How to properly charge iPhone 11

Close applications

Now that your iPhone 11 Pro is charging, we just need to speed up its charging. The first thing to do is close all your applications. You’d be surprised at how many apps people usually open.

Screen brightness

Another obvious point that is still worth mentioning. Most people charge their phone while they sleep, but if you plan on using it while charging, try to maintain a certain level of brightness. Most of the iPhone 11 Pro’s battery is consumed by its massive, high-quality screen. Even if you don’t plan on using your phone while charging, it keeps the battery to the screen to a minimum. Thus, when a notification appears, not much battery is wasted on screen lighting.

Flight mode

Put your phone to sleep if you want to charge it as quickly as possible. If you are not expecting any urgent news, we recommend switching to airplane mode. It will really help speed up the charging of your iPhone 11 Pro.

Use the correct charger

Each charger with lighting cable will fit to charge your iPhone 11 Pro. However, depending on the charger amplifiers, some are able to charge your iPhone much faster. The most important feature to look out for is that you are using an MFi certified cable. Cable must pass rigorous Apple testing to qualify for MFI certification.

Another element worth paying attention to is “fast charging”. It allows you to charge iPhone 11 Pro from 0% to 50% in 30 minutes.

Clean your lighting connector

You don’t always need to spend money to increase your charging speed. A common problem that occurs when charging iPhone 11 Pro is debris that can get stuck in your charger. The most recommended cleaning method is to use a compressed air cylinder.

Wipe the cables

Just take a damp cloth and wipe both heads of the charging cable.

How to properly charge iPhone 11 Pro?

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Imagine waking up in the morning before work and realizing that you forgot to put your iPhone 11 Pro on charge during the night. You literally have 30 minutes to get started and fully charge your iPhone. What will you do?

Here’s a guide you can follow to make sure you can get the most out of the time you use to charge your phone. And also you can figure out how to properly charge the iPhone 11 Pro so that the battery will last you as long as possible.

How I Maintain 100% iPhone Battery Health

Cable problems

If your cable is frayed or damaged, read tip again. Your cable is the most important aspect of your charger and should be in great condition.

There are other guidelines on how to properly charge your iPhone 11 Pro. For example, it is desirable to maintain the charge of your phone at the level of 40-80%, only sometimes bringing it to 100% or 0%. This will help the battery wear less and last longer.!

Can you use fast charging on a permanent basis??

In 2019, Apple decided to listen to users. In addition to the increased battery capacity, the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max box also includes an “18W USB-C Power Adapter.”.

IPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max Box Contents

Thanks to him, you can charge up to 50 percent in 30 minutes. But won’t it harm your battery?

The practice of many users has shown that if you use original accessories, this does not affect your battery in any way.

How to properly charge your iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max?

iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max

When buying a new iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, or iPhone Pro Max, you want its battery to last as long as possible.

For this, I have compiled a list of tips to help you with this. Let’s talk about how to properly charge your device.


Do I need to charge up to 100 percent?

To be honest, today phones have already reached the stage where you can charge it almost as you like.

That is, if you want to charge up to 50 percent and go somewhere, then this is not a problem at all. Such a moment will not harm the battery in any way.

The thing is that each battery has its own wear and tear and it is measured in the number of cycles (1 cycle. 100 percent of the battery). The more cycles, the smaller the battery capacity and the less it will hold.

The only thing is there is one rule that I myself follow. It doesn’t charge “iPhone” if it doesn’t have at least 20 percent battery.

Only original accessories

The most important point can be safely called the use of original chargers.

You don’t have to buy expensive options from Apple. You can also purchase other manufacturers that are Apple certified.

Made for iPhone / iPad / iPod

We just make sure that there are such logos on the box.

IPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone Pro Max Charging Tips

How quickly your battery loses its capacity depends entirely on how actively you use your device.

Let’s quickly go over all the highlights you need to know.

The most interesting news about Apple technology and not only.

How to properly charge your new iPhone 11/11 Pro / 11 Pro Max for the first time?

Having bought a brand new smartphone, you are afraid not only to pull it out of the box, but then put it on charge. After all, you don’t want something to happen to your phone on the very first day.

I want to say right away that we forget about the old methods, when it was necessary to discharge to 0 percent and then charge to 100 percent. As practice has shown, this does nothing and can even harm the battery.

On the first day of purchase, you do not need to bother about special charging methods, but just follow the generally accepted tips, which I will describe further.

How to properly charge iphone 11 and 12 in 2021

  • Do not use or charge iPhone in Extreme Temperatures (-40 ° 50 °)
  • Use the charger from your iphone, do not use from other phones, tablets and laptops. (Power supplies)
    Each power supply unit has its own Power (Ampere) of the supplied current into the device. (high power can ruin your battery)
  • Don’t push your iPhone to the critical 0% mark
    The more often you discharge a lithium-ion battery to 0%, the faster it “dies”.
    Try to charge at half the battery capacity (40-60%). Not everyone knows that iPhones are charged in 2 stages:
  • Up to 80%. in fast mode.
  • 80 to 100% trickle charge.
  • Do not charge to 100%
    You can turn off charging after 80%, then your battery will live much longer.
  • Apple advises to completely discharge the iPhone once a month.
    if your iphone turns off when the charge is 1% or more, then you should completely discharge the phone. This will calibrate the power controller. But not more often than once a month.
  • Earlier, at a time when they were still doing “battery / battery calibration” for phones, laptops and other equipment, the question was “how to charge a new iPhone for the first time”, but now no one is doing this, because the principle of creating batteries has long changed and is no longer required when buying a new device, charge and discharge it several times.

