How to Recover Deleted Photos on Samsung Phone

Phones, cameras, players have memory cards. They can store various files: photos, images,s, music. Photos are easily damaged or accidentally removed. What program for recovering photos on Android will cope with its tasks?

How to Recover Deleted Photos on Samsung Phone

Download the best photo recovery apps on Android, iOS and computer

Tenorshare Android Data Recovery. The application searches and restores deleted pictures, photos and other graphics on your Android phone and other mobile devices. It contains a step-by-step wizard that greatly simplifies this routine process.


ReclaiMe makes quite effective recovery of deleted photos from a flash drive. A simple tool that supports most file systems and photo formats.


PhotoRec. An excellent program for returning, in fact, photos, images on phones and tablets, hard drives and other media. Perhaps the most popular solution among recovery applications in this category

Card recovery

Card Recovery. Apparently, the most specialized program for searching for deleted pictures and photos on all types of solid media: flash drives, sd-cards, ssd and hdd-drives.


Recuva. This free utility will guide you on how to quickly reanimate deleted photos with Recuva. In general, read our review study. and you will learn everything about this type of scan and its effectiveness in each case.

Pandora recovery

Pandora Recovery. freeware and one of the best program for returning many data types. It has a convenient explorer interface, preview of pictures and photos is available.

Ask us a photo recovery question

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The question may not be related to restoring photos. The main requirement. describe the problem in detail, formulate it so that you do not have to decipher your message.

Scenarios in which photos from the phone are deleted

Media files such as photos,s, songs may be accidentally erased. Therefore, you should be careful when working with your device. Never delete files “together”according to the mood. As the saying goes, “The morning is wiser than the evening”, and it’s better to leave the files on your computer or phone until better times, especially since today the price of media has dropped to quite acceptable.

Formatting or updating the OS deletes entire media files from your device. Therefore, you must create a backup before formatting or updating your phone.

A virus on the device can easily damage your media files that are stored in the phone’s memory. You may not be able to access or open a photo after a viral infection. It requires a comprehensive photo recovery, which is why a complex of specialized applications is usually used. You can familiarize yourself with them below.

We tried to collect the most effective recovery tools for returning images, photos from the Photo folder to the computer. However, the programs will also be useful when scanning flash drives and sd-memory cards on mobile devices: tablets, smartphones. In principle, recovery on all devices has common features.

What could damage the file system of the camera?

When the device does not have enough power or when the card is removed, the device is in a position where the file system can save data (including photos).

Often, recovering photos on digital cameras is always possible. Although recovery programs deal with hard drives on users’ PCs or, as a rule, on huge servers of large companies, there are technologies and knowledge for performing all types of digital media recovery. Methods of finding critical data for file system recovery are used, special tools are used, and even data recovery laboratories. With their help, you can find lost data and restore damaged equipment.

To restore the photo you need to approach responsibly. Indeed, the removal of photographs cannot be compared to the removal of ordinary files: these are still more important documents. This kind of recovery is different from traditional methods, other specialized applications are used (see below). As a rule, they will help to recover all lost or deleted pictures on any OS: Windows, Linux or Mac OS. Supported formats. JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, PSD, PSP, INDD, JP2, PCT Camera RAW Image. Devices that can store photos include flash drives, sd memory cards, CD / DVDs, digital cameras, and camcorders.

Suddenly, photos from the Gallery disappeared: we figure out how to get it back to the device

Android Gallery is the main storage for photos ands on smartphones and tablets. We often receive emails with questions: how to return files to the Gallery, complaints about missing photos; Pictures disappear or thumbnails are displayed instead. thumbnails.

In general, read our guide, which lists all the known cases for recovering multimedia files from the Gallery.

How to recover deleted photos from Google Photos Cloud

Many Android users store photos in the Google Photos cloud. On the one hand, it’s convenient, on the other. there are often problems with the inaccessibility of the photo. If synchronization is disabled or files are deleted from the Recycle Bin, restoring photos on the phone will be problematic.

