How to Record a Phone Talk

The telephone is currently the most popular means of communication. It helps to reduce the time interval necessary for solving various issues, and save financial resources on trips to other cities and countries. Modern business is greatly simplified thanks to telephone conversations that eliminate the need for lengthy written correspondence in a business style, travel on business trips over long distances. In addition, the phone provides the ability to remotely negotiate, pose significant issues and make inquiries.

The success of each enterprise depends on the correctness of telephone conversations, it’s enough to make one call to create a general impression of the company. If this impression turns out to be negative, it will be impossible to correct the situation. Therefore, it is important to know what constitutes competent business communication over the phone.

What it is?

Business communication. performing professional tasks or establishing business relationships. Business communication by phone is a specific process for which you should carefully prepare.

Before making a phone call, some key points should be clarified.

  • Is this call really necessary?
  • Is knowledge of partner response important?
  • Is a personal meeting possible?

Having found out that a telephone conversation is inevitable, you need to tune in to it in advance and remember the rules, compliance with which will help to conduct telephone conversations at a high professional level.

Features and Standards

The procedure for communicating by telephone is quite simple and includes following steps:

  • greeting;
  • representation;
  • clarification of the availability of free time with the interlocutor;
  • a brief description of the nature of the problem;
  • questions and answers to them;
  • end of conversation.

The culture of telephone conversations is one of the important components of business communication. The specifics of telephone communication is determined by the factor of remote communication and the use of only one information channel in the work. the auditory one. Therefore, compliance with ethical standards governing telephone communication is an important factor determining the effectiveness of the enterprise and the development of relationships with partners.

The etiquette of a business phone call for outgoing calls includes several rules.

  • Before dialing, you must check the correctness of the phone number. In case of an error, do not ask unnecessary questions. It is necessary to apologize to the subscriber, and after the call is completed, specify the number again and call back.
  • A prerequisite is submission. After the greeting from the interlocutor, you need to answer using welcome words, the name of the company, the position and surname of the employee making the call.
  • It is recommended that you first draw up a plan that reveals the goal (in the form of a graph / chart or in text form). It is necessary to have a description of tasks before your eyes so that you can record their implementation during a telephone conversation. Also, do not forget to note the problems that have formed on the way to achieving a particular goal.
  • 3-5 minutes. the average time allotted for a business conversation. If the specified gap was not enough, a smart decision would be to schedule a personal meeting.
  • You should not disturb people with calls early in the morning, during the lunch break or after the end of the working day.
  • In the case of a spontaneous call that was not agreed with the partner in advance, a prerequisite is to clarify the availability of free time for the interlocutor and indicate the approximate time required to resolve the caller’s question. If the person you are talking to is busy at the time of the call, you can arrange another time or schedule an appointment.
  • Concluding the conversation, you must thank the person for the time taken or the information received.

When a telephone conversation is interrupted, the one who initiated the call must call back.

The etiquette of incoming calls also includes several important points.

You can highlight the general principles of the implementation of business communication by phone.

  • It is necessary to prepare in advance for telephone conversations with customers, having drawn up a plan with goals, main points, the structure of the upcoming conversation and ways to resolve problems that may arise during the conversation.
  • You need to pick up the phone with your left hand (left-handed. right) after the first or second signal.
  • You must consider the information related to the subject of the conversation.
  • The speech of the subscriber should be smooth and restrained. You must carefully listen to the partner and not interrupt him during the conversation. It is recommended to reinforce your own participation in the conversation with small remarks.
  • The duration of the telephone conversation should not exceed four to five minutes.
  • In the event of a discussion, it is necessary to take control of emerging emotions. Despite the unfairness of the statements and the increased tone on the part of the partner, one should be patient and try to calmly resolve the resulting dispute.
  • Throughout the conversation, it is necessary to monitor the intonation and tone of the voice.
  • It is unacceptable to interrupt the conversation by answering other phone calls. In extreme cases, you need to apologize to the subscriber for having to interrupt communication, and only after that answer the second call.
  • Be sure to have paper and pens on the table so that you can write down the necessary information on time.
  • The caller can end the conversation. If you need to stop the conversation in the next few minutes, then you should end it politely. It is necessary to apologize to the interlocutor and say goodbye, having previously thanked for the attention given.

After the end of a business conversation, some time should be devoted to analyzing its style and content, identifying errors made in the conversation.


As already noted, business communication by phone does not require a lot of time. According to the rules, such a telephone conversation can last no more than 4-5 minutes. This is an optimal period of time to resolve all issues.

In the course of business communication on a business phone, it is necessary to follow the sequence of steps that make up the call structure.

  • Greeting with the help of special phrases corresponding to the time of day during which the call is made.
  • Message to the virtual interlocutor of the name and position of the employee making the call, as well as the name of his organization.
  • Awareness of the free time of the interlocutor.
  • Concise presentation of basic information. At this stage, it is required to indicate the essence of the problem in one or two phrases.
  • Questions and answers to them. It is necessary to show interest in the questions of the interlocutor. Answers to them should be clear and provide reliable information. If the employee who answered the call is not competent in the matter under consideration, you should invite someone who can give an accurate answer to the phone.
  • End a conversation. The call is terminated by the initiator. This can also be done by senior, age and woman.

Phrases ending the conversation are words of gratitude for the call and wish good luck.

To increase the efficiency of talking on a mobile phone, you should follow the general recommendations:

  • pre-prepare the necessary correspondence;
  • positively tune in to a conversation;
  • state thoughts clearly while maintaining calm;
  • capture meaningful words;
  • avoid monotony by changing the pace of the conversation;
  • pause at the right moments in the conversation;
  • reproduce information to be memorized;
  • do not use harsh expressions;
  • upon receipt of a refusal, one should maintain friendliness and show respect for the interlocutor.
How to Record a Phone Talk