How To Remove Activation Lock On Ipad

Jailbreak protection

If it turned out that access to the iPhone 4 with iOS 7 installed on it was stolen, then you can use the JB iOS utility, which will allow you to return access to the device, albeit in a limited form. The phone will stop working with a SIM card and, in fact, will represent something similar to the iPod touch. This approach does not work with other models, for example iPhone 5. Activation Lock will not be removed in this case.

What is iPhone Activation Lock?

Activation Lock is a protective tool that is an extension of the previously introduced Find My iPhone option. Activation Lock was introduced to the iOS operating system in 2013 with the release of the seventh generation of software and is described by the company as an ideal tool against thieves.

Indeed, the Californian corporation has already managed to report that the number of iPhone thefts has significantly decreased, and those that continue to occur are no longer accompanied by data loss and falling into the wrong hands.

How To Remove Activation Lock On Ipad

The question arises whether such a seemingly ideal protection system can harm the rightful owner of the iPhone? Activation lock, alas, was instantly studied by hackers and is often used for extortion and blackmail.

Principle of operation

If one of your Apple devices has Find My iPhone enabled and is running a seventh generation or later operating system, all data, including activation information, is moved to Apple’s servers and stored there until Find My iPhone is available. Disabled by the device owner. In fact, the device is completely tied to one single Apple ID account. Only the true owner of the device will be able to activate it after flashing and fully control all the data stored on it and in the digital cloud. In this case, no keys are stored, so even Apple employees will not be able to access the data, which indicates the maximum security of this technology.

Iphone Activation Lock: How to Remove Protection?

The bottom line is that Activation Lock is directly related to the “Find iPhone” function, so you need to disable it. This requires:

  • Go to device settings.
  • Find and select iCloud subitem.
  • Scroll down and select the “Find iPhone” submenu.
  • Flip the toggle switch to the off position.
  • Enter account details for confirmation.

That’s all, in a few simple steps you can unlink the device from your account. If necessary, this procedure can be performed remotely using the iCloud.com website. This requires:

  • Go to iCloud.com website.
  • Select “Find iPhone”.
  • Find the necessary gadget in the list of devices and remove it from the list.
  • Enter account details for confirmation.

Iphone: activation lock. How to check and unblock?

A smartphone is a multifunctional device that stores an abundance of information so important to its owner. This data must certainly be under the strict protection of modern encryption methods.

The security of user data and the protection of devices from intruders has always been a primary goal of Apple. This is the main principle of the company, which is the cornerstone of its foundation, which the corporation has managed to maintain to this day, introducing more and more protective tools. The level of security in iOS reached an unprecedented level, to the point that stealing a phone has become almost meaningless.

Get back access to your device with Apple support

In the absence of a receipt, you can try your luck and contact the American support service. You can “reach” them by calling 1-800-MY-IPHONE on Skype. To confirm that you are the owner of the device, you will need to provide the IMEI, serial number, answer security questions (very important), know what purchases were made in the AppStore and iTunes Store. In most cases, specialists from the United States meet halfway to inexperienced users and return access to the device within half an hour. Russian technical support, alas, cannot boast of such loyalty.

Danger of Activation Lock for the owner of the smartphone

In a nutshell, activation lock can turn a smartphone into a useless piece of eraser, glass and metal, which will only fit in the form of a coffee cup holder. When the algorithm is activated, the device is completely locked, and without entering the Apple ID, the smartphone turns into a pumpkin. Therefore, iPhone activation lock, how to remove which, we will describe below, poses a danger for criminals, and even for the legitimate owners of the device. In this case, Apple technical support makes a helpless gesture and will not be able to help checked by the owners of the devices. Yes, and you will have to say goodbye to the saved information, it cannot be restored.

Worse, if the iPhone 5S activation lock has occurred, how to remove it if you forgot your Apple ID? The likelihood of password recovery remains if the account is linked to a third-party email account. But this is not one hundred percent, so before activating the Find iPhone function, write down your Apple ID account information and change the password if necessary. It is also recommended to back up your information and files, if possible. However, the loss of saved files is not such a big price for returning the iPhone to the owner.

Iphone Activation Lock: How to Remove or Bypass

Reading time: 5 minutes

Apple smartphones are considered a welcome target for fraudsters due to their high cost and increased demand. Even used devices are sold out like hotcakes at a train station. Therefore, the developers had to think about creating protection for the device. This is how the Find iPhone security algorithm appeared, with built-in Activation Lock functionality that can turn a working phone into a piece of plastic. In order to avoid problems, it is important for users to know how to bypass Activation Lock on iPhone 5 and later models. Bypassing the blocking will come in handy even for the legitimate owners of devices, it is better to be fully armed.

Remove Activation Lock (iCloud) through third parties. What is Activation Lock

It is also important to understand what iPhone Activation Lock is and why users need this feature. The point is fraudsters, manufacturers seek to protect manufactured devices and owners. Expensive smartphones have a higher degree of protection, Apple belongs to this category. That’s why Find iPhone and Activation Lock were invented. The owner of the device knows that in case of theft, he will quickly find the smartphone and return it. The idea is promising, more than once proved its viability. But also more than once let down the legitimate owners of mobile devices. The function is activated in automatic mode on devices with an installed operating platform of at least iOS 7.

