How To Remove A Tv From A Video Bracket

How To Remove A Tv From A Bracket

How to remove a TV from the wall bracket

Many owners of modern flat LCD TVs and plasma panels prefer to mount them on the vertical surfaces of the walls of the apartment. This type of mount can significantly save space, as well as do without a special TV stand. over, almost all modern TVs support the method of mounting on the wall, for which special threaded holes (holes for VESA standard mounts) are usually located on their back wall.

The back of the TV with holes for the wall bracket

The owner of the TV remains to choose the bracket necessary for the design / capabilities and to carry out the installation on their own or with the help of professional masters. However, this arrangement of the TV on the wall bracket has some disadvantages.

Firstly, access to the rear panel of the TV, on which all kinds of communication connectors are located, is complicated. If you need to connect additional equipment to the TV (DVD players, media players, flash drives or USB extension cords and other devices), you need to access the back of the TV, which is sometimes impossible without removing it from the wall. Secondly, when moving, repairing an apartment or wanting to change the location of the TV, you also need to remove the TV from the wall bracket.

In any case, the first thing to do. this is to turn off the TV and unplug the power cord. After that, disconnect the antenna and other cables from the TV.

Further, it all depends on the type of mount used. The easiest way to find out how to remove the TV from your bracket. refer to the instructions that are usually attached to the bracket. It describes in detail the process of installing the wall mount and mounting the TV on it, as well as the steps necessary to remove the TV from the bracket. Thus, if you have instructions for the bracket, then all the necessary information on how to remove the TV from the wall, you can get from it.

In case the instructions for the bracket were not at hand. Do not despair. Bracket for mounting the TV to the wall. a fairly simple mechanism, which is quite easy to understand by visually examining its design.

Almost always, the design of the bracket consists of two main elements. the bracket itself, which is rigidly fixed to the wall with the help of anchor bolts and special straps (straps), which are attached to the TV with screws. When installing the TV on the mount, the slats go into the special slots of the bracket, after which they are fixed on the latches or with the help of fixing screws.

Bracket with fixing screws

Snap bracket

Thus, in order to remove the TV from the wall bracket, it is necessary to partially unscrew the fixing screws (bolts) or release the latches (most often located on the bottom of the brackets), after which, lifting the TV, remove it from the wall mount. In some cases, in order to squeeze the latches, it is necessary to pull the two laces hanging from the bracket behind the TV set by the manufacturer of the wall mount. In some models of wall mounts for TVs, fixing is not provided at all, therefore, in order to remove the TV from such an arm, just raise the TV a little.

In conclusion, we suggest you familiarize yourself with the, which shows the process of mounting the bracket on the wall and installing a transparent TV dummy on it. This design of wall mounts is very common and is used by many manufacturers of brackets. In the proposed, the location of the fixing screws is clearly visible. Removing TVs from the brackets in most cases is done in the reverse order.

We also offer you to watch a few shorts that clearly show how to install / remove brackets of various designs.