How to Recover Instagram Password Without Phone Number

It may take several months to promote an account on Instagram: your best photos, important subscriptions and contacts, likes, user comments. all this can be lost if you accidentally clicked “Exit” and forgot your profile password.

In this article we will tell you how to restore a page on Instagram after blocking, hacking, deleting an account or losing a password.

The guide will be useful if you use the Instagram mobile app or access the service through a browser. Just click on the link in the content to jump to your case.

How to recover an account on Instagram if a password is forgotten

To register on different social networks, it’s good to have a special e-mail box, the password from which will be simple. so that you don’t forget it.

In any case, before registering on Instagram, you linked the account to Facebook, after which an email was sent to the email address. Use the same email’s to restore access to your account by resetting your password.

You can get a new password to log into Instagram as follows:

1. Click on the link “Forgot your password?”located next to the password.

How to Recover Instagram Password Without Phone Number

2. Enter the email address or your nickname. Decrypt the captcha to reset the password on Instagram.

  1. Log in to your inbox
  2. Open an email from Instagram support,
  3. Follow the link in the letter,
  4. Enter a new password.

So, congratulations: you can go to Instagram again and use the old account. but with a new password. In order not to forget it, save the hint in notepad and on your phone (just don’t write that this is the password from Instagram!)

Don’t want to read the text? Watch the!

Facebook account recovery

If an Instagram account is tied to a Facebook account. great news: you can just go to your page using your Facebook login without confirming anything. This method is good in that it works even if you do not have a phone number (or a SIM card is lost).

Account recovery via phone number

If during registration you entered a phone number and. most likely. you still have access to it, try restoring the page using SMS.

It is not difficult to do this, just enter your username and phone number through the account recovery form. Step-by-step instructions on how to do this:

1) Click on the “Help with logging in” link.

2) In the “Find Account” window, enter the phone number to which the Instagram account has been registered. Click “Next.”

The code will be sent to the phone.

3) Received 6-digit confirmation code (received in SMS), enter in the next application window. Click “Next.”

How to recover Instagram without email

If you have forgotten your email address and your account is not connected to your Facebook profile, try changing your email address. But for this you will have to contact support and report the loss of an email account. By taking these steps, you can regain access to your page.

Can I recover my account after deletion?

There are two functions on Instagram: completely delete the page and “Temporarily block”.

If you are in doubt whether you will ever need an account, then the best solution is to temporarily block the page. In this case, you can always restore it.

If you have completely deactivated the page, then it is no longer possible to restore it.

How to restore Instagram if you accidentally disconnected your account

The administration of the Instagram service has the right to block accounts using other people’s photos and materials protected by copyright. Usually the lock is given for the first time for a week, the second time. for a month. In the case of multiple locks, the account is deactivated permanently, without the right to recover.

If you went to your Instagram and saw that it was deactivated by mistake, contact the support service with a request for restoration.

“Good afternoon! My Instagram account was accidentally deactivated, while I did not violate the rules of the community. How can I regain access to it? Thanks.”

Try to refrain from accusations, harsh tone and insults, succinctly and politely explain the situation and wait for a decision.

What documents may Instagram technical support request before restoration

Be prepared for the fact that the support service will ask you for identity documents. Among them:

  • Photo (you will need to hold a passport or other document in your hands);
  • The model of the mobile device from which you logged in to your Instagram account;
  • The code that came to the phone;
  • The email address to which the Instagram profile was registered.

For personal and business accounts, the requirements are different, in the latter case they may also require a tax return, certificate of registration of individual entrepreneurs, etc.

How long does it take to recover an account through customer support?

If the reason for the lock is a violation of the rules, the recovery process can take up to several days. Instagram will take some time to sort out your account and take action.

As for access recovery via Facebook, email or phone. renewal of access occurs immediately after user action.

Questions and answers

I have a problem with my Instagram account. I tried all possible passwords, I can’t enter any, there is a suspicion of hacking, the mail on which my account was registered is lost, and a spare one (this is the one that I indicated to you for feedback) when I request a password change, it comes to me to change the password of another account, my son, the fact is that I registered my account using my mail too. I tried to disconnect her from my son’s account, but the answer still comes to change his password, not mine. My account was also connected to Facebook, but there were constant failures, so I can’t access Facebook either. Please help somehow restore access to my account, I am ready to go through verification.

Recently changed the phone. On the old, accordingly, I left all applications. I can’t enter Instagram on a new phone, because it writes the wrong password. How can I restore the password now to enter my account? It used to be tied to the email address, but it displays something completely different. Help me please!

I bought a new phone, installed the Instagram application on it, entered my page under my login, the page is blank, there are no my publications, photos, subscribers and subscriptions. How to recover?

How to recover an Instagram account if I don’t remember the password (e-mail and facebook were not registered), and SMS doesn’t come to the phone with a link to the reset (I think because I have 2 accounts for this number (I also don’t remember password)). can I do something?

Forgot password from Instagram. When recovering the password, a message comes up about a suspicious login attempt and they suggest that I send the security code to the phone number, but this number has not existed for a year now. What to do.

I started to blunt Instagram. Before uninstalling the application and installing it again, I tried to reset the password through the mail. It gave an error. And so several times. As a result, I seem to have left the main account and now, after installing the application, only the non-main one is visible. Do not go through Facebook either. Leads to the same second account. As if the main one is not at all.

The phone number to which the account is linked is blocked. Due to the fact that she did not log into her account for a long time, Instagram considers this a suspicious login attempt and sends the code to a blocked number. How to log in? I tried through the mail, changed the password. does not matter.

How to recover an Instagram account if I don’t remember the password (e-mail and facebook were not registered), and SMS doesn’t come to the phone with a link to the reset (I think because I have 2 accounts for this number (I also don’t remember password)). can I do something?

Lost access to instagram account. The number to which the account was linked cannot be restored. Mail has been lost. How can I regain access.

My instagram account was blocked today by mistake since I did not violate any rules, I can’t restore by phone number because the old number is tied to my account. Now I do not live in the Russian Federation and I do not have this number, now my number has changed. help me restore my page. I have been using it for more than 6 years.

I changed the phone. now I can’t log in to Instagram, because I don’t remember the password, but I remember the old number that was registered. but there is no access to it and I also changed the number. please help, I do not remember the email.

The old phone broke down: the processor burned out. In the new phone there is no way to open your instagram, when you try, it gives the wrong email and registers a new account.

Hello, I can’t log into my account on Instagram, they write “a suspicious login attempt”, although I do this, I reset the password but still the problem persists, when they write that a suspicious login attempt is being made, they suggest sending the code to the phone number and the number is long lost, I read in the sources that you can send a photo with a face and a link to your account, but I don’t know how and where to send it, I ask you help please.

How to recover an Instagram account if I don’t remember the password (e-mail and facebook were not registered), and SMS doesn’t come to the phone with a link to the reset (I think because I have 2 accounts for this number (I also don’t remember password)). can I do something?