How to Record Video From Honor Phone

How to Record Screen Video on Honor and Huawei

There are several ways to record video from a mobile screen. For one-time use, it is better to resort to the standard methods built into the smartphone. But, if you plan to constantly engage in such activities, for example, writing down instructions for using the phone for other users, then it is better to install special programs. Let’s consider each option separately:

  • Through the notification panel, which is the top curtain.
  • Combination of buttons.
  • In the application.

If the first two methods allow you to use the standard preinstalled capabilities of the phone, then the latter implies the installation of a third-party program.

Additional Information

Having considered the procedure for starting shooting and the nuances of using the option, we will study possible problems. Sometimes users encounter malfunctions.

How to enable screen recording via DU Recoder

Despite the built-in capabilities of Android, sometimes the ideal solution is to download a third-party application. Such programs will provide wider functionality, and will also become the only way out if your firmware does not provide screen capture. Install the DU recorder app from Google Play.

Run the program and accept the agreement. Does the menu get in the way? Drag it to another location by pinching it with your finger.

How to Record Screen Video Huawei and Honor:

  • To start shooting, click on the icon with a red circle. This icon will mean the start of recording.
  • A notification will be displayed where you need to confirm access to the gallery and allow the use of the camera.
  • Press start again, and again grant the necessary permissions.
  • When the user opens access to the program, a timer will start. after three seconds, shooting will begin.
    How to Record Video From Honor Phone

When recording starts, the application menu will become transparent again. Click on the square to stop.

What to do if screen recording doesn’t work

If the screencast does not work when using your knuckles, then initially make sure the option is active. You probably haven’t enabled it in your smartphone settings in the accessibility section.

Also, the reasons are updates with an error or a system failure. As a last resort, you can perform a Hard Reset by resetting Android to factory settings. But, first of all, try to reboot the system. If a simple reboot does not solve the problem, then reset in the parameters.

Built-in Screen Recorder

Screen Recorder is a standard application in all modern smartphones. If most of the users of modern smartphones are familiar with taking screenshots, then there may be questions about video recording. Despite the fact that this is a system option, not everyone is familiar with its use. How to use the function? Use one of the available methods.

What to do if screen recording is missing

Has filming suddenly stopped? Check the remaining memory on your phone. Clear cache and free up space.

With a special action “knuckles”

The third way is to use “Accessibility” and enable the option with your knuckles. This option is only available to those using the latest versions of EMUI. Procedure:

If you have any questions or complaints. let us know

  • Go to the parameters and to the section “Management”.
  • Select “Quick Access & Gestures”.
  • Click on “Screen Recording”.
  • Enable the option by dragging the slider to the active position.

To enable or disable the function, just touch the display with your knuckles.

How to improve the quality of screen video recording?

Sometimes users complain about the poor quality of the captured video. This setting cannot be changed when using the preset features. To improve the quality, download the DU recorder software. The main advantage of the presented service is not only the ability to shoot, but also to make a deeper setting of the option. In the settings you will find a special section that allows you to select the video quality.

Setting up built-in screen recording correctly

There is no need to configure the presented option. To activate it, you need to click on the corresponding icon or use third-party programs. Below we will examine in detail the available methods for recording interaction with the sensor.

Way to save phone conversation on Honor with EMUI 9

If you have an Honor phone powered by EMUI 9, then there is a way for your smartphone to record any phone conversation. You will only need to download and install a special APK file.This file will make the button for recording a phone conversation available when making calls.

    Download the specified APK file from this link;

Why are there problems with phone calls on Honor

Initially, the Android operating system did not have a built-in function for recording incoming and outgoing calls. But there was a request for this function, and since about version 6 of Android, the functionality of this OS has the ability to record phone calls. It lasted until 2019, when Google, for reasons of the legislation of a number of countries, removed this opportunity.

At the same time, not all smartphones, including Honor, had the ability to record calls from versions 6 to 9 of Android OS. In some countries, call recording has been prohibited. And manufacturers of mobile gadgets and operating systems had to think about how to get around certain restrictions.

