How to Record Screen With iPhone Sound

Previously, you could record an iPhone screen with additional “crutches,” you had to connect it to a Mac and record through QuickTime. If you did not have an Apple computer or laptop, you had to install third-party programs, again on a computer that did not always make high-quality recordings and, as a rule, were paid. In general, continuous inconvenience and a lot of lost time. With the release of iOS 11, we got the opportunity to make a screen of our iPhone without additional devices and programs. If you are interested how to record screen on iphone read our step by step instructions.

By the way, if you do not have the latest iPhone, then most likely it does not work as fast already, for you an article on how to disable iPhone slowdown!

How to record from iPhone screen

In order to record from the screen of the iPhone with iOS 11, you must first display the control button in the shutter of the control point. And then you can quickly create from the screen of your Apple smartphone.

How to Record Screen With iPhone Sound

How to record a screen:

    Open the Settings app on your iPhone and go to the Control Center section.

In this section, you must click on the item “Configure controls”.

Next, find the “Screen Record” in the list of elements and add it to the control center by clicking on the plus sign, and then exit the Settings app.

To start recording from the iPhone screen, swipe from the bottom up. the “Control Center” curtain will open.

How to find out what is recording screen? When recording a screen, the status bar of the iPhone turns red. To end the recording from the display, click on the status bar → the shutter of the control point opens → tap on the “Screen Record” button.

The recorded from the iPhone screen is automatically saved in the Photos application.

Why is there no sound when recording from an iPhone screen?

By default, recording is silent. To activate sound and receive with sound, you need to press and hold the “Screen Record” button on the sound recording button in the Control Center and enable the “Audio Microphone” option.

How to turn on sound when recording iPhone screen

If you want to record from your iPhone screen from sounds you need to enable it. Below is a detailed instruction on how to turn on sound when recording a screen and a detailed on how to do it.

  1. Go to the “Control Center”.
  2. Hold and hold the “Screen Recordings” icon.
  3. The control buttons will appear: “Screen Record”, “Stop Recording” and microphone icon on him need to click, to activate recording with sound.

Screen recording does not start. what to do?

In some cases, even after adding the “Record Screen” widget button, recording is not performed, although the recording timer may be displayed. You can fix this problem by following these steps:

  1. Go to the Settings app.
  2. Then go to the “General” settings section.
  3. Then open the “Restrictions” item where you need to enter a password (if you have already used these settings) or set it.
  4. Next, in the “Screen Recording” item, drag the slider to the active mode.

Once you have removed the restrictions, you can record from the iPhone.

What can I record from the iPhone screen?

  • instructions;
  • episodes of the game;
  • reminders.

Friends, give more ideas in the comments on what you can record from the iPhone screen!