    Therefore, answering your question “is it necessary to completely discharge the new iPhone”. no, it is not. But Apple advises about once a month to discharge your smartphone to almost 0% and then fully charge it.

    How to properly charge your iphone in 2021?

    [Info was updated on 23 November 2020]

    In this article I will try to tell and answer the basic questions related to charging the iPhone.

    Is it possible to charge the iphone by charging from the ipad?

    Yes you can, but there are a couple of nuances:
    The Iphone will heat up when charging (if you already have it, it will get even hotter). And there were cases that when charging iPhones, they swelled or exploded, but the chances are very small :).

    What is the essence and why the iPhone charges faster from charging the ipad?
    Because the iphone and ipad chargers have different output power, as a rule, the iphone has 1A (ampere), and the ipad has 2A.

    You may also have a question: “Will the battery be damaged because of this?”.
    IPhone batteries have a certain charge cycle after which they lose their volume, about 1000 cycles, which can be equated to 3 years of use if you charge the phone once a day.

    The question may also arise: “Is it possible to charge the iPhone faster, but without charging from the ipad?”. Yes you can, there are some tricks.

    If you need to charge your iPhone in 10-15 minutes, you are in a hurry and do not have time to sit and wait 2 hours until it is fully charged. Then you should limit the use of your device to the maximum: leave it alone, stop all processes (downloads, games, exit all applications in the background), and most importantly, turn on the air mode.

    Can cheap, non-original lightning wires be used?

    Not desirable, as there were many cases of overheating of devices and fires of both the devices themselves and the cables.

    The original Apple cable has a microcontroller to control the power supplied to the device.

    But if we are not talking about Chinese cables for 1, but about less well-known brands (A brand), then you can use cables, they usually have certification from Apple.

    Here are the implications of charging with cheap cables

    Do I need to completely discharge my phone before charging?

    Previously, there was such a thing as battery calibration (this is when the phone was completely discharged, and then it was charged several times)
    Now it is not required to do this, as a lithium-ion battery is now used.

    How to extend the life of an iphone battery?
    1) Do not discharge it completely to 0%.
    2) Charge it with 50% charge remaining (40-60%).
    3) Also, do not leave your phone to charge overnight.

    How to properly charge your iPhone with a new battery?

    When buying a new phone, especially if it is an iPhone, users are often worried and strive to follow any instructions as closely as possible in order to extend the life of their gadget. A common question that interests many is the correct charging of the device. Let’s figure it out.

    How to properly charge your new phone?

    • First, connect your iPhone to the charger and plug it into an electrical outlet.
    • The first charging of the device takes some time and is at least 12 hours.
    • When the gadget reaches 100% charge, you need to completely discharge the battery, and after that you can recharge the smartphone. Such actions allow you to “stretch” the battery to its maximum capacity. It is possible to achieve a complete discharge of the battery by using it in the usual way. You can make this process faster by watching videos, actively using the Internet via Wi-Fi, playing “heavy” games, etc.

    How to extend battery life?

    Apple recommends following some tips to keep your battery stable.

    • It is worth regularly updating the software, because often updates have new energy-saving technologies.
    • Do not expose gadgets to sudden temperature changes, and this applies not only to phones, but also to tablets and laptops. A suitable temperature regime is considered to be 16-22 degrees. If the temperature is more than 35 o. the battery could be damaged. Cold conditions directly affect the autonomous operation of the device and temporarily reduce its duration.
    • When charging equipment, it is better to remove the covers. This way the device will not overheat.
    • If for some reason you will not use the device for a long time, it is better to leave the gadget half charged. A complete discharge of the battery may result in the battery not charging at all in the future. The storage temperature of the apparatus must be below 32 degrees.
    • IPhones have some ways to extend their battery life. One of the options is to turn on automatic brightness control, so that the gadget takes into account the lighting and adjusts. The second option is not to turn off Wi-Fi, because this access method requires less power consumption.
    • iOS 9 has been equipped with a new power saving mode. In this mode, we have set the function of notifying the user that the battery charge is very low. Plus, it saves energy by disabling iCloud sync and AirDrop data transfer. Calls, sending SMS and using the Internet remain. This mode turns off by itself while charging the device.
    • Apple developers report that the operating system iOS 9 is one of the most efficient, because it allows you to find out the most energy-consuming applications. The user can independently turn off the activity of such programs in the background.

    How to properly charge your iPhone?

    Many people who switched from old phone models to the iPhone and using it for the first time were surprised at how quickly the gadget’s battery drains. This is due to the large number of power-hungry applications.

    For some, recharging the battery has become a daily ritual akin to brushing your teeth. Often the device is connected to a power source while going to bed. Some users wait until the smartphone is completely discharged.

    In any case, everyone would like to spend as little time as possible on charging and change the used battery less often.

