How To Reject A Call On An Iphone

The question of how to reject an incoming call to an iPhone arises for every user who, for the first time, picks up an iOS device. The difficulty is that only the “Reply” slider can be displayed on the screen, but there is no reset button. Therefore, many newly made iPhones owners wait until the phone stops ringing, or answer the call and immediately drop it.

Call rejection methods

The choice of call reset method differs depending on the state of the smartphone. If the screen is unlocked, that is, you use an iPhone, then no difficulties will arise. During an incoming call, two buttons, “Reject” and “Answer”, will appear on the display.

When you click “Reject”, the incoming call will be dropped. You can remind yourself of the need to call back using the appropriate function, but we will talk about its use a little later.

Reset on lock screen

Usually, the question of how to reject an incoming call to an iPhone arises when the device’s screen is locked. On the display, there will really only be a “Reply” slider.

Some users try to remove an incoming call by moving the slider to the end and releasing it, but this does not help. But this movement will not solve the problem, because the slider just doesn’t work. the restriction is set for reasons of convenience so that the user does not drop calls accidentally, for example, removing the phone from his pocket.

When the screen is locked, canceling an incoming call is carried out by the physical buttons of the iPhone. If you press “Power” or the volume key once, the smartphone will go into vibration mode. Pressing the power button again will clear the incoming call. The logical decision of the developers is to accidentally press the physical key twice twice is problematic. At least, this happens much less often than unintentional movement on the slider.

Call reminder

Another way to reject an incoming call that was not heard at the right time is to use the “Remind me later” function. The button of the same name is on the display in all cases: when the screen is locked and when the lock is released.

When you click on the text “Remind me later”, a small menu will appear where you can set the time when you can call back. In the latest versions of iOS, there are two options to choose from. Descending or After an hour.

Message to subscriber

For some subscribers, one dropped call is not enough, and they start to call again and again. You can notify them that you cannot talk using template messages.

With an incoming call, click on the “Messages” button, which is located on the right side of the display. A small menu appears with 4 text options:

  • “I can not talk right now”.
  • “I am on the way.”
  • “I’ll call you later”.
  • Other

If you select the “Other” option, the call will be dropped, and the phone will open a dialogue with the subscriber, who cannot calm down and stop ringing. In the dialogue, you can write him a text that will explain to the person that his calls are currently inappropriate, so you need to stop them and wait until you are free and call back.

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How To Reject A Call On An Iphone

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