How to Record Video from the Iphone 7 Screen

We tell you how to record from the screen of your iPad or iPhone in simple (and not so) ways, so that you are always armed and know how to catch “bug” or a favorite moment from the.

How to Record from the Iphone 7 Screen

Your iPhone and iPad can be much more than you think. Interesting features, important points, and much more. Today we will take a look at creating a recording from the screen of your iPad or iPhone. This will be useful if you “caught” some strange glitch and want to show it in the service center or send it to support, as well as if you want to share some important information with your friends, but one screenshot is not enough. It will also be interesting to gamers who love mobile games and wish to blog on YouTube.

How to record the screen of your iPhone in iOS 13

With the arrival of new versions of iOS on iPhone and iPadOS for iPad, recording from the screen has become much easier, because now it’s enough to do just a few manipulations to use it. If you still have not upgraded the version of the operating system to the latest supported version for some reason, then we strongly advise you to do this, because otherwise you will not succeed.

To start recording from the screen of your iPhone or iPad, you also need to make sure that this function is in the Control Center and you can use it.

To do this, you need to do the following:

1. Unlock your device
2. Go to the “Settings” system application
3. Scroll down, click on the “Control Center” tab
4. After, go to the tab “Control Settings”
5. At the top you will see a list of functions that your smartphone supports.
6. If there is no “Screen Record” function, then you need to go down the list and find it
7. When the loss is detected, click next to the function, then it will appear on top, and you can continue to follow the instructions to record a.

Now you need:

    1. Unlock your smartphone
    2. Open the Control Center panel using swipe down in the upper right corner of the screen or using the “Home” button
    3. Find the dot icon inside the circle
    4. Click on this icon.
    5. After three seconds of countdown, screen recording from your device will begin
    6. When the screen recording is activated, you will see a red bar or a small red ball on the screen
    7. When you finish recording the screen, you need to click on the same red bar or call the Swipe Control Center down
    8. The should save to you in the Gallery. You can go and edit it or view it.

    Attention! In some cases (applications), this method records only the screen itself, not what you say or how your smartphone sounds.

    How to record from the screen of an iPhone or iPad from websites and social networks

    Sometimes you may need to record part of a or a whole from streaming services or social networks. To do this, you do not need to download special programs, because the iPhone or iPad will come to your aid.

    To do this, you need:

    1. Unlock your iPhone
    2. Open the website or social network you are interested in.
    3. Find the or page you want to record
    4. Get ready to record: turn on the, close all third-party tabs
    5. Quickly go to the Swipe Control Center down in the right corner
    6. Activate the recording from the screen by clicking on the corresponding icon
    7. Remember! The starts recording after a three second wait.
    8. Wait for the you want to play, and then stop recording by going to the Control Center or by clicking on the red beacon
    9. The should be saved in your photos

    This method is useful because it helps to save time and bypass some paid services. But we urge you to respect the copyright rule.

    Record iPhone or iPad screen using apps

    You can also take advantage of applications from the Apple Store that offer recording from the screen. But they can take up space or be not quite convenient to use.

    Here are some of the best apps and links on the Apple Store to download them:

    Screen Recorder can be downloaded from the Apple Store at

    DU Recorder can be downloaded from the Apple Store at

    Display Screen Recorder can be downloaded from the Apple Store at

    Primarily. these applications are very easy to manage and do not require much memory. Therefore, if none of the methods above suits you. use the applications.

    How to record screen on iOS 10 or earlier

    With these versions, everything is bad, but there is still a way out. And it is to use QuickTime on your Mac to record a screen from an iPhone or iPad.

    To do this you will have to suffer a little:

    1. First you need to open QuickTime on your Mac.
    2. Right-click on the application icon or use the menu to select “New Record”
    3. Connect your iPhone or tablet to PC
    4. Attention! Remember to confirm pairing on the device.
    5. In the QuickTime application, you need to click the arrow to the right of the record button to open the settings menu
    6. Choose your smartphone or tablet in the settings
    7. A picture from the screen of your device should appear on the screen.
    8. Now you can record the screen of your smartphone or tablet via Mac

    We hope that our instructions helped you deal with the problem of recording from the screen.