How to print on a printer from a Windows computer

How to print a text, image or other file on a computer

The widespread problem that inexperienced users face is the absence of skills in printing on a computer of text documents, photos, as well as files of other types.

From the article, the reader will learn how to print files on a computer or on removable storage devices (flash drives, wheels, memory cards, etc.).

I want to remind inexperienced readers that it is possible to print something only if there is a good printer that is connected to the computer and is properly configured. Before printing, make sure that the computer correctly determines the printer connected to it and is ready to work with it. How to do this, as well as how to eliminate the most common problems in the printer, read on this page, in the section “What needs to be checked and, if necessary, fix it on a computer”.

Printer printout

Most built.In in modern operating systems for viewing images, for the most part, have the function of printing the file viewed in them. However, the quality of such a picture at the output can worsen much or contain artifacts.


This program provides the possibility of changing the angle of the image prepared for printing, supports all modern raster graphic formats and contains powerful tools for processing files, printing pictures of high quality. Qimage can be called a universal application, one of the best solutions in the market of similar programs.

    You need to select an image on a computer that needs to be printed and open it using QIMAGE. To do this, click on the file for printing with the right mouse button and select the “Open using” option, then click “Select another application”.

Click on the “more application” button and scroll through the list until the end.

print, printer, windows, computer

At the very bottom of this list will be the option “Search for another program on a computer”, according to which it will be necessary to press.

print, printer, windows, computer

Find the executable QIMAGE file. He will be in the folder, which was chosen as a path for installing the application. By default, QIMAGE is at the following address:

Repeat the first item of this manual, only in the list of the “Open” option, click on the QIMAGE line.

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How to Print a File || Print a Documents || Computer Basic for Beginners in English

In the program integer, click on the button that looks like a printer. A window will appear where you will need to press OK. The printer will start work. Make sure that the correct printing device is selected. Its name will be in the line “NAME”.

Photo Print Pilot

This product is less functional in comparison with QIMAGE, although it has its advantages. The Photo Print Pilot integrated into Russian, the program allows you to print several images on one sheet of paper and at the same time provides an opportunity to determine their orientation. But the built.In editor of the photo, unfortunately, is absent.

In order to find out how to print the image using this application, follow the link below.

Home photo studio

There are many functions in the Home Photo Studio program. You can in any way change the position of the photo on the sheet, draw on it, create postcards, ads, collages, etc.D. The processing of several images is available at once, as well as this application can be used to regularly view pictures. Let us consider in more detail the process of preparing the image for printing in this program.

In the “Explorer” menu, select the desired file and click on the “Open” button.

In the window that opens, in its upper left corner, click on the “File” tab, and then select “Print”. You can also just press the CTRLP key combination.

Click on the “Print” button, after which the printer almost immediately prints the image open in the application.


Priprinter is perfect for those who are engaged in printing color images. Extensive functionality, its own driver, which allows you to see what and how it will be printed on a sheet of paper-all this makes this program a good and convenient solution to the task set by the user.

In the “Explorer” window, install the type of “all types of pictures” files and click twice according to the desired image.

In the “File” tab, click on the “Print” option. A menu will appear on the left side of the program window, in which the “Print” button will be located. Click on it. To do everything faster, you can just press the Ctrlp key combination, which will immediately perform these three actions.

How to use a printer

The printing device is installed and ready to work, but how to use it and how to print on a printer from a computer? To check, open any text editor. MS Word, notebook, but anything and print a few words. Next, open the “File” tab and select “Print” item. You can also call the printing dialog box by pressing the Ctrlp key combination combination. After click “Print“.

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If you have to print scanned materials or pictures, then you may need to set print. In the dialog box, click “Settings”. Here you are invited to choose the size of the sheet, its orientation, quality of paper, etc.D. Directly in the Quality tab (quality), you can configure the print quality, operating by resolution, brightness and contrast.

Tip: Before you print on a printer from the computer, a large amount of documents requiring printing quality, such as scanned sheets or pictures, print trial sheets, having previously configured the seal. And only after you achieve the required quality, start the seal in full. This will save you, already inconsistent paint.

How to print a brochure in Word

Microsoft Word is a powerful application with a huge number of functions. The program with proper work with it can easily replace any editor that professionals in printed agencies use. For example, each user can create his own document (for example, instructions, reference guide or book) and print it for the convenience of further reading and storage in the form of a brochure.

You can make Word booklets or brochure as follows:

It is necessary in the main menu in the upper part of the program to find the section “Page markup”.2. Find the menu group dedicated to the formatting of the sheet and the entire document.3. Press in the lower right side of the menu group on the arrow to open all the parameters.4. Page parameters on the Paul tab should find the drop.Down list of “several pages” and select “Brochure”.5. After applying the page parameters to the entire document, it will become in the format of the brochure. It should be noted that the sheet itself on which a person editing will be slightly reduced after that. And therefore it will be necessary to re.Revise all formatting in order to make sure of its correctness.6. In the same window, you can configure all page parameters. Increase or reduce the indentation.After that, you do not need to worry that the document will be incorrectly printed. With simple printing without pretexts, everything will be displayed in the form of a brochure.

Additional articles

Appendix “Printing Images

In Windows 10, the developers integrated the standard application printing application. Its call will be the fastest of all options, although the functionality of the application is minimal. Click the right mouse key in the image and find the item “Print”. This is the fastest way to print without additional settings. In the middle of the opening window, a preliminary type of printed image on a sheet of paper will be shown. Select the printer with which you will print the picture, paper size, image quality, number of copies, orientation on the page and click “Print”.

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If paper is loaded in the printer, and there is enough ink in the cartridge, the picture is printed instantly.

How to change orientation before printing on a printer

Sometimes situations arise that before printing it is necessary to change the orientation of the image. The easiest way to do this is in the same viewing tool that is included in the standard supply of Windows.

After the image is open, you need to use the keys with the arrow. They allow you to turn the image sequentially. Depending on which button you press, rotation will occur clockwise or against. To maintain the result of work. Just close the program. All changes will automatically be saved.

By concluding our conversation, I would like to recommend the following. For high.Quality printing of images, whether it is the pictures downloaded from the Internet, or photographs shot on a picnic is best used to use the one that comes together with the printer. As a rule, this software is designed specifically for printing photos, therefore it has a very understandable and friendly integration, as well as many settings. Thanks to such expanded functionality, even a little knowledgeable person, can without much difficulty print a photo at a professional level.

Image printout

In any graphic editor, there is the possibility of printing photos or pictures. You need to act on the same principle as when printing the text. The setting involves editing the size, the ability to propagate the image to the desired amount or print of several different pictures on one sheet.

print, printer, windows, computer

In the same way, you can print the tables of Microsoft Excel, the text of the website. Browser file also involves the availability of printing services.

As you can see, there is nothing complicated in working with the printer. The most important thing is to configure everything correctly for the correct operation and carry out the maintenance of the device in time.

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