How to pump data from iPhone to iPhone

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Simple solutions to transfer data from the iPhone to the iPhone 13 /13 Pro / 13 Pro Max

Apple again pleased the novelty of its fans. After the presentation of the new iPhone 13/13 Pro, most Apple users have a desire to purchase a new phone model. However, after buying a new smartphone, many have questions about how to transfer all the data from the old iPhone to the new iPhone. If this process is also not clear to you, then we advise you to study this article where we will tell you about some data transfer solutions.

We want to prevail to your attention Tenorshare icarefone, which will help you quickly and quickly transfer data from the old iPhone to the new iPhone. This utility has a number of advantages, for example:

  • Selective data transfer. You can choose the necessary files you need for transfer or select all files at once.
  • Package File deletion. It will allow you to delete all files with one click, which will save your time markedly.
  • Automatic duplicate removal.You do not need to remove a duplicate manually when transmitting data, the program will do it automatically for you.
  • Data transfer. Will help you import files on iPhone / iPad / iPod for a couple of clicks and export to PC / Mac.
  • File exchange. File exchange between devices occurs without Apple ID restrictions thanks to icarefone.

To carry out the transfer of data from the old device to a new one, you need to perform step.By.Step actions:

Step 1 download the program and install on your PC. Launch the program on your PC. And at the top of the screen, you will see the folder icon with the name “control”, clicking there, select the type of file that you need to import.

Step 2 in the left side of the panel will be given to choose from various types of files: photo, music, video, contacts, etc.D. Click on the desired type of file.

Step 3 Press the “Import” button, select the necessary files and press the “Open” button. Next, select the saved photos on the computer for transfer.

Step 4 Wait for the completion of data transfer and photos will be stored on your device.

Solution 2 : Wireless data transmission through iOS12.4 and above

If you are the owner of iOS 12.4 and above, this method will help you quickly transfer data from the old device to a new. Function in iOS 12.4 “Fast beginning” already speaks for itself. This means that you can not use iCloud or create a backup in iTunes

You need to perform the following step.By.Step actions:

Turn on your new device and put the old one next. A pop.Up window will appear on the screen of the old iPhone, which will be proposed to use Apple ID to configure the new iPhone.

Place your old iPhone over the new one so that the image on the screen falls into the center of the viewfinder.

The device will offer you to configure the Touch ID or Face ID, agree and set.

After the actions done, a window will appear on the screen of your device with a proposal to transfer data from the old iPhone. As a rule, this happens using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. But if necessary, you can also use the Lightning cable, but for this you will have to purchase the Lightning/USB 3 adapter in the official store.

First make a backup

So, the first thing to do is to throw data from the old apparatus. This can be done in three ways:

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Each method has its pros and cons of. We will analyze each of them in detail.


ICLOUD cloud storage allows the user to transfer such information as: photographs, videos, documents, programs, program setting up and visual display of the desktop, purchases on the AppStore, Media Feals, as well as SMS and MMS messages. You can also independently indicate those points and parameters that will be stored on Apple servers. For example, only these galleries, ringtones, audiobooks, but not the config of an electronic wallet or notes.

Free user is provided with access to a virtual space of 5 GB. A larger amount of memory can be obtained if you buy an additional place in iCloud, or to clean the media text already “merged into the cloud”. This factor must be taken into account before creating a backup.

  • Log in the smartphone settings and click on the user image.
  • Find the item “ICloud”. Tap it and follow the “backup” tab.
  • Turn on the backup “Reserve Copy in ICLOUD”. Tap a little lower on the line “Create a backup”.

Ios will show a line of condition, as well as the approximate time for which a backup will be created.


The main program that allows you to make a lot of Apple settings, including the creation of a full archive, without loss of data. At the same time, all the same data is preserved in it as in iCloud. Through iTunes, you can remember all the logins and passwords to your social networks, the entire list of contacts, data from Apple Watch, including notes in the health program, WhatsApp, music, pictures, SMS, SMS.

