How to Recover Calls on iPhone

Step 5. Viewing Deleted Messages

The main window of the program should now display all messages, both saved in the device’s memory and deleted. To view only deleted messages, switch the “Show only deleted data” button to “On”. Now you can recover deleted messages back to your device or export information to your computer in Excel, CSV and XML formats.

To export messages, select the messages you want to save. Click “Export” and select “Export only ticked data”. If you want to save all the information without selecting individual messages, then click “Export” while in the Messages tab, and then select “Export all data from the current tab”.

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Step 2. Scan

To recover deleted SMS and iMessage, Enigma Recovery will scan your device and create your iPhone’s database.

How to Recover Deleted Call History iPhone Easy

Recover Deleted Messages from Your iPhone

Most iPhone users believe that once a message is deleted, there is no way to get it back. In fact, it is already possible. Deleted SMS messages can be retrieved from iPhone backup and even restored back to phone. However, not all recovery methods are completely safe for your device.

Some may cause even more information to be deleted from the iPhone. Fortunately, there is a safe and proven way to recover deleted SMS messages that will not cause any damage to your iPhone and the information on it. Introducing Enigma Recovery software that works with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch devices and iTunes backups to recover lost, deleted and hidden information. Also, our new application allows you to return all recovered information back to your Apple device.!

Instructions for recovering deleted SMS messages on iPhone

Step 1. Launching Enigma Recovery / h3>

After downloading, installing and activating the Enigma Recovery program, launch it and connect your iPhone to your computer. Then click “Recover from iOS Device”

Step 4. Your Database

Then you should see the main page of Enigma Recovery showing all the data from your iPhone. To view deleted messages and iMessages, select the “Messages” tab on the main panel,

Helpful information

We recommend that you regularly back up your device to iTunes for better safety. Even if your iPhone is stolen or lost, our software can extract and restore your data from the latest iTunes backup. If you have any questions or need help, we are happy to help 24/7. On our help page you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions, as well as our contact information.

Regular SMS and iMessage

You can distinguish an SMS message from an iMessage by its color. Regular SMS messages on iPhone are shown with a green background. These are messages that travel through cell towers, just like calls. iMessage is highlighted in blue. Wi-Fi or 3G / 4G internet connection is used for iMessage transmission. IMessage can be sent exclusively between iOS devices.

iMessage messages come and go much faster than SMS messages. If you are not connected to Wi-Fi, the phone will use your mobile traffic, which is not always desirable.

Despite these differences, both types of messages are deleted in exactly the same way. From our own experience, we were convinced that the annoyance of an accidentally deleted iMessage is absolutely the same as from deleting a regular SMS!

How to Recover Call Log on iPhone after iOS 12 Update

Call history on iPhone provides detailed information about all incoming, outgoing and missed calls. At some point, this data may be extremely important for the owner of the phone, especially if there were numbers in the call log that were not recorded in the contact book. After installing the firmware, anything can happen: important messages, contacts disappear, photos and call history can be deleted. There is an easy way to restore iPhone call log after iOS 12 update. this is UltData program.

Missing call log on iPhone

It’s not just the iOS 12 update that can cause call history to be deleted on iPhone. Often, users are looking for a way to recover lost iPhone call history after jailbreak or system error while using the phone. It may also be necessary to restore the call log, and in case you damaged the device, the screen stopped working due to the fact that water got in, or broke.

You can restore call histories through your mobile operator, but this will take a lot of your time. You will have to visit the office, write an application and wait for a detailed printout of all your calls. It is possible to recover lost call histories immediately to the phone using Tenorshare UltData. It takes only a few minutes.

How to Recover Call Log on iPhone after iOS 12 Update

We recommend that you use the simple UltData tool. The program has an intuitive interface and performs data recovery very quickly.

Download UltData utility from the official page. Install the program on your computer.

Connect your iPhone to your computer using a USB cable. Next, run the pre-installed UltData program and wait while it identifies your device.

Choose a suitable method for restoring call history. You can restore from the device itself, you can from a backup made in iTunes or in iCloud. This is very convenient if you need to restore the call log for the previous period.

