How to put music on a ringtone on iPhone

Rington, iPhone, iTunes. How to make and put? Help is already here!

Hello! Honestly, I try not to write about what is already described on the Internet so many times. It is boring to repeat the same thing several times. But sometimes there are still exceptions to do exceptions: firstly, someone no, no, will ask about the creation of ringtones (where it is more convenient to give a link to his article, than send a person to “google”), and secondly, there are no instructions a lot of instructions.Maybe someone will come in handy.

But the most important reason for the appearance of this article is in another. I recently came across a cool song, I wanted to install it on a call, but in iTunes Store all the ringtones of this composition is as stupid as possible. What to do? That’s right. Create a melody of calling yourself. And since such a booze went, then why not write about it?

How to Set Any Song as Ringtone on iPhone (2022) Without Computer | iOS 14 / iOS 15

Attention! If something does not work out or some mistakes arise, then feel free to ask your questions in the comment-I will definitely try to help.

But for starters, at least try to create a ringtone yourself following this instruction. Believe me, there is nothing complicated in this (be careful and everything will work out). Now let’s go for sure!:)

music, ringtone, iphone

The duration of the ringtone cannot exceed 40 seconds (this is the restriction from Apple).

If your music file is fed into these frames, then steps 2 and 3 can be safely skipped. If not, then carry out all points strictly in order.

How to put your melody on the iPhone for free

Well, what can I say, Apple big fellows. They made the process of installing ringtones not from the list very difficult. Of course, they give us this opportunity, but everything is specially confused so that it is easier for many to pay 1 than to understand. But we are not one of those. We will reach the very end. Go!

  • This item will be the easiest. We need to download mp3 melodia for the future rington from the Internet. We all know how to use such sites, so we will not touch this.
  • We download the app “Garageband”. This is the original Apple application, no problems will arise.
  • In the application itself, first press the “continue” several times, then we get on the main screen.

We are interested in the screen “Audioral Corder”.

Just slipping on any part of the screen and the recorder itself is launched, click on the “paths” button.

The picture on the screen changes a little. We need to click on the button with the image of the loop.

Then we get into the sound menu, where we click on the “files” tab on the tab. And the blue line “View objects from the Files program” appears.

After clicking on this blue line, the files themselves open. Either your song is right on this screen, or look for it in the “Review” tab. Well, there you will figure it out without me.

I had a song in recent. So that the song from the list goes to the editor: we pinch the line with the song, move your finger a little to the left and substitute the song at the very beginning of the audio road.

Then, in the upper left corner, click on either the arrow or the triangle. And we slip through the pop.Up letters “My songs”.

Your ringtone is ready. But this is not the end). We read on!

And now your ringtone needs to be put on a call or somehow use. We continue:

It needs the latest line. “share”. Yes, I didn’t expect either) I thought that it would “use it” or something else.

We share. And here is the whole window “Export of the song”. Well, press Rington, I think we have a guessed readers).

At the next stage, you need to change the name from “my song” to some other. Personally, I did not invent anything and used the name of the song itself. After that, click “export”. This process takes a little time.

Then we touch the stack “Use the sound like”.

Well, choose where your hit will sound.

music, ringtone, iphone

After choosing, the window disappears. And you again find yourself in the “recent”. We do not need more “Garageband”, we close it.

Rington is already used where you wanted. This can be checked by moving into the settings of “sounds and tactile signals”. Or in the contact settings to which you have appropriated your call.

You can delete the ringtone in the simplest way: again we go into “sounds, tactile signals”, look for our ringtone and brush to the left, click “Delete”.

Fuuh, it was not easy. But you saved a whole dollar). Write to us in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев how many ringtones you created with our help, and we will calculate your savings).

