How to put a clock on the Samsung lock screen

Setting hours on the lock screen on Android: how to remove or return the time

If you cannot not only restore the widget showing the time, but even find it in the general list, perhaps the corresponding application was accidentally deleted by you; This is unlikely for the system program, but it happens.

Let us give instructions on how to return the watch to the main screen Android by installing an application from the official Google store:

  • Open the Play Market program (it is usually impossible to delete it, since the tool refers to the system).
  • In the search bar, type the text “Clock“.
  • In the issuance, select the program, the developer of which is Google Corporation. Actually, you can establish any analogue here. But if you want to return to the original type of the main screen of the phone, you need to slip it according to the indicated header. The application spreads free and does not pose any danger to the Android operating system. For your convenience, we brought a link to this application above.
  • Slide by the “Install” button and wait until the applet is installed on your Android smartphone.

As a result, the clock, in its previous state, should appear both on the main screen of the Android phone and on the lock screen. Perhaps the widget will not be displayed automatically; Then you will need to install it yourself, choosing one of the options proposed by the application.

If after installation you do not see the “watch” in the list of applications, try to restart the Android smartphone; If this does not help, carry out the installation again, following the above instructions, what to do if the watch from the main screen Android disappears.

How To Change Lock Screen Clock Style In Samsung Galaxy A21s

How to put the time and date on samsung

As you know, today’s Samsung phones allow you to quickly and conveniently configure the date and time using your integration.

  • Turn on your device. Press the power button on the right side of the device to awaken it. If the device is turned off, click the phone button for more than 3 seconds to turn it on; Turn on the phone by clicking on the corresponding key
  • Go to the start screen. To do this, on the early models of Samsung phones, you need to click on the “Home” button (home). Some devices can be blocked, therefore it is necessary to enter a graphic key, code or any password phrase for switching to the initial screen of the device; If necessary, click on the “Home” button to switch to the main screen
  • Open the application box by clicking on the corresponding widget on the main screen;
  • Next, press the settings (settings) to open the settings of your Samsung phone; Slide on the label of settings on your samsung
  • In the list of settings opened sections, find the “Date and Time” section and slip on it. In modern Samsung phones, this subsection may be located in the “General Settings” section; Select the option and time option
  • After the opening of the section, two main settings will be available to you.

“Automings of Time”. This setting is responsible for receiving data on the date and time from your mobile operator. If it is activated, then your mobile operator is responsible for the accuracy of time. If this option is displayed incorrectly, then we recommend deactivating (disconnect) this option by removing a checkmill or moving a slider from it to the extreme left position.

Disconnect the automatic definition of time on a smartphone

clock, samsung, lock, screen

You will have to choose an hour.Long belt for your location (search engines will help you with this), as well as manually install relevant information on samsung.

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After installing them, your smartphone will be based on data introduced by you personally.

“24-hour format”-answers in which system 12 or 24 hours is displayed time. In the case of a 12-hour time format, the designations “A.M “(” Ante Meridiem “. Until noon. Night and morning time) and” P.M “(” Post Meridiem “. In the afternoon. Day and evening time).

Select in what format the time will be displayed

How to move the time on the Honor lock screen?

Huawei and Honor smartphones are some popularity. In fact, these phones are produced by one company, only under different brands and they are designed for various market segments. In smartphones from the Chinese manufacturer, its own shell is used. She has a stylish integration and chips. One of the features of the shell is beautiful and unique dates and time widgets.

Many users have the question: “How to set the time on the lock screen, move it to another place”? It is important to know that the shell of these smartphones does not allow to shift widgets in this area. You can use only the style and placement of elements provided by the developer.

Are there really no opportunities to change the location of widgets? The only option is to install another style for the lock screen. Would need:

On the desktop there is an application “Topics”. In it you can find additional options for designing a shell and lock screen. For smartphones from this Chinese manufacturer, many different topics are available for every taste.

We have a multifunctional set of widgets, including for the clock. In it we can configure both the desktop and the lock screen. Thanks to the excellent optimization of the background service, the use of the widget is practically not reflected in the battery energy consumption.

And how to install analogue back clock on the main screen of the Samsung smartphone?

