How to remove a password from a Samsung

How to remove a password from your Samsung phone

Installed from the factory, the graphic key on Samsung smartphones is a reliable protection of your gadget from unauthorized access by unauthorized. If you no longer need this type of protection, you can always disable it in a few clicks. But there are cases when the standard methods of deactivating the password on Android do not work. Do not panic. Access to the smartphone and its data can be restored, and there are several options to deactivate the lock. Below we’ll look at the reasons for locking. And also tell in detail how to remove the password from your cell phone Samsung.

There may be several reasons that can prevent you from removing the password on your Samsung smartphone:

  • installing third-party application security certificates;
  • The use of a VPN network in the smartphone;
  • encryption of internal memory;
  • Using administrator rights;
  • software failure.

Let’s understand how to disable the screen lock on your Samsung phone in each case.

Use Samsung Device Manager to unlock Samsung

I forgot my password for the first time Resolved the problem with the help of Samsung tool itself provides. I’m talking about Samsung Device Manager. What it does is give you access and control over every Samsung device you own remotely.

  • Search for ” Samsung find my mobile” in the browser.
  • Go to Samsung, the official page and log into your account.
  • From there, search for “Lock my screen” and select it to set a new password for your device.

Then, after resetting your password, you can access your Samsung as usual.

Unlock the screen via Google (for Android 4.4 and earlier OS)

If you have a phone with Android 4.4 and below, then you can use a rather archaic way to unlock your Samsung phone.

  • Enter the wrong pattern (the graphic key, pin etc.) five times;
  • Next, tap on “Forgot Pattern? ” (Forgot combination or Forgot Pattern;)

Reset my data

If the previous methods did not help, do a data reset. you will remove all files and settings from your device, and with them your Pattern, Pin, Password, or Fingerprint.

“Samsung is one of the most popular smartphone manufacturers. So the question of how to unlock the phone “Samsung”, worries many lucky owners of devices of this brand. Let’s talk about how you can do this.

Unlocking via Google Account

In case you have forgotten the pattern key, you can reset it and set a new one, confirming your identity with the password. If you do not remember your password, then you will need access to your personal Google account used on the device. In general, follow the instructions below.This way works only on smartphones running Android 5.0 or lower.

The second method requires access to a Samsung account, which has been added to your device. If it’s not there, then skip it and go to the next sentence. Also, the device must have the Internet, because it will request data verification on Samsung‘s servers, as well as a computer with access to the World Wide Web.

  • Click “Login” and then enter your email address, under which your Samsung account is registered, and then the password to it.
  • Click on “Login” and wait for status and location checks. The process can take several minutes.
  • If you have multiple smartphones, then you need to select the one you want and click on the “Unlock” option at the bottom.
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How to unlock Samsung via safe mode

In some cases, a variety of third-party applications may cause the Samsung screen to lock. To get rid of their functionality we need to boot our device in safe mode.

Do the following if you have forgotten your password:

  • On the lock screen, press the power button. A shutdown menu will appear;
  • Press and hold the “Power Off” button;
  • Your phone will ask if you want to boot to safe mode. Tap “OK” or “Safe Mode”;

Special programs

To unlock a device you can also use special programs. If the user finds that none of the above methods work incorrectly, then he can easily turn to the utilities.

Samsung Find my mobile

This is the official application from Samsung. It will help to unlock the phone without resetting or reflashing it The person will not get any risks when using this utility.

However, this option will not work for all users, but only for those who have been previously registered and authorized in the company’s system. To qualitatively use the program, you need:

  • Open the official page;
  • Specify the email address to which the user is also tied to Samsung;
  • Now you need to select your device from the search;
  • Click on the item “”;
  • Select the section with unlocking the device and confirming the action.

As you can see, it is possible to access even with the help of special utilities. It is good when they are official.

Dr. Fone

Another very popular application that will help the user unlock the Samsung with ease is Doctor Phone. It’s for Android phones, and it’s also available in official stores, at.

Once the user has downloaded it to their computer, they need to:

  • Connect the smartphone to the computer;
  • Open the program;
  • Find the item with the Android Lock control;
  • Now click on the item that is responsible for data recovery;
  • Specify the type of restore that is needed. In this case. password.

If the user has done all the actions correctly, the files from the device will not be deleted. If not careful, the user may accidentally click on the reset to factory settings or something like that.

