How to post a video on Instagram with iPhone

Ways to download video from a phone or tablet on Instagram

Initially, the Instagram service offered a photo exchange service, but after gaining great popularity, the developers worked on its improvement, and the network became able to upload videos.

First you need a suitable device and a network record. You can download videos through a computer, but it is quite difficult, and special programs will be required to work. The video file taken to the phone initially corresponds to the required parameters. In addition, the smaller its weight, the less difficulties. The possibilities of the duration of the video are limited up to 15 and 30 seconds, so many users are interested in whether it is possible to download a longer video.

How to upload a video from a computer

Surely you already realized that for the computer the functionality of working with video on the social network Instagram is limited. In full mode, the ability to lay out a video from a computer is available only for IGTV format.

The IGTV format is very convenient when you need to add a long video to the IG (for example, more than 1 minute) up to 1 hour.

To lay it out from the computer, you must log in at the Instagram account in the browser exactly the way you do it from the phone.

After authorization in your personal account, switch to the IGTV tab. You can add the video by clicking on the download button.

A window for downloading with the ability to add a video cover and text information will appear on the next page. The title and description. If desired, you can connect two additional options:

Services of delayed posting

One of the most popular functions of the delayed posting services is the opportunity to add a video of any format from the computer on Instagram: Reels, IGTV, Storis and publication in the tape.

Consider the example of the famous SMMPLanner service. After authorization and purchase of the tariff, you will need to bind the Instagram account to the service.

In order to lay out the video, you need to create a post first (button to plan a post). In a pop.Up window, indicate the tied Instagram account to connect the options for this social network.

Smmplanner offers one of the easiest video format management options. Under the text of the post, it is enough to indicate what it will be Stories, IGTV, Reels. And already in this format it will be published on Instagram. In the post (or in the carousel) the video will fall automatically if you attach it to the text of the post.

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Please note that SMMPLanner has a separate function that allows you to add stories from the computer.

For this, the button to plan the story is responsible. Storisov editor is very flexible with the ability to add backgrounds not only in the form of pictures and videos, but also to fully work with the design of stories in the online services of Canva, Crello and Supa.

Creator Studio

Not so long ago, it pleased its users and initially his new Creator Studio tool was designed to work with business pages on Now Creator Studio has been tied to Instagram.

This means that users have an official opportunity to publish posts on Instagram from a computer and work with a tool for postponed posting, without resorting to the help of third.Party services and programs!

Creator Studio allows you to add three publications on Instagram:


You can add any video to the social network from the computer in another way if you install the so.Called Android emulator on PC. Its main function is that it displays the mobile version of the phone on the screen.

post, video, instagram

The emulator allows you to install the Instagram application and fully work with this application directly from the computer. To choose the best emulator, read reviews on the Internet.

Where it was shot, and who is on the video

Using the filter, select the person to whom we want to assign a name. In the opened tab, enter the name and confirm our choice. So can be done in video mode and photos.

Now we will not forget, with whom and where we had time.

Features of PC Instagram version: how to download video

Long videos via IGTV are available on the computer. As in the mobile version, the user needs to create a channel and add a clip. On PC you can download through the browser version of Instagram, without additional plugins or programs.

  • Format: MP4, volume. Up to 3.6 GB;
  • Duration: from 1 s to 60 minutes;
  • Sections: description, cover, heading;
  • Where will be shown: IgTV and page in

The profile owner can simultaneously publish a video in IGTV and for this, it should be noted under the description of placement in both social networks.

IGTV for the computer version

To upload a video on Instagram via IGTV, you must first prepare a video. The social network recommends a portrait format or album, which will be fully displayed by the audience.

  • Go to Instagram through the browser. Log in.
  • Go to the section: “IGTV” on your page.
  • Fill fields: name, description.
  • Draise the video. Open the folder on the computer and drag the window with the closed button into the window.
  • Save the clip.

The user may note additional placement in his tape. Subscribers will see a page on the page and will be able to go to a full clip, clicking on the button: “look”.

Do not forget to add tape or steris on Instagram.

Add a pereplass to the tape.

After publishing, the video automatically appears in the current profile tape, from which the video was published.

Add to the story.

To add the uploaded video in history, you need to step by step.

Run the video on the full screen and press the airplane icon.

Next in the window that appears, select the “Add Video to your History” button “. You can also send it to individual people from the list of contacts.

Ready! You can draw up, attach polls, text and so on. History persists, as usual, for a day. But the video in the profile will remain. It is possible to edit the video after publication.

