How to remove a strip on the iPhone at the bottom of the screen

How to remove gray stripes at the bottom of the screen on the iPhone?

First, open the settings. Basic. Universal access. Increased contrast and turn off the sliders opposite the decrease in transparency.

In order to remove the lower panel on the iPhone (dock-panel), you first need to turn off the “Reduced Transparency” parameter. Below see how to do this: 1. Go to the “Settings” application “Main” “Universal Access” “Increased Contrast” and turn off “Decrease in transparency”.

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Is it possible to change the lower panel to the iPhone?

How to remove the notification panel and Control Center from the lock screen on iOS

  • Go to the settings. Password (for iPhone 5s and above Touch ID and password).
  • Enter the password and disable access for the tab today and the type of notifications.

How to make a transparent background on iPhone?

To make the wallpaper look normal, in the iOS settings you need to enable the “decrease in transparency”. To do this, go to the “Basic Settings”, and then to “Universal Access”. When creating these wallpapers, he used the rules of the system that select the background color in the mode of decreasing transparency.

  • Go to the “Settings” menu “Management”.
  • To add control elements, press the “Add” button. To remove control elements, click the “Delete” button. And then. “delete”.

How to remove buttons from the screen?

In order to remove screen buttons, we need the FullScreentogle application, which can be downloaded here. By opening it, you will see only two buttons: “Disable Nav Bar, Full Screen” (turn off the screen buttons) and “Enable Nav Bar” (turn on the buttons).

  • Go to the parameters (you can press the Wini keys).
  • Go to the section “Personalization”. “Colors”.
  • Turn on or disconnect the “Transparenness Effects” item.
  • As a result of the Start menu, the taskbar and individual windows will become slightly transparent, as in the screenshot below.
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How to turn on the lower panel on the iPhone?

You need to go to the menu, then press the mechanical button (Home) twice, and after that it will open. But this is a temporary correction. After that, the dock the panel should open, also if the above method did not help you. Make a backup and renew or roll back to another version of iOS.

To open a “control point”, brush up from the lower edge of any screen. To close the “control point”, click at the top of the screen or the “home” button.

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How to remove stripes at the bottom of the iPad screen?

First, open the settings. Basic. Universal access. Increased contrast and turn off the sliders opposite the decrease in transparency. This is a mandatory point.

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How to turn off the slide on the side panel on the iPad

  • Open the “Settings” application on the iPad and go to the “General” section
  • Choose “multitasking”
  • Move the switch to the “Allow several applications” position to the “OKL” position
  • Exit from the “Settings” application, as usual, by pressing the “home” button

Treatment of broken pixel

The point on the screen of your iPhone can have a different nature of occurrence, on which it depends on whether to get rid of the spot:

  • Dead pixel never burns. This is a black burned point, which will not work out to restore. It remains only to put up and not look at this part of the display.
  • The stuck pixel displays two or one color of three. The point seems black on green, red and blue background. Such a defect can be eliminated by the software and mechanical method.
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To increase efficiency, it is necessary to use both the software and the mechanical method. This will not hurt the phone, and there will be more chances to restore the pixel. If he has not yet died, of course.

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Program method

You can revive the stuck pixel using a special stimulating window in which multi.Colored points flash. You don’t have to download anything, there is a finished tool on the JSCREENFIX website.Com.

A page will open on which there will be a window with flashing points. Put it in such a way as to close the problem space on the display. Wait at least 10 minutes (the longer, the higher the chances of recovery). After treatment, you need to make sure that the pixel woke up. To do this, start the test in the Dead Spotter application again. If the point remains, try to make a few more calls, increasing the time of operation of the flashing window on the problem section of the screen.

Mechanical exposure

Together with the software method, use the method of mechanical exposure to damaged pixel.

  • Remove the protective glass, if installed, clean the display from dust.
  • Turn off the screen (you can not turn off the phone, but simply put it on the lock).
  • Take a pile fabric so as not to scratch the display. You can use napkins to care for the monitor. With light movements for 10 minutes, knead the area with damaged pixel.

The main thing when massage of the screen is not to overdo it with the force of pressing and not to damage neighboring pixels. If you could not eliminate the problem with the screen, unlock the phone and repeat the procedure.

Heating or cooling

Forum users report that cooling helped them or, conversely, heating the screen. For cooling, the smartphone goes for a short time in the freezer. If you leave the phone there for a long time, it will be covered with hoarfrost, and when melting, moisture will fall into the case. After cooling, some users disappeared after cooling, others became even more, so it is better not to take risks again.

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With heating, too, everything is not so clear, but you can try:

  • Heat the water to a boil temperature.
  • Soak with boiling water a bottomless fabric and put it in a plastic bag.
  • Using this heating pad, knead the problem area for 5 minutes with circular motions.
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Remember that you perform all actions at your own peril and risk. If the point is small and is not striking, it is more advisable to ignore its existence, otherwise you can make it worse.

Strong overheating

Another possible reason is the burning of a component due to severe heating. To overheat the phone, just put it to charge under direct sunlight and actively use.It is hard to find out what burned inside the iPhone, so the best option would be to go to the service center.

If the strips appeared after replacing the battery, display, touchscreen or other phone components, then the reason for this may be:

  • Replacing not all the components failed.
  • Incorrect assembly of the device. The housing uses various sizes, if you confuse their location, you can easily break through other components.

As in the case of other hardware problems, it is better not to try to eliminate the problem yourself, but immediately go to the service center. Otherwise, you can bring the phone to such a state that the white stripes on the screen will seem with a slight malfunction.

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