In the Galaxy Store company online store you will find many options for widgets with a clock for your screen: turnout, digital, sand, children’s and other, and others, and others. It turned out that not only the famous Swiss manufacturers of expensive mechanical watches are interested for hours, but almost all the owners of smartphones who want their phone to decorate a beautiful chronometer, which is pleasant to watch and see the current time in a conveniently perceived form of a classic dial with arrows.

Next, we will describe the installation process on any screen of your smartphone widget with analog watches with arrows from a standard Samsung smartphone application, using the Samsung Galaxy A50 with Android 10 OS with an example of an editorial smartphone. In the same way, you can install any clock from a set of widgets on the smartphone screen.

How to add widgets on lock screen for Samsung Android 11 One UI version 3.0 phone

How to change the watch on the Samsung Galaxy lock screen?

There are many ways to change the clock on the lock screen, but there are so many of them that you can easily get confused. Now we will provide you with several ways to change the watch on the Samsung lock screen.

Use other topics

Some users managed to get rid of unusual hours, replacing the topic of default with an alternative. This, of course, is not a way out, but only a bypass path, which does not have to taste.

However, at the moment the choice is small, so you should try. There are several paid topics, but so far we are not sure that after installing the steps the same format will not remain, we do not advise spending your money.

On the other hand, you can use free topics and fix the watch in this way. Just follow the instructions:

  • Open the settings.
  • Point “Wallpaper and themes”.
  • Point “Topics” from below.
  • Find a topic called “Simple Line Black”.
  • Install the topic and click “Apply”.

If you do not like the changed type of icon and background, you can always change the wallpaper, and restore the appearance of the icons by default. Be sure to check the instructions from below to change the wallpaper of the home screen, the blocking and restoration screen of the icons.

  • Open the gallery and choose the preferred photo for the lock screen and home screen.
  • Open the menu in the form of 3 points and select “install as wallpaper”.
  • Then open the settings.
  • Point “Wallpaper and themes”.
  • Point “icons”.
  • Select the default view and save changes.

On the other hand, many users are satisfied with the already preinstalled topic, but they all want to change these stupid and annoying hours on the Samsung lock screen. Or rather, make them vertical, as on all Android devices.

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Clock change using notifications

But so far, Samsung does not correct and add an option to choose the appearance of the clock (as in the functions of Always on Display), there is one, so to speak, loophole that can be used. Namely, if notifications on the lock screen are included, you can fix something there like a weather widget.

Due to its location, the clock changes the format to the standard horizontal. If this method suits you, then it is quite easy to do it. For example, select the weather application called 1weather. Small and pleasant in appearance, it will change your watch to horizontal.

  • Install 1weather from Play Market.
  • Open the settings.
  • Point “Blocking and Protection Screen”.
  • Punt “Notifications”.
  • Find 1weather.
  • Turn on notifications for 1weather.

While the notifications remain on the lock screen, the irritating ordinary position should not be displayed.

The signature on the telephone lock screen is turned on through the settings:

And how to install the second clock on the main screen on the Samsung smartphone?

This is done very simply. Through the installation of the Watch widget.

We live in Samara and in the clock settings, these data were entered when setting the date and time at the first turned on the smartphone. The procedure for changing the date and time of the main city are described in the article how to set the date and time on the Samsung smartphone. To go to it, click here.

And all our “business” interests are in Yekaterinburg. The capital of the Urals. Therefore, we will install the second hours for the city of Yekaterinburg.

Next, we will show how this is done on the example of the editorial smartphone Samsung Galaxy A50 for the Android 9 PIE OS

Instructions for installing and setting up the second hours on the Samsung smartphone.

On the main screen, where we plan to install the twin watches, we need to reduce two fingers on the screen with a pole.

Screen. On the main screen with a swipe to reduce two fingers.

After that, the screen settings will open. You need to choose the icon “Widget”.

Screen. Click on the “Widget” icon.

Next, leafing through the pages of the page with widgets, you need to find the clock “Clock”.

Screenshot. Turning on the pages of the page with widgets, you need to find the clock “Clock“. Click on the clock “Clock”.

This clock “Clock” has four types of chronometer. You need to choose “double hours”. To do this, click on the “double clock” icon and hold for some time.

Screen. Press and hold the widget “double hours”.

After that you will be “transferred” to the main screen to determine the place for your paired watches. Moving the “double clock” widget with a swipe, install them in a place convenient for you.

Screen. With a swipe, move the widget “double hours” down.