Next, you need to check the box for the type of files that need to be restored. Call history. Then click on the “Scan” button. The utility will start scanning the data. you will have to wait a couple of minutes.

When the scan is over, you will see a detailed call history with division into outgoing, incoming and missed calls. Mark what needs to be restored and click on the restore button.

Please note that the call log can be restored to the iPhone, and can be exported as a separate file to the computer. Wait for completion!

UltData can be used on Windows and MacOS platforms. To get acquainted with the tool, you can download a trial version of the utility. It has some limitations. For a full-fledged work, we recommend that you use the professional version of UltData. It can recover deleted video. photographs, notes. and other files on iPhone / iPad.

How to set up an auto answer on your phone: instructions for Android and iPhone

Modern touchscreen phones and smartphones amaze their owners with a huge number of very different functions. Users may not even be aware of the existence of many of them. One of these features is the automatic answer to an incoming call. Almost all flagship models of well-known brands have this function. Who will benefit from the automatic reply feature? How do I set up an auto answer on my phone? How to turn off auto answer on Android and turn it on on iPhone? We will consider these and other issues related to automatic call acceptance in this article.

How to enable / disable auto reply on Android

Even a user who is not at all friendly with gadgets will not be difficult to enable auto-reply on Android. In order to activate the mentioned function, you need to go through the following path in the smartphone menu:

Settings → Applications → Call → All calls → Answer mode

In the last submenu, the function appears to put a check mark in front of the “Automatically in seconds” function. In the same way, you can turn off auto-reply.

How to Recover the Deleted Call History on iPhone

In some cases, calls will continue to be answered automatically even if this feature is disabled. Sometimes auto-answer on Android can be done by activating another option “Motions and gestures”. It can be disabled by going through the following path in the settings:

The latter function is responsible for controlling the smartphone without touching, it is they who can sometimes automatically receive calls. To avoid this, it is worth deactivating this function as well.

Why do I need an automatic answer to an incoming call?

Auto answer is a smartphone function that allows you to receive incoming calls automatically after a certain time. Thus, in order to answer the call, the user of the gadget does not need to press the call button or perform any other manipulations. After a specified time, the gadget will automatically answer itself. Such a function will be useful in the following cases:

  • With a continuous workflow. For people whose profession is associated with an unbreakable workflow that does not allow or makes it inconvenient to receive a call distraction, an auto answer will be very relevant. A person does not need to stop a workflow in order to receive a challenge. The smartphone will do it itself. To optimize the automatic response process, the owner of the gadget is recommended to use a headset.
  • If it is impossible to manually answer the call. Not only at work, but also in everyday life, the user is often uncomfortable answering a call. while driving a car or while riding a bicycle; in the case when you need to take off your gloves or get your phone out of your bag in the cold; wash your hands to accept a call or perform any other inconvenient activity. So that the user’s time is not wasted on unnecessary manipulations, and touch phones remain clean, auto-answer on iPhone and Android will come in handy.
  • For people with disabilities. One of the main user groups for which this function was developed is people with disabilities. In some cases, this function is the only possible way to answer a call.

Such a function can be both useful and vice versa. to bring only discomfort to the user and create awkward situations. For example, an incoming call can be automatically answered even when the owner of the smartphone did not hear the call. In this case, the gadget continues to lie in its place (in a. bag, next room), and the other subscriber is already connected and hears only the noise in the receiver. That is why later in the article we will look at how to set up an auto answer on your phone and how to turn it off if necessary. And how a modern smartphone works while accepting a call, you can find out in the article by the link.

How to enable / disable auto answer on iPhone

All iPhones with iOS 11 support auto-answer. You can customize it by going through the following path:

Settings → General → Accessibility → Sound Source → Auto Answer Calls

When the function is activated, it becomes possible to select the time after which the automatic answer on the iPhone is carried out. The time interval can vary from 3 to 60 seconds.

[4 Ways] How to Recover Deleted Call History iPhone

To turn off auto-answer, you need to go the same way and uncheck the box opposite the “Auto-answer to calls” submenu. For those who do not like the auto answer function, but do not want to miss important calls, an answering machine will do. Since turning on an answering machine on an iPhone is as easy as turning on an auto answer, every user can handle this task.