

  • You should open any folder of the device;
  • Highlight its name;
  • The “Recommendations” item will be displayed below, it is required to deactivate the “Recommendations” in it.

Additional cleaning

Depending on the firmware version, you may need to perform the following steps first:

  • Open “Downloads” (it is most often located in the “Utilities” or “Tools” folder);
  • Next, click on the menu button in the upper right and click on “Options”. Here you should remove the “Get recommendations” activation toggle switch.

Next, you should clean the Internet browser, since most likely, it is from him that the ad is typed:

  • It is required to open the classic browser and go to its options (button with three stripes in the bottom right, in the new window, click on the gear);
  • Now you need to select “Data Cleansing” and click “Clear All”. It is worth paying attention that all available information (passwords, logins, cache, cookies, etc.) will be deleted.

How to remove annoying ads on Xiaomi using third-party applications

This is a reliable method that allows you to qualitatively and deeply clean the device from advertising. You will not need to go to all sections, because the tool will independently determine the presence of intrusive components.

Unfortunately, Play Market has long lacked reliable ad removal apps due to various restrictions. Therefore, the tools recommended below should be downloaded from official web resources of developers or from well-known portals. The main thing is not to accidentally catch the virus while downloading.

Adblock plus

Official site.

Well-known software that has become the best solution to the problem for the PC. Not so long ago there was a version for mobile devices. Interaction with the utility is very easy: just specify a proxy (instructions for working are present in the program), then adjust the filter and allow or remove all advertising.

The application will remove unnecessary information not only in browsers, but in applications, games. Users on Android can use not only the application, but also install a separate extension for Firefox or use a separate browser, Adblock Browser.


Another high-quality application that perfectly filters all the information. The design is clear, cleaning can be performed using a VPN network. A list of applications where the ad will be removed is displayed.

Of the minuses. sometimes the utility crashes, and the pool of opportunities is not very wide. However, software is ideal for instant and easy withdrawal of ads without superuser rights.

How to remove ads on Xiaomi smartphones on MIUI. the classic method

Because of this, users often ask: “How to get rid of advertising in MIUI 10?”. In some situations, it does not allow you to enjoy using the device, in addition to this, it takes much more mobile traffic to download advertising publications, in roaming it is extremely expensive. However, the creators of the firmware allow you to turn off the display of ads without additional manipulations and programs.

Indeed, in order to remove annoying ads on Xiaomi devices, you do not need to introduce new software like Adblock. It’s enough to go to the parameters of any classic application available on the smartphone, and then deactivate the “Get recommendations” sub-item. Next, unload the utility from the RAM and restart it. If all the actions are performed correctly, then advertising will no longer bother with this software.

It turns out, according to the assurances of Xiaomi itself, you can get rid of almost 90% of the advertising in the firmware of their devices. Yes, it will take about half an hour, but it will be the price for the lack of extra banners and links. In any case, the parameters will still display annoying pictures. To remove them, you will have to install additional software like AdGuard. Some of them may require root-rights, and if the user is poorly versed in mobile devices. this is better not to do.

After a while, maybe the creators from Xiaomi will add an additional option to MIUI, which allows you to remove excess advertising with one click. But this is not yet, because of which it has to be removed independently. Not so long ago, the company indicated the date of the device upgrade to the latest MIUI 10 firmware.


No, he will not help in any way.

Most likely, there is virus software on the device. It must be carefully checked using antivirus utilities.

Yes, superuser mode is necessary. If root rights are not available, you can use simplified analogues, but their capabilities are significantly reduced.

Many add-ons are not supported by Opera. It is worth using a different browser. Please note that the extension should not be a virus, you should always download them from reliable resources.

Now users know how to remove embedded advertising in MIUI, it is very simple. There are various options, one of them is definitely suitable.


Of course, the majority of owners of Xiaomi devices will be indignant for a long time about advertising on their devices. But here it is worthwhile to stand up for the developers. They also need to earn money. It is advertising that allows the organization to delight users with inexpensive, but high-quality phones. In addition, removing ads is quite simple.