How to reduce photo size on iPhone

1 | A way to reduce the size of a photo in Paint (preinstalled in Windows).

Paint is good at handling multiple files, but it can take a long time to reduce large numbers of photos this way. Before reducing the file size, be sure to create a copy, as Paint will overwrite the file with new settings when saving, over the original.

Open the photo in Paint (by right-clicking on the photo and selecting the desired program from the list. Paint), in the top panel, click on Resize (resize). In the menu that opens, you can select percentages or pixels.

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Reducing photo size in Paint

ways to reduce photo size

Reducing the size and weight of a photo is as easy as shelling pears and no special online services are required. If you need to reduce the size of one photo, then you can get by with the program preinstalled in Windows. Reducing the size of a large number of photos can be handled by the free FastStone program or you can use Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

When you may need to reduce the size

Read what a pixel is, how the size and weight of a photo is measured in the article Size, weight and format of photos. Second article that you might find helpful. How to find out the photo size.

2 | A way to reduce the size of a photo in Adobe Photoshop.

To resize photos in Photoshop, you need to press the AltCtrlI key combination or go to the Image menu Image size. Watch for a check mark in the “Maintain aspect ratio” box. If you need to reduce the size of a large number of photos, then you should create an Action and then use it using automatic batch processing (this is a topic for a separate article and if you do not know how to do this, then read on.there will be an easier way to reduce a photo ).

Reducing photo size in Adobe Photoshop

There is also a tool in Photoshop. saving files for the Web (meaning for sites on the Internet), where in one window you can immediately change not only the size of the photo, but also the degree and type of jpg compression, remove metadata and evaluate the result (including seeing the weight of the final file). To open this Photoshop tool, you need to press the AltShiftCtrlI key combination or go to the File menu Save for Web.

3 | How to reduce the size of multiple photos in Adobe Lightroom.

In the Lightroom program, you can not only quickly process a large number of photos. It has a lot of useful tools and photo resizing. just one of them.To resize a photo in Lightroom, you need to select the files, click the Export button and adjust the parameters in the Image Sizing fields.

Reducing photo size in Adobe Lightroom

4 | A way to reduce photo size using a free program.

A handy free program that can quickly reduce any number of photos. FastStone Photo Resizer. It can be downloaded from the developer’s website ( and is completely free to use. To open the menu for resizing photos, you need to check the “Use advanced options” checkbox and then click on the “Advanced options” button that appears.

Reducing photo size in FastStone Photo Resizer

In this program, along with resizing the photo, add an inscription or logo (watermark) to the photo, change the resolution or the number of colors. There are many settings. if there is a desire and time, then you can study them all.

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Which of the following is the best way to reduce photo size? It depends on how often and how many photos you need to reduce, whether you need to process them or optimize them for uploading to the site. I prefer to use Adobe Lightroom and its rich selection of photo tools.

If you have any questions or suggestions, write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below. will find answers and solutions.

Change frame width on iOS

In the “Photos” application, select the desired photo, the size of which you want to resize, and click “Share”;

Choose “Quick Commands”. Resize Photo, enter the desired width and click “OK”.

How To Resize Images On Your iPhone

  • After a couple of seconds, you will receive an image with the width you need.
  • Resize Photo shows the original frame width, letting you know how much the command will resize it. Also, Resize Photo only asks for width, but doesn’t ask for height. Thus, she manages to maintain the aspect ratio of the frame without disturbing them. However, if the need arises, you can always add the appropriate script to the command by looking at how the developer did it.

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    How to quickly resize an image on iOS

    The default image handling on iOS leaves a lot to be desired. The stock application “Photos” does not offer so many editing options, so those who need more extensive functionality prefer to use third-party editors. Their only drawback is the need to deal with all their tools, which is far from always justified, because some only need to resize the image. This instruction is especially for them.

    We continue our series of articles devoted to automating daily processes using the “Quick Commands” application. With its help, you will be able to perform actions that used to take a lot of time, literally in two steps. Thanks to “Quick Commands” will increase not only the functionality of your iPhone, but also your productivity, because now you can do a lot more things.

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    Reduced weight and resolution of photos

    Third-party applications and standard functions will help to reduce the weight of photos on iPhone. The size of the images, their resolution are closely related to each other. The higher the resolution, the larger the size of the photos in the phone memory.

