How to put a photo on a Xiaomi contact

Xiaomi does not display photo when calling

Despite the huge variety of functions in modern smartphones, telephone communication remains their most important purpose. Each person in the phone book has at least a couple of dozen recorded contacts, some of which we call quite regularly. A convenient function of any phone book is to assign a photo to any contact, which is displayed when he calls us, or we dial his number.

Users are faced with the problem that on some Xiaomi phones, the photo is not displayed when incoming calls. Instead of a photo, we see an empty space, or a photo cropped to a small circle is shown, which significantly worsens the appearance of the call screen and does not allow you to immediately determine who is calling.

Possible causes and solutions

Editing system resources

This section discusses how to fix errors by modifying system files. You must have root access. All actions you carry out at your own peril and risk.

One of the solutions to the problem is to replace the incallui.APK file, which is responsible for the operation of the telephone module. This method is suitable for all phones if you find a “dialer” from an earlier firmware version specifically for your phone (it is advisable to choose a firmware that is not too old, at least the last or the previous version). The work of the “dialer” from third-party firmware is not guaranteed, and in general can lead to the crash of the operating system.

Using any root explorer, find the incallui.APK file in the system / prv-app / InCallUI folder, and replace it with the one you downloaded earlier, assigning 644 rights to it using the explorer. It is advisable not to delete the old file in order to avoid a complete loss of system performance. and keep it in a safe place. After that, restart the phone. it should display the photo, as before.

An extreme case of troubleshooting would be to fully flash the phone with an older version of the operating system, or upgrade to a fixed version (more recent updates come with an already fixed error).

You can try to look for an alternative dialer on the Internet, maybe you will find a better solution than a regular program.

Thus, even not the most experienced user can easily restore the display of contact photos by the phone during an incoming call. Outgoing call should also show the photo in full screen.

Xiaomi contact photo 2 ways to add a photo

A photo for a contact in a phone notebook can be just a decoration, or it can be an additional functionality.

For example, if a manager in a company has many subordinates, and he cannot know everyone by name. In the Xiaomi device, the photo of contacts helps to understand exactly who we are calling if we do not remember the name of the subscriber. And also in a second to remember who is calling you, and not to guess in your head what “Vasya Petrov” is. It would seem that a simple action, install a photo in your phone’s notebook.

But, when you have not done this before, even here problems and difficulties can arise.

It turns out that there are several ways to do this.

In order for the next time you set a photo for a contact by default, check the box next to the “remember” line

Now, just go to the list of numbers to which the photo was attached to the subscriber and see the result.

After that, when you call, the contact’s photo will be displayed in full screen. These actions can be done with all your numbers in the Xiaomi phone book.

If you need to delete a photo, touch the picture and select “delete” in the tab that appears.

Select the line with the name of the subscriber to whom you plan to assign

I tried two options, the phone is new, X4, but after turning off the phone, the photos from the contact disappear, the contacts are on the SIM card, maybe the photo needs to be saved to some other folder?

I will join. Also I can not add a contact photo. No rights.!

Thank you. Everything is so simple, but it did not work

you need contacts if they are on a SIM card to synchronize with Google and everything will turn out

In the settings of the system application contacts there are switches for displaying photos. Click, it helped me

I clicked a bunch of things, but there’s no sense!, writes no rights (

The photo is set, but when they call the photo is not displayed (((

Can I add a photo for the group? For example, I have a created group of one of the partners, it would be convenient for me if they had the same photo picture. Or just put on each photo?

Miracles! in my world 6 there is no installation of a photo on a contact. There is not even such a wording in pop-up windows ANYWHERE.

Everything turned out great and even sent to the slave table. Thank you very much!

Hello ! I have Xiaomi Mi A2. I was wiser for a long time with attaching photos to contacts. Through the smartphone itself, nothing worked. I went to GOOGLE contacts through my account on the computer, there all contacts are easily edited and photos are attached and deleted and edited as needed. after a couple of seconds, the changes are reflected in the contacts of the smartphone. Good luck to all. You will succeed )))))

How to turn on the visibility of all numbers from the phone memory and SIM card in Xiaomi settings

On this page you will find information on what to do if all contacts in the phone book are not displayed on Xiaomi. You bought a smartphone, inserted a SIM card, but the numbers from the SIM card are not visible in the phone?

