How to pair your phone with the TV

How to pair with your TV

Do you know how to connect your phone to the TV set to watch a movie, what are the best ways to do this, and which methods are suitable for smartphones with iPhones, Samsung, Xiaomi and. RIA Novosti, 16.09.2021

MOSCOW, September 16. RIA Novosti. Is it possible to connect your phone to the TV to watch a movie, how to do it best, which ways are suitable for smartphones iPhone, Samsung, Xiaomi and Honor. in the RIA Novosti article.How to connect your phone to the TVVirtually all the latest models of famous brand TVs are equipped with the function of connecting a mobile device. This provides great opportunities: viewing a movie downloaded to your mobile device on the big screen; transferring mobile games to your TV; easy information search on the wide display.You can synchronize the screens of your cell phone and TV with the help of various adapters or via Wi-Fi with the help of special applications.The best optionThere are several ways to connect your smartphone to the TV. However, some options are best suited for a particular model of phone: iOS and Android operating systems. Let’s look at each of them.For iPhones, iPhones can be connected to your TV through adapters such as a USB cable and an HDMI system. You can try to use HTML-cable and even special applications from Apple Store (one of the most popular is iMediaShare). However, the tried and tested and most reliable way to synchronize the TV and phone screens with iOS operating system is considered to be Wi-Fi network.For AndroidSmartphones with the Android system is easiest to connect using special adapters, because their connectors are more likely to fit than the ports of Apple phones. And if your TV supports Wi-Fi Direct or DLNA it’s easy to connect without wires.You can synchronize the screens with any model of Android smartphone.SamsungThe best way to connect Samsung phones to a TV is with a Screen Mirroring source or with Miracast technology. A special accessory “Dex-station” has also been developed, which works through an HDMI cable and allows you to connect Samsung Galaxy phones to any TV.XiaomiThe Redmi Note 3 Pro, Redmi Note 4, Redmi Note 5 and other newer versions connect to the TV via HDMI cable and via USB. There are also third-party programs for Xiaomi, such as BubbleUPnP, Wireless Display.The easiest way to connect Honor and Huawei smartphones to the TV is with a USB cable. If you use a Smart TV-Box, you can use HDMI.Wireless connectionThe method of connecting your phone to the TV via cable is not always the easiest option, because often the connectors do not match, and there are no special adapters at hand. In this case it is better to use a wireless connection.Via Wi-Fi DirectThis option is considered the best, if both electronic devices support the Wi-Fi Direct option.To connect you need: go to “Settings” on your phone, select the Wi-Fi Direct section from the whole menu and click “connect”; almost the same operation must be done in the settings of the second device (find the item “Network” and turn on Wi-Fi). The TV will search for the mobile device, and then both screens will display an active window with a “Connect” button.DLNADLNA is a set of standards that allow to transmit different types of media content (photos, music, movies, etc) to compatible devices. д.) This connection will be made via your router. The phone must have an Android OS, and the TV must support the DLNA system.To connect you need:Via AirPlayOne of the easiest ways to connect the device from Apple. AirPlay. However, in addition to the smartphone and TV, you will also need an Apple TV set-top box, which is fully compatible with the iPhone and immediately offers the user all the additional options.To connect you will need:Via MiracastMiracast is a technology that transmits video without wires. Suitable for phones with the Android operating system, only works on modern models of Smart TVs and is done via Wi-Fi.To connect, you’ll need:Via ChromecastChromecast is a device developed by Google that streams media to your TV. This connection method is suitable for Android smartphones.To connect, you will need:Via Screen MirroringThis connection option is available for Samsung model TVs.In addition to Screen Mirroring, Smart View application, Miracast technology, there is also a wireless way to connect your phone to your Samsung TV. using the “YouTube broadcast” function.To connect you will need:Wired connectionIf you can’t install apps, you can use wired methods to connect your phone to the TV.Via USB cableWhen connected via USB cable, the mobile device is used as a flash drive: the actions performed on the smartphone are not duplicated on the screen, but media files can be played.To connect you will need:Via HDMI cableMost smartphones have a mini HDMI connector for direct connection to the TV. If it’s not available, you’ll need a micro USB to HDMI adapter or adaptor.To connect you will need:Via MHLMHL is not currently supported by all smartphones. Samsung phones (made before 2015) and some devices from Sony, Meizu, Huawei, HTC, and more are suited for this outdated connection method.To connect you need to connect the adapter with MHL to the TV with HDMI system, to the phone. via micro USB.Via SlimPotSlimPot is another adapter for synchronizing your phone and TV screens. Suitable for Android smartphones such as LG G2, G3, G4, Nexus 4, and Nexus 5. Connects to TV via HDMI.Via Lightning Didgital AV AdapterThis adapter helps you connect your iOS mobile device to your TV. In this case, the smartphone connects to the Lightning connector.Useful TipsBefore you connect your cell phone to your TV, check out the tips from the experts:

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Why connect your phone to your TV

Your smartphone is that indispensable device that can take photos, store information, display it, and much more. Your phone has a lot of data on it, including family photos, music, and videos. Also through it you can connect to major platforms, and then freely watch the same YouTube in excellent quality.