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We download it through the Chinese analogue of iTunes. Itools

An easy, understandable ITOLS program has seriously replaced the apple application, and deservedly became popular among the owners of expensive iPhone gadgets. Its advantage is in:

  • The minimum size of MB
  • Quick loading that gives a 5-fold time savings
  • Opportunities to download videos, photos in various formats
  • The ability to set your favorite melody on a call without synchronization and in a matter of seconds

Before you start installing a call on the iPhone using the ITOLS program, you need to download it to a personal computer. The current version for Mac OS and Windows can be found here

Open the program, select “Tools” in the upper left corner, then press the bell icon on the right. “Create a ringtone” (or you can press the label right on the first screen of the program);

In the new window, the last column on the right “Choice from a phone or computer” (1). Click and choose a composition on the basis of which ringtone will be created. You can listen to the track, set the beginning and end of the rington in the window below (2). Choose the desired segment of the melody, cut and save a new track to the desktop (3);

The iPhone is connected using a USB-shnoura to the PC, the ITOLS program selects Media, then the Rington tab opens in the right column and the preserved melody is dragged into it directly from the desktop. Or you can connect the iPhone to the computer before starting the operation and immediately press the “import on the phone”.

Ready! It remains to go with the iPhone to the “Settings”, “Sounds”, “Rington” folder, select the last added file and install it on a common incoming call or on a particular subscriber.

Simplicity of installing, unpacking the melody of the iPhone melody using the ITOLS program favorably different from iTunes, but, as they say, the choice remains with the user.

How to put music on a call on the iPhone

For the iPhone there are a number of restrictions that relate to the installation of their music on the call. Firstly, as a melody of a call, you cannot use conventional mp3 files, to which everyone is so accustomed. In order for music to be placed on a call, it must first be converted into the M4R format. Secondly, the length of the melody is also limited. In order to use the melody as a ringtone, its length should not exceed 40 seconds.

It is already difficult? But, if you look for information about this on the Internet, then everything will become even more difficult. Since most articles that can be found on this topic offer to use iTunes to cut music and its converting from MP3 format to M4R, the more not experienced users are confused.

We offer you a simpler way to put music on a call to your iPhone. The article will be relevant for all modern iPhone versions, including iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 6, 6s and 7.

Pruning and conversion of music in M4R.

To trim and convert music, we will not use iTunes, as is often recommended on the Internet. Instead, we will follow the path of minimal resistance and use online music pruning services. In particular, we will use the site http: // www.Mp3cut.Ru/.

So, go to mp3cut.Ru and click on the “Open File” button.

After that, a regular window selected a file will appear. Choose a musical composition that you would like to use as a call melody and click on the “Open” button.

After that, the musical composition will load to the MP3Cut website.Ru and a simple music editor will appear in front of you. Here it is necessary to note the beginning and end of the melody that you want to put on the iPhone call. To do this, you need to move two blue sliders. It should be remembered that the maximum length of the ringtone for the iPhone should not exceed 40 seconds.

After you have chosen the desired segment of the musical composition, you need to click on the “Rington for iPhone” button. If this is not done, then after pruning music you will receive a file in mp3 format, and we, as you remember, need an ACC format.

After choosing a suitable piece of music and pressing the “Rington for the iPhone” button, you just need to click on the “Cut” button.

After that, the service will perform music, converting it into the desired format and offer you download the resulting ringtone. Click on the “Download” link and upload the file to our computer.

As a result, you will get a M4R file. Music in this format can easily be put on the iPhone call.

We load the resulting ringtone on iPhone using iTunes.

(2021) How to set ANY Song as iPhone Ringtone. Free and No Computer!

Now we need the help of iTunes. Therefore, we launch iTunes, open the section “Media. The last additions” and simply drag the M4R file here, which we downloaded from the MP3Cut website.Ru.

After that, you need to go to the iPhone settings. To do this, click on the device icon in the upper left corner of the iTunes program.

Now you need to go to the “Sounds” section in the iPhone settings. Here you need to enable the “Synchronize sounds” function and choose the music that you want to put on the iPhone call. Here, in the list of available sounds, musical compositions that you added to the media should appear.

