How to Recover Sound on a Windows 10 Computer

The reasons for the lack of sound on the laptop are different. Sometimes they are quite simple, and in other cases the malfunction has to be looked for a long time. In any case, before you start troubleshooting, you need to understand what needs to be fixed.

How to Recover Sound on a Windows 10 Computer

The reasons for the lack of sound

Often the reason for the lack of sound on a laptop is precisely the user’s actions. For example, you downloaded new drivers or tried to update existing ones, but due to inexperience or some other reason, you did something wrong, after which the sound disappeared. Actually, one should not despair, since practically everything is fixable.

It is quite common that there is no sound on the computer, since the sound card has failed. In this case, most likely, it will need to be replaced. In addition, the problem may be in the speakers. Check if they are connected correctly and securely. Also connect headphones to the audio output. If there is sound in them, then the speakers are faulty. Now, let’s look at how to restore sound on a Windows 7 laptop, depending on the problem that occurred.

What to do if the sound is lost

So, go to the Start menu and select Control Panel. Right-click on Computer, and in the list that appears, click Properties. Device Manager.

If a yellow circle with an exclamation mark is drawn next to Sound devices, then the drivers just flew. You can fix this by installing new ones or updating existing ones. Read here how to quickly update sound card drivers. Typically, a laptop comes with a disk with utilities, so you just need to download them again.

In addition, a similar problem may occur if you reinstall the OS. Developers do not always attach the disk with the necessary drivers to the laptop. In this case, before restoring sound on a Windows XP laptop, you will need to visit the site of the manufacturer of the technical device. On the Internet resource, you will need the Downloads section. Here, using the search, you should find and select the necessary drivers. Next, install them on your computer. Do not forget to clarify what operating systems the program works with, otherwise your actions may lead to nothing.

After installing the drivers, restart the laptop. Now check how the sound works. If he still did not appear, then the problem is something else. Initially, you can check the operability of drivers using special testers. For example, use programs such as Multimedia Mark or Sound Check.

The problem may be in the wrong settings. They help adjust the volume, frequency, balance, etc. You can change these settings using the mixer. This utility on laptops, most often, has five sliders, moving which make the necessary changes. Check if they are all installed correctly. You will learn how to properly configure sound on a computer from this article.

If the sound disappeared after you installed the utilities or any programs, then you will need to follow these steps. Click Start-All Programs. Now go to the Standard section, where we need to click on the Service link. In them, select the line System Restore. Now you need to choose a recovery point when there was a sound. After downloading, check the speakers.

All of the above methods are quite accessible even to beginners. Therefore, if there is no sound on the laptop, first try to do what is recommended. If all else fails, you may have to go to a repair shop. The same should be done if you are not confident in your abilities. But usually the problem is solved quite simply, and all actions do not take much time.