How to Remove a Lens With a Gopro 6

In this review, we will show real examples of shooting on GoPro: shooting on water and under water, from a quadrocopter, from a car and from a great one! And also we will talk about the best mounts and accessories for GoPro

Learn more about the GoPro camera line.

GoPro cameras have gained incredible popularity among fans of active sports around the world, and absolutely deservedly! Lightweight, comfortable and hardy, it allows you to shoots from completely incredible angles using various mounts, monopods and image stabilizers. Not only is any copier called a Xerox today, so GoPro is becoming a synonym for a camcorder for outdoor activities.

We tested the camera in a variety of extreme conditions. You can shoot on GoPro all year round! In summer, you can ride a motorcycle with a breeze, dive under water or conquer waves on a wakeboard! In winter, the GoPro element is snowboarding and skiing! Professional wakeboarders and snowboarders helped me in this report. I want to say thanks to the guys for great tricks, skill and a great mood!

At the time of work on the review, the latest GoPro line is the 4th generation cameras: GoPro 4 Black, GoPro 4 Silver and GoPro Session. The cameras have proven themselves and are distinguished by high reliability and good quality shooting.

  • How to Remove a Lens With a Gopro 6
  • Hero 4 Black is the most advanced of the GoPro line, it has excellent shooting characteristics. Hero 4 Black is not equipped with a display, but allows you to shoot in 4K mode at 30 frames per second and Full HD at 120 frames per second. The lack of a display should not be regarded as a drawback, since the display consumes the precious energy of the battery in the Hero 4 Black camera it was abandoned. If you need quality and a display. it is possible to connect it to Hero 4 Black. Yes, this is an additional cost, but it will be possible to connect the screen exactly when it is needed.

    Shooting Settings

    What is the optimal resolution for shooting? It depends on the plot. 4K mode is suitable for one situation, Full HD for another. Let’s try to figure out what’s what!

    So, we remind you, Hero 4 Black fully shoots in 4K mode at 30 frames per second. 4K is a high-quality with a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels. Why is this format needed? Firstly, TVs supporting this resolution are gaining popularity. In addition, 4K is very cool, even if you have a Full HD movie at the output, you can crop the footage, increasing the desired part of the. Crop will allow you to bring objects far away, in addition, this is an interesting solution if you shoot a person, for example, an athlete who talks about how he performs his trick. shooting in 4K will allow you to make both a general and a close-up of the person’s face on the installation, which will add dynamics to your clip. However, be careful when shootings in 4K. they require a lot of space on the memory card and will quickly clog it. Before shooting, consider what resolution you need.

    In addition to 4K mode, there is 2.7 mode with a frequency of 60 fps. 2.7 mode comes in handy if you don’t want to quickly put down your GoPro battery and instantly clog a memory card, but at the same time you need high-quality. In Full HD 1920×1080 resolution, Hero 4 Black shoots from 24 to 120 frames per second! In HD resolution 1280×720, you can use a frame rate of 24 to 240! Impressive!

    FullHD 1920×1080 mode. the most popular, it is suitable for most shooting situations. In addition, FullHD is cool to shoot SlowMotion with a frequency of 120 frames per second.

    Hero 4 Black supports SuperView mode. In SuperView mode, vertical viewing is increased, but at the same time, distortion along the edges increases. However, the objects in the center retain their proportions and are not subject to distortion. SuperView mode is suitable for sports for a better view, but for shooting people it is better not to use it, the distortions will be very strong. Also, in SuperView, the frame rate drops, so it is not suitable for SlowMotion.