    The finished picture, which has a lot of weight, cannot be changed by standard means of adjustment. But third-party applications can easily free up memory by saving the file.

    How to reduce photo size on iPhone while maintaining quality

    In iPhones of all generations, working with photos is not a priority, so the functionality of the standard editor is significantly limited. This is why users are asking the question: How to reduce photo size on iPhone. This article will finally solve the problem of editing in all models of Apple devices.

    Image Resizer Free

    With this application it is possible to compress the size of the picture. It is known that the worse the quality, the lower the resolution of the photos. This means a small amount of memory is required to store them.

    So, to work with the program, we perform the following actions:

    • Download Image Resizer Free app from AppStore and run.
    • Press the plus sign and define a photo to zoom out.
    • After selecting the snapshot, mark the tool called Resize.
    • Set from the list of templates the resolution obtained for the photo after processing. It is important to know that the list only provides the most popular values.
    • You will need to confirm the current changes, and then click on the OK button to change the resolution. This action confirms all photo operations and applies them.

    Now, for the changes to be applied, you need to upload the edited image to the phone’s memory. This can be done by clicking on the circled arrow sign. Then, in the window that appears, press the Save Image key, or “Save Image”. Procedure completed.

    It is possible to resize and compress photos using third-party applications. It is worth noting that the AppStore has other applications that can change the photo quality on the iPhone. The presented program was considered only as an example.

    How to reduce the weight of multiple photos

    Everything is exactly the same, only at the beginning, when the photos from the folder are loaded into the program, select all the photos, and not one, while holding shift. And when saving, click on “save all”. the compressed copies will be saved over the original, therefore, if you need to save the folder with its original dimensions, then before loading into the program, create a copy of the folder in the explorer.

    Reducing the weight of a photo or picture in Picture Manager

    To reduce the weight of photographs for the past few years, I have been using a program included in the Microsoft Office package. the image processing manager. It is called Microsoft Office Picture Manager. If you have a Word text editor, then there must be this program. With its help, you can quickly reduce the weight of both one photo and a group of images at once.

    We go into the program. The path to the Microsoft Office Picture Manager program is: Start. All Programs. Microsoft Office Tools. Microsoft Office Picture Manager. Or even easier. click on the desired image, then right-click on it and select “open with”. Several programs will be offered, among which there will be Picture Manager.

    In the upper left corner, click the “file” tab. “add a picture shortcut”.

    In the window that opens, we find the folder in which one or several photographs are stored. Click “add”. All photos from this folder will be loaded into the program.

    Important: if you are blogging on the Internet, you should always remember about image optimization. The optimal weight of images for a blog is 50 kb. and less.

    How to shrink a photo even faster

    If you have Microsoft Office Picture Manager on your computer, when you open any photo in File Explorer, there are several programs to choose from. I just right-click on the photo I’m going to zoom out. A window appears: I choose “open with”. Microsoft Office Picture Manager. the photo is immediately opened in the program. I go to the “picture” tab. “compress pictures”. select “ok” for “web pages”. Then “save” or “save as”. Takes very little time. That’s it, the weight of the image is compressed several times!

    I would be grateful if you share in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев whether everything worked out. And, of course, I will always answer your questions. If someone does not have this program, write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. I will sound another convenient program.

    How to reduce the weight of one photo

    Select the desired photo with a mouse click.

    In the upper toolbar, go to the “Picture” tab and select the “Compress Pictures” option: The “Compress Pictures” column will appear on the right side of the screen: In the “Compress for” field, select the appropriate size. Below (“Estimated Overall Size”) see how much weight you want. I usually opt for “web pages”. As you can see, the original photo in my example weighed 1.82 MB. After compression, the photo will weigh 76.2 KB, which is enough to illustrate the articles of my blog: both the quality is preserved and the weight is small.

    How To Resize Photos With a Shortcut On Your iPhone Or iPad

    After selecting the desired compression parameter, click “ok”.

    Now the photo needs to be saved. It is better to leave the original. the full version, and save the compressed photo as a separate file. In the top toolbar, go to “file”. “save as”. In the window that opens, select the path in which folder to save the photo, give a name (different from the original), select the format (JPEG) and click on “save”. Thus, we got two photos: the original and a compressed copy.