  • Connect a smartphone to a computer or laptop using a factory cable.
  • Open the iTunes program and find the icon icon in the upper left corner. Click on it.
  • In the window that opens, you can see a field called “backup copies”. Here you need to set two flags. One opposite “icloud” or “this computer”; You can choose anyone at your discretion. It is recommended to set the second flag opposite the point “Highlight a local copy”. It is this setting that allows you to save logins, passwords (including from Microsoft Exchange and Gmail), open sessions on social networks and other web resources.
  • Click on the “Create a copy now” button. The device will begin the process of synchronization.

Important point: be sure to remember or save the password from Apple ID. Otherwise, the new smartphone will be blocked after the completion of “migration”.

Transfer photos and videos manually

You can make a backup photo and video manually using PC (without using iTunes). As part of this instructions, consider the file transfer algorithm directly to the computer running Windows 10. The system should be installed by the Apple Mobile Device Support drivers or the ITUNES version not lower than version 12.5.One.

  • Connect the smartphone to the computer using Lightning cable. In some cases, a password may be required to unlock.
  • The telephone security system can display a warning: “Trust this computer”. Click “Trust” or “allow”.
  • Click on the “Start” button and select “Photos” item. The Windows app is opened.
  • Select the item “Import” and “with USB devices”, then follow the instructions and tips of the system.

This method will work if the smartphone does not store images in the ICLOUD cloud.

Transfer all the data from the old iPhone to iPhone via iTunes

If for some reason to use the method of transferring data from iPhone to iPhone from iCloud you cannot, you will have to use iTunes. However, to use it, you need to connect devices to a computer.

Connect your old iPhone to a computer and run itunes. Make a backup with iTunes.

Turn on your iPhone 7, and choose these things:

Your language and country is dependent on turning on the Location ServiceSt Wi-Fi

When you are offered to configure the device, select “Restore from the backup of iTunes”.

Connect the iPhone to iTunes, and make a backup of the new iPhone using the same computer that you used to back up your old iPhone.

Itunes will ask you to restore from a backup or configure you as a new. And select a backup copy of your old iPhone and select “Continue”.

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Transfer all data from the old iPhone to iPhone via Tenorshare icarefone

It is easy for you to transfer files from iPhone, iPad and iPod to PC via Tenorshare icarefone. Connect your device to PC and you can start managing your data, including videos, photos, music, contacts, notes, calendars, applications, bookmarks, etc.D.

This is a very simple way to transfer your data from iPhone to iPhone.

How to Install & Set Up the t:connect Application

Select the type of file that you need to import.

Press the Import button and find the files that were previously saved on the computer. Wait for the completion of the process and you will find these files on your iPhone currently.

When using Tenorshare icarefone, you can transfer all the contents like videos, notes, contacts, photos, music. Messages, calendar, etc.D. On your new iPhone, regardless of what your old iPhone is 4s, 5, 5s, 6, 6s, 6 Plus, 7.8, X.

Pass all photos via Airdrop

In this way, you can transfer all the photos from the old iPhone to the new iPhone, without the help of Wi-Fi, and with Airdrop. You need to enable Airdrop on both iPhone, then select photos that you want to transfer to the old iPhone, and click “transfer to another new iPhone via Airdrop”. Then you can get it from another iPhone.

Prescription all data through a backup copy of iTunes

Transfer of contents from one iPhone to another using a backup in iTunes, it is necessary to create backup first.

Connect the previous device to the computer. Launch iTunes and make a backup copy.

You must wait for the process of creating a backup. After the end of the process, turn on the new device. If the new device is already configured, it is necessary to erase the data on it.

Select “Restore a copy” on a new device. Then select a backup copy. And move to the stage of transferring a backup to your second iPhone.

Synchronization of devices near each other

Place the smartphones in the immediate vicinity, and then open the fast.Start application in the current phone. To transfer data to the new iPhone, use the recommendations.

