How to Register Tv Lg Smart Tv

A few years ago, in many houses, televisions with a box on the back were comfortably located. They were massive and heavy. The size of their screen could not boast of its scale. Image quality left much to be desired. Gradually they were replaced by new developments. The box on the back disappeared, instead of a convex screen, a smooth plasma panel appeared. The abundance of functions made it possible to quickly forget about the heavily customizable “drawers”. Companies with world names racing began to offer users new products with LED-and LCD-displays. The picture quality was amazing. However, over time, these “thin things” have become commonplace. It’s the turn of “smart” TVs, which can be controlled by claps, clicks and finger movements. One of these is the breathtaking TV series Smart TV LG. What South Korean manufacturers have laid special in their new brainchild? How to set up LG Smart TV? How to register and download applications? This and much more can be found below.

Winning User Choice

Smart TV LG is based on connecting to the World Wide Web. That is why the main condition for the subsequent process of enjoying the functional advantages of the new “resident” An apartment is the availability of indoor Internet. However, this is not all. No newfangled modems offered by mobile operators are used here. Full internet is required. In extreme cases, it is possible to connect to a TV using wireless Wi-Fi-connection.

With or without cable. user decides

If you already have Internet access in your home, you can proceed with the direct setup of Smart TV. For LG-TVs of this model range, two connection options are provided. The first is cable connection. This method is used when connecting LG Smart TV is very convenient using a wire: close placement of the modem, easy connection to an Internet point. Connecting with a cable is also an excellent option if there is no Wi-Fi network or if you do not want to / have the ability to configure it. In addition, some LG Smart TV models do not have a built-in wireless adapter. Then an external analogue of the necessary equipment or, again, a cable can come to the rescue.

The second way helps you connect your LG Smart TV to the Internet using Wi-Fi. It should be noted that with any of the selected options, the device works fine. Differences will be only during configuration.

Join the global network

In order to connect LG Smart TV with a cable, you need to perform a series of sequential steps. Connect the Internet power cord to the back of the device. To do this, use a special socket called LAN. It should be remembered that when connecting to the modem more than one device using a cord, the latter must be forked. This is done using a switch or, as it is also called, a hub. It is a small device with an Internet cable connected to one side of the cable and several cords on the other. Those, in turn, are connected to separately located computers, and in our case also to the TV.

Contact the access point

Now let’s see how to establish an Internet connection on the LG Smart TV. To do this, resort to using the remote control. Go to the main menu. To do this, press the key called “Home” or Home on it. In the window that appears, select the Settings sub-item, which means “Settings” in translation. Another additional menu pops up. There you should select the line “Network”. Next, click on the new option that appears. “Network Connection”.

Differences in Settings

After the above actions, the “Configure Connection” icon should appear. That is what we need. Click on the desired button and in the window that appears, select “List of networks.” Submenu pops up next. In order to connect the TV to the Internet using a wireless Wi-Fi network, select the name of your wireless access point. To connect using a cable, you must click on the line “Wired network”. Having selected the desired parameter, you must click “Update”. It is noteworthy that for many wireless Wi-Fi networks, owners set passwords. Therefore, when connecting LG Smart TV to one of these points, a window may appear on the screen where you need to enter encrypted data. After a while, a window appears in which you will be informed of a successful Internet connection. After that, click “Finish.”

Why do I need to enter product data?

The Internet is already connected to your LG Smart TV. Product registration is the second important step for the subsequent uninterrupted use of the device. This, of course, is not necessary, but then the question arises: why buy such a “smart” TV if you do not fully use it? Therefore, in order to install various necessary applications (games, widgets, libraries, etc.) without any problems, you need to share data on the acquired LG Smart TV with the manufacturer. Registration takes place on the website of a Korean company. If you do not know the Internet too well, you can ask an advanced user to carry out the procedure for you.

