How to Reflash Samsung Tab 3 Tablet

How to Reflash Samsung Tab 3 Tablet

In this guide you will learn how to install all kinds of firmware for Android devices (official factory / stock and custom / modified) yourself at home in various ways: through Recovery (any tablet) and using Odin (only Samsung devices). You can find and download some of them on the same site, here.

How to flash a regular tablet

You can also flash and reflash the tablet yourself, at home, in several ways. For the simplest, there is already an instruction, it can be found in the article How to update android on a tablet, it uses the Android ability to automatically find updates for itself. Suitable for any manufacturer. If you do not want to bother and do everything as quickly and safely as possible, I recommend this method. The rest is harder.

How to install factory (stock) official firmware

The preparation is completed. We assume that we have downloaded the firmware, the Odin program is also installed, and the drivers are also installed. We proceed to installation according to the following instructions:

1. Turn off the antivirus on the computer and all third-party background programs, it is advisable to disable the Internet.

2. Copy the archive with the firmware to the folder with the English name!

3. Launch Odin.

Further actions depend on the type of firmware you have. If it is one archive, proceed according to paragraph 4.1, if it is three files, then follow paragraph 4.2. Most likely you will come across single-file, they are more modern than three-file.

4.1. Push button PDA in Odin and select the firmware.

4.2. Push buttons PDA (system), PHONE (modem), Csc (region) and select the necessary files, there it will be clear what corresponds to what.

5. Turn off the tablet completely, wait a bit, and then press the “Volume“And then quickly button”Turning on“(other combinations are possible, they depend on the model of the tablet, for some you need to press notVolume“, a “Volume-“), Hold until the text menu appears.

6. Click “Volume-»To confirm (depending on model, this action can be performed differently)

7. Connect the tablet to the computer (it is better to use the original cable), Odin will determine the port. COM. and the green square will light up.

8. Click Start in Odin, the firmware process has begun.

9. Sound signal and message Pass in the green window, Odin will tell us that the installation is complete. The tablet will reboot itself, you can disconnect the cable.

10. I recommend doing a wipe (data reset) after you manage to flash the device. To do this, click “Volume-“And the button”Turning on“, Wait without releasing the buttons of another text menu. In it, select the volume buttons Wipe data / factory reset, and confirm the selection with the “Turning on“. After the process is completed, select the item “Reboot system now“, The tablet will reboot. Now everything is ready.

Here is a short, better watch it, it will become clearer.

How to install custom firmware on a tablet with sd card

Installing custom firmware is relatively simpler than installing official firmware.

1. Download the custom firmware you want, and applications from Google ( These applications are needed for the correct operation of the device. Some programs do not work without Google applications, in particular without the Play Market. It’s better to download those Google applications that come with the firmware (as a rule, is also laid out with it) so that there are no conflicts.

2. Copy the archive with software and to the tablet’s memory. It is possible to memorize a card, but better in the internal memory.

3. Download ClockWorkMod, if it is not already installed. How to install ClockWorkMod on a tablet

4. Enter the mode Recovery, To do this, click “Volume-“And the button”Turning on

5. Do Wipe data / factory reset, how to do it is written above, point 10 from the instructions for installing the official firmware.

6. Choose the item there Install zip from sdcard volume and power buttons. Then. Chooze zip from sdcard, and choose your firmware. After it is installed, restart the tablet by selecting Reboot system now.

7. Now you need to install Google-programs. We do the same as in the previous paragraph, just select Reboot again.

8. And again we do Wipe data / factory reset. And now that’s all, you managed to successfully reflash the device.

How to flash a Chinese tablet (Armix, ZTE, Prestigio, Ritmix.)

Now let’s talk about how to flash a Chinese tablet. First of all, look for firmware for your tablet model. Trite asks the search engine “firmware for the full_name of the tablet.” It is advisable to indicate the exact name of the device, otherwise it can be a fatal difference in a couple of digits. After they are found, we carefully read the description of the firmware. If you are convinced that this is what you need. download. If you couldn’t find it, try searching the English Internet by entering “firmware for full_name of the tablet”.

Next, format the memory card just in case in the FAT32 system and copy what you downloaded to it. Most likely it will be an archive, so you have to unpack it, but how exactly is better to read in the file attached to it.

Turn off the Chinese friend, check that the battery is enough and turn it on. The tablet will do everything himself. At least it should.

How much charge do you need for tablet firmware?

It’s better not to risk it and charge it 100%. But in general, half the charge is enough. In some cases, Android itself will say that the battery is not enough for the firmware. If the tablet runs out during firmware there will be big problems. Will have to restore it from a state of brick.

If you have questions, ask them in the comments.