This article will list methods for recovering data from the Google Photos cloud.

How to recover photos on a memory card using Power Data Recovery

MiniTool Power Data Recovery allows you to recover photos from a USB flash drive, sd card, removable drive, external SSD drive. Using the resuscitation program is very simple, and in this guide you will find all the details. We also consider the main functions of Power Data Recovery, useful when restoring graphic files.

Photo Recovery from Whatsapp: Best Ways and Programs

WhatsApp photos are not only stored in correspondence. The file that you accidentally deleted from one place is likely to be found in another place: in chat, backup, device file storage. If the search was unsuccessful, try restoring the image using recovery programs for Android and Windows.

How to recover deleted photos on Android phone

When restoring photos on an sd card, it is advisable to use all possible options that increase the chances of successfully finding files.

We will work with the Recuva program and configure it accordingly. The process of restoring photos on an sd card is presented as a step-by-step instruction: from installing Recuva to saving the results.

How to recover photos from an Android phone camera

In at least half the cases, snapshots can be found in temporary storage or restored with special Android applications and utilities for Windows.

How to return photos to Instagram: the best ways

Not all Instagram users know that recovery is available on the service. However, if you have not archived posts before, this feature is useless.

In this article, you will learn how to recover photos from Instagram posts in alternative ways.

The best programs for recovering deleted photos on your Android phone 2019

The comparative review included the best photo recovery programs on Android. both from the internal memory and on the phone’s sd card. Key features of recovery tools DiskDigger, Recuva, Wondershare Dr Fone and EaseUS MobiSaver.

Where are the images stored on Android. What is DCIM and thumbnails

When starting to restore the photo, it is advisable to know where they were deleted from. It makes no sense to spend scanning the entire phone if the files were deleted in a specific folder, for example, on a memory card.

Next, we will consider the main places for storing images on Android. Let’s explain what DCIM is and why the thumbnails folder is needed.

How to recover deleted screenshots in Android

Screenshot. a screenshot of the device (smartphone, tablet, PC, etc.). You can fix anything: correspondence in the messenger, pictures, pages of sites. Screenshots can be processed in any graphics editor, they can be used in publications.

Best programs to recover corrupted jpg files

After shooting with a digital camera, especially with an old sd card, you can find many defective files that are not suitable for storage.

How to recover photos on a Samsung phone: step-by-step instructions

In this guide, we’ll look at effective ways to restore pictures on your Samsung Galaxy phone. Free recovery programs. DiskDigger and PhotoRec. will help us with this.

We will separately consider the recovery of images from the internal memory of the phone / tablet and answer questions from users of Samsung smartphones and other devices.

Photo recovery on Android after transferring from internal memory to sd card

One of the reasons for losing photos on Android is the error of transferring from memory to an SD card, hard drive, or “cloud”. If you copy the data incorrectly, you risk losing everything that has been stored on the phone for years.

How to recover deleted photos on iPhone using Tenorshare UltData (iPhone Data Recovery)

Step-by-step instructions on how to recover deleted photos from an iPhone or other iOS device. Description of iPhone Data Recovery features

What program to recover deleted photos. the best?

An overview of the best programs for recovering photos, images, pictures and other multimedia data that might disappear from your camera, player or other device. You can also download reconstructors on the page with a description of their operation.

PhotoRec program: how to use it to recover deleted photos on your phone

PhotoRec. A great tool for finding pictures and photos on the sd card of a mobile device (Android). The program is compatible with the main OS, supports more than 300 file extensions and allows you to perform last chance recovery.

In this article we will tell you how to use PhotoRec correctly, what options you should pay attention to when recovering data from a phone or camera’s memory card.

Search for deleted photos on a flash drive using ReclaiMe

Today we’ll try to recover deleted photos on disk using the ReclaiMe resuscitator program. It supports most storage devices. If the photos were deleted on the camera, the memory card can be connected to the computer and then restore the files on it.