How To Receive Sms On iPad Air 2

How To Receive Sms On iPad Air 2

Unfortunately, by standard means SMS from iPad cannot be sent. But, fortunately, there is a special application for sending them, called the “SMS Center”, created by Russian developers and distributed free of charge. You can download the “SMS Center” in the Russian AppStore (note that it is not in the American AppStore).

Limitations when sending SMS from iPad

When sending free SMS ok from iPad, there are some restrictions, namely:

  1. The number of free sms is limited to 30 pieces per month, the rest. For a small fee
  2. You cannot receive messages on the iPad, only send
  3. To send SMS you will have to enter the number of your cell phone, on behalf of which SMS will be sent. You will also need to confirm the rights to this number.
  4. To send SMS messages from iPad, you need to be connected to a Wi-Fi network (or 3G)

Install the application for sending SMS from iPad

Now I will describe in detail the whole process of sending a free SMS message from iPad:

  1. Download and install the program “SMS-center”
    • Go to the AppStore
    • In the search we type the SMS center
    • On the found application “SMS center” click “Free”
    • Next, click “Install” in the same place and wait for the application to install.
    • We launch the installed SMS-center on Aypad
    • You will see something like a screen like the one on the left. Answer the question asked. If you select “disable”, then you will not be able to receive notifications. Read the rules for using the service.
    • After that, you will be asked to enter the phone number on behalf of which messages will be sent. At this point I want to dwell in more detail.

    The fact is that entering your phone numbers on the Internet is not safe. They may charge you money, sign you up for an expensive paid subscription, add it to spam mailing lists, etc. Therefore, most people are wary of such things, including myself.

    Having entered my phone number in the “SMS-center” program (not without some doubts) and having sent several SMS messages from this application in the future, I can write my observations:

    • Money for SMS really did not write off
    • Paid subscription has not been seen
    • Spam did not come

    Thus, I think that, at least at the time of writing, the service works honestly. But of course, I can’t give any guarantees in this case, the developers of this service decide everything.

  2. So, to the entered phone number you get a code that you enter to confirm your rights to it on the page that opens.
  3. Then you get to the page from which you can send SMS.
  4. Create a new SMS

    1. Click on the icon located in the upper right
    2. We enter the phone number to which you want to send SMS (this number, by the way, can be added to the “contacts” and selected from there without having to re-enter it each time. I won’t tell you in detail how to do this, I think you will figure it out yourself)
    3. Below we write the text of the message
    4. Click the “Submit” button
    5. That’s all, your message is already at the addressee. He will receive a message with information about the phone number you entered at the very beginning.

    Application interface

    Now a few words about the application interface

    In the center you can see the previously sent SMS

    At the bottom right, the “Information” button with the terms of use of the service

    At the bottom left is the Buy button, by clicking which you can purchase the ability to send additional SMSs for a small fee

    At the bottom left is also the Settings button, by clicking which you can specify whether you want to receive SMS delivery notifications and whether to show the number of characters when typing a message. I can say that for some reason these two points did not work for me. Perhaps due to the fact that the first time I started the SMS center, I chose not to receive notifications.

    By the way, here you can delete the entered phone number.

    Well, that seems to be all.


    Probably, when you read this article, the question came up from time to time: “Why, in fact, send SMS from the iPad, if you have a cell phone?”

    I can give you a choice of several suitable options:

    • The phone is dead or it runs out of money
    • The phone is too lazy to get, and the iPad is already at hand
    • Just for fun
    • On iPad it’s easier to type long text. Here, pay attention to the fact that the length of the free SMS seems to be limited, but I can’t say for sure, because I don’t know for sure, so read the rules or experiment!

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