How to refuse an appendix on the iPhone

How to cancel the subscription on the iPhone, if there is no icon cancel the subscription

Subscriptions on mobile devices are assigned to the Apple ID of the user. Acquired services can be used on any device. But how to cancel the subscriptions on your iPhone, if there is no icon in the settings to cancel the subscription? We will analyze in our review.

Consider the standard instructions for canceling the subscriptions on Apple devices. Perhaps it will help those who can’t do it. The process of unsubscribing can differ only for different IOS versions. In general, the instruction exists one.

It consists in opening the settings of its account. Where you need to find the necessary section:

    Open the settings of the mobile device;

Almost all subscriptions on the iPhone work according to the same principle, even if there is no icon for cancellation. Even if you turn off the auto payment, it will act until the end of the payment. During this time, subscription services can be used. In the window with a subscription, you can also find out the date to which it will continue to operate. The decision can be canceled by moving back to settings and extending before the desired period of the service that were paid earlier.

Subscriptions via Apple

Management of all Apple subscriptions is on this page. Many of them are extended automatically, for example, Apple Music, Apple News, newspapers and magazines, as well as subscriptions in contents or services (HBO Now, Spotify, Netflix, Pandora, Hulu and T. D.).

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How to see subscriptions on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

In the menu “Settings”. “%Your name%”, scroll the list to the section “Itunes and App Store”, click on your Apple ID at the top of the screen, then “view Apple ID”.

The system can request a password or biometric identifier (Face ID, fingerprint). Enter it, and after that you will see all your subscriptions.

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To cancel the subscription, just select the desired option, press it and on the “Change subscription” button. It will continue to operate until the end of the paid period, there will be no auto.Custody.

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On Mac or PC

Open the iTunes program and get back using the Apple ID identifier.

But there is a bug: if you go to iTunes with Windows, you are offered to download the application for access. But the page on the link is inaccessible. We go to Windows Store and download the “tuna” there.

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After installing and authentication by Apple ID in the menu, select “Account”. “View my account”. Then scroll through the “Account Information Information” page to the “Settings” section, click on the “Manage” item to the right of the “Subscription” parameter.

A list of subscriptions will appear. To the right of the desired subscription, click on the “Edit” button.

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On Apple TV 4K or Apple TV fourth generation

Only from these Apple TVs can only be changed by subscription parameters for TVS OS programs. If you have an older TV, you have to go from a computer, tablet or smartphone.

So, on the Apple TV 4K or the Apple TV of the fourth generation, open “Settings”. “Accounts”. “Subscriptions”, select “Subscription Management” and the desired subscription. Remove it if necessary, or choose another option, if it is on the list.

Why can you turn off the subscription?

And this is also possible and there are several reasons for this:

  • The previous subscription period is not paid, or there are other “debts” in front of the iTunes Store or Apple Store store. Most often accompanied by the error “There is a Billing Problem with A Previous Purchase”. More details here.
  • Problems directly with the Apple ID identifier. It is necessary to check that it is not disconnected and not blocked for security purposes.
  • See that relevant and correct information is indicated for the account. For example, the attached card must be valid and efficient.

Although the most common reason is still the first item of the above list. And here, sometimes, a very interesting story happens.

How to refuse subscription to iOS

The second method provides the same result, but some may seem more convenient:

You can cancel the subscription on iOS, even if the application is already deleted

Be careful: as a rule, even after the abolition of the subscription, it continues to act until the outflow of a trial or paid period. Therefore, do not worry if you canceled the subscription, but paid access to the service is still provided. The subscription will stop at the time of the next calculation date. It will be indicated in the window with a notification of the abolition of the subscription that appears after pressing the key to “cancel the subscription”.

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And how do you fight with an abundance of subscriptions? Leave the answers in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев or our telegram chat.

Features of paid subscription to iPhone

In quite a few cases, a person uses a paid subscription in the iPhone by accident, without reading the appropriate notice when installing (launch) of any program. Typically, this notification reports the initially free period of use of the product, followed by automatic activation of the already paid functionality.

Having discovered the withdrawal of funds from his account, the user rushes to delete a paid program, which should not be done. The mechanical removal of the program does not affect the continuation of the paid subscription, and at the end of the next calendar period, the next payment will be again written off from the user account.

Among the automatically renewable paid subscriptions on the iPhone, it is worth highlighting the following:

  • To music from Apple (“Apple musical”), which, respectively, is divided into family, individual, or student;
  • To news editions (newspapers, magazines, in particular, on Apple News);
  • On many paid programs that can be downloaded in the Apple Stor store;
  • On various Internet services of the level of “Spotify” and others.

How to get rid of these and similar subscriptions to a paid program? Let’s understand.

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How to cancel subscriptions to applications from the App Store

For this action, you will also need a Windows computer.

◉ Install the utility and enter your Apple ID account.

◉ Go to the Menu account. View

◉ Find the subscription section and click control.

◉ Click the editing next to the active subscription and select the action to cancel the subscription.

If for some reason you can’t cancel the subscription in one of the indicated methods, contact Support Apple.

How to disable subscriptions on iPhone?

Cancel the subscription on the smartphone is quite simple. You will need to make only a few clicks. However, do not forget that besides the AppStore, paid services in iCloud and Apple Music can also be connected.

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This option takes the least time. So, let’s begin:

  • Select the App Store on a smartphone and click on the account icon;
  • Go to the “Manage Subscriptions” section. Here you will see the entire list of options;
  • After that, click on the “Acting” item and select subscriptions that are no longer relevant for you and click “Cancel the subscription”.

Please note: after the cancellation of paid options, you will still get the opportunity to fully use the application until the end of the paid period.

Apple subscription management

See on what conditions access to applications is provided

Often, subscriptions to VPN services, firstly, are renewed not on a monthly, but on a weekly basis, but, secondly, they are also per week. It is easy to calculate how much you will write off in a month.

But there are also the so.Called Fleeceware. Despite the similarity with Malware, these are completely harmless applications. At least from the point of view of functionality. But the harm they carry is another. As a rule, these are applications with a very narrow set of functions. Calendars, calculators, notes. For which their developers take an unreasonably high fee in the form of a subscription.

Apple changed the rules of the App Store. Now they are even tougher, and the developers can complain about each other

But even they are unable to impose anything on you. It’s just that you, when you configure the application, do not pay attention to what you generally agree to. And, meanwhile, there are no small fonts in the agreement on the subscription registration. Everything is written unequivocally, large and intelligibly.

The most effective way to combat unplanned write.Offs of money for subscription is to turn off the test period before its expiration. Take a rule to cancel the subscription immediately after installing and the first launch of the application with the subscription.

Do not let yourself be divorced. Spend money wisely

Average per week. For the same money, you can take a completely unlimited mobile Internet for a whole month.

And you can find any horoscope on the Internet, there would be a desire.

Do not let yourself be deceived, control your expenses and save correctly.

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