How To Reduce Photo Size On A Computer

Photos on the Internet now do not surprise anyone. Many social networks allow you to add them to your personal pages in dozens, or even hundreds.
For a long time, the size of the uploaded photo was a limitation, although this still occurs. For some users, the question of how to reduce the size of a photograph is a serious obstacle when adding a photograph, which we will now overcome.

Before reducing the size of the photo, you should find out the parameters of the pictures that can be inserted on your page. If you just want to change the photos, decide on the output parameters.

We will consider the option without installing any additional software. The preinstalled program in Windows. Specifically in this example will be Paint in Windows 7. It’s pretty weak photo editor, if you can call it that at all. Although some minimal photo processing is possible.
Program Paint quite suitable to resize photo. We will reduce the number of pixels, due to which we can and reduce the volume of the photo.

For example, take a photo with the following characteristics: size 3072×2304, resolution 72 dpi, size 2.91 MB.
Launch our program. IN Windows XP it can be found in the menu “Start” in folder “Standard”. IN Windows 7 Appendix Paint located in the same place, only the menu “Start” It looks different. You must go to the folder “All programs” and find the folder there “Standard”, in which it will be Paint.

Will get to the program a little faster Paint, driving a name in the menu search box “Start”.

After starting the application, open our photo for processing.

Now try reduce photo size, by selecting the appropriate menu item. We can change the number of pixels by entering the required number or indicate the change in percentage. We will enter the largest side equal to 1024. Since we have a tick “Keep the proportion”, the number of pixels of the second side will be shown automatically.

How To Reduce Photo Size On A Computer

Now you need to save the result. It should be decided whether change image format. In most cases, you must save in the format jpeg.

As you can see after saving our photo, the size has changed significantly. The photo turned out with the following characteristics: size 1024×768, resolution 72 dpi, size 174.1KB. This can be explained not only by a three-fold reduction in the number of pixels on each side, but also by a greater compression ratio than in the camera.

If the main criterion was the occupied disk space, then it was possible to reduce the size of the photo by simply squeezing it. Let’s try to resize the photo in this way, simply by opening and saving.

Even in this way resize photo, halving the occupied space.