Many users of Android devices, including Xiaomi users, face this problem, it happens that the contacts stored in the phone’s memory are visible, but the contacts on the SIM card are not visible, or vice versa, or the numbers from the phone’s memory and from one SIM card are visible, and the numbers from the second sims are not visible. In this article, we will tell and show with screenshots where on Xiaomi Redmi 4 in the settings you can change to display all contacts, including contacts in the phone’s memory, from the SIM card, if 2 SIM cards are supported, then from both SIM cards, as well as contacts in applications. On most Android devices, to enable the display of all contacts, you need to open contacts and select a filter in the settings and select “all contacts” there, but on Xiaomi smartphones, for some reason, this process is a little more complicated and the average user cannot always reach this point on his own.

XIAOMI Redmi Note 9 Add Photo to Contact

Now let’s see how to set up so that all numbers are visible on Xiaomi Redmi 4 and similar Android smartphones and tablets. Open “Contacts” by clicking on the corresponding icon in applications or click on the “Phone” icon and then select “Contacts” at the top of the screen, in both cases we get into contacts.

In Xiaomi contacts, we need to call up the contacts settings menu, for this we need to press and hold the touch button in the form of three horizontal stripes located under the screen on the left side. Next, in the contacts menu that opens, select the “Display” or “Display settings” item. Look at the picture below.

In the display settings menu that appears, select “Filter contacts”. Now you get to the contact filter on Xiaomi where you can choose which numbers you want to be displayed in contacts and which ones should not be visible there.

You can configure that the phone book contains both numbers from the phone’s memory, and from SIM cards and applications. If you want all contacts to be visible, then select the “All contacts” item, which is usually at the very beginning of the list of possible actions, if you need only from the SIM card or stored in the phone’s memory, then select these items.

I hope you were able to turn on the visibility of all contacts on Xiaomi. Do not forget to leave a review and indicate the model of your device, to which this info came up or not, so that others can get useful information from you. If the contact filter is configured differently on your smartphone, please share below in the reviews. Thank you for your kindness and helpful advice.!

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Reviews are not showing all contacts on Xiaomi

Add feedback or share useful page information.

UPDATE THE REVIEW PAGE Author:Maria 16-11-2021 18 hours 46 min. Message: Contact filter tab missing. missing after update. numbers missing. Author:Alexander Kryukov 27-04-2021 16 hours 45 min Message: Thank you! MI8. Everything is working Author:Irina 13-02-2020 15 hours 22 min. Message: Thank you, very helpful, everything is clear and understandable, quickly restored. I have redmi5a. Author:Rustam 28-12-2019 07 hours 31 min Message: Useless instruction, Xiaomi note 8 has no horizontal dots Author:Igor 01-08-2019 16 hours 40 min. Message: MiMax2. everything worked out Author:Elena 19-03-2019 16 hours 12 min. Message: Did not work, writes that there are no contacts on the SIM card Author:Vladimir 18-03-2019 20 hours 32 min Message: Thank you Author: Evgeny Mikhailovich 20-02-2019 17 hours 38 min Message: I have Hyomi 4x. Thanks for the tip, it worked. Author:Tatiana 13-09-2018 12 noon 49 min Message: Thank you! I have Xiaomi Redmi 5 a, I did everything as stated in the article and everything is now displayed. Author:Vadim 25-08-2018 18 hours 04 min.Message:On Xiaomi Redmi s2 in the contact filter there is no phone or device at all. Author:Igor K. 31-07-2018 10 a.m. 03 min Message: Good afternoon! I have Redmi Note 4. Recently, some contacts are displayed 3 times. Removing one removes all. Please tell me what to do? In the settings, in the filters, “Default” “Only device-660 contacts” is selected, and when entering the notebook they are displayed. 1032 contacts. Author:Eugene 25-07-2018 14 hours 23 min. Message: I have all the contacts in the settings, but still not all are displayed, and the contacts from the phone periodically disappear Author:Alexandra L. 09-07-2018 17 hours 49 min Message: Thank you very much! Almost saved from a heart attack. Everything is displayed. Author:Olga 07-07-2018 22 hours 51 min Message: Didn’t help. Writes that there are no contacts on the sim card Author:Oksana 11-06-2018 11 a.m. 33 min. Message: Everything is written well and accessible. It worked for me on Xiaomi 5 Author:Alice 27-05-2018 21 hours. 26 min. Message: Thank you! info for Redmi 5a came up Author:Emil 09-05-2018 03 hours 34 min Message: Thanks for your help