How to remove the lock if Samsung does not recognize your face or fingerprint

The work of the fingerprint scanner and face recognition in the Samsung S8 and a lot of other models of the Korean manufacturer raises questions. So, the lock is not removed if the owner’s fingers are wet or the front camera is clogged. In such a situation, the owner of the Galaxy will see a message like “Failed to recognize the owner” and will not be able to get to the home screen. However, the manufacturer has foreseen such a problem and invented a solution for it.

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When you register your fingerprint or face to lock the screen, your Samsung A5 or A31 offers to additionally register protection through a letter password or through a PIN code. You can not do without a password, even with a fingerprint scanner, so you are forced to register an alternative version of protection. So, you can unlock your Samsung smartphone or tablet by entering a password or special codes if you can’t unlock Android with your finger.

How to unlock a Samsung phone

You should also clarify how to unlock your Samsung Galaxy A12, J1, J2, J7 and other models without a fingerprint scanner. Here the blocking is done with the help of the graphics key. A person who forgets the Pattern Lock is also prompted to enter an alternate password or PIN. So, knowing the password, you’ll always be able to get to the main screen.

When it’s not always about the password

Before you unlock your Samsung TV to watch TV programs with Smart technology, you need to find out the exact cause of the inconvenience by answering yourself the question, “Do I really know why the problem appeared?”.

Basic nuances:

You can’t restore anything without the remote control from your Smart TV. If it is faulty or lost, you should buy a new remote control;

If every time after turning off the Smart TV the channel settings get lost, it means that the problem is with the firmware and it needs to be updated;

You can check the functionality of the remote control with an ordinary camera on your phone, by pressing any button on the remote control and directing it to the phone camera, if there is a flash in the photo, it means that everything is okay with the remote control, and if the TV does not react to it, you should call a master.

Any starter pack, even if you received it free of charge during the campaign, necessarily contains an insert with special codes PIN, PIN2, PUK and PUK2, which you are asked to remember and not to tell to anyone. However it is not possible to find information in each instruction why such codes are necessary and what possibilities the user has.

The question is why you need 4 codes if you can limit yourself to one? Indeed, access to the SIM-card is protected by one code only. the PIN. It is the one that the phone requires to be entered when it is switched on. But let’s suppose the user has changed the code and forgotten it, which happens very often. As you know, after three wrong entries the PIN is blocked and cannot be entered again, even if you finally remember it. This is done purposely. in fact, for convenience the PIN consists of only four digits, which, using a large number of attempts, it is quite realistic to pick up.

You can imagine what would happen in this case with the operators’ service centers, besieged by crowds of people who have forgotten their PIN. This is what the insert, on which the PUK code is written, is for. Its main function is to unlock the PIN. The calculation is that after entering the wrong PIN three times, the user (if he is the real owner of the SIM card) will seek out the requested dome and unblock access by means of the PUK code. Here too there is a limit of attempts to enter. a maximum of 10. If this number is exceeded, nothing can save the SIM card.

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Beside this, there is also a code PIN2, it is not so much responsible for the safety of the SIM-card, but for access to certain functions and additional services of the operator. For example, the function of call cost display or some kinds of call barring can be protected with this code. However, given that the scope of the code is quite narrow, only a very small percentage of subscribers use it. the code PUK2, as you have already guessed, is used to unlock PIN2 in case that PIN2 has been entered incorrectly several times in a row. Do not be alarmed, if on the package insert there are only two codes. PIN and PUK1. Some operators and SIM-cards simply do not support PIN2 and PUK2, and to access “protected” functions the password is used, which is entered directly from the phone keypad.

Samsung and Motorola phone code can block access to SMS-messages or images from the gallery. And in Nokia phones you can set the key lock so that the system asks for a phone code every time you try to unlock it. There is no way to find out the forgotten phone code, and calling the operator does not help in this case either.

the only way out, if the phone code is locked. is to flash it (alternatively you can unlock it with data cable, PC and special software).

PIN. a personal four-digit code designed to gain access to the SIM card, preventing its unauthorized use.

PUK-code is a universal code to unblock SIM-card in case of triple wrong entry of PIN.

PIN2 is a personal code preventing unauthorized access to different telephone functions or operator’s services

PUK2 is a universal code to unlock the PIN2 code.

Phone code is a password that restricts unauthorized access to phone functions or user’s personal information.

What to do if you have forgotten your PIN code

Look for the package from the start package. There is a PUK code on the insert that unblocks the forgotten PIN.

In case a PIN-code is already blocked, and the package from the SIM-card could not be found, contact the operator. it is desirable to provide maximum of personal data: name, surname, passport, telephone number, approximate date of the last call and SMS, and to which numbers did you call most often.

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