After turning on the synchronization and choosing the necessary compositions, click on the “Apply” button, which is located at the bottom of the iTunes window.

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Choose the desired music in iPhone settings.

After you synchronized the sounds in iTunes, you need to return to the iPhone. Open the settings on the iPhone and go to the “Sounds” section.

After that, a list of available ringtones will appear. In addition to standard ringtones, this list should be those that you added through iTunes.

Now, in order to put music on the iPhone call, it remains to just set the mark opposite the right ringtone and get out of the settings.

How to put a song on a call in iPhone (iTunes 12.6 or more old versions)

First of all, it is necessary to make certain settings. Go to the “Start” → “Management Panel” → “Fands Paragraphs” (“Properties of the folder”), go to the “View” tab and remove the box near the “Hide extensions for registered types of files”. This will be needed to rename the Rington created by us.

Open iTunes and add the song by clicking the “File” → “Add the File to the Library”. Listen to a song and a segment from it that you would like to hear as a call. The maximum length of the played path is 40 seconds. Click on the song with the right button and select “Information”. Go to the “Parameters” tab and indicate the desired start time and the end of the call (the sound file itself will not be incapable). After the end of the selection of the interval, click “OK”.

Press the right button on the song you have chosen and select “Create a version in AAC format”. You will see another copy of the future rington.

Click with the right mouse button on the new song and select “Show in Windows Explorer”. The selected file must be renamed into the extension M4R (iPhone ringtones format).

Drag the ringtone in iTunes (or add the “file” → “Add the file to the library” familiar. It will appear in the new category “Sounds”, which will contain all the ringtones.

Synchronize iPhone with a computer. After the completion of the synchronization of the ringtone can be found by going into “Settings” → “Sounds” → “Rington”.

After completing the procedure, be sure to remove the start time and the end of playing the original melody. Just remove the checkmarks that were installed in paragraph 3.

How to create a ringtone for iPhone through iTunes

As mentioned above, the rington for the iPhone should have a M4R format, regular mp3 files or music in other formats will not work. Therefore, in order to use the song you have as a ringtone, you must first prepare it. You can do this in different ways, first we will tell you how it is done using iTunes.

To begin with, the composition you want to put on the ring must be in the iTunes media text. If she is already there, then everything is fine, you can start preparing a rington. If not, then first load it into the media. To do this, open the “Music” section in iTunes and drag the necessary files into it or use the “File. Add File to the Media Text” menu. Details about how to download music into the iTunes media text can be read in this article.

After the composition was added to the media text for it, you need to click on the right button and choose the option “Information about the song”.

As a result, a window with information about the selected song will open. Here on the “Parameters” tab, you can trim the song. To do this, turn on the “beginning” and “end” options and indicate the time that will serve as the beginning and end of your Rington. The period of time must be chosen so that it does not exceed 40 seconds, otherwise the iPhone will not be able to define it as a ringtone. After cutting, do not forget to press the OK button.

After that, we return to the iTunes media text and select the file that should become a ringtone for the iPhone. At the same time, we do not pay attention to the fact that after trimming the duration of the composition has not changed, it should be so. Having selected the file, open the “file” menu and select “Convert. Create a version in AAC format” (in some versions of iTunes, this menu is called “Transforming. Create a version in AAC”).

As a result, next to the original composition in the media text, its copy will appear. Over, the duration of the new file will already be the same as we indicated earlier.

Now you need to click on the right button according to the cut version of the composition and select “Show in Windows conductor”.

After that, the folder in which the circumcised version of the composition is located will open. In this case, this file will have an extension M4A. In order for it to be used as a ringtone for the iPhone, its expansion must be changed to M4R or in other words, so that at the end of the file there is M4R, not M4A.

music, ringtone, iphone

If you do not display file extensions, then you need to change the Windows conductor parameters. To do this, open the “Start” menu and enter the search query “folders” if you have Windows 7 or a request “Explorer” if you have Windows 10.

