How to Pay Apple Pay On Iphone 11

Nothing extra.
Only the most.

The new system of two cameras will not leave any of your friends behind the scenes. The fastest iPhone processor and powerful battery will allow you to do more and spend less time on recharging. And the highest quality on the iPhone means that your stories will become even brighter and more detailed.

Love from the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth glance.

6.1-inch Liquid Retina display. all over the front bezel and incredible color reproduction.

Strong and durable aluminum used in the aerospace industry.

Carefully crafted whole sheet glass.

Bad photo? Will not work.

You can take pictures with a wide and ultra-wide viewing angle. An updated interface and a new ultra-wide-angle camera will allow you to see and shoot what is happening outside the frame. Shooting and editings is now as easy as taking photos. This is still an incredibly popular camera, but with completely new perspectives.

12MP wide-angle camera

Each pixel of the new wide-angle sensor supports Focus Pixels technology, so in low light the lens automatically focuses up to three times faster.

Ultra-wide 12MP camera

With it, the image area is four times larger. Therefore, landscapes, interesting buildings, groups of people, spacious interiors and moving objects can now be removed even better.

Compare with the iPhone 11 Pro Camera System

IPhone 11 Pro similar wide-angle and ultra-wide-angle cameras, as well as the new telephoto camera. The system of three cameras in total provides four-fold optical zoom and allows you to use more zoom options when shooting.

Cool shot. And you can twist it.

Shoot the highest quality. And edit it. All iPhone 11 cameras can shoot incredibly sharp 4K at 60 frames / s. With an ultra-wide-angle camera lens, the image area is four times larger. Therefore, the camera is great for shooting scenes with movement. for example, how your dog chases the ball. And if, say, you record a child’s performance at a concert and zoom in on the image, the sound comes closer too. In addition, editings is now as easy as editing photos.

“Stand wider

New ultra wide angle camera.

Shoot on a grand scale. with the new ultra-wide-angle camera, the image area is four times larger. Everything will fit into the frame. Endless landscapes. The stage with the audience at a music festival. The whole family on the background of breathtaking views for which you flew thousands of kilometers.

Not scary.

Meet the night mode.

Poor lighting is not a hindrance to a good photo. Night mode automatically turns on in low light and allows you to take great photos. No flash needed. The colors will look natural, and the photos themselves will be brighter.

Technology beautiful night shots.

Making a good shot in low light is difficult. A slow shutter speed is required, and with it the frames are usually blurry. It is also not easy to convey details in dark areas of an image without highlighting light ones. Not to mention natural colors.

The iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro do a great job of this. The wide-angle camera sensor works in conjunction with intelligent software and the A13 Bionic processor, which allows you to get beautiful detailed pictures in low light. Previously, iPhone did not have such capabilities.

The night mode is automatically activated when necessary, for example, on an evening walk. When the shutter is released, the camera takes a series of shots, and the optical stabilization function eliminates jitter.

Then, the algorithms get down to business. They combine the shots to eliminate distortion associated with movement in the frame. Remove too blurry areas and compose the sharpest. Adjust the contrast to balance the image. And adjust the colors so that they look natural. At the final stage, noise is eliminated and details of the final image are worked out.

Result? Beautiful night shots, which have less noise, more details and the atmosphere of the moment is absolutely accurately conveyed.

How to Pay Apple Pay On Iphone 11

Portrait excellence.

Take portraits, get masterpieces.

New types of portraits, additional lighting options and the coordinated work of two iPhone 11 cameras. all this means only one thing: stunning photos. In portrait mode, not only faces of people are now perfectly obtained, but also the faces of pets.

Color portraits can easily be turned into stylish black and white using the “Light tonality. b w” effect in iOS 13. And in the portrait mode settings, you can change the lighting intensity to achieve the desired result.

Smart HDR.
Flattering, lovely portraits.

The new generation of Smart HDR.

With machine learning technology, Smart HDR is more efficient than ever. It recognizes people and processes their images differently than the rest of the frame. Thanks to the play of light and shadow, the faces look expressive, and skin tones. naturally. And the sunset in the background remains just as amazing.

With a photo in a, faster than a bird flies.

Shoots immediately with QuickTake.

Just hold the shutter button in the photo mode. And then swipe right if you want to continue recording. When shooting outdoors, the A13 Bionic uses machine learning technology and automatically tracks the moving subject you are shooting.

We invite you
for a slow selfie.

Oh, slowfoot.

At 120 frames / s, everything looks cooler, even if you just smile, wave your hand or loose your hair in the wind. With the new 12MP TrueDepth camera, your selfies will become even more interesting. Just rotate the iPhone horizontally and the camera will automatically zoom out to get more detail into the frame.

It will pass through drops, splashes and two-meter water.

The front and rear glass panels are tempered by double ion exchange.