All of these media options can be easily transferred to the TV, because on a larger device it is always more enjoyable to watch something change. A big screen creates a full picture, which is why streaming content from a cell phone to a big TV is a great system.

Note! The method of connection and interaction depends primarily on what type of smartphone, as well as the TV. So a TV with Smart TV can offer much more functionality than a regular device. Kinetoscope televisions do not have the same ability to playback information, and their quality will be several times worse.

Using HDMI interface

A number of smartphones and tablets have micro HDMI ports (see “Micro HDMI Ports”). photo below). If your device is also equipped with such a port. then the connection is quite simple with a normal HDMI cable!

  • Buy a micro HDMI cable. HDMI (in any computer store, you can order it on AliExpress at a discount);
  • connect TV and telephone by cable (it is highly desirable to switch off TV before it, t.к. port can burn out);
  • turn on the TV and open the menu “Input” : select the port to which you connected the cable from the phone (for example, HDMI 2) ;
  • Then auto-adjustment of image on the phone should begin under TV resolution. Basically this completes the process and everything on the phone screen will be automatically displayed on the TV.

How to connect your phone to your TV using HDMI


Why there is no sound through HDMI on TV, external monitor, STB. to fix the problem

How to connect the phone to LG TV


There are at least three ways to connect your phone to your LG TV. Choose the connection method that works for you:

  • Connect phone by cable to USB input of LG TV set.
  • Select “Connect as USB Mass Storage” on your smartphone screen.
  • From the LG TV menu, select “USB Devices” and select your phone model from the drop-down menu.

Done! You can now watch photos and videos from your vacation taken on your smartphone on your TV. This method works with any TV with a USB input and almost any phone.

  • Turn on “Wi-Fi Direct” on your phone under “Wireless Connections.
  • In the TV settings, go to the “Network” tab and activate “Wi-Fi Direct.
  • Your phone name should now appear in the list of connected devices.
  • Select your phone and connect to it, confirming your selection.
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Done! You can now control your TV with LG’s proprietary Wi-Fi Remote technology, or stream content from your phone to your TV. Also, connecting a Smart TV to the phone using Wi-Fi Direct becomes a good option when there is no other way to connect the TV to the Internet.

It’s best to connect your LG smart phone to your LG Smart TV using the Smart Share function.

  • Connect your TV and phone to your home Wi-Fi network.
  • Activate Smart your LG TV.
  • Activate the Smart Share function on your LG phone.

Done! Now you can enjoy all the Smart Share features. like displaying your phone’s picture on the big screen.

There are other ways to connect your phone to your LG TV, but most require you to buy additional devices. iOS smartphones, for example, can connect to your TV with an AirPlay box or Lightning Digital AV Adapter. Smartphones with a separate HDMI output (such as the LG 2X) can be connected directly with an HDMI cable. MHL and SlimPort smartphones can be connected via a special Micro USB to HDMI adaptor.

Finally, you can connect your phone to your TV through the Chromecast media player. Just follow the instructions!

How you can connect your phone to an old TV

If connecting the phone to a digital TV receiver is not difficult and can be done in various ways, the implementation of a similar operation with TV sets of previous years of production is much more complicated. However, we will not consider the outdated models, which only had the ability to connect a tape recorder for recording TV programs, and focus on a few outdated LCD TVs, equipped with a fairly large number of input and output connectors, designed to connect a variety of external devices, whose output signal was implemented in the format:

  • RGB. connected by SKART type connectors;
  • Component signal (Y Pb Pr). implemented on the connectors type “tulip”;
  • S-Video. implemented on round 4 or 5 pin connectors;
  • RCA composite signal, combining all the components of video signal in one. connects via “cinch” connector.

All of these external devices were connected to the TV receivers using special connectors located on their backsides.

Each of these TV jacks can be used to attach a smartphone using the appropriate adapter cable. The hard part is to find a suitable micro-USB-RCA, micro-USB-SKART or micro-USB-S-Video adapter at the flea market.


