How To Reload Meizu M5

Some users of Meizu phones may need to reset the phone to factory settings. The latter can be caused by many reasons, from the desire to sell a “clean” phone without any user data on it, and to the presence on the phone of various dysfunctions that the user is trying to get rid of. After buying my Meizu phone, I managed to reset Meizu to the factory settings and in the article I will share my notes.

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Under what circumstances is it necessary to roll back smartphone settings?

Hard reset “Meizu” may be necessary for the user in the following circumstances:

How To Reload Meizu M5
  • The phone often freezes and reboots for unknown reasons;
  • There are odious applications on the phone that cannot be deleted in the standard way;
  • User forgot access password;
  • Various errors when using the Android OS;
  • When selling the phone to another user (requires a “clean” model);
  • The presence of virus programs on the phone (rarely).

Before resetting your phone, copy all important information from it to another medium

Before carrying out the reset procedure, I recommend saving all valuable files from this phone to alternative media, since after resetting to factory settings all user information on the gadget will be lost.

Ways to reset your Meizu phone to factory settings

Consider the various options for resetting Meizu to factory settings. Please also take into account that the specifics of such a reset may differ depending on a particular model of Meizu M3, M5 phones (features of hard reset for each Meizu model can be viewed on the website

Method 1. Use the settings menu of your phone

To reset Meizu to factory settings, do the following:

  1. Go to your phone settings;
  2. Find the “About Phone” option on the left, and tap on it;
  3. Select “Memory”;
  4. Click on “Reset Settings” (“Deleting Data”);
  5. We put a tick on the option “Reset to factory settings” (if you want to delete also all user data, also select the option “Clear memory”);
  6. Click on “Start cleaning” and wait for the process to finish.

All user files after this reset are usually deleted, and you will get a “clean” phone, like it was when purchased.

A similar way to work with phone settings is to go to “Settings”. “About phone”. Storage (Storage). “Return to factory settings” (Factory data reset). In the menu that opens, select the first item “Factory data reset”, and then click on “Start reset”.

Method 2: Use Phone Recovery Mode

The second option to go to the factory settings is to use the recovery mode built into the phone’s functionality.

Do the following on your Meizu device:

  1. Turn off your smartphone and wait a few seconds;
  2. Hold down the Volume Up and Power buttons on your phone and wait for the message “Meizu” to appear on the screen, then release the buttons;
  3. The phone will boot up, after which you will see two options (“System upgrade” and “Clear data”);
  4. Leave the checkmark only on “Clear data”, and then click on “Start” at the bottom;
  5. Wait until the cleaning procedure is completed.

If the phone requires a password when resetting

If your gadget, when you try to return to the factory settings, asks you for a password, but you do not remember it, then I recommend that you enter the wrong password 15 times in a row (usually five attempts three times each). After which your Meizu will require a password from your Flyme account. Enter the specified password and your phone will be reset to the factory settings.

Enter your Flyme password if necessary

If you do not have a password for the Flyme account (and there is no way to find it from the previous owner), then you should consider installing a new firmware on your device (I recommend looking for information on the relevant technical forums).