How to Open the Back Cover of Samsung S8

How to Open the Back Cover of Samsung S8

Hello dear readers. Today, together with you, we will learn how to disassemble the Samsung Galaxy S6 on our own, without the help of a specialist. Since this model of a Korean smartphone does not have a removable back cover, at first glance it might seem that disassembling it is not so simple. However, you can do anything with us!

It is important to understand that the initiative to disassemble the Samsung S6 yourself will void your warranty. Therefore, before disassembling it, weigh the pros and cons.

So, get ready for the fact that when removing the back panel, you will see a plentiful amount of glue along its edges, this is one of the distinguishing features of Korean manufacturers. By the way, since the analysis of the Samsung Galaxy S6 is no different from the analysis of the usual Galaxy S6, we will demonstrate the whole process on it.

Most often, Samsung S6 needs to be disassembled to change the battery, because of its problematic availability. To do this, you need to use plastic tools, so as not to damage the inside of the Galaxy S6, a common example is a regular plastic card.

Experienced masters have in their arsenal different chips for disassembling smarts, we recommend prying the back cover with the same credit card. The lid will succumb to you more easily if you preheat the phone with a stream of warm air from Vienna, thus glue will melt a little.

This white film at the edges is glue, as they said, there is plenty of it here.

Second step

Smoothly, without sudden movements, remove the back panel.

Third step

The S6 Edge screen and its metal case sit well on small screws that need to be unscrewed with a small Phillips screwdriver. Then, when there are no screws that hold the screen, it can be removed from the case.

Fourth step

As we can see, the motherboard is not attached to the Galaxy S6 case, but to its screen. Therefore, we remove it only after disconnecting the antenna wires.

Fifth step

Now you can remove the Galaxy S6 battery when the L-shaped board is already removed, and we got free access to the battery.

Sixth step

Now we can remove the fingerprint scanner.

Seventh step

Now you can remove the glass from the smart screen, only before that it is also advisable to heat it with a hairdryer.

Eighth step

On this, our disassembly of the Samsung Galaxy S6 came to an end, write in the comments of whom it turned out, it will be interesting and useful for everyone to find out.