    Slow motion

    Slow motion. translated from English as “Slow motion”. Active sports enthusiasts love to film their tricks on the GoPro. And of course, the thrill is to slow down for a moment so as to enjoy the athlete’s skill. Now it’s hard to imagine an action movie where there is no Slow motion effect! If you want to shoot slow-motion clips, you have to opt for the Hero 4 Black model, this camera provides excellent opportunities for experimenting with a frequency of 120 and even 240 frames per second! 120 frames per second can be set in Full HD mode, 240. in 720p 1280×720 mode. When shooting at high frame rates, pay attention to the lighting. The darker, the worse the picture quality. This is due to the fact that the camera has to greatly increase the sensitivity of the matrix to shoot 120 frames per second. If you shoot in the dark, it may be better to set 30 frames per second, but get good quality than 120 with mediocre.

    We bring to your attention an example shot on Hero 4 Black with a frequency of 120 frames per second. in evening time.

    ProTune Mode

    Very often, beginners turn on ProTune mode and wonder why the picture doesn’t look so cool and sometimes even worse ?! What kind of regime is this ?! They probably think: “To shoot a cool, I need Pro mode! But why such a quality? What am I doing wrong?”

    Let’s try to answer this question. So, ProTune is a professional shooting mode in which you can manually adjust the white balance, color, ISO limit, sharpness and exposure compensation level. At the same time, the picture when shooting in ProTune becomes less sharp and saturated. this is done in order for the experienced editor to set the necessary parameters when processing on a computer.

    So if you don’t want to delve into the settings for white balance, ISO and exposure while shooting, at the risk of making a mistake and ruining the and you don’t plan to spend several hours processing on your computer, feel free to turn off ProTune mode! He is for the pros. GoPro in most situations shoots with very good quality. for amateur shooting this is more than enough.

    Wi-Fi control

    GoPro cameras have a Wi-Fi module built into the camera body. This feature is very useful, since the Hero 4 Black and Session cameras have no screens, and it is impossible to see what you are shooting. So it’s convenient to use a smartphone as a screen. you can build a frame of your choice. Smartphones based on iOS, Android and Windows are supported. To connect GoPro and a smartphone, you need to install the GoPro App. remote camera control. Through the GoPro App you can perform absolutely all the actions, it is very convenient if you mounted the camera somewhere and are far from it. By the way, for the Session model, the smartphone screen is the only way to configure the camera, so it’s inconvenient to control the camera from the case, and it’s simply unrealistic to change some parameters without a smartphone.

    Wi-Fi mode is a convenient thing. But you should remember that in it the GoPro battery will run out much faster. this can be a rather unpleasant moment! Suppose you are away from home or a place where you can charge the battery, for example, ride a mountain bike. You turned on Wi-Fi and forgot to turn it off. The result is a dead battery, lost time and broken plans are cool to shoot.

    Quadrocopter shooting on GoPro

    It’s hard to imagine a dynamic movie without spectacular plans shot from the air on GoPro! If you set a goal to shoot a cool, you can’t do without shooting from a copter. If you shoot a from time to time, it is probably easier to rent a copter or ask friends. If filming is your passion, you should consider acquiring your own copter. For example, you can consider DJI Industrial models without cameras with a suspension and stabilizer for connecting GoPro, there are other more affordable models.

    Image stabilizer

    Electronic image stabilizer is an indispensable thing if you want to shoot a movie that will look more professional. Thanks to motors and electronics, the device allows you to dynamically stabilize the picture along two axes, which gives a noticeably more even, high-quality in motion than when carrying the camera in your hand or on an ordinary belt mount or pole.

    Here are some examples where you might need to stabilize GoPro. For example, if you want to shoot a story on GoPro on the go, holding the camera in your hands or on a monopod, then fluctuations and jerks are inevitable. The image will shake even more if you go to a run or start climbing stairs.

    To clearly demonstrate the shooting with and without a stabilizer, we shot an example: in the first part of the, you can see what happens if you run by shooting on a GoPro mounted on a stabilizer, and in the second, the camera is in your hands without a stabilizer.

