How to put a protective glass on your smartphone

How to glue a protective glass yourself. 5 easy steps

I’ve been thinking about putting protective glass on my smartphone for a long time. I know that for some people the process of gluing turns into a torture, because not always get the procedure without flaws. Especially when you don’t have a spare window protector. So I decided to share with you a simple and effective method that I myself have used for several years.

Preparing myself for this important process, I somehow remembered how I glued films about 10 years ago when I was working in the service center. I remember that at first the results were not the best. air bubbles, hairs and dust got under the film. Over the years my gluing skills have been well honed. And today I will tell you a tiphack that will answer the question how to glue the protective glass at home. My guide is suitable for owners of smartphones on Android, as well as iPhone users.

Before we begin, I want to talk about the glass itself. The thing is, even if you follow all the rules, the result can be disappointing. And it’s not even about the skill, it’s about the glass itself.

To begin with you should take the necessary equipment. And so, we will need:

  • Protective glass on the phone;
  • Painting tape;
  • Double-sided adhesive tape;
  • Scissors;
  • Microfiber cloth or other soft rags.

How to glue safety glass

In fact, you can do without all of this, here it is a matter of technique

Tip! I recommend gluing indoors without wind and dust. This reduces the chance of getting dirt under the glass to virtually zero.

How to paste safety glass (instructions)

You have decided to protect the screen of your phone and have bought or only plan to buy a protective glass. It is commendable! But the purchase is not the end of it. You also need to glue it on your gadget. Of course, it is better to leave this job to professionals. For example, you can glue the protective glass in our store. Our craftsmen will do it right in front of you for only 40 000.

Are used to do everything yourself? Then you can glue the glass yourself, it is not so difficult. Hands shake? You don’t know where to start?? Read our article on how to stick a protective glass on the phone screen quickly and without losses.

For those who want to first see with their own eyes how our craftsman does it, we have made a video.

First, let’s understand what safety glass is.

The glass looks a lot like an ordinary protective film. It is the same flexible and transparent, only more dense. Safety glass is usually between 0.15 and 0.33 mm thick. Agree, not so much.

But it is still different from the film. Mainly in its protective properties:

  • First, it is scratch-resistant. You can cut it with a knife, scissors, keys. the glass is safe.
  • Second, it absorbs any impact. You dropped your phone with the display facing down? The only thing that will break is the protective glass. By the way, do not worry about splinters, they will remain on the glass, as if glued to each other.
  • Thirdly, it sits much better and harder on the screen. And sticker glass is much faster than film.

So, let’s get ready for work and start by looking at what we have in the box with the glass. Different manufacturers have different sets of kits, but in general they do not differ much from each other. We have a standard set: alcohol wipe, microfiber cloth and glass itself.

If your kit lacks any of the above items, any of the items can be replaced with improvised means.

Now wash your hands well so you don’t accidentally leave grease stains on the screen or glass. Prepare a place to work. The best place for a sticker is a table or other horizontal hard surface. The main thing is to take care about good lighting of the workplace, otherwise you risk gluing the glass instead of dust and streaks.

Take your phone. If his screen is covered with a film, then remove it, you will no longer need it.

Take an alcohol wipe. If you do not have one, use a regular cotton pad soaked in alcohol or vodka. Neither is available? Perfume or cologne are good substitutes.

Wipe the screen, thus degreasing it. Work on every inch of it, don’t miss a spot.

Take dry wipe (both microfiber and usual cloth for wiping glasses or simply cotton cloth will do). Wipe the screen dry.

After that take the phone in hands and twist it in the light. Examine it closely to see if there are any stains or dust particles. Carefully remove them.

To remove the dust well, you can use a regular transparent adhesive tape (it is transparent, as the duct tape or paper tape can leave sticky residue). Simply lay it on the sticky side against the glass, picking up the dust. But don’t forget to wipe the display with a dry cloth again.

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Now take the glass. It is covered with a protective film on the adhesive side. Remove it.

