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How to use Wallet. Registration, configuration, reviews

A modern smartphone is not only a means of communication and sewing on the Internet, but also a repository for coupons, discount and payment cards. Thanks to technologies, you can pay for purchases with a smartphone, but for this you need to correctly configure the software. Apple users do not need to download anything, because for them there is a special program. How to use Wallet for iPhone, it is better to know in advance.

Many iPhone owners ask that this is Apple Wallet and are interested in what the program is needed for. The Wallet application was known earlier as Passbook, and its main function was storage:

In 2014, when Apple Pay officially launched, the program became called Wallet and supported the loading of bank cards. Thanks to HCE Wallet technology, payment stored in the program is made in one touch.

The functionality of the application is constantly expanding, already now users from the United States can download student tickets, passes and use them without plastic analogues.

In Russia, where Apple Pay has been operating since 2016, the main functions of Wallet are the storage of payment cards and non.Contact payments. Storage of cinema tickets, loyalty and coupons cards are not so popular, since the infrastructure is not well developed for them. But the main market participants have joined this system. For example, a Pyaterochka or a sportsmaster card is supported, they are also transferred there without problems:

In Belarus, the service is still not available due to the weak interest of users and the relative underdevelopment of the infrastructure.

How To Remove Debit Card,Credit Card PayPal Account on iPhone,Remove Payment Method on iOS 15?


There are quite a lot of them, and the list is constantly expanding interesting opportunities. Today with Wallet is possible:

  • Make contactless payment in stores and the Internet;
  • Go on the plane. In order to cross the turnstiles, add Aeroflot card-bonus card to Wallet;
  • Book rooms in a hotel in advance;
  • Purchase tickets in the cinema without queue and save them in Wallet;
  • Store any types of cards, including club and gifts, to receive additional discounts.

The features of the application are huge, the list of functions is constantly updated.

Adding a discount card

Unfortunately, not all discount cards can be added to the application. And you can add a card in one of the following ways:

  • Crossing the link received in the SMS message;
  • Crossing the link received in an email;
  • Scanning a QR code with a mark “Add to Wallet”;
  • Registration through the store-store;
  • Automatic adding a discount card after payment using Apple Pay in a store.

Consider the principle of adding a discount card on the example of a tape store, it has an official application in which you can tie an existing card or create a new.

    In the application window, click on the central icon with a card image.

The “No” button is absent in the payment methods

It often happens that trying to untie the bank card from the Apple ID on iPhone or in iTunes, there is no option “no”. There may be several reasons for this:

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How to Remove Payment Method from iphone | Remove Credit/Debit Card from Your Apple ID

  • The user has a debt or delay in payment. In order for the “no” option to become available, you need to pay off your debt. You can do this by going into the history of purchases on your Apple ID on the phone;
  • Automatically renewable subscription. This function is used in many applications. Having activated it, money is automatically written off every month. All such subscriptions should be canceled so that the desired option appears in payment methods. Subsequently, the user can again turn on this function, but using another bank card already;

The addition and removal of the bank card on the iPhone can be carried out through settings, but sometimes there are difficulties with an anxiety due to various reasons.

Change the parameters to convey

Click on the pass, then click on the pass to see the parameters and more information. Here’s what you can do using information on the screen:

  • Delete the gear.
  • Share the pass. Not everything goes through general.
  • Updates pass by pulling down to update.
  • Open or install applications related to this pass.
  • Turn on or off automatic update.
  • Turn on or off I propose on the lock screen.
  • Turn on or off automatic choice for contactless passes.

On the screen information can also show other useful information about your pass, such as the Contact information merchant.

To restore your passes, tape and hold the pass, then drag it to a new place. Your changes will be updated on all your devices.

To make the default card for Apple, pay, drag the card in front of your credit, debit and prepaid cards in the wallet.

Update your payment and contact information

Find out how to update payment information and data delivery data that you use from Apple to pay.

Iphone or iPad

  • To change your payment information, go to the wallet settings and pay Apple, click on the card, and then choose what you want to update.
  • To update your email address, phone number and delivery address, go to the wallet settings section and Apple pay, then choose what you want to update.

MAC models with sensory ID

  • To change your payment information, go to the “System Settings” wallet and Apple, pay, select a card, select the payment address of the pop.Up menu.
  • To update your email address, phone number and delivery address, go to the system settings of the wallet and Apple pay, then select contact and delivery.

Although you cannot change your card number or shelf life, it must be updated automatically when you get a new card. If the issuer does not support updates, you may need to remove the card and then add it again.

What needs to be done to deactivate a payment card?

On the iPhone XR and other relevant iPhone models, payment information is saved in the Apple ID section, therefore, this instructions follow: to deactivate the card:

  • Open the settings section and select your phone. Next. ITUNES Store and Apple Store.
  • In order to gain access to closed information, press the Apple ID button and in the pop.Up window “View Apple ID”. Authentication will occur. Reading by fingerprint or face scanner.
  • Next, click on the “Management of payment methods” button. In the section, existing cards are highlighted. Choose the one that needs to be deactivated. In the new window below is the “Delete” button.
  • After removal, press the “Ready” item and leave the settings menu. All payment information will disappear and the card transactions will not be carried out.
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Problems with the removal of a payment tool arise infrequently. But for this there is reason:

remove, card, iphone
  • Delay and debts for payments. For applications, subscriptions;
  • The presence of restrictions on actions with cards from those who are in the “Family Access” circle;
  • The presence of active subscriptions tied to payment with this card;
  • The presence of changes in the region in the settings.

