How To Record A Conversation On A Voice Recorder On Android

How To Record A Conversation On A Voice Recorder On Android

The need to record a telephone conversation. a function that a user of a mobile device with the Android operating system may need at the most unexpected moment. Even if you do not at all consider yourself a spy who seeks secret information from enemy agents, the program for recording calls installed on your phone or tablet can make your life much easier.

Suppose you have an important telephone conversation that you would later want to listen to carefully and analyze. Or you are called an address, phone number or any other information that can be difficult to remember from words, but there is no way to write it down. What can we say about journalists for whom a telephone interview has become one of the main ways of obtaining information, and in this case, recording a telephone conversation is much more convenient to carry out directly via Android than writing sound to an external voice recorder from a telephone speaker.

As you can see, the ability to automatically or user-activated recording a call can come in handy to us much more often than we can imagine, and having the appropriate program installed on our mobile device with Android OS seems to be a very reasonable solution.

Technical limitations

Note: although the function of recording a telephone conversation from the line is standard for the Android operating system, on many models of smartphones or tablets it is disabled by the manufacturer at the firmware or kernel level of the OS. This is due to the fact that in many countries the recording of a phone call is illegal, and manufacturers of mobile devices simply do not want to have unnecessary problems, separately optimizing each model for countries in which it is possible or impossible to record phone calls. In this case, it is much easier to simply remove the drivers or system libraries necessary for recording telephone conversations from the device’s operating system, leaving no choice for the user.

So, if none of the programs proposed in this review have worked for you, most likely, the automatic recording of calls on your mobile is simply disabled by the manufacturer. In this case, only replacing the smartphone with another model can help you in solving the problem.

It is worth noting that almost all call recording applications have the same name, and finding on the Google Play Market exactly what you need is sometimes very difficult. Therefore, when choosing a program, do not confuse, and besides the name, look at the appearance of the interface, the name of the developer and other criteria that will help you distinguish one product from another.

Now, after a warning about possible problems that may await you, we turn to an overview of the most popular programs for recording telephone conversations in the Android OS.

Call recorder

One of the most popular applications on Google Play, Call recorder (Call Recording) even in the free version has excellent features for recording calls. Configuring the application is very simple. Go to the settings of the Call recorder program and check the checkbox “Enable auto recording mode”. Select a microphone (Mic) as the sound source, and in the media content settings you can change the format of the recorded file from amr to wav, which, although it takes up more space, but it has better recording quality.

Now, after you dial someone’s number, the Call recorder program will automatically record it, and after the end of the call you will be shown a message about a new call recording. You can not only listen to the file, save or delete it, but also upload it to cloud services such as Google Drive and Dropbox.


Another great voice recorder with rich functionality. The difference of CallRecorder from the previous program is that this application is able to record calls from the line through the core, in addition to the usual recording from the microphone via the Android API.

This application supports recording a telephone conversation from the line only on devices for which root privileges are obtained, so take care of this in advance. You can learn how to open root access to your phone or tablet model from this FAQ article:

In this case, you need to check the option in the application settings “Recording conversations through the kernel with support for recording from the line”.

If your Android model does not have support for recording a conversation from a line through the kernel, check the CallRecorder settings option “Recording conversations through the standard Android’a APIs”. In this case, a telephone conversation will be recorded through a microphone. For this method of writing root, the rights are no longer needed.

The program runs on versions of Android OS from 2.2 and older, writes calls in WAV, AMR and MP3 formats, the latest version of the application adds support for the latest version of the Android 5.0 operating system.

Call Recorder

The developers of such applications do not try to stand out with a variety of names for automatic recording of telephone conversations, and the next program from our list has the same uncomplicated name as the two previous ones: Call Recorder.

The application supports automatic recording of all incoming and outgoing calls; sending recorded calls by e-mail, Skype and Bluetooth (this functionality is available only in the full version of the application); It can write both from the line and through the microphone (on different phone models it is necessary to activate different options); writes sound to MP3, 3GP and MP4; has the ability to adjust the sampling frequency of the resulting audio file.

In the free version Call Recorder, you cannot choose whether you want to save the recording after each call, there is also a non-disconnect built-in advertisement.

The latest version of the program available on Google Play Market also supports Android 5.0 Lollipop.

Call Recording (Free)

This application, unlike others, works only in new versions of the Android OS. from 4.0 and older. Otherwise, its functionality is almost identical to the programs already mentioned by us in this short review. Here you will find the possibilities of manual and automatic recording of telephone conversations, recording quality settings with support for amr, mp4 or wav formats, the ability to edit recorded audio clips and transfer them via e-mail and Bluetooth, etc.

As the name of the application, the program is absolutely free, but in this version it contains built-in ads. In addition, in the full version, there are additional features: separate settings for incoming and outgoing calls, providing options for choosing to save or delete a record after the call is completed, automatically delete records after N days of storage, and others.

Total Recall Call Recorder

Full-featured voice recorder, Total Recall Call Recorder application for Android OS can write calls automatically even remotely via SMS! The program is paid, but the developers provide users with a 30-day trial period. Calls are written in various formats, you can configure the integration of the application with a huge number of cloud services: Gmail, Google Drive, Box, DropBox, Evernote, and SoundCloud.

The first time you launch the application, you must have an active Internet connection on your device.

For some smartphones, the program may require root, a full list of such devices can be found on the developers website or on Google Play using the link above.

Call recording

The last application that we want to tell you about in today’s review of programs for recording telephone conversations is the familiar name Recording Calls (Rec). The program can do everything the same as its colleagues, that is, automatically write conversations, select various sources for recording (microphone, line), adjust the quality of the resulting file, write sound in 3GP or MP4 format. Bluetooth or a handsfree headset is not supported.

The program is localized in Russian and Ukrainian; also the full version without ads is now available on the Google Play Market.

We examined the most popular applications for automatic and manual recording of telephone conversations in the Android operating system. As mentioned above, not all of them and not on all models of phones or tablets will allow you to record a call to the recorder easily and without problems. Try different settings, install different applications, look for information about your model of mobile device on the Internet, and, quite possibly, luck will smile at you.