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  • Launching the gallery.
  • Finding the right image.
  • Click on the inscription “”, which is located next to the three vertical dots, to open the snapshot menu.
  • Select “Install As”.
  • Tap on “Contact Photo”.
  • Adjusting the size of the image on the icon.
  • Click on the checkmark to save changes.
  • Go to “Settings” in “Whatsapp”.
  • Open the “Account Profile” section.
  • Click on your profile photo.
  • We choose where the system will download the photo from: the “Gallery” tab is responsible for the frames that are stored in the phone’s memory, and you need to go to the “Camera” if you want to take a new picture.
  • Click “Done”.

You need to go to Contacts, select the required contact, click on the contact icon, click Select from the addendum Gallery. This method does not work on Redmi note 8. Press the call button, select a contact, click on the inscription change contact. Click on the add photo icon.

  • On your Android phone or tablet, open the Contacts app.
  • Tap the contact you want to edit.
  • In the lower right corner of the screen, click the Edit icon.
  • Select an account if necessary.
  • Enter the contact’s name, email address, and phone number.

How to put a contact photo in full screen on Android

A contact photo in full screen is not only beautiful, but also informative. But, unfortunately, for many Android smartphones, the photo of a contact during a call takes up a very small window, which is very inconvenient. I will tell you how you can take a photo of the caller in full screen of the phone.

Setting up a photo for a contact

Before making a picture full screen, let’s figure out how to set a photo to a contact.

It’s not difficult at all. Keep a couple of ways how it can be done:

Through the Contacts app

Open the phone book and select the desired contact.

The system will prompt you to select a photo from the gallery or take a new photo with a smartphone camera.

Set photo to contact via standard gallery

Open the Gallery app on your phone and select the desired image.

Now, during a call, the selected picture will be displayed.

How to take a photo in full screen

And so, we have set a photo for a contact, now let’s figure out how to make it full screen during a call.

On some devices, the photo is displayed full screen by default when making a call. But what if your smartphone does not support this feature? In this case, special utilities will help us, we will consider one of them below.

Ultimate Caller ID Screen HD

The application is one of the best of its kind, has a friendly interface and a large number of settings. Let’s take a closer look at the settings.

  • Caller photo in full screen in HD quality
  • Incoming SMS in full screen
  • Full screen notification of missed calls
  • Black list (black list) of calls
  • Call management with gestures
  • And other settings

The free version of the program supports:

The application has a lot of settings. You can change almost the entire call window, a large number of gesture parameters, notifications, and more. Will please even the most experienced user.

When you first start the application, a setup wizard will open, which will guide you step by step to set the optimal values.

  • Set permission to intercept calls and SMS
  • Setting up notifications
  • We choose how the window will look when an incoming call. There are 5 options to choose from
  • Customizing the theme
  • Setting up gestures
  • Set up sensors in the same way.
  • Activate, if necessary, call blocking and blacklist
  • The last item can be left as is, just click next and you will see a window with congratulations that the setup was completed successfully.

Now, through the built-in contact manager, you need to assign pictures for subscribers. After that, the caller’s photo will be displayed in full screen.