  • Connect on Bluetooth phones and accompany the conjunction. To transfer information, the smartphone will offer to use the current Apple ID. Check to use the correct user entry.
  • Animation will display on the purchased smartphone, place the current apparatus over the purchased so that the picture is in the middle of the viewfinder. Wait until the inscription appears on the end on the purchased phone. If the module of the camera of the current apparatus does not work, select the authentication method in manual mode.
  • If necessary, confirm the action input of the current digital display blocking code.
  • Set up the identification by the face, or the fingerprint on the purchased smartphone. The iPhone will kindly offer the instructions.
  • If you have a request on the display, enter the digital code.
  • The purchased smartphone will offer to restore the settings, applications and files taken from the extreme spare copy of iCloud. The user independently selects which settings and files should be transferred.
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If the current smartphone is synchronized with the Apple Watch, then confirm the request for the conjugation with the new smartphone.

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Sorry, please, for a stupid question, perhaps I will ask everything: is it possible on the iPhone, on which there is some music and, most importantly, the ringtones, to pull music from a computer to which this iPhone had not previously been connected without losing musical information? It’s just that the whole thing is that the laptop, through which all my iPhones were synchronized for many years, was stolen. It turns out that now it remains only to “make friends” of the phone with a new computer, but I really would not want to lose everything that has accumulated there for so many years In other words: there is a need to add new music to existing music, through a new computer. Thanks in advance for the answer. I hope I more or less outlined the essence of my difficult question)

Good afternoon. The best way out in this situation will be the use of itools. With it, you can either: a) just throw music and ringtones on the iPhone from a computer; b) initially copy music and ringtones through ITOLS on a computer, and then synchronize the old content of new songs/ringtones through iTunes. In this case, neither music nor ringtones will be lost.

You can find out more about how to download/throw music on iPhone via itools here. There is also a lot of information and other methods of loading music on the iPhone can be useful.

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Thank you very much for such a quick and detailed answer. You can’t tell me where exactly to read about itools) I just can’t navigate here. Sorry. And thanks in advance.

data, iphone

Yes, and another question: to use itools, it is not necessary to install a jailbreak? I really would not like

Option 1. Airdrop

You can transmit images from iPhone to iPhone or iPad using AirDrop function. It allows you to exchange various multimedia content between Apple mobile devices. We wrote about how to use Airdrop earlier, such an opportunity appeared in iOS for a long time. However, not all owners of apple mobile devices use it.

Get to know the Health app on your iPhone. Apple Support

Airdrop. The best way to transmit photos between two devices. It does not require an Internet connection.

So, to transmit images using Airdrop, you need:

The transmission process itself is very fast. However, there are a number of features:

  • First, Airdrop is needed for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to be active.
  • Secondly, the maximum range of the Airdrop is only 9 meters.
  • Thirdly, Airdrop has a number of requirements-the function will only work on the iPhone and iPad with the Lightning connector, and the version of the operating system should not be lower than iOS 7.

Copying data using iTunes

This is the first method that ensures copying documents on the computer and their safety. With the help of this utility, the question of how to transfer data from iPhone to a computer is solved in several ways.

  • Creating a backup. In this case, you save files and settings of the gadget, in the future having the opportunity to restore the system. This is done like this:
  • We open itunes;
  • We go into the “Parameters of the device”;
  • Click “Create a backup”, noting the “on a computer” checkbox.
  • Data synchronization. It must be taken into account that when using this method you save files, but when they are deleted on a computer or phone, they will disappear on the second device. To perform follow the instructions:
  • We download, install and open it on iTunes;
  • Connect the device via USB;
  • Log in Apple ID;
  • We go to the “Parameters”, the “Review” section and open information about the device;
  • Next, put a checkmark opposite the item “synchronize with this iPhone on Wi-Fi”.

After that, when connecting to the Internet, the phone will automatically synchronize with the computer, and you will not lose files. But when deleting documents from iTunes, they will disappear with the iPhone the next to connect.

In today’s article, we examined in detail what ways to move data from one iPhone to another, what are their differences, brought step.By.Step instructions. Readers also learned about alternative options for transferring information from the old iPhone to a new one thanks to third.Party applications. In addition, the issue of transferring the number to the new device and the final steps to use the old: how to untie the past iPhone from iCloud and reset the settings.

We hope that the instructions turned out to be clear, and now even novice users can easily cope in order to import everything necessary from the iPhone on the iPhone, and with the rest of the tasks considered!

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