Do not leave inactive data in other applications. To optimize the phone, you need to untie the card in the browser.

So, if auto.Performance was used to pay for purchases in Safari, you should delete outdated data:

  • In the settings, select the Safari tab;
  • In the list of actions, find the field “Automation”;
  • By clicking on the point “Saved credit cards”, the protection of the Code-Parol will work;
  • Next, choose a payment tool and remove it.

Deactivation process

Using the “Settings” menu, it will not work to untie the credit card, since it immediately saves in Apple ID. To deactivate the payment card from this service, you will need to perform the following actions:

  • In the settings of the device Find the section “Itunes Store and Apple Store”.
  • Next, pressing the identifier line is performed and the item “View Apple ID” is selected. The system will also ask to enter a password.
  • When choosing a “payment information” tab, the user will fall into the settings of all funds tied to the identifier.
  • If in the list that opens, select the “No” item, you can unscrew the credit card from the service. After disconnecting it, the implementation of financial transactions will become impossible.
  • Having completed the click on the “Ready” button, the user will clean all payment information.

This command may be absent or the service will not allow cleaning. How to delete a map from the Wallet application in this case and why the user encountered such a problem? Before deactivation, it is recommended to perform the following actions:

  • Check if there are delays or debts for payments,
  • Go to family access settings and determine whether one of the household has a restriction on the restriction,
  • If there are active subscriptions, they should be abandoned,
  • Check if the region was changed.

Sometimes there is a need to get rid of the old card, which the owner of the device has not been used for a long time or it has expired, but it is indicated in the list of funds to perform financial transactions. Is it realistic to remove it from Apple Wallet? Certainly. After opening the list of available credit cards, you need to find an unnecessary one, by touching by its name open a menu, in the list of which select “Delete”.

The need for deactivation of a credit card arises for various reasons. This is mainly done in order to hide confidential data. Some users are afraid of hacking the gadget with scammers, for whom the owner’s payment data is of great interest.

Removing the Wallet card on the iPhone applies not only to the Apple Pay service. Payment data can be stored in the browser settings. When making purchases online, information will be entered into the relevant fields by auto.Filling forms. Safari will need to perform several simple actions to remove a credit card from Safari. First of all, you need to go to the device settings menu.

Here select a section with the name “Safari” and go to the point “Automation”. After opening the list of saved cards, the service will ask to perform authorization. To do this, the user must touch the sensor with a finger through Touch ID. The “Change” button is in the right upper region, with which the payment tool is selected. The “Delete” item is located in the upper left corner of the screen, with its help confirms the action of the seizure of a credit card.

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On this topic:

This item is absent both when trying to untie it through iTunes, and through your device?

I have money for subscription every month from the card every month

remove, card, iphone

Hello. Check out the article on the link below and cancel the subscription:

remove, card, iphone

How to untie iTunes from the card, if I do not know on which phone was connected?

Catherine, hello. To perform the card procedure described in the article, the card is needed neither the phone itself nor its number.

I do not have a “no” item in editing payment information both on iPhone and in iTunes.And what to do?

Hello. The absence of this paragraph may be caused by one of the following factors:

You have a debt, and there is no amount of money on the card, which does not occur;

In the presence of active subscriptions, the “no” button will also be absent;

You have activated the Family Access function.

remove, card, iphone

At 5 s could not remove the bank card T.To. There is no word.

Hello, PLSKASHNT what could be: the mistake “The iTunes store is unable to procelshaesses at this time” untied the card again, did not help, left the ID in the App Store and again went, rebooted the phone, again this inscription, while this inscription, while this inscription, while I can calmly update the applications, but not one of the applications is downloaded due to a pop-up window! I read that the reason may be a lack of money on the card, which is attached, but I don’t write active subscriptions and there is money on the card. Tell me something else is fashionable to do?

Sergey, hello. You certainly do not have subscriptions in the App Store or iTunes, you checked it? Perhaps there were some pre-orders or postponed purchases? Because this error arises just in those cases when you need to pay for something, and not just download for free. First, I recommend that you familiarize yourself with the following article, and if subscriptions or pre.Orders are still found, they should be either paid or cancel.

The second possible reason, or rather, even a group of such, are associated with the map. If there is definitely money on it, we exclude a shortage. Perhaps you have a limit for purchases on the Internet and it is either already exhausted, or has become less than the required? Check this and, if necessary, can be changed in the mobile application of the bank. This error also arises when the card period has expired, and the expired Apple can also calculate a card with a period of 02/2021, that is, the current until the end of the current month. In this regard, everything is in order with the card, it is still valid?

The third and most common cause of the error is a temporary failure on Apple servers, but judging by the information on the official website of checking the status and third.Party resources, such problems have not been observed recently. You can always check this according to the link below

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