    If you do not need the original, then after you have selected the compression option and clicked “ok”, in the upper toolbar go to “file”. “save” (without HOW). the reduced image will be saved over the original, and on the computer’s hard drive only one photo will remain.

    How to reduce the weight of a photo

    How to reduce the weight of a photo or any other image very quickly without getting into the jungle of Photoshop? There is a simple program! over, which does not need to be installed, since it is found in almost all computers with the Windows operating system. Don’t want to understand the program? Reduce the photo on the online service, read more about it below!

    It is necessary to make the weight of images less for the reason that the pages of the site on which they are placed will take a long time to load, which means that those who have a slow Internet speed will close them before they see their content. There will be a lot of refusals and, accordingly, a decrease in positions in the search results.

    We use photographs for illustration in every blog post. Each of them is uploaded to the hosting and takes up space. Add plugins, texts, a dozen editions to them. a blog can weigh like a cast iron bridge. Not everyone knows Photoshop, and for such a simple operation, it is not needed.

    Reduce photo online

    To reduce the weight of the photo online, we will use the service. which will reduce not only jpeg images (ordinary pictures, photos), but also gif (animation), png (transparent background). The service has detailed, step-by-step setup instructions on how to compress a photo to any size and quality online, so that even a novice user can figure it out.

    What else can you do with photos:

    • Turn an image into a link
    • Make a banner
    • Crop a photo in Paint or Take a screenshot
    • Decorate a photo or apply an effect beautifully How to reduce the weight of a photo or any picture quickly×375.jpg https: / / 2020-01-23T21: 40: 2206: 00 Alexander PC programs, services, photos How to reduce the weight of a photo or any other picture very quickly, without getting into jungle of photoshop? There is a simple program! over, which does not need to be installed, since it is found in almost all computers with the Windows operating system. Don’t want to understand the program? Reduce the photo on the online service, read more about it below! Make the weight of the images. Alexander Alexander Administrator Reviews of smartphones and Internet services

    How to find out the metadata of a photo on an iPhone?

    The user of the “apple” technology does not have the opportunity to view the metadata of the photos taken on the iPhone. at least with the help of the smartphone’s own means. There is no analogue of the “Properties” menu (Windows) on iOS. To find out what the resolution and weight of the image are, you have to indulge in tricks or download additional software.

    We learn meta-data through third-party software

    Another way to get information about a photo is to use the Photo Investigator app from the AppStore (you can download it here). The program is very simple, but at the same time extremely effective. you need to use it like this:

    Click the button indicated by the red arrow with the caption “Choose Photo”.

    In the “Camera Roll” section, find the desired photo and click on it.

    A list of meta-data will open, where you can view such characteristics as file size (“File Size”. in the example 50.5 Kb) and image resolution (“Pixel Height” and “Pixel Width”).

    The subsection “Tiff” contains information about when the picture was taken.

    Photo Investigator allows you to not only view the metadata of a photo, but also send it by email and even erase it altogether. To perform these actions, the buttons “Share” and “Metadata”.

    To view the metadata of photos, the following programs are also suitable:

    Finally, the third way to find out about the size of the photo and the date when it was taken is to connect the iPhone to the computer, go to the folder with the pictures and go to the “Properties” menu.

    It is very important to determine how much the images weigh before changing their resolution. Photos on the iPhone come out in different sizes. operations with those that take up little space will not allow you to increase the amount of free memory significantly.

    How to reduce photo size and resolution on iPhone?

    Users of Apple gadgets often suffer from a lack of free memory on their devices. What to do in such a situation? The first thought that comes to mind is to “clean” your media library and photo album and get rid of unnecessary files. However, parting with photographs can be difficult. many of them remind of important events.

    There is also a less obvious solution: to reduce the size of photographs. anyway, when viewing an album on a small screen of the gadget, the difference will not be noticeable. By reducing the size of the photo, you can not only free up memory on the device, but also reduce traffic costs when publishing images on the Internet.

