How To Record A Screen On An Iphone 7

If you want to teach your relatives or friends how to use a smartphone, it is best to do a step-by-step instruction for them, in which you will see how you activate certain functions. There are several ways to record a screen on an iPhone. can be obtained by standard features of the operating system, using players or a computer. Let’s talk about each method in more detail.

How to enable screen recording using standard iOS features

First of all, you need to transfer the Record tool to the Control Center. To do this, use the general settings of your device:

  • go from the general settings section to the “Control Center”;
  • select the menu option “Configure items”;
  • go to the general list of elements and click “”;
  • find “Screen Record” and click on the “” icon.

Now in the section responsible for managing the smartphone appears “Screen Recording”. You can transfer this tool to the list above by holding your finger on its name. Working with the built-in tool is simple:

  • open the “Control Center”;
  • click on the “Screen Record” tool, it looks like a circle with a dot in the middle;
  • you have 3 seconds to close the “Control Center” and go to the screen that you will record.

After starting recording, the upper part of the screen will turn red. Now you can do all the manipulations that you wanted to reflect on the. Please note that the file will receive all notifications that appear on the screen at the time the was created. Temporarily disable the delivery of notifications so that outsiders do not see anything superfluous on the. To stop recording, just touch the red bar. Immediately after that, a notification appears on the screen asking you to stop recording or return to it.

How To Record A Screen On An Iphone 7

If you stop recording the screen, the file with it will be saved in one section with photos. It will be in mp 4 format and will play with sound in all players compatible with it.

Please note that before recordings, you need to free up the internal memory of the device. It takes about one GB to record 4 minutes of. If there is not enough disk space, the will not be saved.

Most often, users ask how to record a screen with sound. The iPhone has standard tools for this, you just need to be able to use them. In order to be able to adjust the sound during recording. to save the external audio track and the internal one in it, you must enable “Screen Recording” with a long press. You will see a menu in which you will see the “Start Recording” button and microphone icons.

If you click on the “Microphone”, then during recording you can comment on what is happening and this audio track will also remain in the file. If you deactivate this button, only the internal sound of the smartphone will remain on the recording.

Please note that the ability to record from the screen with sound is implemented only on iOS operating systems over 11 versions. In earlier versions, users were asked to make clips without sound, since the creation of suchs was used to record telephone conversations without notifying the interlocutor.

How to record screen on iPhone using Windows

If you have iOS less than version 11, it is best to use a computer to record the screen. This method is suitable for those who can mark up a smartphone and a computer on the same Wi. Fi network. You will record from the screen of your computer using the LonelyScreen AirPlay Receiver.

Before using it through iTunes, configure the connection between the computer and the device via AirPlay. To do this, you have to connect the devices with a cable, allow them to interact in iTunes. Then download the LonelyScreen AirPlay Receiver program from the official site, give it access to private networks. At this point, the device pre-configuration will be completed.

Screen recording, follow the instructions:

  1. Run the program on the computer.
  2. Expand the control point of your smartphone and find among the available options “Screen Repeat”. The icon of this tool looks like a rectangle with a filled triangle placed under it.
  3. You will find all available devices for screen transfer. If communication with the computer is configured, then you will see LonelyScreen in the list.
  4. Select this program. Go to the computer screen, on it you should see the desktop of your smartphone.
  5. Now you need to use another utility to capture from the computer screen or enable the standard Windows tool for this. In version 10, this tool is called with the WinG buttons.
  1. NVIDIA ShadowPlay. suitable for those who have installed a card of a similar brand. It allows you to record with sound, accompanied by a microphone or only with the sounds of the computer itself. Also, the user has the opportunity to adjust the quality of the, make it as acceptable as possible.
  2. Open Broadcaster Software is a professional utility used by bloggers and streamers. In this utility, recording sound from several sources is available, a combination of from a computer screen with what is received from a laptop’s webcam. An important advantage of the program is that it is Russified.
  3. Captura is a simple and convenient program for beginners. It allows you to overlay from the webcam, keyboard input, sound from the computer itself and the microphone on the from the screen. The lack of Russification will not create additional barriers for the user, since the interface is as simple as possible. Another important detail. the program is suitable for all versions of Windows.
  4. Rylstim Screen Recorder is a program with a simple interface in which you only need to specify the file storage location, select a codec for and frame rate. The program is controlled using the F9 button.

The advantage of using a computer screen for recording is that the file will be saved in the memory of your PC, which means you do not have to delete data from your smartphone. All of the listed programs for recording Windows screens are free, but for their use it is best to have a system with at least 4 GB of RAM.

How to record screen on iPhone using Mac?

There is another easy way to record screen on iPhone 7 and others. If you have a Mac, you need a cable to record your smartphone screen. The advantage of this operating system is that it immediately has a program for recording from the screen. Working with the program and the operating system is simple:

  1. Connect the smartphone with a cable to your computer or laptop. If a question appears on the screen of the smartphone whether it is worth trusting this computer, allow access by clicking “Yes”.
  2. Open QuickTime Player. In it, expand the “File” menu and click on “New Recording”.
  3. The program will prompt you to record from a webcam, but you can change the source. To do this, click the arrow next to the record button, and then select your device from the list. Configure the sound source there, it can be your iPhone or Mac.
  4. To start recording, click the round button with a red dot in the center, and to stop recording, click on the “Stop” square.

If you do not have enough QuickTime Player, then you can use other programs. One of the best utilities for Mac is TechSmith Camtasia. It allows not only to receive high-quality from the smartphone screen, but also to edit it if necessary.

What should I do for those with an iPhone operating system below 11?

Now we’ll tell you how to record a screen on iPhone 6. If standard tools are not available to you, you need to download a special utility from the App Store. One of the available applications is DU Recorder. It is distributed free of charge and can be used not only for screen recording, but also for broadcasting on social networks: Twitter, Twitch, YouTube.

The program has a simple interface that does not have anything personal. Bloggers appreciate it because you can use the settings to impose your own watermark on the track. This will make it harder to copy your and use it by others.

Now you know how to record screen on iPhone using different means. Share this article with your friends so they can stream and shares from their screens. If you have any difficulties, then you can ask questions in the comments under the article.