Fix Redmi Note 9 Pro Can’t Set Profile Photos for Sim Contacts Problem Solved

Android emulators on PC

23 Комментарии и мнения владельцев

Honor 10lite can’t set photo to contact. When I click change, it writes a read-only contact

Ultimate Caller ID Screen HD for this query, Google Play offers two dozen programs. I downloaded about ten in turn. Nothing works. Asus max M2

Does not open on Android 9. Not installed by default. The standard application with a small photo opens.

The application does not work When a call is made, the caller hears that the called subscriber’s phone is blocked, changed the settings many times, the answer button stopped working. Demolished app.

I generally have Android 8.1, and the photo is also small.

Like sheep! On the old phone, where Android 5, the photo was in full screen. And on 7, small. Progress!

Installed yesterday. Everything works perfectly. Bought paid. I set a photo for all contacts. I set everything up without problems when calling a photo on the whole screen. Fine.

Am I just curious? Why did phone manufacturers make the photo small?! Sheep chtol ?

Try NickyCho, I’ve been using it for a year. There are some drawbacks, but from everything that is on the play store, this application works stably for a solid four.

On Android 8.1, the answer button also does not work on this program.

I downloaded and installed the trial version (installed a photo on 3 contacts), it works every other time. then the button does not work. answer the call, sometimes the photo is not displayed). Removed the software. Under no circumstances should you buy the full version.

I tried all similar programs and the answer button does not work for everyone

I tried all similar programs and the answer button does not work for everyone

Well, why? The system application will become only through ROOT rights, there are more minuses than pluses, look for another application.

Can you tell me what it is, I couldn’t find anything else. thanks for your reply.

how to make a system application? and so only a few photos are attached. until it’s all gone.

Fix Redmi Note 9 Pro Can’t Set Profile Photos For Sim Contacts Problem Solved

Make Ultimate Caller ID Screen HD a system app and it will work.

Yesterday I installed the free version of Ultimate Caller ID Screen HD on my Android 7.1.1 (Samsung Galaxy Note8). The program allowed to attach a photo to 6 contacts. It was also suggested to set the theme for other calls and SMS, but the downloaded theme was not installed, I had to be content with what was by default. Photos attached without problems, when calling, they were really displayed in full screen. The call button to accept / reject worked (although with double exposure, but personally I was not very upset). Gestures refused to function (but you can safely do without it, the main thing is a beautiful photo on the whole screen). In general, the program was satisfied, but exactly one day. Today, pictures from three contacts flew off and when I tried to attach them again, the program referred to the exhaustion of the limit. Waiting for the limit of attached contacts to decrease to zero, I did not demolish the program. Naturally, the desire to purchase a paid version (and there was one at the beginning) disappeared completely.

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Hello! I installed the app on android. Xiaomi Mi A1. Everything seems to be normal. Photos also appear when you call a contact and a photo of a contact when he calls. But when a contact rings, the green Reply buttons do not work. The button disappears, and the subscriber appears busy. In general, I can call, but I can’t. The green button does not work. What needs to be done to remedy the situation?

this is old version and not suitable for your phone

it is not suitable for many phones. you can’t answer, and it makes no sense to set ROOT rights because of this threshold

How to put a photo on a contact in Xiaomi (Redmi)

The photo on the contact in the Xiaomi (Redmi) phone book has long become the standard, it is very convenient, because when a subscriber calls you, whose photo is attached to his account, you see the face on the whole screen, you do not need to try to read the name or phone number, which not always convenient and possible.

However, many owners of Xiaomi do not know how to attach a photo to a contact on Xiaomi, in this post I will show you how to do it.

Note: when backing up contacts, the large size photo is saved only in Mi cloud, Google creates a small thumbnail, which is better than nothing, before it will look bad when displayed in full screen during a call. Therefore, make backups in the Xiaomi cloud.

Let’s get down to business, first, enter the phone book, I will do this through the “Phone” application. Enter the “Contacts” tab. Select the post you want to add a photo to.