    At what percentage to complete charging?

    How long the charger will last depends largely on how correct it will be used. Many have heard that a new phone needs to be recharged for three days before use. It should be noted that this statement is true only for nickel batteries. How much do you need to charge lithium-ion devices at home??

    Experts say that you cannot bring the energy indicator to 100%. the battery is damaged if it is charged frequently. A full circle of discharging and charging should be carried out no more than once a month.

    It is advisable to recharge more than 50%. The maximum safety of the charger is ensured at a charge level of 40-80%. The reason is the voltage generated in the lithium polymer cells. The higher the charge, the higher the voltage, which significantly damages the device. Excessive loading can reduce the number of charging cycles. Batteries charged to 100% withstand from 300 to 500 cycles, and up to 70%. from 1200 to 2000.

    A lithium battery works well if the electrons in it periodically move. With a constant connection to the network, this result cannot be achieved.

    What is the best way to charge your iPhone?

    There are many ways to charge a smartphone, each of which has its own positive and negative features.

    When purchasing a gadget, many people use the included European or Chinese charger. It connects to the device via USB. It is advisable to choose charging with a low current, since this will reduce the load on the battery. The problem does not arise on modern phones where a charge controller is installed, which automatically lowers the voltage to an optimal level.

    Another way to recharge is from a computer. The same USB is used. To recover the charge faster, pay attention to the type of socket on your PC or laptop. There are three types of equipment, numbered 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0. The first two types give a current of 2.5 W, the last one. as much as 5 W. That is, it is the third option that should be preferred. Finding the connector is easy enough. it is colored blue.

    Can I charge my iPhone with an iPad? For a long time, there was a myth about the dangers of this method. On its website, Apple developers, on the other hand, claim that it will not cause any damage. In this case, a more powerful charger is used, which will more than cover the needs of the phone. However, numerous users claim that after a year they notice a dramatic change in the battery life without recharging, if you use the iPad device regularly.

    Some users manage to connect the gadget to the car power supply. Most experts unanimously talk about the dangers of this method, so it’s best not to use it. The voltage in such a network is unstable, so it is possible to spoil the power controller in a short time. Cheap car charger just can’t keep the smartphone from the next leap.

    Without a cord, the iPhone can be charged using the slip-on case. Its rear panel is a signal transmitter. Apple does not release such models, but there are many compatible options on the market.
    Also, a convenient wireless way is the LED-lamp, which is a platform for the phone. The mount is secure, so if the device vibrates from an incoming call, it will not fall on the table or floor.
    There is every reason to believe that the future lies with wireless charging, since manufacturers of mobile accessories are actively working in this direction. In particular, a special acrylic disc with a built-in energy transmitter was made.

    In addition to the charging method, the storage temperature of the phone also plays an important role. The battery works best at 15-45 ° C. Despite the convenience of wireless devices, they have significant disadvantages. Additional heating is created, which causes the battery to fail faster. We should expect more secure models to appear on the market.

    Also, the battery will be “grateful” to the owner for lowering the screen brightness, turning off unnecessary applications, GPS. Use airplane mode in areas with poor connectivity.

    Modern devices are so well thought out and equipped with protective mechanisms that you simply have to not expose them to additional risks. Then the battery will serve for a long time and reliably.

    Non-original Lightning cable

    This is the case with lightning cables. As you know, there is a chip inside the lightning plug, which is used for device authentication and a number of other functions. Without this chip (microcircuit), the cable simply will not be accepted by the iPhone itself.

    Apple has partnered with some iOS device accessory manufacturers to supply Lightning chips only to authorized ones. Products from such manufacturers are usually marked MFI (Made For iPhone).

    The Chinese, in turn, managed to make a clone of this chip and successfully use it in cables, which are then sold for 0.98 on the AliExpress website. Although such cables work, they usually do not last long.

    I have tried many cables and I can say the following. I have nothing against non-original Lightning cables, but I still advise you to purchase them for more / less adequate money.

    What you get for 0.98 just can’t match the quality of the original. I strongly recommend to everyone an excellent lightning cable from Ugreen, which is certified by Apple, of high quality and solid.

    Charging your new iPhone correctly

    There are many theories about how to properly charge your new iPhone. I’ll tell you how I usually do it myself. There is nothing like that, just if you think sensibly, then the first couple of charging cycles are best done according to the instructions below:

    • After pulling the iPhone out of the box, connect it to the charger
    • After the iPhone is charged to 100%, feel free to use it and bring it to a full discharge
    • After the battery is completely discharged and the iPhone turns off, reconnect it to the charger
    • Charge your phone to 100% without using it while charging.

    It is best if you do a couple of full charge / discharge cycles. After that, you can charge the phone as you used to do it before. Read about the rest of the nuances below.

    Which power adapter to use

    A standard iPhone power adapter (5V, 1A, 5W) fully charges an average phone in about 1h 30min. I can’t say anything more about this adapter. Well, he is ordinary.

    A bit of theory about Apple power adapters. They all have a voltage of 5 volts (V), but different amperage, which is measured in amperes (A) and power, which is measured in watts (W). These three quantities are related to each other by a simple formula: V x A = W.