In the parameters of the conductor, you need to take the “View” tab, turn off the “Hide Expand” option and save the settings by pressing the OK button. After that, it will be possible to change the expansion of the rington from M4R to M4A.

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After changing the expansion, the ringtone is ready, it can be loaded into Pam’yat iPhone. About how this will be described at the end of the article. In the meantime, an alternative way to create ringtones, without using the iTunes program and without renaming files.

How to make a ringtone on iPhone without PC

Install the GarageBand application on the iPhone and run it.

Go to the Audioral Corder menu, piercing the application on it on the main screen of the application.

Press the button with the image of the layers in the upper left corner (shown in the screenshot below).

Turn off the metronome by clicking on the button with its image.

Click on the “” button to the right of the track track.

In the “Song section” window that opens, select “Section A” and activate the switch “automatically”.

Click on the icon with the image of the loop in the upper right corner of the screen, select the “Music” tab.

Find the song from which you want to make a ringtone, click on it with your finger and transfer to the track on the main screen of the application.

Click on an imported track in order to go into editing mode.

Change the length of the song, moving the edges of the beginning and the end of the track. We pay attention to the fact that the duration of the ringtone should be 30 seconds.

For the most accurate creation of the rington, bring the track with stretching it with two fingers.

After the ringtone is created, click on the triangle (or the inscription “My songs”) in the upper left corner. You will go to the list of songs created in Garageband.

Slide on the created ringtone, click “Share” → “Rington”, indicate the name of the rington and complete the operation by clicking “Export”.

Ready! Your ring has become available for installation in the “Settings” menu. “Sounds”.

How to create a ringtone on iPhone

We find and download any song or ready.Made ringtone in mp3 format.

Now you can download almost any track on the network without problems, and the new Safari capabilities in iOS 13 allow you to download any types of files.

We keep the melody you like in the application files. Another IOS 13 useful feature is useful here.

Download on the iPhone application Garageband. A free program for creating music from Apple will help to turn a song into ringtones into two accounts.

Launch GarageBand and select the track template. Audioral Corder.

We switch to path editing mode.

Open the manager of objects.

Select downloaded melody from the file file.

We drag it onto the free path.

You can trim the melody, add filters, apply effects and even reduce with another melody at your discretion.

We go to the menu with the created melodies.

In the context menu of the melody, we choose to share.

In the export window, select Rington.

At the last step, we indicate what a melody we want to use the track.

All! You can install your melody on all incoming calls or calls from selected subscribers.

If you follow the Tuning Path. Sounds, tactile signals. Ringtone, you will see all the created melodies.

music, ringtone, iphone

With the help of a side pile, you can remove unnecessary.

To bookmarks

Rington installation through iTunes Store

If the user has the opportunity to purchase a track you like, you can do it through the iTunes store. The functionality of the application allows the owners of the iPhone to listen and buy a short passage of a song or a whole album of the performer.

The right to listen and download the purchased tracks are assigned to the user forever using Apple id. So, having downloaded your favorite melody, you can install it on the ringtone. For this:

  • Buy the desired track in any of the sections of the application. Foreign or Russian.
  • Click on the track and at the bottom of the screen select the “Sound” section and set the song as a melody of the call by clicking “OK”.

This is the fastest way to change and download the necessary melody for your phone, but it is suitable only for those who are ready to pay for music.

Russian.Speaking songs are much cheaper than foreign. On average, the track can cost 19 or 12 if there is a discount.

To put or change the ringtone to the iPhone, you can use both “native” applications and third.Party applications. But since Apple’s phones requires audio recordings with a certain format. M4R, you need not only to convert the file, but also cut it according to the timing up to 30 seconds. Otherwise, the smartphone does not recognize the track and put it on the melody of the call. The rest of the process is enough light. The user can go the easiest way and purchase a track through iTunes Store to put it on the ringtone right on the phone. But since not all iPhone owners are ready to pay for music, this option remains in the end, if for some reason neither “native” nor outside applications helped transfer music to the phone.

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