We also remember that Honor phones, in addition to Android OS, have a shell known as EMUI (Emotion UI). This is a specialized Android-based user interface that includes a number of convenient and phone-expanding functions. Among them. one desktop, personalization, voice assistant, smart guide for beginners and more.

The functionality of these shells for Honor allows you to add a number of convenient options to the phone’s operation. Among them there is an option to record incoming and outgoing calls.

To check if your Honor has a sound recording option, go to your gadget’s contact list. Find the desired contact in the list, click on the button with three dots, and in the options menu that opens, click on “Record”.

In this case, when making a call, the conversation with this contact will be recorded automatically. Otherwise, you will have to use the functionality of third-party programs, which we will describe below.

Using third-party applications

You can record a conversation with a subscriber on an Honor smartphone using a variety of third-party applications that can be found on the Play Store.

In particular, these are applications such as:

Applications and links: Description:
“Cube Call Recorder ACR”One of the most popular applications in the Russian Play Store. If you have Android 9.0 or earlier installed, the application will work without any problems. In the case of Android 10, Google has blocked the ability to record phone calls, so the recording functionality will be available in the premium version of the application.
Call Recorder S9Knows how to identify phone numbers, record calls by phone number or contact name on Honor. Supports automatic saving of conversations, can send calls to e-mail, has various recording modes.
RMC: Android Call RecorderThe application is designed to record outgoing and incoming calls. Due to a number of limitations in Android phones, this program can only record from the microphone. Therefore, when running this program for your Honor, it is recommended to use the loudspeaker during a call to get a clear voice on the recording. All conversations are recorded in a file named “RecordMyCall” on the memory card.
Call Recorder. ACRFree call recorder, one of the best of its kind. It allows you to keep a list by phone numbers, searches by phone number and contact name, has the function of automatically deleting old entries, protecting entries with a password, and more. Supports Cloud Upload (Pro) for Email, Google Drive, Gmail, OneDrive, WebDAV, Dropbox, FTP, and WebHooks.

How to record a phone conversation on Honor

Honor phones are among the most popular in the domestic market. Combining low cost and excellent functionality, they are appreciated by many users. An important advantage of phones running on the Android OS is the ability to record a telephone conversation, which is implemented using the Calls application functionality. Below is how to record a phone call on an Honor smartphone. And also what programs will help us with this.

Recording a call through the voice recorder of the Honor smartphone

A fairly simple way to record a phone call on Honor is to use a voice recorder.In this case, you do not have to download additional programs, but you will have to manually enable and disable recording.

To record a call in Honoré via a voice recorder, do the following:

  • Find the “Dictaphone” application on your phone and launch it;
  • Now make a call to the desired subscriber, and your conversation will be automatically saved;

Above, we examined how you can record your phone conversation with an interlocutor on Honor. And also what methods will help us in this. If there is no built-in ability to save calls on your Honor, then we recommend that you turn to the functionality of third-party applications.

How to record screen video with sound on Huawei smartphones and tablets.

1) The first method allows you to easily and quickly record a video of all activities on the Huawei screen. To start recording from the display, you must simultaneously press and slightly hold the “Volume Up” button and the “Power” button.

2) You can record from the screen by pulling the screen down from the top to open the notification panel, in the list that opens, select and click on this icon

3) The third method allows you to start recording a video screenshot of the Android Huawei screen with your knuckles. You need to double-touch the screen with the knuckles of two fingers as shown in the attached screenshot below, after which the content and all actions with sound will start recording.

You can stop recording by clicking on the “recording icon” located in the upper left corner of the display or by simultaneously pressing the “volume up button” and the “power” button or by double-tapping your knuckles to the screen as shown in the picture above.
If you do not have the function of recording from the screen, try to turn it on by opening “Settings” then “Control and Accessibility” next “Movement” then in the item “Smart screenshot” turn on and then try to record the video from the phone screen again.