    • Example 1: 5V and 1A power adapter has 5W power (standard iPhone charging)
    • Example 2: a 5V and 2.1A power adapter will already have a power of 10W (charging for iPad)

    First! Apple’s official website has a page on which it says in black and white “Despite the fact that the power adapter is designed for iPad, you can also charge any model of iPhone or iPod with it.” And they wrote this not at all because they want to sell you a new battery as soon as possible.

    Yes, there really is a myth that charging an iPhone with an iPad charger can quickly ruin your phone’s battery. I can assure you this is completely wrong! The charger (as we used to call it. charging) that you plug into an outlet is not a charger at all, but a regular DC power adapter.

    The iPhone charging is located inside the iPhone itself and is the very same charging controller. which we talked about above. It is this module that decides what amperage to use when charging the iPhone battery.

    There is another myth that the iPad charger can charge the iPhone 2 times faster. Unfortunately, this is not entirely true. Only starting with the sixth generation of the iPhone, Apple taught its phones to fast charge from an adapter for the iPad, and even then not 2 times faster. Previous iPhones do not have this feature.

    Chinese power adapter (charger)

    I don’t even want to consider Chinese chargers. And I do NOT recommend using them! Why? Because most of them are of dubious quality! over, the characteristics declared by the manufacturer almost always differ from the real ones.

    It’s your right to use them, but when smoke comes out of your iPhone and it stops charging, you will remember what I told you.

    A separate article is on the way in which we will analyze how to distinguish the original power adapter for the iPhone from the Chinese counterfeit.

    Car charger

    Car chargers are generally EVIL. specifically, CHEAP CHINESE car chargers greatly increase the chances of you ditching your iPhone’s charge / power controller. I advise everyone to familiarize themselves with this problem, which I wrote about in detail in a separate article “Replacing the iPhone power and charging controller” (link).

    The thing is that the car power grid is far from the standard for voltage / current stability, and those cheap car chargers that many use cannot protect the phone from surges in the car power network.

    If you are faced with a problem when your phone has stopped charging, “does not accept” even the original charging and cable, it takes a very long time or does not fully charge. most likely the problem is in a damaged charging controller. And believe me, in 90% of such cases, car chargers are to blame.

    If you do spend most of your day on the road and need to recharge your iPhone from your car’s cigarette lighter, don’t press on when buying a car charger. Better to overpay a couple of dollars, but get a known high-quality branded item.

    Personally, I like the products of the Ugreen company, which I wrote about above. All the products I purchased from them inspire confidence and really work. The simplest one for 5V and 1A (which is just suitable for charging an iPhone in a car) costs 6.99.

    Should I leave my iPhone charging overnight??

    In order to answer this question, you need to clearly understand what happens to your iPhone after connecting to the power adapter. It should be said right away that the charging process of the iPhone battery (like any modern gadgets) is controlled by the charging controller built into the iPhone.

    This controller does not overcharge the battery while at the same time endeavors to recharge it as soon as reasonably possible. At the same time, up to 80% of the battery is charged at a fairly fast pace, and the last 20%, on the contrary, in slow motion.

    Once the battery is charged, the charging controller cuts off the power supply. The battery is, as it were, left alone, without transferring or taking away the charge from it. In this case, the phone itself is powered from the charger.

    In other words, during this period of time, the battery is NOT charging or discharging. Therefore, the myth that after reaching 100% charge, the battery goes into a cyclic discharge / recharge mode is complete nonsense. If this were the case, the battery would be subject to additional wear and tear. What nobody really needs.

    Okay. Now let’s look at one more fact. Any battery is prone to “self-discharge”. This is a completely normal process of losing power, provided the battery is not connected to anything. Lithium polymer batteries have a self-discharge rate of 5% per month, which is essentially very low (compared to other types of batteries).

    The charge controller, of course, periodically checks the remaining battery charge and if it detects a significant loss of charge, it will start a new charge cycle. This situation will arise only after the loss of at least 2% of the charge, which in turn can occur no more than once every two weeks.

    Thus, if you leave your iPhone charging for a full month, the built-in battery may be recharged once or twice.


    How to properly charge your iPhone. a dummy’s guide

    I’m sure each of you charges your iPhone in a chaotic manner. Having a “power reserve” of the battery equal to one astronomical day, we always try to recharge on the go. even if by at least 10-20%.

    On the other hand, almost every night our iPhones “roast” on a charge for more than 7 hours. In this article, we’ll find out how to properly charge your iPhone and how these messy charger connections affect battery life. Go!

    Well, now one of you will say “Chuva-ah-ah-k, why are you rubbing us for game…. “. I agree. no one ever has any special questions about charging an iPhone.

    There are a couple of interesting nuances that not many people know about. So, I tried to collect all these nuances and put them in one article. For your general development! Read. it will be informative and interesting!