Carefully put the glass to the screen. Hold it by the edges, don’t touch the inside or outside surface. Align the glass around the edges of the display, the speaker and buttons (if any). Take your time and be very careful.

Do not hold the glass too far away from the display, otherwise it will start to collect flying dust in the air.

Once you’re sure you’ve aligned the glass around the edges, release it onto the screen. Thanks to the silicone coating, the glass glues itself.

Of course, it is not possible to glue the protective glass perfectly at once. Small s of air will form underneath it. Air is blocked under the glass? It’s very easy to get rid of: just run a dry cloth over the screen, pushing the bubble out from under the glass.

It happens that despite all our tricks some tiny dust particles still get under the glass. Do not panic! We again take a scraper and peel off the part of the glass where the dust got.

Take a scotch tape and stick it on the dust (that is, on the back side of the glass) and peel it off sharply. It is possible to repeat this process several times, for reliability. Then gently glue it down again. Dust is gone!

All of the air bubbles and dust particles are gone? The glass is glued exactly to the edges of the display?

Congratulations! You’ve done it! Now your phone screen is refreshed and protected!

Install the glass in 6 steps

Installing both types of accessories is very simple. You don’t need to go to a special service center. Follow our instructions.

  • Clean your workplace (this is important). Make sure that there is no dust on the work surface: it can get under the protective glass and stay there. It will not be good.
  • Put all the contents of the box on a clean surface, clean the phone screen with a special cloth and display cleaner. Make sure the screen is dry and do not touch it with your hands to avoid leaving grease stains and streaks;
  • Unpack and prepare the protective glass. Detach the film from the accessory. Sticky side will be in contact with the phone display. Afterwards, do not touch the glass in the same way. Otherwise, your fingerprints will be left on the accessory;
  • Gently flip it upside down with the adhesive side down. It must not come into contact with anything. Generally. Hold the glass at a right angle to the phone screen. The glass should be directly in front of the screen: as straight and accurate as possible;
  • Glue. The following steps should be carried out clearly and quickly. Gradually glue the glass to the screen. Start at the top and work your way down. Let go of the film, let the sides glue themselves. If you have cleaned your phone well there will be no bubbles;
  • Smooth the surface. Take a piece of microfiber or a clean cloth. Gently smooth out the applied glass, moving from the center to the sides. Press lightly on the phone. This will help remove the imperfections of the glue.

That’s it, you’re great. Now remove the protective film from the outside of the glass and use your phone. The additional screen should not affect the picture quality and the display response to commands in any way.

What to do if something goes wrong

There are situations when it is not possible to completely clean the phone before gluing. In such cases, the responsiveness of the sensor is impaired. In this case you can carefully remove the glass, put it aside, re-clean the screen surface and glue it back on.

Please note! You can only do this trick once. It is not recommended to remove the protective glass repeatedly. it will only get worse.

Protective film or glass

Protective film and protective glass are not the same thing! Glass is much denser than a film, it does not impair the “clickability” of the screen and color rendering, saves the display better if the phone falls from a height, can improve image quality in bright sunlight, thanks to anti-reflective coating. So when there is a question of what to choose, film or glass, it is better to give their preference to the protective glass.

By the way, it is worth noting that the protective glass is much easier to glue than the film!

How to properly stick protective glass on your phone

First let’s list what you need for the procedure, and then we’ll describe it.

Prepare all the tools

  • A microfiber cloth/cloth or other lint-free cloth (two. one will be wet, the other dry);
  • scotch tape and scissors;
  • Liquid for wiping the displays or alcohol (preferably also antistatic), you can take perfume or cologne;
  • Medical gloves (optional);
  • Plastic card, plectrum or other similar thin object.