Activation Lock is turned on automatically when you put your smartphone in the Find iPhone configuration. And it works until the owner of the device turns off the function, or removes the smartphone from the iCloud account. While the activation lock application is on, confirmation is required by entering passwords and a name in a special window. This principle prohibits fraudsters from using the device, applications and functionality will be blocked. And no reboot of the phone will help, entering the password will be required even with a hard reset and firmware update.

What to do if activation is blocked

There are not many options on how to bypass the activation lock on the iPhone 5; most often, errors in the operating platform are used to bypass the activation lock. A mobile security specialist bypassed security in less than five minutes by simply typing a large number of characters in the fields to fill in the wireless information. Another iOS 11 bug also disables the lock. Update your device, and then during the language and locale setup phase, three times click the Home button. After that, you need to swipe your finger from bottom to top on the screen many times, and the smartphone will function without activation lock.

Device users and electronics experts themselves argue that it is not worth relying too much on operating platform errors, since Apple is improving products today, the bug is present, tomorrow it will not. Therefore, craftsmen are looking for alternative methods of bypassing the lock so as not to turn the smartphone into a useless but expensive trinket. Found a legal way to remove the lock using Find iPhone.

Go to the official iCloud.com website and sign in with your Apple ID.

  • Open the Find My iPhone tab, and at the top of the display, click All Devices.
  • Select the locked iPhone in the list and click Erase.
  • Click on the item Remove from account.
  • Reboot device.

Also, with two-factor identification, the smartphone can be unlocked by entering the installed key. But it so happens that the described methods do not help, then use a complex, but proven method.

Purchased used iPad

For a hand-bought device, two situations are possible:

  • Aypad activation lock worked on the tablet, on which the data was not destroyed;
  • The password is requested on the iPad 2, reset to factory settings.

In both cases, the former owner did not sign out of iCloud and information will be required from him. There are two options.

System password

If a password is requested in lock mode, this indicates that the data of the former owner has not been destroyed from the iPad 2 or other model. The system is running normally and requires his response. You should contact the seller and request the desired combination of numbers
. Followed by:

  • Go to settings;
  • Select the Basic block;
  • Enter segment Reset.

Here is the item that returns the device to factory settings. It’s called Erase Content and Data. It’s worth choosing. The reset procedure can take a long time.

After this operation, the device will ask for the lock password. Ask the former owner of his ID and password, then change the account settings
on your own or register a new account.

How to remove activation lock Aypad. Blocking bypass

If you cannot remove the lock, we will try to bypass it. Ben Schlabs, an employee of Security Research Labs, wrote about a 100% working method. It has been quoted a huge number of times, confirming that the method really works. You can’t call it simple, but you can try. The conditions are as follows: you do not know either the lock code or the Apple ID with a password anything.

Using Control Center on the lock screen, activate Airplane Mode or remove the SIM card from the slot to disconnect the network connection. This will give you time to guess your password.

  • Choose a four-digit password (10,000 options) or take a fingerprint of the previous owner, if possible.
  • After unlocking the screen, go to iCloud Settings Account. Write down the data that is hammered into the Apple ID field. This is the Apple ID to which the device is tied, it remains only to find out the password from it.
  • Go to the Apple ID password recovery site in a browser on your computer. Enter your Apple ID and click Next to proceed with password recovery.
  • Connect iPad to the Internet via Wi-FI for a few seconds.
  • Start the mail client, open the letter from Apple and copy the link to restore access. Disconnect the internet immediately.
  • Launch the browser on the computer and enter the link you received on the iPad.
  • Enter your new Apple ID password.
  • Go to iCloud settings on iPad and delete the old account by entering the new password. Find function will be disabled, and activation lock will be removed.
  • Reset settings and content, then set up your device as new with different Apple ID details.

The instructions may well be used by intruders, but if you know the method, you can protect yourself from them in the event of the loss or theft of the iPad.

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How to Reset iPad by Resetting Apple ID Password

Although you cannot reset your iPad due to forgotten Apple ID password, you can also fix it by resetting your Apple ID password.

Step 1. Go to iforgot.Apple.com through your browser.

Step 2. Enter your Apple ID on the Enter your Apple ID line.

Step 3. Select My Password and click Next to go to the next page.

Here you will be faced with two options: Receive email and Answer security questions.

You can reset your Apple ID password using security questions or get a password reset link in a recovery email.

After resetting iPad, you just need to enter your Apple ID and password to factory reset iPad directly.

To learn more about ways to reset Apple ID or password, just visit this page: How to Reset Apple ID or Password.

Reset iPad without password using dr.Fone

Dr.Fone is equipped with a tool to perform a full iPad reset without password. The main advantage of using the utility is that when you reset the password on the iPad, it is impossible to make a mistake and do something wrong. Thanks to this, you will not be able to aggravate the situation and, instead of unlocking your iPad, turn it into “brick”.

Step 1. Download dr.Fone utility from the official website. This program allows you to reset your iPad password in one of the easiest ways.