    • If your iPhone runs out of battery quickly. read this article
    • If iPhone won’t charge at all. read this article
    • IPhone won’t turn on. read this article
    • How to replace the iPhone screen with your own hands. instructions
    • IPhone charging and power controller replacement. details here
    • Charging your new iPhone correctly
    • Should I leave my iPhone charging overnight??
    • Which power adapter to use
    • Long iPhone storage

    Long iPhone storage

    If for some reason you decide to put your iPhone away for long-term storage, be sure to follow the rules below:

    • charge your iPhone to about 50%. Storing the device with a fully charged battery may result in partial loss of the original capacity of this battery. Conversely, if you store the device with a fully discharged battery, it can go into a deep discharge state;
    • Turn off the device;
    • Store the device in a dry place with an ambient temperature of no more than 32C;
    • If your iPhone is going to lie on the shelf for more than six months, charge it to 50% every 6 months.

    So how do you properly charge your iPhone? As you probably understood from the article, there are no special rules. The iPhone has built-in foolproof protection (aka power controller) so that any user does not have to bother about charging the phone. By personal example. I used the iPhone 4S for four years and charged it in a chaotic manner.

    Most of the time, it was fully charged overnight, but sometimes you had to connect it to the power adapter during the day. And what happened to the battery in 4 years? Yes, nothing has become. She also keeps plus or minus one day.

    So don’t worry too much about charging your iPhone. Charge it whenever you want and how much you want. The main thing is not to use dubious Chinese chargers.

    How to properly charge your iPhone

    Do not use the phone while charging

    The device becomes very hot when charging from the mains. If it is also used at this time, then the battery may overheat and, as a result, it will swell. But there are also known cases of fire and even explosion.

    In addition, the charging time will increase, and the battery life will be significantly shortened. If at the same time using cables or adherents of non-original production, then the commands executed by the device may be erroneous.,

    Use only original chargers and cables

    We strongly recommend using only original chargers and cables to charge gadgets, and not copies for the sake of economy. After all, a dubious risk can even be dangerous for your phones.

    Poor component insulation and close distance between points of different voltages and power output are the minimum differences between the copy and the original. Apple has taken all the precautions to be taken when designing its chargers. Even considering that different voltages are required to charge the iPhone and iPad. Therefore, the phone charger will charge the tablet more slowly. And non-original copies with constant fluctuations and jumps during charging over time have a detrimental effect on the battery.

    5 simple rules to prevent breakage

    • so that the battery does not lose its maximum capacity and does not wear out so quickly, do not charge it to 100% and discharge it to 0%. it’s better to recharge the device several times throughout the day than to charge the device at a time.
    • in order for the battery to last as long as possible, the charge level must be kept at 40-80%.
    • Once a month, it is worth completely discharging the battery before turning off the smartphone, and then charging the device to 100%. A full charge cycle from and to is required for the battery, after frequent small recharges.
    • do not leave your phone on charge for a long time, since it will not reach the maximum charge level anyway, but at the same time it will not receive a small charge by 1-2%.
    • If you like to keep your iPhone on charge all night, remember that in standby mode the battery runs out of power and the charger supplies it constantly. The battery actually has no benefit from this, although it will be fully charged in the morning.

    How do you charge your iPhone or iPad?

    Probably, everyone has their own rules about this: during the night, in the car on the way to work, in the subway using an external battery, in general, who is used to it and how it is convenient for whom. Also, each in his own way approaches the temporary issue of the charging process itself: some wait for the signal to “picnite” the end of charging, others, connecting the charger, charge it by 70-80 percent.

    “What is the right way then?”. you ask. We’ll figure out.
    Science journalist Eric Leimer recommends using his tips to extend the life of your iPhone or iPad battery.

    He believes that the battery charge of the gadget should be kept at the level of 40-80 percent. Better yet, no more than 50 percent. The lower the charge level, the more charge cycles you will receive from your device. And that is why, according to Lymer, your device will work much more efficiently if it is not fully charged.

    Many of us try to keep the battery on charge all the time, mistakenly believing that this way the battery will last longer. But this is not recommended: it is better to connect your iPhone or iPad to charging several times to maintain a good working condition of the battery. This tip applies to Mac computers too.

    Another tip from Laimer is not to confuse nickel batteries with lithium-ion batteries found in iPhones and iPads. They do not have a “memory effect” to the extent that you have to discharge the device several times and charge it again after purchase.

    Contrasting temperatures. cold or hot. are not good for iPhones and iPads. Each year, the battery can lose 20 percent of its capacity if the temperature rises above 25 degrees. That is why it is better not to charge devices wirelessly (using special adapters), as they create an unnecessarily high temperature.

    The best ways to charge your iPhone

    There are many ways to charge your iPhone. Each of them can negatively or positively affect the battery of the smartphone.

    • Included with the purchase is a charger of European or Chinese production, which is connected to the phone via USB. It is best to choose low current charging to reduce the load on the battery.
    • You can also charge your gadget from your computer. Laptops usually have 3 connectors, one of which is colored blue. it is he who gives a current of 5 W and is best suited for recharging via a USB cable.
    • It is not recommended to use car charging devices due to unstable voltage, which will lead to a failure of the power controller.

    Keep these tips in mind the next time you charge your great iPhone or iPad! Replacing the battery at our service center is inexpensive.

    iPhone 6

    Now you can put the device on charge. Wait until the indicator shows full charge. You can continue charging for a while. Avoid using your smartphone while its battery is charging. You can even charge your phone while it is off. Li-ion battery life may vary depending on the ambient temperature. In cold weather, the battery will waste much more resources than in warm weather. In everyday use, keeping the lithium battery in good condition requires that the electrons in the battery be periodically in motion. Perform at least one charging cycle per month (fully charging and then discharging the battery).