    Shooting on the water

    Of course, you cannot take the Hero 4 Black and Silver cameras in your hands and dive with it, first you need to put it in the case-box that comes with the kit. An additional case is not needed on the Session camera, you can safely remove it on the water! Do not be afraid, we checked, everything works fine! For Hero 4 Black and Silver cameras, the waterproof box can be used at a depth of up to 60 meters. GoPro cameras are an excellent choice for shooting wakeboarding, the main thing is to securely attach the camera, it can fall out and drown while performing tricks or falling into the water! A special float will help save the camera, if water is your element, it is worth thinking about purchasing it.

    Underwater shooting

    The Hero 4 Black and Silver cameras have a waterproof box, can be used at a depth of up to 60 meters. You can safely go diving and shoot corals, fish and sunken ships on GoPro! The main thing is that there should be enough lighting under the water for shooting. Diving is a fascinating but unsafe sport. To get a diving certificate, you first need to go through training. The first lessons are held in a regular pool, where the instructor will tell you the basics and teach safety. At one of these lessons, we filmed a dive into the pool with the GoPro camera.

    The deeper you dive into the pool, the darker, therefore, during shooting, you must use a special flashlight for underwater shooting. Shooting in the dark is not the strongest point of GoPro cameras, so if you want to get a high-quality picture in depth, think about the lighting in advance. Lights for underwater shooting are quite expensive, but, for example, you can use 2 flashlights. Swimming underwater with a camera in one hand and a lantern in the other is not easy, especially for not the most experienced divers, so if you decide to experiment with underwater shooting, it is better to distribute the roles and immerse yourself in a team. One of the divers takes off, the other shines.

    Take a photo on GoPro

    GoPro has a photo mode. For example, the Hero 4 Black model shoots with a maximum resolution of 4000×3000 pixels. There are high-speed shooting modes, 10 frames per second, burst shooting (up to 30 frames per second). Burst shooting continues while the shutter button is pressed. The shutter intervals can be adjusted, the maximum speed is 30 frames per second, but if you do not need so much, you can put 5 frames per second or 10 frames in three seconds. Like recording, photography can be done with subtle manual settings when the ProTune option is turned on.

    The quality of the output photos is not bad, and if you process them, you get a good result. Do not forget that GoPro essentially has a fisheye lens and you can use all its features when shooting. For example, you can get the effect of “round earth”, but if you just raise the camera higher, the horizon becomes already level!

    Slides above:

    1. Photo taken on a bright sunny day. Original without processing
    2. 100%. Original without processing
    3. After processing, the photo looks much more spectacular
    4. Portrait of a winner of go-cart racing. Thanks to the wide angle, many details can be placed in the frame.
    5. Portrait after processing
    6. This frame was underexposed
    7. I had to work hard in Adobe Photoshop to get a beautiful picture

    Time Lapse

    In addition to the photo mode, GoPro has the option of interval shooting. Time Laps often look very impressive and easily enliven any clip. When shooting time lapses, it’s important to mount the GoPro on a tripod or mount it somewhere on the mount. Firmly fixing the camera, remember that you cannot move and change the angle of its tilt, otherwise your time-laps will be damaged. There should be movement in the frame, for example, floating white clouds against a blue sky or a city plot, where cars and people will be moving in the frame, always look spectacular. Of course, the worst thing is to shoot a static landscape in cloudy weather 🙂

    If you want to shoot night time-laps, GoPro Hero 4 Black has a special Night Lapse mode adapted for night shooting. You can activate the time-lapse mode using the mobile application or on the camera itself, choosing a mode where a small symbol of the camera and the clock next to it is displayed on the GoPro screen. In the settings you can select the image quality, for example 12 or 7 megapixels and frame rate. You can select an interval from 0.5 seconds (i.e. 2 frames per second) to 60 seconds (1 frame per minute). It is optimal to shoot 1 frame in 5 or 7 seconds.