Step 2. Connect iPad to computer using USB cable and launch dr.Fone utility.

Step 3. On the main screen of the program, select Unlock.

Step 4. In the opened window of the password reset tool on iPad, click Start, the process of connecting the utility to your iPad will begin.

Step 5. On a new screen, the utility will ask you to enter iPad into a special DFU recovery mode.

To put your iPad into DFU mode:

1. Press and hold the Home and Power buttons at the same time for 10 seconds.

2. Release the top Power button, but continue to hold the Home button for another 10 seconds until the utility detects your iPad.

If you did everything correctly, your iPad will be displayed in dr.Fone window.

Step 6. Press the Download button to start downloading the latest firmware for your iPad. Firmware needed to reset iPad without password.

Step 7. When the download is complete, click the Unlock Now button in the utility window.

Step 8. In the window that opens, enter the code 000000 to confirm the start of the operation and click Unlock. Important! During the iPad password reset process, never disconnect the tablet from the computer.

Then you just have to wait until the password reset procedure on your iPad is completed. After the utility signals the end, your iPad will no longer have a password and you can start using it fully.

Reset password using Find iPhone

You can also reset your iPad password through the Find iPhone web interface. It is important to note right away that in order to use this method, you definitely need to know the login and password of the iCloud account to which the iPad is linked. Otherwise, you will not be able to activate the tablet. It is equally important to know that this method involves deleting all data from iPad.

Step 1. Go to icloud.com and sign in to the iCloud account to which the iPad is linked.

Step 2. In the list of available applications, select Find iPhone.

Step 3. Select your iPad in the Find iPhone app and click Erase iPad.

Step 4. Confirm the operation.

Immediately after that, the procedure for erasing your iPad will begin. Together with all the data from the tablet, the password that you forgot will disappear. After erasing the iPad, you just need to re-configure it and, if desired, restore from the last backup to restore all data.

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Method 2. How to remove password from iPad via iCloud

The easiest choice to manage the passcode is to use the method using iCloud to reset iPad. Find My iPad allows us to reboot iPad remotely. Initially, this ability was used to make sure that anyone who found or stole your Apple tablet had no right to receive any of your personal information. Naturally, for such an action you need to turn on My iPad. If you don’t know how to enable this app, follow this step-by-step guide to find your iPad listed:

1. Enter the site www.Icloud.com in your web browser.

2. Click on Find My iPhone. When the list appears, click on All devices at the top and click on the iPad tablet icon.

3. When your device is selected, a window will appear in the upper left corner. In this window, you will notice three buttons Play Sound, Lost Mode (which locks iPad) and Erase iPad.

4. Make sure the device name above these buttons is your iPad and no other device.

5. Click the Erase iPad button and follow the instructions. He will ask you to confirm your choice. After that, the process of complete data clearing will begin.

Your iPad must be 100% charged and connected to the Internet. Otherwise it won’t work.

Your Apple ID password protects the privacy of your personal information stored in iCloud, such as your email address. Your passcode also protects your ability to locate or remotely wipe your device with Find My iPhone. You should change your password regularly to better protect your information.

Reset iPad password via iTunes

It is also possible to reset the password on the iPad using the hated iTunes utility. To do this, you will need to put the iPad into recovery mode and then restore the iPad using Apple’s utility. It is important to emphasize that restoring will erase all data on iPad. You can only return them to your tablet if you have previously backed up your iPad.

Step 1. Make sure you have the latest version of iTunes installed on your computer. You can check for iTunes updates in the Help menu → Updates. If iTunes is not installed on your computer, then you can download the latest version of the program on the official website.

Step 2. Turn off iPad.

Step 3. Press and hold the Home button on iPad connect the tablet to the computer using a USB cable.

Step 4. The iPad will be connected to the computer in recovery mode, the iTunes logo will appear on the tablet screen.

Step 5. Launch iTunes. The program will immediately notify you about the detection of iPad in recovery mode.

Step 6. In the window that opens, select Recover and confirm the start of the recovery procedure. Important! Do not disconnect iPad from computer during recovery.

After the recovery is completed, your iPad will not have a password, you can use the tablet as usual. Ipad will ask you to perform an initial setup, where you can set up your tablet as a new one, or select the option to restore iPad from an iTunes or iCloud backup.

Reading tips before and after resetting iPad

Before restoring iPad to factory settings, you had more options to back up iPad data. Otherwise, your iPad will be blank and all data will be lost.

To backup iPad quickly and safely, you can use Apeaksoft iOS Data Backup Restore.

It is a powerful iPad data management tool that allows you to backup and restore iPad data in one click, as its name suggests.

Ios Data Backup Restore is a great iTunes alternative with which you can create iPad backups without overwriting the old one.

Alternatively, you can also use iPad One Click Recovery Service to restore it after resetting iPad to factory settings without Apple ID or password.

  • One click to backup and selectively restore data from any iPad to Windows / Mac
  • Preview data after backup or before restoring iPad to factory settings
  • No data loss during backup and restore
  • Supports iOS 12/11 and all iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 4/3/2 and other iPad generations