    First charge cycle

    Despite all the talk on the network that the first three charge cycles are not needed, I will say this: it does not hurt to carry out these three cycles for your smartphone. After purchase, you must immediately discharge (if charged) up to 30%, and put on charge. You need to charge for the first time at least 4 hours. When charging most lithium-ion batteries, fast charging occurs first to replenish 85% of the battery capacity, and then low current charging begins. After your device has notified you of a full charge, hold it for another 20 minutes to stabilize the currents.

    How to properly charge your iPhone

    Lithium-ion batteries have a higher specific capacity than nickel batteries. They provide longer runtime with less weight, as lithium is the lightest metal. In addition, lithium-ion batteries can be recharged at any time without having to wait until they are fully discharged, and this does not affect their performance, as is the case with nickel batteries. But this is all true, some preface.

    Second charge cycle

    This charge cycle must be started after your iPhone asks you to do so. No need to forcefully try to discharge it to the end. With a deep discharge, only the destruction of your akka begins to occur.

    iPhone 5s

    Many people complain that a recently purchased li-ion battery runs out quickly. For example, a new smartphone keeps charging much less time after a few days than immediately after purchase. It turns out that the owner of the device, incorrectly using the battery, may be to blame. The well-known method of “overclocking” the battery is only suitable for nickel power supplies. When using lithium-ion batteries, this method will have to be slightly tweaked. You can read about training batteries Immediately after purchase, check if there is still a charge in the battery. If there is, proceed to discharge. This is done most quickly during a conversation, listening to music, taking photos and videos.

    Third charge cycle

    Completely identical to the second cycle. Just do not forget to hold it in charge for 20 minutes after the notification of a full charge.

    iPhone 6s

    Tech enthusiast Eris Lamer claims that frequent battery charging can do little damage. And this is true, because even the manufacturer himself guarantees a certain number of charge cycles. discharge. However, one complete cycle should still be done about once a month. He also recommends charging phone batteries to no more than 50% whenever possible, based on each battery cell being charged to the correct voltage. The higher the charge level, the higher the voltage level. The more voltage a cell stores, the more stress it experiences. Eris Lamer also says that there is no need to charge a new gadget for 72 hours, since this advice is only valid when working with nickel batteries.

    How to properly charge your iPhone

    In the event that you want the iPad or iPhone battery to last as long as possible, then you should change a few of your basic habits. Many of the users claim that the batteries of modern devices drain very quickly, and sometimes they are not enough even for a day. But most of the blame lies with us, not with the creators of power supplies.

    The first mistake of all iPhone owners is the opinion that the battery must be charged to 100 percent, and the charging process should not be interrupted.

    The online portal Battery University, which was created by battery company Cadex, described the stress of lithium-ion power supplies that are used in all smartphones. Just as the human body reacts to stress, so too do batteries, namely, decreasing lifespan. It is for the longest possible battery life that a few habits should be changed.

    How to Properly charge your iPhone (NEW 2021)

    If the device is fully charged, disconnect it from the mains and do not continue the charging process. According to the data provided by the company Cadex, in no case should you keep your smartphone on charge when its charge is 100 percent. Most often, this happens when iPhone owners put the device on charge overnight. After the phone is fully charged, electrical impulses will periodically come from the network, which will maintain the charge at maximum.

    Therefore, this will keep the device under stress, which in turn will wear it out. This effect can be compared to constant muscle tension in the human body. Indeed, it is impossible for a living being to work all the time without sleep with constant muscle tension.

    Also, many experts state that it is not desirable for the battery to reach its maximum value. This is due to the fact that the battery in the last minutes of charging receives an electric charge under high voltage, which again negatively affects the power supply. That is why it is best to charge your phone several times a day and little by little.

    It will be much more beneficial for the power source if it is charged a little and several times a day. Experts recommend charging a smartphone at a time when about 10 percent of the charge has been lost, but with our pace of life this is quite difficult, so you should charge it at every convenient opportunity.

    This charging method will not only extend the life of the battery, but also provide its owner with a fully charged device at hand.

    Many smartphone batteries are very sensitive to overheating. Apple strongly recommends that its customers remove the covers while charging the smartphone, because they do not allow the phone to cool down.

    In addition, the company recommends that the smartphone is not exposed to sunlight. Due to this, the battery will last much longer.

    Vikoristovuvati only original charger attachments and cables

    It is easy to recommend that you use the original charger for charging gadgets and cables, and not a copy of the economy. Adzhe sumnіvny risik can be found in a decent mode of your telephones.

    The filth of the isolation of the components is close to the points with the small strains and the tension. there is a minimum of evidence from both copies and the original. The Apple company has been shutting down its charging attachments in all foreign calls. You need to find the ones you need to charge your iPhone and iPad. To that, the charging attachment for the phone will charge the tablet as often as possible. And unoriginal copies with permanent kolyvannyi and strikers, when charged, are deeply infused onto the battery.

    Don’t bother using your phone for an hour of charging

    When charging from a net, the pricks get very hot. As soon as the battery is overheated and as a result of it, it’s possible to overheat the battery. Ale vіdomі also vypadki zagoryannya i nivіt vibuhu.