You can watch the saved video screenshots in the “Gallery” in the “screenshots” or “screen recording” album. If necessary, you can transfer via Bluetooth or the Internet, as well as delete records.

NFC module on Honor phone

NFC technology is used to quickly exchange data between devices without pairing. To set up your Honor phone for NFC data transfer, you need to place two devices with the NFC function enabled next to each other with NFC sensors.

Sending files using NFC

  • Go to the Settings menu;
  • click on Connect NFC device;
  • activate enable NFC and Huawei Beam.
  • select the files you want to send, click on Send Huawei Beam. In this case, the device must be unlocked, the screen is active.
  • Place the devices so their NFC sensors touch. When the connection is established, a beep will sound on the sending device, the sending screen will shrink.
  • Click on the screen of the sending device to start sending files.

Receiving files via NFC

  • Go to the Settings application;
  • click on Connect device;
  • activate NFC and Huawei Beam; the device must be unlocked, its screen is on.
  • Position the devices so their NFC sensors touch.
  • Wait for the file transfer to complete.
  • By default, received files are saved in the Beam folder in the Files app.

New window

You can add a new window to make it easier to see your application icons. Press and hold an empty area of ​​the home screen to enter edit mode.

  • Adding a window: click on the “” icon to the left or right of the current window to add a new area of ​​the home screen.
  • Removing an empty window: Click on the “X” to remove the window. Home screens that have application icons or widgets cannot be removed.
  • Change the order of windows: press and hold a home screen window, drag it to the desired location.
  • Setting the default home screen: Tap at the top of the home screen to set the selected window as the default home screen.

New phone settings

The built-in “Tips” application, which is indicated by the icon with the English letter “i”, will help to study and set up a new phone. It will offer descriptions of functions and links to manuals. After a while using the smartphone, tips are automatically turned on based on the scenario of using the phone by the owner.

Setting up notifications on Honor

The icons in the status bar display information about the status of the phone, namely:

  • network connection;
  • battery charge level;
  • new messages;
  • Silent mode.

When checking the icons, you can quickly find out the status of the device: time, Internet connection, mode, and more. Network connection icons vary by region and service provider.

Configuring the display of notifications

How do I personalize my Honor phone? To do this, you can change your personal notification settings.

To do this, you need to perform the following actions:

  • Go to the “Settings” application.
  • Select “Apps & Notifications Notifications & Status Bar”.
  • Then set up functions like this:
  • enable “Screen wake up on notification”. The screen off will be activated when a notification arrives.
  • enable the “Blinking indicator” function so that the indicator light flashes when a notification arrives.
  • enable the menu “Display operator name and Display network speed”.
  • Configure “Notification Method”: enable the “Badges, Numbers and None” features.
  • Show battery percentage enable Near Icon, In Icon and Do Not Show.

Signal modes

The following functions can be selected in the phone settings:

  • How to enable Do Not Disturb mode: in the Settings application, select the Sound Do Not Disturb menu.
  • Allow calls and messages from important contacts by priority: select “By priority”, click on “Priority events”, configure contacts from which to receive calls and messages during “Do not disturb” mode.
  • Allow alarms: menu “Alarm only” to allow only alarms.
  • Turn off all alarms: Select the Never menu to turn off alarms, vibration, and screen wake up for incoming calls, messages and alarms.
  • Turn on Silent mode: in the Sound menu, turn on “Silent mode”, then activate “Vibration”. When there is an incoming call, the screen will light up, the device will vibrate.
  • Setting the ringtone and notification tones: from the Sound menu select “Ringtone” or “Notification”.

Unlock Honor with face recognition

The function allows you to quickly unlock the device by holding it to your face.


  • open the Settings app.
  • select Security & Privacy Face Unlock;
  • enter enter screen unlock password.
  • click “Continue”;
  • register face data using prompts.

Three ways to unlock by face recognition

  • Direct: turn on the screen, after face recognition, the lock is released.
  • Tap down: turn on the screen, after face recognition, swipe to fully unlock.
  • Smart notification display: hints will be displayed on the lock screen after the device recognizes a face.

