How to Reinstall BIOS on an Asus Laptop

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Any computer, regardless of the “filling” and the software used, sooner or later needs a clean installation of the operating system. This is due to various reasons. a new version appeared, the old one failed, a desire arose to remove errors and others. Of course, reinstalling Windows on a laptop on Asus or any other manufacturer will help in all these matters. But today I’ll just talk about the process associated with the equipment from this computer giant.

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Training (to contents)

If the installed operating system still allows you to work, you must first perform three fundamentally important steps:

Prepare the necessary drivers (for the card, network). It is with them that you can find other elements in the future.

Scan your computer for viruses with Comodo Internet Security or AVG AntiVirus Free

Copy documents from the system drive.

If your device no longer allows you to perform the above items, try to find another with which you can still do it.

Important drivers for the Eee PC model or any others are on the official website.

But copying documents from the system drive in case the laptop is not working will not be so simple. If the device allows this, we move it to a safe place. If not, open the laptop, take out the hard drive and try to connect it to other equipment. We pull the necessary data.

Create bootable portable memory (to contents)

It’s worth saying right away that you can reinstall the OS in different ways. Earlier it was popular from the disk, as there was simply no USB memory. Immediately after the appearance, many motherboards did not support such devices. But over time, the ability to carry out the necessary procedure from a flash drive became available. And today, this option often becomes the only one, since on many models there simply may not be a suitable drive.

We will consider the diskless option using only compact portable memory:

We find the image of the desired OS. Usually, Windows 7 is downloaded from various torrent trackers.

Checking the image for viruses using Dr Web Cureit.

We connect portable memory.

Install the UltraISO application. Since the program is paid, to use it, click “Trial period“- this will be enough for our purposes.

Go to the menu “File“, and then “Open“.

Add the previously downloaded system image.

We go to “Self loading“, and then “Record Image.“. A new window will open, where we select “USB HDD“, and then “Format“. Confirm the action.

In the end, we are interested in “Write down“.

BIOS setup (to contents)

Now we need to set the boot via BIOS and some other elements. To do this, perform a series of actions:

First you need to get to the above place. We reboot the device and immediately at startup click “Del“,”F2»Or another key indicated on the monitor. it all depends on the model. For example, on k53s The first option will do.

After we go to the tab “BOOT»And choose Hard Drive BBS Priorities. We need to put in the first place a flash drive.

After we find “Launch csm“And indicate”Enabled“.

Open “Security“And remove”Boot control“.

At the end, click “F10“And confirm the action. This will save everything that we set, and then reboot the system.

Installation (to contents)

Well, now let’s move on to directly hosting Windows 8 or any other version of the OS on the device:

After the system restarts, an inscription appears on the display, which says that you need to press any button to continue. We do it.

A sign appears where you want to indicate your preferred language. As a result, select “Install“.

Appears “License agreement“. Confirm reading.

Then we need “Full installation“.

Now we determine whether the process will pass with the removal of partitions or without it. Personally, I recommend that you allocate about 50 GB to the system drive. If you already have it, just click on the desired drive, and then “Format“. We confirm our actions.

The installation process begins on the screen.

At the end, select personal settings.

Using Reserve Area (to contents)

Also on some models, such as x54h, It is possible to use the recovery area. This is some place on the hard disk, which makes it possible to recover the system without a removable disk.

Important! If after purchasing a laptop, the OS has already changed, most likely this will not be possible.

So, in order to use the tools from the reserve department, we perform a series of actions:

Restart the system and immediately clamp “F9“.

A menu will appear where we need to specify “Windows setup“And confirm the action.

Choose a language, read the agreement.

We indicate what exactly we want to do.

How to Reinstall BIOS on an Asus Laptop

A message will appear at the end.

We turn on the device and specify the settings, as usually happens at the first start.

Well, as mentioned above, such a solution will help to cope with many problems. Sometimes even it is suitable when the button does not work. Fn. But then again, not on all models.

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