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How to post a video with music on Instagram?

You paid a lot of attention to creating a good video and, for sure, you will not want to face some problems when posting it. The Instagram team closely tracks cases of violation of behavior ethics in its network, so it is important to comply with the established rules for using musical accompaniment, while maintaining the quality of the video.

There are several ways to avoid violation of the copyright of other people when posting videos on Instagram. Laws on the protection of intellectual property rights vary in different countries, but our recommendations will help you not violate them, regardless of which country you live in.

Always indicate the author of musical content.

When you add someone’s music to your video, be sure (both by law and for ethical reasons) indicate authorship. In order not to violate the copyright, first request the author’s permission to use this music and be sure to indicate the name of the author or his/its Instagram account in the post. This rule applies to reposts too. Even in the official Instagram account, the author of musical content is always mentioned.

Seek clarification if you want to use a certain musical accompaniment.

If it is not possible to obtain permission to use the track or the authorship in the description in the post is not indicated, the post can be deleted. In this case, you can seek clarifications. You will be provided with detailed instructions for further action. In the future, try to initially indicate information about authorship, otherwise your account will be blocked for repeated violations of the rules for using Instagram.

Change the sound track slightly.

How to Post on Instagram (2022 Beginners Guide)

You can bypass automatic post removal on Instagram using a music editor to change sound. Try to change the sound height, accelerate or slow down the pace, etc. However, there are risks: the audience may not like this sound, or the author of music will still declare a violation of his rights when using it in the video.

Use music without declared copyright in your video.

No need to go into the jungle of Internet players to find a million sites on which musical compositions are posted without copyright. For such tracks, you do not need to obtain permission to use. This is the easiest and most proven way of choosing music for posts at the moment.

And if on the contrary: download the video from Instagram to YouTube?

How to Post on Instagram 2022 Beginners Tutorial


Service for downloading a video from Instagram, which does not require registration and works for free. In order to download a video from a social network, you need:

Open Instagram and choose a post you want to download.

Click on the threefold at the bottom of the page and find the item “Copy the link”.

Important! It is necessary to copy the link through this option, and not through the target line.

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Open the Igrab service and insert the necessary link in the corresponding field;

Wait for the video clip to load, then click “Download the file”;

The file will be uploaded to the selected system folder of the output device, after which you can load a yutub channel.


The application works on the same principle as Igrab:

post, video, instagram

Find the video, copy the link and enter it into a special field on the site, after which the system recognizes and provides the possibility of downloading.

Before loading, be sure to specify the format and resolution of the video.

Downloader for Instagram

Expansion for the Google Chrome panel. Allows you to download and edit videos on PC.

Add video to IGTV

This method is suitable for publishing a video up to 15 minutes from a mobile device. And up to 60 minutes, if you download the video with PC.

Before publication in IGTV, it is recommended to create a special channel:

  • Go to Instagram and make authorization.
  • Go into the “My page” by pressing the igtv icon.
  • The icon “” will be displayed in the upper part of the page opened. By choosing a function, the user will be able to create a channel.

The function for quick downloading video files on Instagram and

What is IGTV?

We made very detailed IGTV instructions in this article! If you want to deal with “YouTube from Instagram”, be sure to read 🙂

IGTV is a full-fledged video hosting from Instagram, it has all possible functions for working with

  • Publish/delete files;
  • Separately upload the video cover;
  • Change the name of the video, description;
  • Save files to favorites;
  • Follow statistical information: views, left Комментарии и мнения владельцев and likes.

Downloading through a mobile application, video up to 15 minutes

Mobile phone download instructions:

Questions and answers

Several sections were added to the relevant and uploaded photos from storiz, access to which was limited for the group Best Friends. Unfortunately, technically I can not find the opportunity to open access to these photos for all. So it costs only for best friends. I would be very grateful if you tell me how it can be done? How to open access for everyone without uploading a photo again to storiz? Thanks in advance! Sincerely, Irina

You can open access only if you re.Publicize the pictures. Another way how to open a record for everyone. No.

I use Instagram on a laptop. Sound when watching a video tape is a sound, namely in the story. When I turn on the video story, I have the function “Video in a separate window” and there I can turn on the sound manually, this was not just 2 days ago. If the video is taken to a separate window, then after each story you have to turn on the sound, how to fix it

This is not the first question about this problem. Perhaps now on Instagram there is an update for the PC version. We recommend setting an extension to use all functions

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