How To Record Music On Android

.gif” / If you just recently purchased a new gadget on the Android system and don’t know how to download and listen to your favorite music, then this article is for you.

Android is the most open operating system on the market today, which fundamentally distinguishes it from Windows Phone or iOS. Using this fact, the owner has the ability to carry out almost any manipulation with the device: downloading and listening to various music, films, audio books, etc. The owner of the gadget with any system on android, version 2.1 and older, has a huge number of ready-made methods for moving audio files to the internal or external (microSD) memory of the device for free.

Send via Bluetooth

.gif” / One of the easiest methods is to transfer files via bluetooth. To do this, we need a second device that can send music using this method and perform the following algorithm of actions:

How To Record Music On Android
  1. activate bluetooth on both devices;
  2. in the settings of our Android device, see its name for this type of connection;
  3. select the desired file on the device from which you want to transfer the file;
  4. in the settings, select the “transfer” tab. “via Bluetooth”;
  5. after which the search for the nearest active devices will begin, select what we need;
  6. confirm the pairing on the receiving phone;
  7. We are waiting for the download to complete and check the availability of the desired song in the downloads on your phone.

Drop via USB connection

  1. We connect your device to the computer via a USB cable.
  2. If the device is connected for the first time, driver installation will automatically start.
  3. We go into “My Computer” and open a new available disk.
  4. We upload music files to the desired directory.

Using Wi-Fi and specialized software

.gif” / For devices on the Android system, there are a huge number of programs that open access to the contents of the gadget via Wi-Fi, such as: On Air, WebSharing or AirDroid / WiFi, I would like to add more about the latter.
This application is one of the youngest, but every day the number of users is constantly growing. AirDroid is absolutely free and quite a multi-tasking application. It acts as an interface in connecting devices of home and public networks via Wi-Fi.

In order to calmly listen to music on your Android device, you need to do the following:

  1. download the program to your phone / tablet, do not forget to connect to Wi-Fi;
  2. open a browser on the computer and add the site specified on the home page to the address bar;
  3. enter the password and the phone / tablet interface opens;
  4. open the “Music” section and use the Download button;
  5. specify a specific song or folder;
  6. upon completion of the download, we can enjoy the result.

Download music to your phone using apps

.gif” / In this case, you just need to go to Google Play, where, fortunately, there is a great variety of such software, as an example. “Mp3 Music Box” or any other. We install the application you like, go into it and drop the songs you like.