How to Recover Deleted Phone Music

Lost files on your phone and don’t know where to start? This guide contains all the information about data recovery on Android, useful for those who decide to do it themselves.

Read, find your case and open the relevant links leading to other help pages of our site. If you do everything sequentially, as indicated in the instructions, you will find something from the remote. Although there are no guarantees, it is in your power to prevent 100% loss of information.

What types of files are most often deleted on Android

Gigabytes of data are constantly circulating on the phone. The most popular and popular formats are photos ands. These files are stored in the Android Gallery and come here from different places: downloaded files from instant messengers (Whatsapp, Viber, Skype) and social clients (Facebook Messenger, Instagram), photos ands taken on the phone’s camera.

Most often, photos ands disappear for the following reasons:

  • Incorrect formatting
  • The memory card is no longer detected (read errors)
  • Unsuccessful copying / transferring files from a memory card or internal memory or vice versa

The saddest thing is that as a result of one mistake, all this disappears. Noting the loss among hundreds of other images is not always possible. The more time passes, the less chance there is to restore files on an android; most often, it returns in a damaged, that is, unreadable form.

If you have lost exactly these types of files, go to the appropriate guides:

2. Contact details, messages

Together with media files, contacts, phone numbers and messages disappear. This usually happens after the user

  • performed Hard reset
  • unsuccessfully flashed the phone without taking care of backup
  • turned off sync on your phone or lost access to your Google account

This information is rarely stored on a SIM card (due to size restrictions), most often it is necessary to get it from the phone’s internal memory. Accordingly, special programs will be needed to restore contacts and messages (see below).

3. Other data

These include: correspondence from instant messengers and files downloaded on the Web, documents, application files. all this also has the property of disappearing. Use the search bar to find the information you need about recovering deleted files on Android.

Data recovery from the phone: on the sd card or in the internal memory?

Files on Android are stored in two sources. on the memory card (if any) and in the internal memory. Accordingly, recovery methods also differ.

Restoring on a memory card is much easier, because there is all kinds of software that is installed on a PC, after which it remains to follow the instructions of the setup wizard. Wizard is built into almost every recovery program.

Internal memory doesn’t always allow a regular user to access it, so you will have to try various programs (like DiskDigger or Undeleter) and, in addition, get root rights. In some cases, it is necessary to make a copy of the internal memory and then use the above software for the PC.

Tools for data recovery on Android

For independent data recovery on android you need:

  1. Root access: A special application is installed on the phone that gives recovery programs access to the phone’s file system.

Without root access, recovery is also possible, but the chances of discovering the desired one are markedly reduced. If the data in the phone’s internal memory is lost. photos, contacts, messages, then root is simply a must have. Activating root access is quite easy, see our review of the best one click root apps for Android.

  1. Card reader: if you plan to recover from a memory card, you need an internal card reader (built into many laptops) or an external one.
  2. Usb cable: to connect a phone or card reader to a PC
  3. Recovery program: it can be a paid or free product. By the way, the licensed version is not always better than free analogues, so it makes sense to try free options first.

In addition to the above, you will need free time. from several minutes to several hours, depending on the complexity of the restoration, the degree of damage and the time elapsed since the removal.

The best recovery programs on your phone

If you deleted files on a memory card (photos,s, documents), install programs such as Recuva, PhotoRec and DiskDigger for PC on your PC. They are free and quite effective, I support most file types, popular formats on Android.

2. Applications for recovery from the internal memory of Android

Undeleter and DiskDigger for Android are suitable for recovery from the phone’s internal memory. An option with Recuva is also possible: but before using the program, a copy of the Android internal memory is required (read the guide on how to do this). In any case, when restoring files from the phone’s memory, root permissions are required.

To restore contacts and text messages, we recommend Dr Fone for Android, Minitool Mobile Recovery and Mobisaver.

Failed to recover files on your phone? Where to go

If you tried all conceivable and inconceivable ways and have already despaired, ask us a question through the feedback form. Formulate the problem by describing in detail:

How to Recover Deleted Phone Music
  1. under what circumstances deleted files
  2. what model of the device was used,
  3. Files are deleted from the internal memory or from the sd card.

In the subject line, indicate “how to recover data on the phone.”

We will try to answer and suggest solutions to the problem.

Instructions for restoring call history (call log) on ​​an Android phone

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How to find out or restore your phone number

The situation when you do not remember your old cell phone number is so common that it is time to create a special service, where they will inform you of it for a fee. But, in general, this is not such a big problem, and there are several working and simple ways to solve it:

How to recover deleted android applications

To restore applications to your smartphone or tablet, the standard Google Play application is suitable. You do not need to download it, since it is present in Android initially.

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Instructions on how to recover data in the internal memory of an Android phone

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