Now click on the “Edit” icon. A window for editing a contact on Xiaomi will open, click on the place where the photo should be. A pop-up menu will appear in which you need to specify the source for the image, you can take a photo with the built-in camera right now if the person is nearby, or select something from the gallery. For example, I will choose my cat. Now confirm the changes by clicking on the “Daw”. As you can see, everything worked out, the image was attached to the contact and when you call, you will see it on the whole screen.

How to put a photo on a contact on Xiaomi Mi 9T?

We use our smartphones more and more, whether for work or to connect with loved ones, they have now become indispensable. It makes sense to want to customize the interface of your Xiaomi Mi 9T. Assuming you’re in regular contact with a significant proportion of your loved ones, you’ll be happy to find out in this guide. how to put a photo on contact with my xiaomi mi 9t? Indeed, keep in mind that it is possible, whether for calls or SMS conversations, to assign a photo to any contact and suddenly see it appear every time you interact with them. Last through your Xiaomi Mi 9T.

We will first learn how to assign a photo to any contact on your Xiaomi Mi 9T and then how to put a photo on a WhatsApp contact.

How to put a photo on a WhatsApp contact with his Xiaomi Mi 9T?

You are not the first to ask yourself this question, this is a study that is regularly done online. How to put or change Whatsapp contact photo on Xiaomi Mi 9T? You’ve probably noticed that some of your contacts have a profile photo while others don’t. You might not like the photo your contact has assigned to themselves, or you might want to assign a photo to someone who hasn’t identified it. Alas, you will be disappointed to know that it is not possible to edit the photo of a WhatsApp contact on the Xiaomi Mi 9T. Indeed, this option is only available to each user, just like you, each user can choose or not assign a photo to their account and change it as they wish. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to change the WhatsApp database locally, not even locally. If you ever want to choose a photo of a contact, we suggest that you follow the information provided in the second part of this article and exchange with him rather by SMS or a regular call to get your favorite photo.

If you want to learn how to import contacts from SIM card to your Xiaomi Mi 9T, take a look at this page to learn how to do it.

How to put a photo on a contact of his Xiaomi Mi 9T?

Now we move on to what probably attracts most of you, how to assign a photo to a contact on Xiaomi Mi 9T? This procedure is quite simple and allows you to humanize the exchanges a bit with the help of smartphones, of which there are fewer and fewer. To do this, follow the method below:

  • Go to the app » Contacts » of your Xiaomi Mi 9T. Assuming you know the person whose photo you want to change, you can also directly enter their name or number in the phone app.
  • Once you find the contact you want, tap on it to display their “profile”. In some versions of Android, you will need to tap on the “i” symbol to achieve this.
  • Once on the map, click on the icon in the form of a camera or in the form of a character. This will depend on the software version installed on your Xiaomi Mi 9T. This icon is usually located at the top of the screen.
  • Now you will have two options, either you will press the button “Photo Gallery” Put a photo on the contact of your Xiaomi Mi 9T directly from the photos saved on your device. Or choose the second option ” Photo for orange And then you will immediately take a photo of the person or what you You can also, if you do not have a person with you or their photo, assign emoji to him, they will be at the top of the screen.
  • Whether you go through the “Photo Gallery” or “Photo for Orange” option to define a photo for the contact of your Xiaomi Mi 9T, after selecting the picture you will be able to crop it. This option is especially useful because it is only a small preview of the photo that will be displayed in SMS conversations or when you call this contact.
  • To crop a photo, you just need to move the square on the photo and center the area of ​​interest on it. You can also, by dragging the corner of the square, increase or decrease this area.

If you ever wish you had many tutorials to master Xiaomi Mi 9T, we invite you to check out other tutorials in this category: Xiaomi Mi 9T.

How to set contact photo on Xiaomi

The phone books in modern smartphones can contain an almost unlimited number of contacts, which means that remembering each person by last name and first name will be quite difficult. A great opportunity to improve the recognition of each of them is to install a personal photo.

In Xiaomi smartphones, putting a photo on a contact is not difficult, but it is worth considering that the contact itself must be saved not on the SIM card of the phone, but in the Google account or the memory of the mobile device.

