How to Remove Ads from Samsung Phone

How to Remove Ads from Samsung Phone

Very often, Android picks up an ad virus. This happens because not all phone users have good knowledge of installing applications on the device.

Inattention leads to the fact that a person sees a large banner on the phone screen, or a message in which they want to send SMS to any number, otherwise the phone will be blocked. How to remove ads from the phone, you will learn in this article.

What is the essence of the problem

First you need to understand what kind of problem you have. If an advertisement pops up on top of each application, then your phone is infected with an advertising trojan. There are several types of these viruses:

  • The virus that appeared on your phone along with the downloaded application;
  • The virus is a system application;
  • The trojan is in the firmware of the mobile device.

If you determine that you have the first of these types, how to remove the adware virus from the android? Go to the phone settings for this, find the harmful parasite and delete it.

In the second and third options, you can get rid of the virus only after obtaining root rights. Or you can give the device for flashing.

How to remove ads from the phone?

Think about after installing which application you started to get annoying ads. Make a list of likely programs. A good helper in this matter can be your AirPush Detector. This program scans applications and identifies those that show banners you do not need.

What to do and how to remove ads from the phone if pop-up messages do not allow you to work normally with your gadget. Just reboot in Android safe mode. To do this, you will need:

  1. Hold the power button for a long time until the menu with the reboot option appears;
  2. You will see a menu in which there will be 2 buttons: “turn off” and “restart”. You should press the “off” button for a long time;
  3. A message will appear on the screen asking you to confirm your desire to reboot in Safe Mode. Confirm.
  4. When the device reboots, you will see the message Safe Mode in translucent letters.

This will mean that now you can use your gadget, and no applications will interfere with you, which means that the advertisement will not appear on the screen.

What to do next? How to remove ads from the phone? In Settings, select Security and then click on Device Administrators. You will see a list of all the programs on the phone that have administrator privileges. Find the dubious and deprive them of these rights.

Next, you need to remove all viruses. To do this, select in the Settings. Applications. We delete, all unnecessary. After eliminating the malware, restart the phone again, but in normal mode.

We hope that now you have figured out how to remove the adware virus from the android, and your device works well.

Full zeroing

What if the ad still appears? To make sure that the virus program was actually deleted, reset the settings to factory defaults. In English, it will be hard reset. How to do it?

  • In settings. Find the item “Recovery and reset.” Next, select “Reset Settings.” Click on “Reset Phone Settings”.
  • Using the buttons. On different phones, these combinations may vary. Most often, you need to simultaneously hold down the power button and reduce the sound. If this option does not fit, look for information about your model on the Internet.

Removing System Viruses

Now most viruses are able to have admin rights, they get root and penetrate the firmware. What to do in this case? For such situations, there are several options for how to remove ads from the phone.

Reflash Gadget

The easiest way is to flash the phone again. If you are afraid of losing important information, you can back up the device. This will help Titanium Backup.

But this can only be done with root. A copy will be saved on the SD card. Use the Titanium Pro version.

To flash the phone, refer to the search engines on the Internet. There are many different resources. For example, Cuanogen Mod, official, or modification.

Manual virus removal after root

If you are an advanced user, this method will suit you. It is more reliable. Get root-rights and eliminate all virus programs yourself. You can obtain rights, for example, using a computer and KingoRoot.

A detailed guide on how to remove ads from an Android phone, read on link…

Got root rights? Excellent. Now install Root Explorer and Titanium. The explorer will help you in how to remove ads from your phone. It checks all folders for suspicious files and removes the trojan.

Often the folders are located in the place / system / app / or / system / xbin /. Titanium is also able to remove any applications and it will cope with the virus.

Antivirus for the phone

Installing an anti-virus program on your Android will help in removing the existing problem. In addition, it will serve as a warning for subsequent attacks.

Now you know how to remove ads from your phone. We advise you the 2 most optimal antiviruses. Doctor Web and Malwarebytes.

Tell us in the comments what did you do when the banner ads appeared on your phone?