How to Recover Vatsap Correspondence on Another Phone

WhatsApp is one of the most popular means of communication on the planet. But if the user accidentally deletes the application, buys a new phone or changes the number, he loses the old account and all the data stored on it (messages, images,s). However, there are several ways to help restore Vatsap.

Also, account recovery may be needed if the phone was lost or stolen, and its owner deactivated it for security purposes. Application support will help freeze the profile for a while. In this case, the user will continue to appear in the contact list and receive messages.

When may a recovery be needed?

Often, the account is deactivated by the Vatsap support service at its own discretion, leaving the right to not explain the reasons. Usually this is due to a violation of the rules for using the messenger.

How to Recover Vatsap Correspondence on Another Phone

Among the main reasons for blocking a profile are:

  • distribution of advertising content;
  • spamming;
  • unacceptable tone of communication with other users;
  • bulk mailing using prohibited utilities.

If the account was frozen through no fault of the user, the question still arises as to how to recover it now. Within a few days after the deletion, you can contact the messenger administration with a request to consider the issue of the possibility of restoring the activity of a previously blocked subscriber.

It will not work to suspend the account, or restore it without your SIM card from someone else’s phone. Messages are stored for a month. After the account is restored, they will be delivered to the addressee.

If you forgot your password

If you forget the WhatsApp password and lose the entire chat history, this can cause a lot of trouble. The easiest way is to reset the password. You can also restore messages using backup without WhatsApp.

To recover the password, you will need to contact the support service on the application website, or use the standard “Forgot password” form on the phone.

If you use the official site, you must follow the instructions on the page to restore the access code, submit your own email address. The service will send an e-mail link that allows you to set a new password.
After that, the subscriber will have the opportunity to enter WhatsApp with a new password.

How to recover messages, photos,s?

Even if you are unable to recover the password, you can still get all the messages back, thanks to a free program called Free Recovery WhatsApp.

This tool allows you to retrieve any remote chat (including photos,s and other message attachments). The tool is available to work on iPhone or another phone.

To restore chat, you need to download the application for free on your computer and follow the instructions in the manual:

  1. To reset the WhatApp password, firstly, launch Recovery Free WhatsApp on the computer. It will automatically detect a list of all backup files.
  2. Select a backup file in the “Backup Options” section.
  3. After a few minutes, all WhatsApp data will be displayed. You can scroll down and up to see all the transformations in detail.
  4. To restore, you need to select the data that is needed and click the “Export” button. Then choose a save path.

A simple procedure requires removing and reinstalling WhatsApp on your gadget. This will restore all deleted data using automatic backup.

The main steps to complete this task as soon as possible:

  • Step 1: Remove WhatsApp from the device.
  • Step 2: Reinstall the application on the device.
  • Step 3: Click the “Restore” button when the boot system asks about it.

These are the simplest methods to restore both the application itself and its data.