    To get the in a couple of minutes, you have to spend a long time waiting. It’s good when you put the camera on the balcony and take a beautiful view from the window while doing your own business or calmly drinking coffee. Worst of all, if you need to shoot time-laps on the street in winter in the cold. 20 degrees! If possible, try to avoid such situations, although this is also a kind of extreme, do not forget, this is GoPro and here you always need to find a balance between dementia and courage 🙂

    External screen

    Hero 4 Black has no screen. Most often, GoPro is shot at the time of playing sports, and there is simply no time to look at the screen! But in addition to active sports, GoPro has other areas of application. you can shoot more traditional plots on it. For example, shooting a person with hands. But for this purpose, the screen would be very useful, because in this situation it is important to see what you are shooting, if something superfluous falls into the frame and so on. Of course, there is a screen in the Silver model, but what if you need to get the with maximum quality? Fortunately, an external screen is available for Hero 4 Black! It is mounted on the back of the camera and becomes one with it.

    The box comes with a cover for the box. If you want to mount somewhere a camera with a screen (even if it is a monopod) and even more so to shoot under water, you will need to install it. Removing the original cover is quite simple. you need to open the box, gently pull the cover and it will snap off.

    When purchasing an external screen, make sure that the cover in its kit fits the box for Hero 4. The screen can be released for GoPro 3rd generation cameras (but it will work on Hero 4 Black as well), but their boxes are different. If you still got a screen with a cover for boxing from version 3 and you urgently need to remove it, there is a temporary solution. attach the cover to the box and carefully wrap it with tape. It will do if you need to shoot something specifically on GoPro from a stabilizer or monopod, and it is extremely important to see what you are shooting. Of course, this design is not at all suitable if you mount the camera somewhere, or even more so immerse it in water. On the other hand, why in this case need a screen? 🙂

    GoPro bike mount

    Cycling enthusiasts will love this accessory. the mount will allow you to mount the GoPro on almost any pipe of almost any bike. The mount can be recommended to lovers of relaxing walks in the city park, riding a cycle track or at the cottage. In such conditions, you can get a good smooth. Unfortunately, in real combat conditions, when riding a bicycle in the mountains, due to the difficult terrain, strong shaking occurs, which will immediately affect the image recorded by the camera.

    Take a look at our example: we filmed during bike rides in Fili Park, the cycle track in Krylatsky and in Pokrovskoye-Streshnevo park. Almost everywhere there is flat asphalt and bike paths. The second fragment of the was recorded in the suburbs on a rough road, it shakes a lot! Riding along a rough road, we drive along stones, bumps, but we ourselves spring with our own hands and body, and if GoPro is mounted directly on the steering wheel, it will not be sweet!

    GoPro Car Mount

    Car enthusiasts will like this accessory. this mount allows you to mount GoPro on the windshield of the car, so you can remove both the road and inside the passenger compartment. True, a recorder can also cope with this task, but how do you like the idea of ​​shooting from the outside from the roof or from the car door? And in the rain? With this mount, GoPro will be able to shoot incredible shots! By the way, if the camera is mounted externally, for example on a car door, it is convenient to control it via WI-FI using a smartphone. Here it will be very handy!

    If you decide to take pictures by attaching the GoPro to the car door, it is better to wash it in advance, the dirty car does not look in the frame 🙂 Having fixed the GoPro, at first it seems that the mount is unreliable and the camera can be lost on the go, but we tested, the camera holds tight, even on speeds of 120 km / h! Having fixed the camera on the machine, you don’t need to rush and immediately go, first check the camera angle, for this you need to connect GoPro via Wi-Fi. On the smartphone screen you can see what kind of picture we get. If you need to correct the angle, set up the camera in search of the best picture, focusing on the screen of the smartphone. Checking will take only a couple of minutes, but there will be no disappointment after shooting during viewing.

    Microphone for GoPro

    Often we need to record a trip or travel report, show the sights, accompanying the story with comments. The built-in GoPro microphone is far from perfect, especially if the camera is in a box. An external microphone will help you achieve good voice recording quality. It is lightweight, convenient and fully compatible with GoPro, you get excellent sound quality. After testing the microphone, at first you don’t see much difference when you first speak directly to the camera and then into the microphone. But the difference becomes noticeable when the camera is half a meter away from you or mounted on the head or chest, in this case, recording into the microphone is much better.