How to get files to your phone

  • Swipe down on the status bar;
  • Open the notification panel;
  • Click and enable Huawei Share
  • A file transfer notification will appear;
  • To accept.

How to connect headphones and other devices to your Honor phone

Honor smartphone connects to Bluetooth devices: headsets, headphones, car multimedia system to use navigation services or listen to music while driving.

You can also connect a fitness bracelet or Smartwatch with Bluetooth support to the device to record and manage exercise data.

What Bluetooth protocols are supported by the communication module of the Huawei Honor smartphone:

HFP, HSPMaking calls
A2DPPlaying music
AVRCPMusic Playback Control
OPPFile transfer
PBAPSync contacts
MAPSynchronizing SMS
HIDBluetooth keyboard and mouse control
PANModem mode
BLEConnecting Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices

How to activate Bluetooth on Honor phone

  • On the working screen, you need to swipe down on the status bar;
  • Open the notification panel;
  • Turn Bluetooth on or off.
  • Press and hold the Bluetooth icon to access the Bluetooth settings screen.

How to pair with a headset, headphones, or other Bluetooth device

  • Turn on Bluetooth on your phone;
  • enable Buetooth on a headset, headphones or other device.
  • In the list of available devices, click on the desired one;
  • pair it according to the instructions on the screen.

How to unpair

  • Go to the Settings menu;
  • select Bluetooth settings;
  • click on the name of the paired device;
  • click on the Unpair button.

How to make a video recording from the screen of HUAWEI (honor) smartphone?

Many already know how to shoot home video, including from a smartphone. there is nothing tricky here: I pointed the camera at the object, pressed the “Record” button, and the shooting began. Take pictures and comment.

In the circle of good acquaintances and friends, there is a need to share your experience and knowledge of managing your own smartphone in the face of the release of the latest operating system update or the appearance of new successful programs.
But how to do this, so as not to explain in words for a long time how, what and where you need to press to get something?
Of course, it’s easier to show how you do it yourself on your smartphone: a few seconds of video from the phone screen will replace hundreds of words.

That’s why there is a “Screen Recorder” function on Huawei (Honor) phones, which does not require the installation of special applications.

This function has the following names: “screencast” (video screen capture), “video screenshot”, creating a “video tutorial”.

There are several ways to enable screen recording, the simplest are:
1. Start recording through the Notification panel.
2. Start recording using “hot keys”.

The first way to record from the screen through the Notification panel:

Swipe down the curtain of the Notification Panel on the Home screen of the phone, i.e. swipe down from the top line without lifting it from the screen.
We expand the opened Notification Panel even further, for this we click on the “Edit Notification Panel” icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

On the Notification Panel, click on the “Screen Recording” icon to enable recording.

After that, the screen will ask you to confirm the right to access the microphone when you enable Screen Recording. Click “ACCEPT”.

After a 3-second countdown, recording will start from the device screen. During the recording, you can comment out loud your actions, they will also be recorded along with the video.

Timecode and blinking recording indication are at the top left of the screen.

To end recording, click on the button with the word “STOP” in the upper left corner of the screen.

The second way to record from the screen using hotkeys:

You can start Recording from the screen of a Huawei (Honor) smartphone using a key combination: simultaneously holding down two keys. turn on and increase the volume.

The screen will ask you to confirm your microphone access rights when you enable Screen Recording. Click “ACCEPT”.

After a 3-second countdown, recording from the device screen will start.

To end the recording, press the button with the word “STOP” in the upper left corner of the screen or press the power and volume up keys again.

You can use this function when communicating with relatives on Skype, where your communication with the interlocutor will be recorded on video.

Also, video recording from a smartphone screen can be useful for simple video editing, when you cut out a movie episode you like to share it on a social network.

Below is a famous episode from the beloved cartoon “Once upon a time there was a dog”, made in a few seconds on a Huawei smartphone.