Having decided on the location of the double hours, the program will invite you to indicate the city whose time will show the second chronometer. In our case, it is the city of Yekaterinburg.

This city needs to be found on the map, moving along it with a swipe. If necessary, spreading your fingers according to the touchscreen, you will increase the scale of the card.

Screenshot. Putting your fingers with a swipe, increase the scale of the map for finding the city. Screen. Click on the map for the position of the city of Yekaterinburg.

Further, in the “Widget settings” we changed the background from white to black, and reduced the background of the background to 24%.

After this, the clock settings are completed. You need to click on the “Home” button and you will go to the main screen.

Screen. Make a widget settings. To switch to the main screen, click on the navigation button “Home”.

Now on the main screen we have two types of hours: paired and single. Double watches have a dark background and show the current time in two cities: our city Samara 10:11 and the city of Yekaterinburg 11:11.

Screen. The main screen with a double clock and single.

If desired, you can delete a single watch or move the widget of paired hours to another screen.

To do this, click on the widget, and after:. For deleting: select the “Delete from the screen” in the menu To move to another screen: you need to drag the chronometer to the next page with a swipe.

A way to display data on the main screen of a smartphone

In order for us to not have to peer on the phone screen in search of time, we recommend that you place a large widget with the clock on the screen of your phone.

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To do this, it will be necessary to perform the following:

  • Free the place on the main screen under the widget of the clock, moving the icon from there;
  • Touch free space on the main screen with your finger and hold it;
  • Below there will be a submenu in which select “Widgets”;
  • In the widget menu, select a watch widget, press it with your finger and hold it;
  • The main screen will be displayed, place a widget on a convenient section on Samsung. Place the time widget on the desired side of the screen

To change the size of the watch widget, slip a finger on it and hold your finger for a couple of seconds. White markers will be displayed on the borders of the widget, which will need to set the desired size of the time widget.

What to do if the widget of the clock from the screen of the smartphone lock on Android is missing

It also happens that the clock disappears on its own. This happens rarely, but it takes place to be. Typically, the user himself is to blame, who, with his actions, brought the operating system to certain errors. So, if the program is gone, then it follows:

  • Check if the deletion of temporary files and programs was performed in recent times. It is possible that the user accidentally hooked the application file;
  • Recall if the discharge of the phone that deleted all the user data, including widgets, was recently carried out;
  • Try to understand whether the user could independently remove the application in the lock screen settings.

If the application is gone, then it can be downloaded again

Thus, it was dismantled how to move the clock on the lock screen of Android devices and what to do if the widget of the watch on Android disappears. It is quite easy to install this application, as well as delete it, but with setting on all phones, things are a little different.

And how to configure a list of widgets launched from the lock screen on the Samsung Galaxy smartphone?

Next, we will describe this simple procedure, using the Samsung Galaxy A50 with the Android 11 One UI 3 OS with an editorial smartphone as an example.One.

We activate the telephone lock screen by pressing the power button or double.Tied the screen to turn it on (this function should be included in the phone settings in its “Movement and gestures” of the “Additional Functions” section).

In order to proceed to the rapid functions of the lock screen, click on the watch widget located in the center of the screen.

Screen. Press on a watch widget on the lock screen.

Now on our lock screen, except for the clock, only three widgets:. Player of the Telegram messenger;. Alarm;. Bixby script.

To configure the connected functions of the lock screen, click on the “Settings” button at the bottom of the screen.

Screen. Type of locking screen with quick functions. Click on the “Settings” button.

To access the lock screen settings, you need to enter a graphic screen of the screen of the screen.

Screen. Draw a graphic key of the screen of the screen.

Next, you need to turn on the functions that, in your opinion, should be on the lock screen. We decided to connect all 7 functions that are now available in this section:. Music;. Schedule for today;. The next alarm clock;. Weather;. Bixby script;. Use of the device;. In Always on Display.

To change the query of functions on the screen, click on the “Change” button at the top of the screen.

Screen. Turn on switches of fast locks of the lock screen. Screenshot. Type of locking settings of the lock screen. To change the order of the functions, click on the “Change” button.

This is what the lock screen with the functions turned on will look like after pressing the lock screen on the clock widget.

Screenshot. Type of list of quick functions of the lock screen.

Everything worked out. Use another convenient technique of quick access to the in demand that the new ONE UI 3 shell provides you with another convenient technique.1 OS Android 11 Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

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