How to Recover Deleted History On Phone

How to Recover Deleted History On Phone

Any web browser, including Yandex.Browser, stores a history of visits, which allows you to return to a previously opened site at any time. If the browser history has been cleared, you still have the opportunity to restore it.

Ways to recover deleted Yandex.Browser history

The restoration of the history that was deleted in Yandex can be performed both by standard Windows tools and third-party tools.

Method 1: use Handy Recovery

Site visit data is stored on your computer as a file in the Yandex profile folder. Accordingly, if the history has been deleted, you can try to restore it using programs to recover deleted files.

On our website, the process of restoring history using the Handy Recovery program was previously examined in detail using the Opera web browser as an example. The peculiarity of this program, unlike other recovery tools, is that it completely restores the previous folder structure, while most other programs allow you to restore found files only to a new folder.

For Yandex.Browser, the recovery principle is exactly the same, but only with the slight exception that in the left pane of the window you will need to in the folder “AppData” choose not “Opera”, a Yandex. YandexBrowser. That is the contents of the folder YandexBrowser you will need to recover.

During recovery, be sure to close Yandex.Browser, and after the process is complete, try opening it and checking for a history.

Method 2: search the visited site through the cache

If you have only cleared the data on resource visits in Yandex.Browser, but the cache didn’t affect the cache, you can try to “fetch” the link to the desired site through it.

    To do this, go to the web browser using the following link to display the cache data:

Open any text editor on your computer and press the key combination Ctrlv, to insert a link. From the received link you only need to copy the link to the site. For example, in our case it is “”.

  • Return to Yandex.Browser, paste the received link and go to the site.
  • Method 3: System Restore

    Windows has a wonderful system recovery function that allows you to restore your computer to the point when your site’s browsing data was still available in your web browser.

    You just need to choose a suitable recovery point, which corresponds to the period when the Yandex history has not yet been deleted. The system will perform the recovery, returning the computer to the exact moment you selected (the exception is only user files: music, movies, documents, etc.).

    So far, these are all options that allow you to restore data from visiting web resources in Yandex.Browser.

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