Water protection.
Now twice as deep.

iPhone 11 is even better protected from water: it can withstand immersion to a depth of 2 meters for up to 30 minutes. twice as deep as the iPhone X R. 1

Compare with iPhone 11 Pro

iPhone 11 Pro withstands immersion in water to a depth of 4 meters lasting up to 30 minutes. twice as deep as the iPhone 11. 1

Winter and summer are their color.

The entire front panel is occupied by an incredibly accurate color display, on which everything looks simply excellent.

True Tone Technology.

White balance is automatically adjusted according to the color temperature of the surrounding light.

Touch or lift function to activate.

Your iPhone is ready to go instantly.

Tactile response when pressed.

Context menus and quick commands allow you to perform all the basic actions faster.

Compare with the display of the iPhone 11 Pro

iPhone 11 Pro equipped with a Super Retina XDR display. the best Apple has ever created for the iPhone. The image on the display looks brighter even in sunlight. And thanks to the high contrast, watching HDR ‑ on it is a pleasure.

It comes out full time.

Hardware and software work together seamlessly, so the battery charge is used with maximum efficiency. And the ability to quickly charge allows you to quickly return a dead phone to the system.

Compare with iPhone 11 Pro

Battery iPhone 11 Pro Max Holds a charge longer than all other iPhone models. in particular, up to 5 hours longer than the iPhone X S Max. And the iPhone 11 Pro is able to work without recharging up to 4 hours longer than the iPhone X S. 2

The processor is just Pro.

The powerful A13 Bionic processor performs any task quickly and smoothly. In addition, it works as energy-efficient as possible, allowing you to save battery power. In fact, the A13 Bionic technologies are so advanced that they can be called future technologies.

Shooting a 4K at 60 frames / s is serious.

The A13 Bionic processor runs at unbeatable speed and supports the most advanced machine learning technologies. Thanks to him, the iPhone 11 copes with the most demanding tasks. For example, when shooting 4K at 60 frames / s and an extended dynamic range, the encoder receives such a powerful data stream that most other processors simply could not handle. For the A13, this is normal work.

Imagine the as a sequence of frames. Matrix cameras iPhone 11 are incredibly fast and shoot up to 120 frames per second. alternately with standard and short shutter speeds.

The image signal processor and encoders instantly analyze each frame to record as many details as possible. And the Neural Engine system, using real-time machine learning technologies, optimizes various components of the image. For example, it can change the lighting of a person in the foreground, while reducing noise and improving the color of the sky. All this is done automatically and instantly.

Achieving high quality is not easy. Not for the A13 Bionic.

It is possible without hands. Face ID is more convenient and reliable than Touch ID.

Face ID allows you to instantly unlock your iPhone and protects your personal data even better than Touch ID. At a glance, you can log in to applications and accounts, as well as pay for purchases with Apple Pay. The function is configured quickly and easily.

Built-in data protection.

Face ID does not store the image of your face anywhere and does not transmit it anywhere. Data for iMessage messaging and FaceTime calls is encrypted. And Maps help you get where you need to, but they won’t tell anyone where you were.

For Face ID, you are just a set of numbers. That’s good.

Personal data protection is at the core of every Apple product. Therefore, Face ID does not store the image of your face anywhere and does not transmit it anywhere. Instead, cutting-edge technology creates a structural map of your face with which the device recognizes you.

Here’s how it works. When setting up Face ID for the first time, TrueDepth projects 30,000 invisible points onto your face and reads the resulting structure using an infrared camera. Then the A13 Bionic processor creates a unique structural map of the face, representing the angles and bends in a mathematical form. The received universal key is encrypted and stored in the Secure Enclave module on your device. It never leaves your iPhone and is not stored on iCloud or on Apple servers.

When you unlock your iPhone (sign in to the app or use Apple Pay), Face ID performs the same process, projecting points and comparing the result with the saved data. In case of coincidence, your identity is confirmed. Face ID can even adapt to changes in your appearance. It also monitors your gaze and unlocks the iPhone only if you look directly at it.

All this makes Face ID an incredibly reliable authentication technology. Now it works faster, at a greater distance and supports even more angles.

And other cool stuff.

Simulation of surround sound allows you to create the effect of presence.

Dolby atmos

Sound surrounds you from all sides and literally immerses you in what is happening on the screen.

Wireless charger

Put your iPhone on any Qi-style charger and charge it wirelessly. 3

Quick charge option

Charge the battery to 50% in just 30 minutes with the 18 W power adapter (sold separately). 4

Faster Wi-Fi

The Wi ‑ Fi 6 (802.11ax) standard allows you to download content up to 38% faster.

Support 4G LTE Advanced

Up to 30 LTE bands for high-quality roaming worldwide. 5

Listening together

Two pairs of AirPods or Beats headphones can be connected to one iPhone at once. 6

Support for two SIM cards: regular and eSIM

Use your personal and work phone numbers from one device. 7

Look at the iPhone 11 in Augmented Reality.

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