    Until then, the charging process will be slower, and the battery life will be significantly faster. If you have a lot of vikoristovuvati cables, or the adept is not original virobnitsTVa, then the commanders, if you can vikonuyutsya attachment can be gracious,

    Yakim chin We charge your iPhone or iPad?

    Mabut, the dermal drive has its own rules: stretching the night, in the car on the road to the robot, in the metropolitan area for the help of the new battery, in a word, whoever is grateful.

    So the skin itself in its own way goes to the hourly power supply without the middle of the charging process: once clear, if the signal about the end of charging is “peeped”, if you switch on the charging attachment, charge it for 70-80 volts.

    “And the yak is treba?”. power Vee. Let’s get out.
    Science journalist Erik Laimer recommends that you speed up your life with joy, to continue the life of your battery iPhone or iPad.
    Win vvazhaє, so the battery charge of the gadget needs to be set at 40-80 vids. And even more beautiful. no more than 50 per cent. The less the charge, the more cycles you charge. And in fact, as the starter Laimer, your setup is more efficient, as there will be no charging for all one hundred percent.

    Bagato hto us pragmatically trim the battery for an entire hour on the charge, pomilkovo vazhayuchi, but such a battery is more efficient. Ale tse robiti is not recommended: it is more beautiful to get a good work battery, connect your iPhone or iPad before charging.

    It’s a pleasure to be introduced to the PC’s Mac.

    One more joy from Laimer. do not stray nickel batteries with lithium-ion batteries installed in iPhone and iPad. Smell do not think “memory effect” in the fact that you have a bit of time to unload the attachments and charge them again for a purchase.
    Contrast temperature modes. cold, hot. not friendly for iPhone and iPad. A dermal accumulator can take 20 heats of its capacity, if the temperature will be 25 degrees. It is more beautiful not to charge the attachment in a secure way (with the help of special connections), since the stink will increase the temperature.

    5 simple rules to avoid wrong

    • So the battery didn’t use up its maximum power and didn’t talk so well, it didn’t charge it up to 100% and it didn’t charge up to 0%. even more beautifully, the dough is even more beautiful, after a day of charging the pristy, less pomaximum at a time.
    • If the service of the accumulator is as large as possible, then the level of the charge needs to be trimmed at the level of 40-80%.
    • Once a month, I will recharge the battery until the smartphone is turned on, and then charge the battery up to 100%. An additional charge cycle is required until the battery is required for frequent additional charges.
    • it’s not a trivial term to put your phone on charge, since the maximum charge level is not enough for all one thing, but with a whole or other charge by 1-2% it isn’t necessary.
    • If you love all the trimmings of your iPhone on charging, remember to charge the battery in cleanup mode, and charge it permanently. The battery for the sake of the corysty is not good, I want to increase the charges.

    How to properly charge your iphone

    Chim the best way to charge your iPhone

    I have a lot of options to charge my iPhone. Skin from them can be negatively or positively infused into the smartphone’s battery.

    • In the kit with the purchase, the charger is attached to the European or Chinese virobnitsTVa, so you have to go to the phone via USB. Best of all, to change the installation on the battery, turn the charging with a weak strum.
    • You can also charge your gadget from a PC. On laptops, play with 3 roses, one with a blue color. you can use 5 W power and go to the best way for charging via a USB cable.
    • Vikoristovuvati are not recommended for charging car attachments through unstable stress, but to cause a robotic harvesting controller to follow you.

    Do not forget about our joy for the next time, if you charge your smart iPhone or iPad! Replacing the battery in our service center at a low cost.

    IPhone and iPad charging rules

    Do you want your device to work properly for several years? Then strictly follow the basic operating rules regarding charging Apple gadgets.
    1. Charge the equipment more often. There is no need to wait until the battery charge drops to 0-5%. Research shows that in this mode the battery wears out faster and loses its maximum capacity. Try to put your smartphone / tablet on recharging 1-2 times a day.
    2. Maintain the charge level within 35-80%. You can charge the device already at around 50%. Disconnect when the charge is about 90%.
    3. Discharge-charge the battery at least once a month. Discharge the device completely (it should turn itself off), and then plug it in and charge up to 100%. After many small charge and discharge cycles, the battery requires a full cycle (0 to 100%).
    4. Do not leave your smartphone / tablet on charging for a long time. Many users like to turn on the gadget for charging before going to bed and remember about it only after waking up. Do not forget that the battery in the iPhone and iPad is discharged even in standby mode, and the connected charger feeds it all the time. Of course, in the morning you will receive your device 100% charged. But the condition of the battery will worsen and the likelihood that soon you will need iPhone repair services in Kharkiv will increase.

    How to properly charge your iPhone or iPad?

    A common problem faced by owners of Apple technology is the inability of the battery to hold a charge for a long time. These malfunctions occur due to low-quality (non-original) components, factory defects and the usual non-observance of operating rules. It is the human factor that becomes the main reason why users have to seek help from iPhone repair shops in Kharkiv.

