How to Remove a Keyboard from a Lenovo Ideapad Laptop

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How to disassemble a laptop Lenovo G500 and G510 to clean from dust?

Somehow they brought me such a laptop and asked me to carry out maintenance and cleaning of the cooling system. The customer complained about the laptop overheating. At first I thought, they say, this is a Lenovo laptop, on some laptops of this company, to get to the cooling system you have to literally disassemble the entire laptop. Throw it into small components. And over time, and so an ambush. Sea orders. But it turns out I was deeply mistaken. It can be seen that this laptop model is a pleasant exception. To get to the cooling system, you will have to disassemble the laptop only partially, mainly from its lower part. Well, it’s all the lyrics, let’s get down to disassembling and cleaning the laptop.

How to Remove a Keyboard from a Lenovo Ideapad Laptop

This saga begins as usual. Turn off the power to the laptop. We take out the battery from the case, pushing certain latches. The latches are shown in the photo, so do not be mistaken.

There is a cover on the bottom of the laptop; it is the size of almost the entire free area of ​​the bottom of the laptop. To remove the cover, unscrew the two screws indicated in the photograph. The screws are located in the compartment where the battery was not so long ago.

Having unscrewed the necessary screws, we shift, and then we remove the cover. Look at the picture below.

Under the cover, we will see the RAM strips, a hard drive and some other important elements of the laptop. It was decided not to touch the RAM. Winchester, in principle, should also not hinder us from getting to the laptop cooling system in order to clean it from dust and replace thermal grease on it. But at first, I did not know this, and still removed the hard drive. And I will also tell you how this is done, all of a sudden someone will come in handy in the future. Unscrew the two screws and pull the hard drive in the direction where the red arrow from the picture points. This will disconnect the hard drive from the connector. Then, lift one end of the hard drive and pull it out of the laptop.

It also gets rid of the optical drive. Just in case, so to speak. We unscrew the screw that secures the drive. Then, push the drive out of the housing and remove it completely.

We remove the cooling fan. To do this, unscrew a couple of screws and turn off the wiring that supplies power to the cooling fan. Sometimes this posting can be glued with adhesive tape, so pay attention to this.

We turn to the removal of the cooling system from the laptop motherboard. Loosen the screws marked on the bottom picture. Remove the cooling radiator. You can start cleaning the cooling radiator and removing the old layer of thermal grease from the pads. Before installation, we will apply new thermal grease.

In order to clean the cooling fan from dust, it was decided to disassemble it into smaller fragments. Thus, you can clean the fan more thoroughly and make it much more convenient.

I will not tell you how to clean a particular fragment of a laptop. There is nothing complicated, especially since everyone is used to doing it his own way, using certain tools and devices.

After cleaning all the elements that interest us, we proceed to assemble the laptop. Since the disassembly process did not take much time and in general was not difficult, you can assemble the laptop back without any special difficulties.