SlimPort is a standard for transmitting high quality images from your smartphone to your TV. This standard supports video transmission with a resolution up to 4K. SlimPort is a technology similar in design to MHL. For the data transfer with the SlimPort you need:

  • A special converter, as well as a device’s support for this standard.
  • You need to buy an HDMI cable, converter and prepare your mobile device.

The advantage of using this technology is the possibility of converting the image from the device not only with the HDMI output, but also with the VGA and DisplayPort. Adapters with different connectors as well as universal converters with HDMI and VGA at the same time are available on the market. A large number of connectors allow you to connect your phone to old monitors, TVs and other equipment.

Wired streaming methods

You can connect your mobile device via cable in three ways: USB, HDMI and “Tulip”. In all cases only the file system of the telephone will be played. It is possible to open the recorded video or photo. And only in that case if TV supports the necessary format.

Video transmission via USB

The easiest way to transmit video from your phone to TV, if such connectors are provided in the technique. Thus in TV usually classic connector USB, and in a phone micro USB.

Important! This is not the way to transfer video files online. Only stored records in the phone memory or CD-card.

  • One end of the cable is connected to the corresponding jack in the smartphone.
  • The second to the TV. And this is the sequence.
  • On the device the notification about connection of devices will open. There you should select the use of smartphone as a storage device.
  • Then you need to enter the TV menu. This is easily done using the remote control, where there is a Menu/Source button. There you choose the source of the signal. USB.
  • In the file system that opens, select the desired folder or video. And view it on the big screen.
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The advantages of this connection include the ease of the chosen method, automatic charging of the cell phone. And often there is no need to connect additional adapters to synchronize devices.

Disadvantage. no online streaming. In this variant phone acts as a usual flash card.

Sending it through an HDMI cable

HDMI video transmission from the phone to the TV is simple, but a little bit more complicated than USB. This is due to the fact that not all smartphone models have HDMI-mini input. And if it’s not available, you’ll have to buy an additional adapter.

Advantage. good broadcast quality. New versions of HDMI 2 cable.0 and higher are capable of transmitting 4K and Full HD video. But only if the TV supports these formats and no additional adapters affecting the video quality and resolution are used.

  • Connects your phone first. Then, the TV.
  • In TV menu, go to the signal source and select HDMI 1 or 2. Depends on the socket the device is plugged into.
  • Open the desired file, among the options that appear on the screen.

Navigation by remote control. Channel Switching Arrows. Switching from one file to another. OK button. Open the desired folder, video.

Important! Before choosing this method of broadcasting from the phone to the TV, make sure that these connectors are available on the devices. Check what types and resolutions your TV supports. And only then connect the technique. Also remember that this way leads to a rapid discharge of the device. So, put it on the charge from the mains at once.

Tulips are an alternative to other cable connection options

This option is suitable for CRT and classic TVs, where there are jacks for “Tulip”. You will need an adapter to connect them to the phone. An exception is when the headphone input on your mobile device is the standard connector for this type of cable.

  • Connect the phone directly or through an adapter.
  • Insert the plugs of the “Tulips” into the corresponding colored inputs on the TV.
  • Select a signal source. AV.
  • Open the desired file.

This method has a lot of disadvantages. The main thing is the limitation on the quality and resolution of the video. Tulips are not designed to broadcast a surround file, so Full HD is not for them.

It is not uncommon for this method of broadcasting video from the phone to the TV to result in loss of sound or image interference. This is difficult to fix. The problem could be in the cable, connectors on the TV or in the type of video file being transferred.

Advantages and disadvantages of cable video transmission

You can cable a movie from your phone to your TV if it’s saved in the memory of the device. Online viewing is not available. And this is the main disadvantage of cable pairing of devices.

  • Good quality of data transfer, taking into account the chosen connection method and video format. The broadcast is not affected by the reliability of the Wi-Fi connection.
  • Quick and easy setup. Any smartphone user can connect the cables in series.
  • Possibility to charge the phone at the same time when selecting the USB adapter.

If you need to transfer movies online, you need to choose the wireless method of connection or use special applications. All these options are available only for Smart TV.

Connection via AUX

The user can use the connection via AUX, but you should not expect the proper effect from such a method. To connect, the user needs the AUX cable itself, with a 3.5 mm jack on one side and a tuner on the other side to transmit sound. In the TV settings, just select the appropriate ports.

The connection is made, but only the sound will go, because that is the peculiarity of cables.

General connection diagram of the phone to the TV

Always be guided by the peculiarities of your equipment. Smart TV is easier to connect using the wireless method. In other cases you will need either additional software or a cable to connect the devices.

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