How to Register Tv Lg Smart Tv

Registration process

In another case, it is necessary to perform a series of sequential actions:

  1. Using the “smart” remote control we go to the menu. Press the button “Home” or Home. The “Login” or “Login” key will appear in the upper right corner. She just needed. We click on the desired button. If you already have a personal account, then enter the necessary data and click “Enter.”
  2. For many consumers, the use of LG Apps is primary, so the first thing you need to create your account. To do this, click on the “Register” button.
  3. The first paragraph appears “User Agreement”. We read the certificate and agree to the terms.
  4. Next comes up a document called “Privacy Policy”. We accept all the rules and proceed to the next paragraph.
  5. Now you need to enter some personal data. The first step is to type in your email address. This is required to determine the likelihood of a previous registration. It is worth paying attention that the address entered in the process must be real. In addition, you must have access to it, because it is on the specified mailbox that a registration confirmation letter will come.
  6. After email authentication, you must enter a password. The cipher can be any. In this case, only Latin letters are used. The invented code must be entered twice: in the “Password” field and in the next field “Password confirmation”.
  7. If desired, the user can select the checkbox in the “Receive news” box, and then letters about the company’s work and new products will come to his email address.
  8. Click the “Register” button.

Before downloading applications

Then a window pops up asking you to start working with applications in LG Apps, but before that, you should take your mind off the TV and look towards a tablet, smartphone, laptop or computer. One step before you start downloading applications to your LG Smart TV, you must complete the registration process. That is why in the pop-up window, select the “No” button and open your email on the additional device. A letter from LG Apps should be sent to the address indicated during the registration process. We open it. Then click on the link “Complete Registration” inside. The system will automatically redirect you to the website of the company, where it will be said about the successful activation of your LG Smart TV. Widgets, applications and games can now be downloaded and installed without problems.

We update the system and enter data

The registration process is complete. It remains to go through several more steps until the device is fully configured. Now you need to go back to the TV and enter some data. On the remote control, press the “Exit” or Exit button. Next, the user needs to go to the main menu of the “smart” TV. To do this, press the Home button. In the upper right corner you need to click “Login”.
In the new window that appears, you must enter the data that you specified during registration. This includes the email address and password. For ease of management, it is better to write the codeword somewhere. Enter the desired parameters. So that every time you turn on the TV, do not repeat the procedure for logging into the system, check the box in the existing box called “Stay in the system.” Then we click the “Login” button. After that, a window appears asking where the user wants to enter additional data. This information in no way affects the subsequent process of using the capabilities of the TV, so you can safely click “No”. Now you can safely use all the options embedded in your LG Smart TV. Applications for enjoying music, various games, radio and online cinemas, as well as various weather widgets, time and currency conversions. now all this is available on TV. A new “friend” will easily replace your laptop.

All devices on one display

The most important smart TV user experience is the built-in feature called SmartShare. A separate line is highlighted for this option in the main menu window. In the submenu for the function in question, you can find all kinds of devices connected to the TV: memory cards, players, players, etc. Using SmartShare, you can enjoy watching your favorite movies in any format, as well as listen to musical compositions and recall bright moments depicted in photographs. It is noteworthy that this function supports the DivX codec and allows you to “read” files with the MKV extension.
What’s more interesting is the built-in Smart TV standard called DLNA. With this function, the user can search for files and folders, documents and various multimedia data on devices that, like the TV, are connected to the wireless network.

Download applications

In order to enjoy your favorite TV shows and program broadcasts, you need to install an application called SS IPTV. This process is practically no different from downloading programs to a smartphone. However, those who encounter such an operation for the first time may experience some problems. So, in order to install the necessary application on your “smart” TV, you must go through the following steps:

  1. On the remote control, press the button called Smart.
  2. In the many windows that appear, you need to opt for the Smart World window.
  3. Next appears the search bar. We drive in the name SS IPTV. Click on the remote “Search”.
  4. From the list that appears, select the desired application and click “Install.” Wait a while until the program is fully adapted to the TV.
  5. After installation, the “Run” button appears. With its help, the application will open a list of channels available for viewing. However, before that, a window will pop up that will contain the “User Agreement”. All of these points should be agreed.
  6. The last item is a list of channels. Choose the one you want, click on the OK button on the remote control and enjoy watching.

Similarly, you can install any other application or widget.

New formats

It is noteworthy that LG did not stop only on the production of Smart TV. Currently, there are more advanced versions of smart TVs on the open market. These primarily include the LG Cinema Smart TV. This South Korean invention allows its owners to enjoy watching movies and 3D images. However, this is far from all. The most amazing thing. This is the ability to convert any to this format. All kinds of games, various applications, on-air television. now all this can be “painted” in a new color.