To learn how to transfer contacts, see the articles:

After that, go to the phone book (Phone application) and select the required subscriber.

In the window that opens, click on the icon next to the name and choose where you want to get the photo from: from the gallery or by creating a new photo.

If the photo already exists, click on the Select photo from Gallery button, select the desired image, crop it to the desired size and click on the OK button.

After that, the photo that you have chosen will be assigned to the contact, and when you call, it will be much easier to navigate who exactly is calling you.

(5 votes, score: 4.20 out of 5)

How to enable slow motion on Xiaomi?

MIUI 9 update 7.12.7 what’s new?

How to remove fingerprint on Xiaomi?

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I added a photo to the contact, but it is visible only in the phone book, and when making calls, it’s a regular screensaver. What is the reason?

Where is the phone number stored in the Google account or in the phone memory? Alternatively, it is saved both there and there, or maybe on the SIM card and is displayed from another place when calling. Try to find the same number in another phone book and delete it there.

Dmitry, how can I transfer contacts from phone to SIM? The photo is also installed on some contacts, but not on some, although everyone is crammed into both Mi and Google accounts. It’s just that the phone gives someone a photo, but not someone.))) Also, how to delete all messages from the mail at once? In each message, clicking on the basket is a long time. Xiaomi Mi5c, already with Russian firmware.

To copy contacts from your phone to a SIM card, you need to go to Settings System applications Contacts Import and export Export to SIM card 1 (or SIM card 2) and select the numbers you want to copy there.

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As for mail, it’s hard to say, probably, it will be faster to go to the Gmail website from a computer and select a bunch of letters at once with one click.

All actions are performed, but the message You do not have the necessary permissions appears. What to do?

Try going to your smartphone settings and selecting Permissions. In the upper right corner, click on the gear icon and in the window that opens, deactivate the Manage Permissions switch.

When I click on the gear, the Manage Permissions window does not open, but goes back to the settings.

There should not appear a Permission Management window, but a Settings window and there are already two items in it: permission management and a USB installation manager.

Dmitry, you write In Xiaomi smartphones, it is not difficult to put a photo on a contact, I do not agree. Xiaomi interface developers do not have the ability to build coherent logical algorithms for smartphone control. There is no intuitive approach to working with settings. For a person who has taken a smartphone in his hands for the first time, this causes great difficulties in mastering the menu and a great waste of time in acquiring the skills to use a smartphone. Because of this, there are many questions on the Internet. You do the same. It is worth considering that in order to add a photo to a contact, the contact itself must be saved not on the SIM card of the phone. And immediately a question. And on what? And only at the end in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. To begin with, they need to be transferred to the phone’s memory, Mi-account or Google account. Although, following elementary logic, this phrase should be at the beginning of the article. I will say thank you, but climbing through basements is annoying, as well as wandering through the labyrinths of Xiaomi settings.

Vlad, I agree. There are a lot of articles and initially everything in each of them is difficult to foresee, I am gradually rewriting. Changed this a little and added material. Thank you for your attention.

  • To do this, go to the menu of your device and enter the gallery.
  • Go to the album where the desired image is located and select it.
  • Tap the “Operations” button, which is located in the lower right corner, to select “Set image as”.
  • In the next window, select “Contact Photo”.
  • At the top of the window, click “Contacts”.
  • Find and select a contact by tapping on their name.
  • Click on the icon shown by the arrow in the screenshot.
  • Change the subscriber’s name and click OK.
  • Subscriber name has been changed.
  • This way you can change the names of other contacts.

In the contact list, click on the icon on the left (if the photo is not added to the number, this will be the first letter). Now, in the center, click on the “Camera” icon or a simple colored circle to open the contact card. Then either select the picture right away, or click “Gallery” to put your photo.

How to put a photo on a contact in Huawei Y7

To set a photo for a contact, go to contact. There you can click Edit in the bottom menu. In the contact settings, now you need to click on the photo. The contact photo management menu will appear.

In order to put a melody on a contact, you need to go to your music, select the one you want to put, open this melody in full screen. At the top right of the dot, if you click, exits, ringtone editor, set to call.

