How to record a conversation on your LG phone

How to record a phone conversation on your smartphone

About 10 years ago, most Android smartphones had a built-in feature for recording phone conversations. It’s much less common now, because software and mobile device developers have paid attention to privacy and legality issues.

In developed countries, recording conversations without informing all parties is prohibited and punishable by administrative or criminal penalties. To avoid being involved in lawsuits, the developers of new versions of Android and modern firmware have either completely removed the function of recording conversations, or significantly limited it. We are talking not only about a ban on pre-installed firmware, but also on third-party applications.

Minimal responsibility for transferring of records of conversation to the third party without the consent of the interlocutor in the Russian Federation is a fine from 500 up to 5000 under Article 13.14 CAO The amount increases if you have caused reputational or commercial damage by such a transmission. In this case, the victim will demand compensation for moral and real commercial damages, and these are amounts of a very different order of magnitude.

Another Call Recorder

Another Call Recorder is a worthy application for any Android smartphone that stands out among competitors due to its compatibility with a large number of devices. Characteristics similar to Automatic Call Recorder: it is also possible to record incoming and outgoing calls in automatic mode.

Also it is possible to record conversations only from defined numbers. If you wish, you can enable manual recording mode, as well as set a password for listening. Supports a large number of audio formats: AMR, MP4, OGG, FLAC, WAV, M4A, 3GP.

ACR allows you to group calls by date to make it easier to find the conversation you want. The paid version of the application supports synchronization with cloud storage, such as Dropbox and Google Drive, and also allows you to upload files to an FTP server and send them to e-mail. You can set up an automatic deletion of old records to free up phone memory.

How to listen to conversations without access to the device

Record someone else’s Android calls, as you understand, is possible only after installing a special program on it. But what to do if the gadget is not available, or there is a graphic key, or the person is in another city, and you just need to be aware of their content?

Then our unique service “All at once” comes to the rescue. You can order in our company ready for wiretapping and then give it to the person you “need”. If the person is in another city, we will deliver it by a delivery service in a new box to the specified addressee at exactly the specified time.

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You will only need to choose the model and color of the device, and after it is purchased, install the program VkurSe and send to the address, go into the office and listen to all incoming and outgoing calls.

In addition to the fact that the program makes recording phone conversations on Android, it is also:

  • sends all SMS messages;
  • Tracks the phone and shows its route on the map;
  • allows you to enter the internal folders of the phone and download stored photos;
  • take screenshots of the screen;
  • view typed text with the keyboard spy;
  • read all messages from the most popular messengers and social networks;
  • listen to voice from WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Imo and Gem4me;
  • see all sent and sent photos, even if they are deleted after viewing;
  • remotely turn on the microphone (voice recorder);
  • and much more (see. Features).

VkurSe app. be aware of all phone calls on your Android.

How to record someone else’s phone conversation

The second way to record calls will give you the opportunity to listen to the conversations of the “right” person. To do this, you need to take his phone and phone call recording software on Android download free. specifically, download and install the application VkurSe.

So, in order to carry out the interception of phone conversations on someone else’s phone in 2021, you will need:

  • register on the site;
  • installation file download for free;
  • Install the manual app on that phone;
  • give the phone and then quietly go to your personal office and listen to intercepted conversations.
record, conversation, your, phone

If you are not interested in recording any numbers or on the contrary, you need to record conversations with Android, which comes from a particular phone number. For these and other cases, it is possible to set the recording mode during the installation:

  • Record all phone numbers without exception;
  • record only those whom you specify in the list;
  • Record all except those whom you specify in the list.

If after installing our application phone calls recording on Android 9 and 10 versions will not go, then you probably have a phone with the firmware of the region in which the recording is prohibited. To solve this problem you need to change the region. read more here.

We want to draw your attention to one very important fact: wiretapping of other people’s conversations is punishable by law in many countries. When you install our program on the phone under your control, a warning message appears. And you install our application, you take full responsibility for the recording of other people’s telephone conversations.

How to automatically record all phone conversations

The beauty of Android is that even if your phone doesn’t have what you want, you can extend it just fine by using the Google Play store. What’s out there! How about recording your conversations? During a call, important information may slip in that you can’t remember or even hear, and it can be handy to be able to listen to the recording.

