How to post a video on Android video

How to post a video on the video on the phone

The power of modern smartphones allows you to perform almost the same operations that were previously intended for personal computers. In addition, it is more convenient for many users to shoot videos on the phone, and then immediately add effects and mount the clips. Today we will talk about how to post a video on the video on the phone.

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Below are 5 popular video editors for iOS and Android. In addition to combining video recordings, these programs have many functions for creating clips.

Best video editors on Android

Modern smartphones can shoot good videos. However, the standard programs installed in them by default are not so good for editing.

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Sometimes we urgently have to cut, cut out a fragment or improve quality and video, but at the moment there is no computer or laptop. What to do then? Video editors for mobiles come to the rescue. In this article we will consider with which applications you can process videos on Android smartphones.

So, to your choice, we present a rating of top 10 best video editors on Android with a brief review.

In the application you can create high.Quality videos. Wevideo has an understandable integration, and your images in it can be seen in an animated dialogue on a visual story. The program allows the user to create his mini-films from ready-made photos or shot in the preparation process. The video can be voiced, impose music, add effects and transitions, prescribe headlines and credits. The finished creation can be saved in different quality on the device or laid out on social networks. Bonus. Video editing from the moment you stopped, even on another smartphone or gadget (you must pass quick registration).

The advantage of this application is that it allows you to make a video from a photo shot on a phone camera or a tablet with Android OS. Select the pictures from the gallery, download from the Internet and insert in the video. You can choose one of the styles you like, the framework with animation or stickers. The video is created quickly and easy, and it can be changed even after preserving. On top of the video you can apply your favorite music or choose it from the proposed in the application. There is a function of preserving the resulting gallery or in any social network.

Rightfully in the top of the best video editors of 2019. It bribes simplicity and design. The integration is completely translated into Russian. To change the video, the user needs to take three steps: choose a video file itself, apply a filter and add music.

The peculiarity of this editor is that it allows you to glue two videos, create a slide show and apply filters.

The application can not only edit the video, but then translate it into various formats. You can combine several in one video, add music or impose a text to them, apply video effects, and then share the created or published on social networks.

Androvid is an interesting effect of freezing, acceleration or slowdown. You can cut out sound in separate places and, for example, create a slide show.

The installation application with a huge number of professional effects, stickers and all other things so that the final result is as interesting as possible. In addition, Youcut will unite, cut, slow down or accelerate the video, of course, while maintaining the quality. Additionally, the application will adjust the colors, brightness, add contrast, change the background of the video, turn it or, if necessary, squeeze the video.

A program for video editing with the ability to combine or vice versa. To separate videos, add additional images or music, or use ready.Made topics, animations and other visual and sound effects. The program works with video in professional quality-Full HD in MP4 or MPEG-4 format, there is the possibility of working in other qualities.

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Create and edit the video in this simple program. It allows you to add its soundtracks to the finished video or download from the proposed.

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First, mark the photos that you would like to add to the video, and then put all kinds of special effects available in the application on them. The video can be saved in HD-quality or immediately post on or YouTube.

A powerful video editor with a very understandable integse that you will not have to figure out for a long time. As in many applications, there are also functions of acceleration and slowdown, playback and video trimmer. Vivavavideo can create a slide show, impose the necessary filters, text and emoticons on video.

One of the best android video editors, simultaneously available on a computer and on. It is worth noting that both versions are very good.

The mobile version of Power Director has a classic integration that is perfect for those who work with simple and functional video editors.

Works with raster formats, vector images, with layers. The finished video can be made to the music. Alight Motion has professional effects of the gradient, shadows, layers and blurry. You can save both individual elements and export the whole video.

In addition, Videoshow also quickly and easily combines images, remove parts of the clip, delete watermarks, add subtitles and any text to the video. He accepts all types of video formats, MPG, MKV and eight others confirmed by the company, among which there are FLV.

With this tool, you can squeeze the video if you want to share it using instant messages or you need to download it to the server. He is in Spanish and 29 more languages. This is one of the most downloaded applications., since it reaches 100 million downloads and was updated on February 26.

Revenge for growth ⁠ ⁠

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post, video, android

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Video Editor with Music 2.5.3

How to Upload Videos with your Mobile Phone or Tablet (Android & iOS)

Video Editor with Music is an excellent application that allows you to perform many operations with your videos and photo files. Now you no longer need to download a few applications to process your files, because using this application you can do everything you just want.

Now let’s look at what kind of functions can perform this application. With it, you can record a video, take beautiful photos, create a video from photos, cut music and insert it into your videos. All this and much more is already waiting for you in this application.

In addition to cool processing photos and video files, you can also create unique videos thanks to the Video Editor with Music application. If you need to insert the text in the video, then do it. If you need to cut music or apply any effect, then all this and much more is available in this application.

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Cute Cut

A full.Functional editor with a large number of standard functions supplemented by thirty unique drawing tools. Using Cute Cut, you can create videos with imitation “Pictures invested in the picture”, draw directly on the edited tape. For competent work, the developers introduced a column on briefing, describing the functionality of the service. Intuitively understandable integration, stylized under the book shelf and a wide range of flexible settings. Five million downloads. Rating 4.5.

How to Upload Videos to YouTube from iPhone & Android

Will have fans of retro.Impressive. Software is designed to shoot with the effect of amateur film chamber of the 80s, the 90s, recording rollers on magnetic cassettes. In the lower left corner of the frame reflects the date and time of shooting, which is installed automatically and is applied to all notes processed by the system.

CAMCORDER allows you to download any media from the gallery, automatically transforming the tape into VHS. It differs in quality work, has a compact size and minimum settings, causing delight and nostalgia. Rating 4.6.

Installation program on mobile phones, which has its own social network. Here you can share your favorite works in the community, make a blog, find like.Minded people, communicate, develop skill, describe fantasies and thoughts. It is easy to work: the library contains a hundredth base of effects, transitions, templates, animation and modern music.

post, video, android

Ready entries can be placed in the community of the same name, saved and sent to all popular social networks, e.Mail and SMS. Kwai encourages talented and dynamic people, arranging contests and Chelenges, battles and fights. Than fifty million installations. Rating 4.5.

Preservation of a video with a superimposed footage and chromakey

To preserve the edited project in a finished video, select the quality of the video (preferably put the maximum) and click on the arrow in the corner

We are waiting for rendering and select which social network or service it is necessary to unload it or simply save it in memory of the smartphone

We post one video on another in Movavi

Before us is a starting page with an empty project at Movavi Video Editor. First of all, you need to go to the “Library” menu and drag everything necessary for editing fragments of video in the program window.

Next, select one video and drag it to the timeline (editing line).

Choose another video and put it on the track over the previous. Movavi Video Editor will automatically create a new track for him.

Cut by the edges or move it relative to the first video

Next, click on the upper track twice and select an overlap mode. There are six of them:

By default, when placing one video on top of another, it is superimposed in the second mode “Crossing”. That is, it is aligned exactly in the center of the window and blocks the first video without the ability to somehow edit its position in the frame.

The effect of blurring the edges

This type of video application on the video is relevant if it is necessary without editing the main path simply to add some segment of another video. In my example, I inserted the shooting of the smartphone screen to demonstrate the settings of the router. Since this video is in a vertical orientation, it has a free space left around the edges, under which the picture from the first path is visible. Not the order. Therefore, we will use the effect of blurring the edges-for sure, you met similar in some reviews or instructions.

As a result, the picture will be filled with the entire width of the screen with the effect of blurring the main window.


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