  • At the top of the window, click “Contacts”.
  • Find and select a contact by tapping on their name.
  • Click on the icon shown by the arrow in the screenshot.
  • Change the subscriber’s name and click OK.
  • Subscriber name has been changed.
  • This way you can change the names of other contacts.
  • Go to the “Settings” menu of your smartphone.
  • Select the section “Sound and vibration”.
  • In the “Melody and vibration” block, click “Ringtone”.
  • In the lower right corner, click “”.
  • Then we select the location of the file using the simplest explorer.
  • We mark the selected melody.
  • Click “OK”.

You can also set the Xiaomi ringtone through the “Settings” application.

  • Find the Settings app icon on your desktop.
  • Then look for the “Sound” tab.
  • In the window that opens, find the button “Ringtone”.
  • Here is a list of standard tracks for the call.
  • To do this, go to the menu of your device and enter the gallery.
  • Go to the album where the desired image is located and select it.
  • Tap the “Operations” button, which is located in the lower right corner, to select “Set image as”.
  • In the next window, select “Contact Photo”.

How to set a photo to a contact in Android OS

  • Open the Phone app and then go to the address book.
  • Android will ask you where to get the photo from: take a photo right now or from the gallery.
  • In the latter case, the “Gallery” will open, select the desired photo, click on it.

How to set a photo on a Xiaomi contact?

Each mobile device that runs on the Android OS has the function of setting a photo to a specific person when calling. Xiaomi is no exception.

However, there is a small nuance that not all users take into account. contacts must first be linked to an account. If it is entered only on the SIM card, then this function will not work. Usually the device is synced with a Google account.

The process of installing a photo does not cause much difficulty for users. Also, there is no need to install additional utilities on devices or download specific applications. At the same time, there must be enough free memory on the phone, the necessary photos must be saved in advance, or you can use the built-in camera.

Also, after installing a picture on a contact, you need to keep in mind that if the photo is deleted, it will also not remain on the contact. To prevent this from happening, it is recommended to create a separate folder for storing pictures on contacts and move all the necessary files there. Or you can put all the pictures on a memory card. There are two main ways to set a photo to contacts.

↑ Using the “Gallery” section

    The same can be done with media storage. To do this, the user enters the “Gallery” section and selects the required photo from the list received.

In some versions of mobile phones, the names of commands and sections may be slightly modified, but in general, the algorithm is suitable for almost any Android device. You can set a picture to any contact that is logged into your account. most devices do this automatically. In general, working with the Android system is quite simple, so even if you changed Samsung to Xiaomi, then it should not be difficult for you to install a photo on a person. The principle of operation of such devices is approximately the same. the difference can only concern styling.

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If you have any questions about solving a problem on your smartphone. Leave a comment describing the problem in detail, and be sure to indicate the model of your smartphone. We will try to help you!

How to set a photo to a contact in a Xiaomi, Redmi or Poco phone?

Xiaomi, like other Android smartphones, supports adding images for user avatars from the contact book. By the way, this is true for both Redmi and Poco, and all because at the time of writing, they all use Google’s branded dialer. This means that the instructions for these smartphones will be universal.

Immediately the most important nuance. For the instruction to work, the contact for which you want to set an image must be linked to a Google account or Mi account. If it is tied to a SIM card, first transfer it to your account, otherwise nothing will work.

Find the contact you need and tap on it. Example:

Clicked, after which you see such a page. At the bottom there is a button Edit contact, click on it.

Here is your contact information. You need to click on the camera icon.

Then choose: either take pictures now, or use the gallery with existing images. For example, we use the second option, so click Select Photo.

Choose a storage location for images. Usually it’s Gallery.

We find the desired image (you can select other albums) and click on it, for example:

Be sure to click Save.

In order to delete or replace a photo, on the contact page, click Edit contact.

Choose Delete photo or Choose another photo as needed. Let’s choose the first option for our example.

If you need to reinstall the photo, you know what to do.

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