Let’s glue the glass step by step

  • It is desirable to clean the air in the room from dust before the procedure itself, for example, with a humidifier with ionization. Dust under the weight of microscopic droplets will settle. Wear lint-free clothing, such as a regular T-shirt. Wipe the table or other surface where you are going to glue the glass. Do not forget to wash your hands and wipe them dry. If gloves are available, wear them.
  • Wipe the screen with alcohol or a special display cleaner. There is usually a wet alcohol wipe and one dry wipe included with the glass. If you don’t have wipes, use your own. Alcohol will degrease the surface. the bond between the glass and the screen will be better. It is important to wipe the screen dry.
  • Optionally you can go over the screen with a scotch tape to permanently remove all dust.
  • Grasp the glass itself carefully by the edges. Use the label to remove the first protective film from the factory. Do not touch this side with your fingers to avoid leaving fingerprints, as there is no longer any protection. Place the glass 1 cm closer to the phone to try it on. Catch the correct position of the glass, taking into account the hole for the speakers and the contour of the device.
  • Lower the glass by pressing it down slightly. It will glue itself. Press any bubbles that may have formed to the edges with a dry cloth if necessary.
  • Remove the top protective film from the glass with another label.
  • If there’s a bubble under the glass that won’t come off or a lint/dust particle, don’t worry. you can fix it quickly. To do this, gently lift the glass with a pick, thin plastic card or other similar object (you need to gently pry one of the corners). Take out the glass with a pair of tweezers or tape. Put the glass back in place.
  • Repeat the same steps to clean the display.
  • Before removing the first film, just put the glass on the screen, determine its position on the smartphone.
  • Now take scotch tape or duct tape (cut off pieces) and tape the phone and glass together on one side. On the other side of the glass also stick a piece of tape. it will be a handle.
  • You’ll get something like a book. open it up with a piece of duct tape or adhesive tape. Remove the first film and carefully put the glass back on the display using the same piece.
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How to properly and accurately glue the protective glass on the screen of Samsung smartphone without bubbles: instructions, photo video

Protective glass is a reliable barrier against scratches, bumps, chips. After installing additional means of protection, various defects in the display of your gadget are not afraid of.

If you follow the instructions, you can cope with this difficult task at home by yourself.

Protective glass is a reliable barrier against scratches, bumps, chips.

How to glue the protective glass on the screen of your smartphone?

  • A beginner may think that the process of gluing a protective glass is complicated. But, with a little practice, you become a true expert in this matter.
  • Significant difference does not exist in the fact, on the screen of a device you will install a protective coating. Whether it is an iPhone, smartphone or tablet, the procedure does not have significant differences.
  • Inexperienced people should start the process of sticking protection not from the screen, but from the back of the gadget, so you don’t have to repeatedly glue it on.

The fact that the screen of the device needs to be protected, you need to think immediately after its purchase, because the display is very sensitive. Various mechanical damages can appear even if the device is constantly in the

There is a possibility of scratches from coins, keys, or just from the fact that the owner of the device scratches the gadget display with his fingernail. If there are minimal scratches on the display during the process of attaching the protective glass, no manipulation will save you from the appearance of bubbles.

That is why if you decide to remove the old protective glass and replace it with a new one, you need to act very carefully.

What you need for work:

  • Let’s begin the process of gluing protective glass with the preparation of the workplace. In the room where you will be doing a protective coating, you need to do wet cleaning.
  • This way you will minimize the amount of dust and micro debris floating in the air. Avoid air bubbles if the process of sticking safety glass will take place in the kitchen or bathroom.
  • If you will glue safety glass in the bedroom, you will need to spray water from a sprayer, so that the available here in large quantities of textiles do not attract debris particles and do not complicate the procedure.
  • Hands should be washed with soap and water. It is also worth carrying damp cloths in case, in spite of cleaning, dust particles get on your hands or on the working surface. You can remove them without having to get up.
  • All the tools, instruments and protective glass must be placed on a clean work surface.
  • Clean the phone display with a microfiber cloth or standard alcoholic. It is important to remove all contaminants left after removing the old protective glass.
  • You can use a special cleaner, which is sold in hardware stores.
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If you have time, it is possible to prepare the remedy by yourself. The recipe is as follows:

  • Take 5 parts water and one part alcohol.
  • Add dishwashing liquid to the mixture (a little).
  • With this mixture we rub the screen of the phone till shining.
  • Remove any remaining dust or micro debris with a piece of scotch tape.
  • Take out the protective glass from the package. Find the film and remove it. It is necessary to place the protective glass so that the central button and the speaker coincide with holes in the glass.
  • We pass a finger from the center to the bottom edge, thus fixing the overlay surface.
  • Take a credit card or a special spatula often sold together with a protective glass. Slide it over the glued glass, not pressing too hard on its surface, and remove small air bubbles.
  • A few days after the procedure is complete, very tiny bumps will disappear on their own. However, it is necessary to ensure that the coating of the display had a smooth, perfectly flat surface.

Why protective tempered glass is better than a special film for the display:

  • Protective glass does not affect the color rendering and sensitivity of the gadget
  • Tempered glass. reliable protection of the original glass gadget from a fall and other mechanical damages
  • Glass at home is easier to stick, because bubbles remain under the film from dust particles of any size
  • It is almost impossible to detect the presence of protective glass on the screen
  • The gadget is not weighed with the presence of a protective glass, the same size remains
  • Protective glass has an oleophobic coating that provides reliable protection against mechanical damage
  • The surface of glass is pleasant to the touch.
  • Unlike a film, tempered glass does not peel off accidentally because it is fastened firmly and securely

If you have purchased a quality coating, then such a protective glass can be re-adhesive to your smartphone, iPhone 5, 5S, 6, 6S, 7, Xiaomi. If used again after carefully removing the coating, you will need to treat the adhesive side with formic alcohol.

  • The cloth is moistened with a special agent, and the glass is wiped gently. After that, you need to leave the gadget for a while so that the liquid will glass. The protection is installed in the same way as described above.
  • The main thing is to match the holes for the central button and the speaker. Air and residual liquid is expelled again with a credit card or a spatula.

Tips for choosing a protective glass

Stopping at this type of security, you should know that all glass is tempered, but endowed with different properties. There are two types of protective screens. with a glossy and matte coating.

In the first case the protection against scratches will be minimal because the screen itself can easily get slightly damaged. This type of glass is glued as an effective countermeasure to falls and bumps, preventing damage to the touchscreen.

A frosted protective glass on your iPhone or other types of gadgets will have a higher degree of protection, up to and including anti-reflective coating. The negative side of such a purchase will be the high price, especially if you buy a product of a well-known brand.

Choosing protection, be guided by the package, the features you need and feedback from other consumers. Feel free to leave a comment below, which will help other website users make the right choice based on personal experience.

Is it possible to re-glue the protective glass on the phone

Quality surfaces for iPhone 5s and other gadget models can be reused. To do this, you need to carefully remove the glass and treat the adhesive side with formic alcohol. Gently wipe it with a cloth soaked in this liquid, and give it some time to drain. Then install the protection according to the speaker and button. With light movements from the center to the edges expel the air and liquid. Small bubbles will disappear on their own in a day.

The clips below will tell you how to equip your gadget’s display at home without the help of a professional. You will learn how to stick protective glass on phones or tablets. With this coating the screen will be reliably protected from negative influences, which will allow it to retain its attractive appearance longer. Protection will keep your device from scratches, as well as absorb the impact of a fall. The sensitivity of your phone’s sensor will remain the same.

How to Glue Glass on Your Phone. Video

Let’s analyze some of the advantages and disadvantages of this element in comparison with the film.

  • expensive.
  • It’s hard to find the right fit for not-so-popular devices. cut under the screen is possible only a film.
  • The extra thickness can create problems, for example for a case.

There is also a risk that the display will get dirty quickly if the oleophobic coating is of poor quality. It happens that your smartphone model simply does not have it.

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