    How to reduce photo size on iPhone using third-party apps

    IPhones have a built-in photo editor. with it, you can, for example, crop a picture and apply a filter to it, however, you cannot change the resolution of any photo. Therefore, users have to resort to using additional utilities. One of the most popular programs to reduce photo size is Resizer. You can download the free version of this utility here.

    The main advantage of Resizer is simplicity. The developers did not think about how to create another multi-editor, and equipped the application with only the most basic functions. How to change photo resolution on iPhone via Resizer?

    Open the app. you will see the simplest interface possible.

    Click on the plus button and go to the “Camera Roll”.

    Next, select the photo you want to convert.

    On the next screen, you will see tools for working with images. You will need the “Resize” tool.

    Set the required photo resolution. The width and height remain proportional, so it is enough to change just one of these parameters. the second will be adjusted automatically.

    Below you will find ready-made templates for common resolutions. you can use them.

    Click on the “Done” button. this is how you complete the work on the image.

    Next, you need to save the corrected image to the iPhone memory. Click the down arrow button.

    Click on “Save Image”.

    The following message will notify that the work has been completed:

    Now you can use the Photo Investigator program to make sure that the picture has really changed its parameters.

    In addition to Resizer, there are other utilities in the AppStore that can reduce

    Find out the size of the photo via mail

    You can get information about the weight of the image through the built-in tool “Mail”. You need to act like this:

    Go to the “Photos” application and select a picture that is of interest to you.

    Click the Share button in the lower left corner.

    Click on “Next” and in the menu that appears, select “Mail”.

    Fill in the “To” field (you can choose any mailbox. you won’t have to send a letter) and click “Send”.

    Then confirm that you want to send an email with an empty subject.

    It is necessary to pay attention to the field “Actual”. here is the real size of the photo.

    Unfortunately, the iPhone does not have a built-in tool that would allow you to recognize metadata and change the parameters of images. You can view the weight of the image through the “Mail” mail, but this method is rather long and complicated.

    Users wishing to reduce the size of a photo in order to increase the amount of free memory should download a special Resizer utility from the AppStore, which makes adjusting an image a matter of “five minutes”. For a quick check of meta-data, Photo Investigator is suitable. a program with which no mail is needed!


    OptimiZilla is a simple online service that allows you to compress photos without losing quality. Thanks to its built-in function, this tool can be used to purposefully reduce the quality of the image, which happens like this:

      Once on the main page of the site, click on the “Download” button.

    After opening, wait for the online service to automatically determine the optimal parameters for lossless compression.

    Hover over the image itself and click on the “Settings” icon that appears.

    If you are satisfied with the result, click on “Save” to apply the changes.

    It will take a few seconds to re-process the file, and then all you have to do is click “Download All”.

    Wait for the archive to finish downloading and open it for viewing.


    If you want to change additional parameters while lowering the quality of a photo, for example, reduce the size in megapixels or remove metadata, you should definitely pay attention to the online service IMGonline. In it, for this you need to mark with markers only a few points.

      Use the link above to get to the required page of the site. Click “Select a file” to proceed to uploading a picture.

    Find the required item in Explorer and open it.

    The second step is to choose the compression parameters. Here, specify how much you want to reduce the size in megapixels, change the number of color transitions and decide whether to delete the file metadata (date, location, and other information).

    In the “Quality” field, change the value as needed. The lower it is, the worse the quality.

    When ready, all that remains is to click “OK” to start the compression process.

    You will receive information about the size of the final snapshot and by what percentage it was compressed. Before downloading, open the picture for viewing to make sure that it fully meets the requirements for quality reduction, and then upload it to local storage.

    Online JPG Tools

    The Online JPG Tools web service has a huge number of different tools for working with images, for example, it allows you to convert them, change the resolution or compress them. A separate module is dedicated to change the image quality, so the whole process will take no more than a minute.

      When opening the Online JPG Tools website, click on the left panel to go to the download of the picture.

    In the usual way, choose which image you want to edit.

    Go down the tab and set the percentage of quality compression.

    Track changes in real time through the second block.

    If you are satisfied with the result, click “Save as”.

    Wait for the download to complete and proceed to work with the resulting image in low quality.

    If you are interested in the process of compressing a photo, you can achieve this in other ways, without affecting the quality. You will find instructions on this in other articles on our website.