As you might have guessed, with Android it’s possible. Take into account the fact that in many countries it is illegal to record phone conversations if the person on the other end of the line is not informed that the conversation will be recorded. Now that you are informed, you can follow this link on Google Play for the Automatic Call Recorder app.

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It’s not just a call recorder. It has enough features to make you feel comfortable. For example, you can automatically save records not only locally on your device, but also in Dropbox or Google Drive. This is handy if you want to access recordings from other devices. Three audio formats are supported: 3GP, AMR and WAV.

It’s time to talk about how the app works. Once you finish setting it up, it will automatically start and start recording as soon as you make or receive a call. The red indicator in the notification area lights up to let you know that recording is in progress. As soon as you finish talking, you’ll get a notification that the recording is ready. By clicking on the notification, you can add a note to the recording, save it, listen to it, or delete it.

That’s it. Automatic Call Recorder performs exactly one function, but the way it’s implemented in the app makes it one of the sleekest and most convenient methods of recording conversations.

Recording the old-fashioned way on a dictaphone. the easy way for everyone

To record your conversation on the recorder, built into your smartphone, it is impossible, unless the manufacturer initially allowed to record conversations (then no dancing with tambourine is not necessary). For example, in Samsung smartphones you will see an inscription that the voice recorder during the call is not supported.

But no one forbids the use of the same phone to record a conversation on the second device. Then you need to put on speakerphone mode. This is inconvenient, it works at home, but on the street it does not work. And your conversation partner will know that you are talking on speakerphone mode, it is well noticeable. If there is no other way, and the conversation should be recorded here and now, this method is reliable and working, but it is far from convenient and comfortable.

How to record a conversation on iPhone

Due to iOS limitations it is difficult to record phone conversations on iPhone, but there are working methods.

Via mobile application

In the App Store you can find programs that record calls in a roundabout way. using the conference call. Here’s how it works: you connect a bot to your conversation with the necessary person, the bot silently records the conversation and sends it to you over the Internet.

Among these applications is TapeACall Lite. It comes with detailed video tutorials in Russian, so it won’t be hard to figure out.

TapeACall Lite gives you a 7-day free period, after which it charges the amount specified in the application to your card every month. If you sign up for a trial but then decide to cancel, remember to cancel your subscription.

With a special device

There are also special accessories for the iPhone, designed to record conversations. For example, Call Recorder, which is suitable for recording both conversations in cellular networks and online calls through Skype, Viber and other messengers. This accessory will cost you approximately 115.

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There is a more affordable solution. Koolertron headphones with call recording function for 32. Their 512 MB of built-in memory will be enough to record up to 16 hours of talk time.

How to Record Calls on Android 10

Perhaps most of all users are interested in how to record calls on smartphones with Android 10. The fact is that in this version of the OS, Google has disabled the recording function, and therefore all third-party applications serving this purpose were useless. However, some manufacturers build call recording tools into their firmware. For example, Xiaomi, Huawei, Honor and Meizu.

If you have a Xiaomi or Meizu smartphone, you do not have to perform any manipulations like installing specialized software for recording calls in principle. everything is already built-in by default. It is enough to dial the number of the desired subscriber, and then click on the record button (voice recorder icon). After that, go to the application with files, find the folder call_rec and listen to the recorded conversation.

How to record calls on Huawei

And the users of Huawei and Honor devices will have a little more difficulty. They have to install the HwCallRecorder application, which can be downloaded at this link. Open the application “Phone“. “Settings” and activate the option “Automatic call recording”. You will not be able to record calls separately. You can find the recordings in the “Voice recorder” application that comes with the EMUI shell by default.

How to record Tinkoff Mobile calls

Tinkoff Mobile has introduced a service to record phone calls, it’s free

Recently Tinkoff Mobile subscribers also have the ability to record calls. To activate this feature, go to the operator’s application and activate call recording in the “Services” section. After that open the “Phone” application and dial the number 333. Press the “Add” button and dial the person you want to record a conversation with. As soon as he answers, press the “Join” button on the screen to switch to audio conference mode, where the special bot will be able to write the calls. You can find the recordings in the app “Tinkoff Mobile”. “Events”. “Calls.

As you can see, recording calls on Android the best program that you can download for free. really exists. We have shown you the time-tested reliable 4 programs that work perfectly on Android below version 8 and 2 programs that conduct a professional call recording on modern versions of Android. is Cube and VkurSe.

If you have any questions write to our consultants.

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