    To connect a microphone, you need to remove the protective cover. The question immediately arises, what to do if you want to place the camera on a monopod or use a mount on the head or chest? With these mounts it’s convenient to take pictures and comment on the go. A standard box is no longer suitable, since you plugged the microphone into the connector by removing the protective cover. Not holding the camera in your hands is inconvenient and impractical! There is a solution. purchase an additional case for GoPro. Read how to install GoPro in this package!

    Here is an example of recording sound on the built-in GoPro microphone and external. Feel the difference!

    Example 1 Sound recorded on a standard GoPro microphone, camera in a sealed box

    Example 2 The sound is recorded on a standard GoPro microphone, a camera in an aluminum box. Pay attention to wind noise.

    Example 3 The sound is recorded on an external microphone, the camera in an aluminum box

    Aluminum case (cage) for GoPro

    This is a very useful accessory! The milled aluminum housing allows you to protect the already robust GoPro camera quite well. The camera is installed in the cage without its airtight box. Included are two different mounts, a lens cap, and a wrist strap.

    The case is indispensable if you need to record sound while holding the camera on a monopod. over, to record sound both on the built-in GoPro microphone, and using an external headset. The case will also help out if you purchased a screen for GoPro, and the screen cover turned out to be version 3. By the way, even if the cover is suitable for you, it is more convenient to remove the camera with the installed screen from the monopod in this case.

    GoPro chest and head mounts

    GoPro strap fasteners on your head allow you to see events through the eyes of the protagonist, moreover, the picture will be smoother than if you hold the camera in your hands. This mount is perfect for lovers of leisurely walks. You walk, and the camera takes pictures of everything around! However, how then it is unbearably boring to watch the same gigabytes of the same material filmed Therefore, the fastening on the head will be appreciated primarily by athletes who do not have to wear a helmet to practice their favorite sport. For example, tennis players.

    During a game of tennis, both hands are usually occupied: in one racket, in the other you need to hold the ball when serving, on the chest GoPro will interfere with the racket during swing. Generally speaking, fixing the GoPro on your head is a great solution. If you know how to play the drums, you have a chance to get spectacular angles from a concert performance. If you know how to cook deliciously, you can shoot the cooking process, and so on, it all depends on the imagination. However, extreme lovers should still choose a helmet mount, since safety is more important than beautiful shots. A good alternative is to fix the GoPro on your chest. You can, for example, shoot karting competitions and observe the work of a rider driving!

    Monopod for GoPro

    One of the most popular accessories for GoPro is a monopod. Therefore, not to mention it in the review is simply impossible.

    There are many monopods for every taste. With their help it is convenient to take selfies on the go or while driving on a snowboard, bicycle, horse, etc. 🙂 If you have a long monopod, you can shoot from a high point, so you can get a spectacular picture!

    GoPro Camera Disadvantages

    Starting to shoot on GoPro, at first you might even think that other cameras are no longer needed! What for? I can now shoot everything only on GoPro! Can I shoot full-fledged clips using only GoPro? It is possible, but here are a number of shortcomings that you will immediately encounter when starting serious shootings:

    • The quality of shooting on the GoPro drops dramatically when shooting at night or in low light conditions.
    • There is no possibility of changing lenses. You can forget about the artistic effects and the beautiful blurry background!
    • Camera control is not the most convenient and is much inferior to amateur photo and cameras.
    • Auto white balance does not always work correctly.
    • Lack of image stabilizer. Try recordings on the go or with a mountain bike. You will see a strong shaking of the image.
    • Weak battery. The maximum that GoPro is capable of is about 45 minutes in 4K mode at 30 frames per second with Wi-Fi turned off. If you turn on Wi-FI. you will have only 25 minutes!

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