How to put a password on notes in the iPhone

How to block notes using a password or Touch ID on iPhone / iPad

Notes application. A convenient way to store your financial, medical or other personal information on iPhone. If you want to block the notes with a password, notes on the iPhone can also help you. In addition, iPhone / iPad offers the Touch ID function to protect your specific note or all notes. This article is designed to show you how to block notes on iPhone / iPad.

Notes application. One of the most popular iPhone and iPad users. They always use this to write down something, as they like, for example, a schedule, a list of things, password and much more. However, there is personal information in it, and they would like to block it so that other users could not view these notes.

The Notes application, which is one of the most useful applications for iPhone / iPad users, can be used to record what users like, for example, of the list of business, schedule, password or personal information of medical, financial, etc. D. Iphone / iPad, you can set a password or use Touch ID to protect them from the moment of release iOS 9.3. The same password is used for each secure note, but you must manually choose the notes that you want to block. And you can remove the lock at any time.

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If you use Fonelab to restore your notes with a password or restore these notes, you will be invited to enter a password for encrypted notes that you installed. If you want to know how to block notes on your iPhone / iPad, you can read this article.

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[FAQ] How is the protection of notes by password in iOS and OS X

If you want to see on our website answers to your questions about everything related to technology, programs and services of Apple, iOS or Mac OS X, ITUNES Store or App Store, ask them through the feedback form. Answers to the most interesting of them will appear in the materials of this section. The following question came to us:

  • Passlet notes separately? Is it impossible to put the password on the whole folder in any way?
  • OS X and iOS definitely uses the same password on notes? In my opinion, it does not synchronize for me
  • If I forget the password, which I have already encountered, then what will happen to already parking notes?

Password notice function debuted in OS X 10.Eleven.4 and iOS 9.3, useful, but far from perfect.

Password notes separately, but the password for them is one. In other words, you first create a password that will be used to encrypt notes, and then choose what your notes you want to protect them. It is impossible to use different passwords for different notes.

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Another significant restriction. Notes cannot be encrypted with folders. Because of this, even the packaged notes will be guaranteed to be seen (or the first line). On the one hand, the omission in terms of privacy, on the other, imagine how interesting it would be to navigate in notes if even the name would hide after the password;)

Regarding your second question. Yes, OS X and iOS uses the same password on notes. It is simply synchronized not immediately, but after some time. Practice shows that it is more reliable to create a password on a computer, and not in iOS.

To create a password in OS X, in the context menu of any note, select the “Blok this note” item:

How to reset your Notes password on iPhone and iPad

In iOS, the password setting is not in the “Notes” application itself, but in the menu of the Parol settings menu.

The forgotten password can always be reset, but this will need to enter another password. From your accounting icloud. Please note that password discharge does not affect the notes that already protected by password. The reset will not help you look at them, it will only allow you to set a new password to protect new notes. Therefore, forgetting the password from notes in which confidential and valuable information is stored is very not recommended. Perhaps even the FBI cannot do anything here =)

How to reset the forgotten notes password on iPhone

Regardless of whether the biometrics for your notes password are included and whether you have access to the contents of the blocked notes, you can lose the forgotten notes password by performing a few simple actions.

To do this, you will need only your Apple ID account. Keep your Apple ID password at hand so that you can enter your account and perform the following actions to reset the Notes password with it:

Now all your future notes that you create in the future can be blocked using this password. So be sure to remember this and use a reliable password. In addition, as a backup. So that you can access the contents of your notes, even if you forget your password again, be sure to turn on biometric unlocking (Touch ID or Face ID).

At any time in the future, if you remember your old password and can with its help unlock your notes, you will see a hint of password that gives you the opportunity to update all the notes using the source password to use the new password.

Click “Update” to use a new password for all blocked notes. Click “No” to refuse and continue to use the old password for notes created before the password discharging.

How to reset (disable) password

You forgot the old password or just want to turn off the lock function? It’s easy. Just do not forget that the protected notes will not affect (they will remain blocked) and that the procedure will have to be carried out on each of your devices separately.

On iOS, the reset button is in the “Notice” settings. To complete the procedure, you will need a password from Apple ID, to which the notes are attached, and confirmation.

On Mac, everything is exactly the same, only the item we need is in the system menu (“Notes” → “Reset the password”).

If you want to turn off the password, then just click the “cancellation” when you will be offered to create a new.

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Updated “notes” have become even more convenient and protected. For some, this can be a good reason to transfer your entries to the company’s company service. If you need to export them from Evernote, do not forget that there is one very simple way.

