How to Reflash Samsung Galaxy S3 Duos Phone

Contacting a service center for flashing the phone. it’s quite expensive, although the operation itself is not very complicated. The main thing here is patience and attention. Today we will tell you how to upgrade your Samsung Galaxy S3 on your own. So, let’s get started.

What do we need

To reflash the phone at home, we need:

How to Reflash Samsung Galaxy S3 Duos Phone
  • Samsung Galaxy S3 itself with a charged battery;
  • USB cable
  • PC or laptop with internet access;
  • Program for flashing (we will use the Odin program); Download
  • Latest firmware for Galaxy S3; Download
  • Driver kit for mobile phone. Download

Operating procedure

The whole process of flashing Samsung Galaxy S3 can be divided into the following stages:

  1. In the root directory of the hard drive on the computer, you need to create a working folder (for example, D: S3).
  2. Everything you need is downloaded to this folder; software. Odin program, firmware version, drivers for Samsung USB Driver for Mobile Phones mobile phone.
  3. Performing the necessary operations on the computer. disabling the antivirus program (if this is not done during the firmware process, unforeseen situations may occur), as well as disabling or deactivating the Kies program (if it is installed on the system). You can remove the program by deleting it, or by disabling it via the task manager. to do this, press the ctrlaltdel combination and terminate all processes in which the word Kies is present.
  4. Installing software on a computer. installing USB drivers and Odin programs, unpacking the firmware file.
  5. Work with the phone. transfer it to Download Mode. To do this, completely turn off the phone, and then simultaneously press three keys. Home Power Volume up. After the warning appears on the screen, you should press the Volume up key again, which will put the phone into Downloading mode.
  6. Installing a new firmware on the Samsung Galaxy S3. Run the installed Odin program, click on the PDA and select the file with the firmware. After that, you can click Start and do not touch the phone for several minutes. Often, the flashing process lasts about 5 minutes. At the end of the screen, PASS appears on the screen, and the phone goes to reboot. After turning on, you can enjoy the new firmware version of your Samsung Galaxy S3.

Some tips

To facilitate the process of flashing the phone and make it as comfortable and safe as possible, you should listen to these tips:

  • Before starting the firmware, you need to backup important and necessary information;
  • When choosing firmware, you should be guided by the options developed for the European region;
  • Before you start, you should charge your phone;
  • If changes have been made to the telephone system before, you must reset the system.