    Useful Tips

    To avoid battery problems on iPhone and iPad, you should also follow these guidelines.
    First, use original cables and chargers. Buying Chinese counterfeits will, of course, be much cheaper. However, their operation can lead to equipment malfunction and, accordingly, to the need to repair the iPhone in Kharkov. Poor insulation of components, inaccurate distance between points of different voltages. these are frequent differences between the original and the copy. Apple developers take into account all the necessary safety measures when creating their own chargers. Working with fakes threatens with frequent surges during charging, which will negatively affect the condition of the battery. As a result, having saved on low-quality accessories, you will have to spend money on replacing the battery by contacting the repair of iPhones in Kharkov.

    Secondly, do not use the device while recharging. This process is accompanied by serious heating of the gadget. If the owner also uses it, then there is a high risk of battery overheating and swelling. In rare cases, fire may occur. In addition, the charging time will be longer and the battery life will be reduced.
    Keep these simple tips in mind when charging your iPhone or iPad. If the device stops working properly, please contact our Apple service center in Kharkov. Experienced specialists will carry out diagnostics, replace faulty parts and restore the gadget to work.

    Valuable Tips

    Despite the fact that Apple uses high-quality power sources in its devices, you should make sure that your iPhone is properly charged. Over time, the capacity of the battery of any device is steadily decreasing, but the question arises: how to charge the phone so that after a couple of years of active use of the smartphone the battery “lasts” at least one day? Just follow these tips.

    • Do not charge and use your phone in extreme temperatures: the manufacturer recommends using your smartphone at temperatures between 0 and 35 degrees. The iphone should also not be charged at temperatures below.20 and above 45 degrees.
    • Avoid constant, systematic deep discharge of the battery, it is harmful for lithium-ion batteries.
    • It is best to use original accessories and chargers, since in them the current and voltage do not jump, like in the Chinese cheap counterparts.
    • The most optimal and safest time to replenish the charge is from 20 to 80% according to the indicator in the iPhone. At least that’s what the manufacturers of Li-ion power supplies say, and we tend to believe them.

    Now let’s answer the question of how to properly charge your new iPhone for the first time.?

    How to properly and safely charge your iPhone after purchase?

    Modern smartphones are equipped with lithium-ion batteries, sometimes lithium-polymer batteries are installed in expensive devices. Nickel-metal hydride, cadmium, alkaline batteries have long disappeared from the field of view of manufacturers of mobile equipment, having proven their ineffectiveness as a reliable power source for the phone. In this article, we will analyze how to properly charge an iPhone with its Li-ion batteries.

    A bit of theory

    Many “experts” with foam at the mouth argue that Li-ion power supplies require preparation for work, in the form of “buildup”, performing several full charge / discharge cycles. This information does not correspond to reality, in fact, manufacturers have already done it up to us, and by repeating the procedure, you simply reduce the number of working cycles, reducing the life of the elements.

    Over time, the number of battery life cycles sharply decreases, and after 3-4 years it may be time to replace the spent modules, fortunately, it is not expensive, and replacement can be done in any, even not particularly well-known service center. Therefore, many users have a question about how to properly and safely charge a new smartphone and whether it is necessary to completely, to zero, discharge a new iPhone?

    First charge

    How do I charge my phone correctly after purchase? The answer is simple. connect the charger when the indicator shows 20%. This value is the most optimal and safest for the battery. It is no coincidence that iOs issues a warning as soon as the indicator is reached. Stick to this figure, but without fanaticism, if the iPhone is dead and turned off, it’s okay, you don’t need to allow it to be repeated regularly and everything will be fine with a Li-ion battery.

    This question worries only the responsible owner of the smartphone. It is understandable, the user wants to extend the life of the device for the maximum amount of time. The first charge of your iphone is like the first love, you need to experience it and it will be easier.

    Tips are suitable for the entire line of Apple smartphones, whether 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 6, 6 plus, 7, 7 plus, 8

    Question answer

    How to properly charge my iPhone 6s?

    The answer is just like any other iphone, the previous section says.

    How many charge-discharge cycles a lithium-ion battery can withstand without a noticeable drop in capacity?

    The answer is about 400-500, if you follow simple rules, which corresponds to 3 or 4 years of the device’s life. In most cases, users change the smartphone itself much more often than the battery in it.

    Do I need to charge a new battery?

    No, for you, at the factory, the manufacturer has already done this, it is enough to adhere to the recommendations described above in order to save the life of your device as long as possible. Fully discharge, no need.

    How to properly charge your smartphone?

    A smartphone, like any other phone, is equipped with lithium-ion or lithium-polymer batteries, so they are subject to the same conditions as for the rest of mobile technology. How to properly charge the iPhone 5s, disassembled above, see the section “valuable tips”

    How long does it take to charge a new phone?

    The standard battery charging time is about 2-3 hours, but you need to navigate according to the messages of the system. iOs will tell you when it’s time to plug in the lanyard and when the battery is full. There are exceptions when the controller fails, but that’s a completely different story.

    Do not be afraid to spoil modern batteries in smartphones and other mobile devices, everything is thought out for the user. Use original or high-quality accessories, in this case the device is guaranteed to withstand more than one year of intensive use. Problems with energy storage devices usually occur in 3-4 years of operation, they are not expensive and do not cause much trouble after replacement.

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