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How to add a watermark to a photo on iPhone using the app (eZy Watermark lite review).

In addition to adding labels, you can also add watermarks to your photos using iPhone apps. One of these utilities. eZy Watermark lite program. Consider working in it:

  • Open the application, select Single Image to open the desired image, add it from Photo.

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  • Click the “” icon under the opened photo.
  • In the menu that opens, we can choose what to add: text, photo from Instagram, or Google, QR code or signature. If the “watermark” has not been created yet, you can draw it right here in the application, for this we select Autograph.

To create an autograph, click the option of the same name.

  • In the window that appears, write a painting or any sign (you can choose a color), save by clicking on the checkmark.
  • Select a place for the watermark in our picture, edit the size and slope. To save the result, click the checkmark icon.

Place the watermark on the photo.

  • To save the finished project, click the checkbox in the lower right corner. The picture with the watermark will be saved in the Photos section.

In the same way, you can put on your photos any professional watermarks saved on your iPhone or in the above applications.

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How to add text to photos on iPhone using the app (Over review)

Today we will show an example of work in the Over application, which has been one of the most popular among users for a long time. It allows you to select styles and templates for creating pictures with inscriptions on various topics, for different social networks, and choose a collection of fonts. But in the article we will cover the main point. the process of adding text itself.

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As soon as the application is installed on your device and you register, start working by following our tips:

  • Open the application, click on the plus sign to start the project.
  • Press the “Image” option to open the desired photo.

Click Image to select a photo.

  • In the window that opens with a collection of your photos, select the one with which we will work, click.
  • The program offers different options for photo formats, select the one we need, and confirm by clicking the checkmark.

We select the format, confirm.

  • To start working with text, click on the “Text” option.
  • In the “Font” section, select the text font.
  • To create an inscription, double-click your finger on the font in the picture. A window will appear where we edit the text, then confirm with a tick.

We write the text, confirm with a tick.

  • In the Style menu, interesting functions await us: round letters, increase / decrease capital letters relative to minor ones, etc.
  • In the Color section, select the color and shades

Size allows us to change the font size, Shadow. add shadow to letters, Capacity. make the font paler or sharper, Rotate. turn over.

When you are satisfied with the result of the inscription after editing, it remains to click the checkbox at the top right. this will save the project in the app.

Click the checkbox to complete the work

  • To save the picture, click the yellow icon in the upper right corner, then. Save icon at the bottom left. The photo with the caption will be saved in Photos.

We save using the Save function.

How to sign a photo on iPhone or add text (caption) to a picture?

Our iPhones allow us not only to communicate in all available ways and solve important tasks in office and work applications, but also give us ample opportunities to develop our creative potential. One of the many creative options. photographing and editing the resulting photos, signing them or putting text on “photo masterpieces”.

Nowadays, photographs with captions are very popular. they are used both for content on social networks and for office presentations and reports. You can make beautiful photos with signatures without professional design software on your computer. your iPhone can handle it easily.

The basic programs of iPhones do not provide utilities for adding text, but in the AppStore you will find a wide selection of free programs of this profile. They are suitable for all iPhone models produced in recent years. Today in the article we will tell you about a couple of such applications, and show how to use them, using photo and video instructions taken on the iPhone 8 plus.

As we learned from the article, thanks to editor applications, we can create various and original pictures with signatures, taking any image as a basis. There are many templates for text and editing options, they differ slightly in different applications, but the principle of operation is the same everywhere.

We can also overlay another picture or symbol on the main image, for example, a watermark.

Which application to choose, each user will be able to understand for himself, having worked with them in practice and choosing the interface and options that will be more convenient for him.

We tried to tell and show the process of adding text in as much detail as possible, and we hope that now our readers will easily create masterpieces!