How to remove iPhone password lock for encrypted notes

Sometimes you may want to remove the lock of your notes on the iPhone, then you can check these notes easier. Below are detailed steps to make this.

Step 1 Enter the application on your iPhone.

Step 2 Select a note that you want to remove the lock.

Step 3 Enter your password or Touch ID.

Step 4 Press the icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

How to Lock Apps on iPhone with Face ID or Passcode!

Step 5 click Delete the lock.

Protection of notes in iOS 9.3. This is a simple exercise at first glance, but not always everything is simple. If you have lost notes without backup copies, you can also restore remote notes on the iPhone. I hope that the aforementioned textbook on all details will help you configure, delete or change the lock password for iPhone notes.

How to remove a lock from a note on the iPhone

At any time, if you want to remove a password from a blocked note in the Notes application, the following steps can help you:

Blocking notes in notes using a password or biometric data is a useful function that you should use to protect your notes and prevent unauthorized access. This guide should cover you with all stages of the process, and you can use them to block notes both on your iPhone and on the iPad.

2 View or opening a password of a note on the iPhone

When you viewed or edited a note, you can block it again by pressing the lock in the upper right corner of the screen.

At some point, you can decide not to protect a certain note. This can be achieved by removing the password from a protected note on the iPhone.

The password will be removed from this specific note to the iPhone. From now on you can access this note without entering a password.

All other notes that were protected by password will remain protected, and you will need to enter a password for access to them.

How to put a password on notes in iOS 9.3 and Mac OS 10.Eleven.4

With firmware iOS 9.3 Apple improved the functionality of its application (notes), adding the possibility of adding a password or Touch ID for individual notes.

This function allows users to prohibit access to confidential information. Some users even with the help of notes store passwords for various sites and services. Let’s try to install the password on the notes.

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How to create a password for notes in iOS

Steps for setting a password or Touch ID for notes are simple and take only a few minutes.

  • Go to your iPhone or iPad settings.
  • Find the notes section
  • In the middle of the screen there will be an option “Password”. Click on it.
  • If this is your first entry here, a menu will immediately appear with a request to install a new password on notes.
  • Fill in the fields requiring notes (notes) for the password, and then check the password in the next field.
  • Enter a hint in case you forget the password.
  • In the same menu, turn on the option to use Touch ID.
  • Click “Ready” in the upper right corner to confirm your choice.
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To check the new password and Touch ID in notes, we will take a few more steps.

  • Once inside the application (notes), create a new note, and enter any information that you want to hide.
  • Inside the note, click in the upper right corner of the screen to call the menu. Press the option “Blok a note” in the lower line.
  • If you have not entered the password into notes, the application will request a password or a touch of finger ID fingerprint. If the password or fingerprints are not required, lock will be added automatically.
  • This adds a lock to a note, but actually does not block it yet. To do this, click on the icon of an unlocked lock in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • The inscription “This note is blocked” will appear and the link below is to watch the note.

How to create a password in notes (notes) os x

Hence, any changes made in the notes on iOS. The condition is locked / unlocked. Should be reflected on the Mac. Of course, the desktop computers and Apple laptops do not have Touch ID, so if you want to unlock the note from your iPhone, you must enter a password in the application.

At any time, you can change or turn off the password in notes (notes) by re.Entering the application in the iOS settings, and there is already either “change the password” or “reset the password”.

How to install a password on notes in the iPhone?

The “apple” corporation finally began to introduce additional security funds in the iOS system. With the release of iOS 9.3 beta users have the opportunity to install a password on the notes on the iPhone. Previously, this function could be implemented either with the help of jailbreak, or using an alternatively third.Party application from the App Store. Immediately note that you can block the note with a password or print of your own finger. Now more about how to do it.

In fact, there is nothing complicated here. But if you are a beginner, it is possible that you could not guess how to add a password to notes.

ATTENTION! You cannot set the password on existing notes. You definitely need to create a new note. You can block access only to notes that are stored in iCloud.

Open the application application on the iPhone, find the iCloud folder.

Click on the button to create a new note, as usual we do it.

Next, enter the text. Keep in mind that the first line will be visible in the general list of notes. Therefore, we do not recommend that you enter confidential data here.

After that, click on the “Share” button at the top of the display.

In the proposed menu, you will immediately notice a new option that offers to set the password on the note. Click! Now we set the password. If necessary, you can activate the Touch ID cabiner to be able to unlock a note with a fingerprint.

After successful blocking the note, you will see the lock on the display. If you forgot the password from the note, you can drop it in the settings. Notes.

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